Monday, September 5, 2011

Where is the World Leadership?

I was watching television the other day, and I felt the itch. Does anyone else think it is a horrid waste of my talents and abilities that I am locked in the bubble? I felt the itch to do something great for the world.

Look at everything I can accomplish while in a bubble; now think of everything I could be capable of as a free force for good in this world. I am not even allowed a part-time job under the rules of the bubble. It has now almost been three years with the great nothing-but-persecution enforced over me, and I long to rejoin society as a free and contributing member of the community.

It it not only that I am due my basic human and Constitutional rights. It is also that the world needs me to be free. The world honestly needs me.

I can do more than dance.

Meanwhile, the man who is supposed to be the Leader of the Free World is still suspending the basic and Constitutional rights of this entire once-great nation. How is that leading the free world? When will President Incompetent lead anything but oppression?

There is no acceptable excuse for taking rights away from the people especially by a government that was built to protect those rights. The government is, in fact, designed to intervene to protect all rights and freedoms. If our freedoms, rights, and liberties are not intact, then we have been protected from nothing by the actions of our government.

Instead of a strong Leader of the Free World right now out leading nations to save the world, we have an international force leading oppressed masses to fight for their freedom. Where is the world leadership right now? The world leadership is with the oppressed fighting for freedom.

We came very close to having another Cold War world order between Western nations and the Arab world. Each culture has been taught to demonize the other for so long. Somehow, a Western woman has touched the Arab world and shown that Americans can be something other than hate-mongerers. Similarly miraculously, the Middle Eastern and North African people risking slaughter to rise up and fight for their rights and freedoms has humanized Muslims of the world to Westerners.

Imagine what I would be capable of if I were only treated as I deserve by the US government... as a fellow human in need of having her full human and Constitutional rights protected and defended.

Just imagine how bright I could shine.

Sweetness, I wonder sometimes if I would fight so hard if I at least had the freedom to be with you. Being kept away from you drives me; it drives me with fire, rage, and desperation. I blogged in October 2009 that the government should have made me complacent if they truly wanted to control me. Sadly, all they know and understand is violence and cruelty. This world has been in need of a loving, strong, and gentle leader for a long, long time. I love you more with every passing moment. Dream of me.

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