Saturday, September 3, 2011

Epic Love

Sweetness, I know the look of love. It was on your face. How does it feel to be caught up in the greatest true love story ever? I find it miserable, beautiful, and empowering all at once.

In many ways, I could have chosen anyone. So many people were throwing themselves at my feet back then. Sigh,... the things that an wrongful bad reputation does for a woman's popularity... Yet in just as many ways, I was helpless but to choose you.

I cannot fight what we are meant to be.

It was when you passed me on the motorcycle... That was when I knew you were ready. I just needed that sign. When I was ready, I wrote you that first letter. I should have done it sooner. If I only knew then what I know now.

The best part is... in choosing you I chose an equal. Are you feeling that, yet? Have you yet come to terms with what you are capable of?

Now, imagine us together. Imagine all of the good we could do in this world.

I would move heaven and earth to be with you. You would move the stars and the planets to be with me. Nothing can stand in the way of this kind of love. That is what I saw on your face all those years ago.

I was helpless but to choose you. It was always you. I never had a choice.

Never let me hear of any "pain of being in love." Your love is all I have to get me out of bed most days to face the world that ignores or mistreats me. You are the lightness in my being. I never want to hear our love causes you pain.

Yes, it hurts that we cannot be together. And yes, it hurts how much I have been punished for professing my love for you. And yes, it hurts how much we must fight to soon be together.

But it is not our love that hurts me. It is our love that carries me through the pain.

Until the last mountain is moved, my heart and soul live in your hands. And after that, when I am no longer with this world, they will follow you forever granting you blessings where they may. I cannot fight what we are meant to be.

My beautiful world, please take care of my beloved Sweetness. Do what he asks. Help him, and keep him safe. Get to any problem you can before he has to face it. Trust him the way you trust me.

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