Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Queen of Sheba

It seems Obama my Slave Owner has been hitting the campaign trail pretty hard. Be very cautious with what you listen to from President Incompetent. He is an established snake oil salesman. He promised hope and change three years ago and has delivered nothing to the nation he is supposed to be leading but selling out to Wall Street, worsening of all of our nation's problems, and now a re-election campaign full of more snake oil. Be very wary of him. He will always tell you what you want to hear and deliver nothing but more problems and weak leadership.

It is a good thing for the now famous hikers that their story inspired world involvement. President Incompetent never could have gotten them out.

Their story about not being allowed fair due process nor actual legal representation is exactly what I am going through here in Iowa. I also live in a world of lies where they want me to believe no one reads this blog; no one cares about my plight which they claim is all in my head; and no one writes me letters nor tries to call me ever. Yes, the Obama administration behaves much like the government of Iran... Please pardon me, Iran, if you take that as an insult.

There is good news coming out of Saudi Arabia today. Women there have gained the right to vote and hold office. Finally, women are being treated as a resource for the nation.

If you educate your women and allow them a chance to succeed in life, you have that many more qualified doctors, business owners, and community leaders for your people. Women are still an untapped resource in many nations, but allowing them to develop and grow is a great way to also develop and grow your nation itself.

Last night, a drunk young man called me "the Queen of Sheba of telling people what to do" while trying to convince me to walk him to his car. Normally, I would guide a drunk fellow to the nearest place he could call a cab, but his friends were about ten blocks away and across the river... and I was in stilettos. Regardless, I was completely tickled at being likened to the Queen of Sheba. She was dark and comely, you know.

Most impressively, there is absolutely no punishment for exercising your rights and freedoms and acknowledging who I am to my face. It is unconstitutional to say you cannot do any lawful thing you want. Go ahead, Iowa, make yourselves free again. If you all do it together, you will be unstoppable.

Sweetness, I mailed you letter today. It is not as romantic as the last one, but it is still pretty damn good. I saw the "Dark Shadows" article on Entertainment Weekly last night. You have joined the legions of the undead! How does it feel? Look for my letter Wednesday or Thursday, and wish me luck tomorrow!

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