Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Dull Life

I lead a really dull life. I am living proof that an illegally enforced boring lifestyle makes the victim fight exciting battles. I go out for coffee every day, and on occasion I write a blog post. That is my life right now. Obama the Tyrant does not allow me anything more.

The United Nations General Assembly is convening in New York right now. I wish I were there. My high school choir sang in the UN building's lobby during my junior year. I would love to see the pale blue walkway again.

While I was in Mexico City last year, it was suggested to me that I take my case to the UN. I think they are fully aware of me, now. There is a lot in this world that my dull life is responsible for.

I would like to finish what I start. I would like to do more (if not enough) for the world, but it will require the UN to stand up and demand I be set free. I wonder how many of them care.

Someone not leading a dull life right now is Tony Bennett. Happy Birthday, and WOW, Tony, you sure know how to make the news. What? The Bush family is trying to hide the truth? Is anyone surprised?

Please, President Karzai, do not let this become an impediment. The peace process is much too important. We all want to see a peaceful, stable, and secure Afghanistan. Please do not allow anything to fall apart. Yes, it is a horrible loss, but do not allow it to stop your government from negotiating peace with the Taliban.

Sweetness, do I get to squeeze you, hug you, and love you soon? Sigh... It is okay to say you are still working on it. I am, after all, still working on it myself. I love you, darling, and I wait with baited breath for the moment I finally get to kiss your waiting face.

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