Saturday, September 17, 2011

Positive and a Little Fluffy

This blog post is going to be a little light and fluffy. I am trying to concentrate on the positive things in the world. I am trying to only say good things... We will see if I have anything to say at all.

I just had lunch at China Moon, my favorite restaurant in the area. Not only do they serve tasty Chinese cuisine, but they also have a full tiki bar... you know, just in case you need a Scorpion Bowl or a Singapore Sling. They even have a daily drink special, in case you want to try them all in moderation. The only other tiki bar I know of in the area is Fong's down on 4th and Court Ave. in Des Moines, but they mostly serve pizza.

I love a good tiki bar. The Tonga Room is my favorite. Not only does the band there play in a floating hut, but their dance floor is the deck of a ship still with full rigging. I recommend the Pineapple Royale.

Speaking of ships, my mom and my little sister were once given a tour of the USS Nimitz back when my uncle worked on it. I was not there with them to go on the tour, but I would love to see the ship someday.

What? What does a preaching pacifist want to do on a tour of a gargantuan battleship? Well, let me tell you. I still like to marvel, you know, at wonders of technology in the (post- post-) modern age we live in. Well, that and the fact the military and I get along. I would love to marvel at a wonder of the military world as a thank you for everything. We'll see when I am finally set free if I can finagle a tour.

I was surprised to learn something today. Did you know that Johnny Cash's "A Boy Named Sue" was written by Shel Silverstein? (Did anyone else think Shel Silverstein's "The Missing Piece" was about lesbianism? I had that theory in high school.)

I should have sung along with it when I heard it on the radio today. I have resolved to sing more often. Singing really cheers me up. I am horribly uninspired these days, but I am trying to get in a few songs every day. I sang some Madonna and some Traveling Wilburys today. Yes, I am trying to exercise my voice a little more.

Libya, you should be exercising your voices, too. I know you are in a mad rush right now to finally root out Gadhafi, but you as a people need to be preparing for leading your peaceful and democratic future once you can finally bring him to trial. There is no better time than now for building the government you as a people want for your country. You have done so much good work; do not it slip away by not being ready to bring self-sovereign order to your country.

Sweetness, I am pretty good with words, but I do not think even I can find the right words for expressing just how much I love you. Look at everything you do for me. When was the last time I could do anything but give you my words? At least you have everything I have to give. You should have received my latest letter yesterday or today. I love you.

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