Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Latest from Iran

Yes, I had yet another day of life with absolutely everything on hold. I am not allowed to have a job. I am not allowed to have a husband. I am not allowed to travel. I am not allowed to speak with my friends. I am not allowed to have my basic human rights. I am not allowed to discuss this with anyone. I am not allowed to do anything with my days but drink coffee and write anguished blog posts.

I had a day of staring up at the sky and dreaming... dreaming of the days I get to touch those skies as a free woman again.

At least we are making progress somewhere on this planet. Thank you, Iran. I know that relations between the US and Iranian governments is still strained, and this will go a long way to creating a more understanding world. I know you are not very popular here President Ahmadinejad, but do not worry about that. Even the current president of the United States is not popular in this country these days. We will see a better world one day.

Speaking of Obama my Persecutor, I have long said that the Democratic party should not allow him to run in 2012 to save themselves. He is the dead albatross around the neck of the party. How long has he been bought out by Wall Street? Why did he not try saving America's jobless until after he decided to run again? How much of this failure of a president can this country take?

Sweetness, I mailed you a letter today. It was so long it barely fit in the envelope. I wanted to include some pressed flowers, but there was no room for them. You will have to settle for my improvised alternative token of affection. Until the days I am free to kiss your face...

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