Friday, September 28, 2012

Dearest Syniva

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Here is my latest blog post. It is a letter to my BFF Syniva. Please click here to learn more about Syniva.

Dearest Syniva,

First of all, SynSyn, you are fabulous, amazing, and wonderful. You are the best best friend any woman could ask for. This letter is just to help make your unrelenting, benevolent efforts easier. I know you have already pressed every single charge you could make stick. This blog post is just here to throw in anything I can think of, too. I really wish it were easier to communicate with you. I love you.

It is my understanding that Iowa put in writing a promise to meet a list of requirements you laid out a week ago, Syniva, that would constitute the state of Iowa giving me back all of my human rights and thereby ceasing all of its crimes against me. By putting the promise in writing, they made it legally binding. Today they decided they would rather be held legally accountable for breaking their promise to me than give me back all of my human rights. Syniva, take all action necessary to force Iowa to give me all of my denied human rights for once and for all. Use backbreaking punishments, sue for my human rights, do everything necessary. You have carte blanche, my BFF, to get this done.

We have already pressed a great many charges against Iowa and won. For every crime they have not yet ceased committing against me from torture to confining me in Iowa against my will, press those charges again against Iowa. Also, press charges against Polk County this time.

Everything Iowa has already been proven guilty of are all things Polk County is guilty of, too. The adult guardianship came through the Polk County District Court's probate court and all of the court committals came through the mental health courts of the Polk County District Court. Do you remember Judge Romanda? She was the Polk County judge who wrote up her decision before her hearing ever happened. Hold Polk County accountable, and hang them up by their toenails.

The probate court and mental health courts have trapped me in Iowa where I have been persecuted, raped, and tortured since I arrived. They have been using the criminal adult guardianship (from the probate court) and any illegal court committal they can get on paper (through the mental health courts) to keep me here. I would be safe and would have human rights if I were free to leave Iowa to be with my vigilant Sweetness.

Press all charges necessary to overturn the adult guardianship and any and all mental health commitments that have ever been inflicted on me since I arrived here in December 2010. Please use backbreaking punishments to make sure they never happen again.

Do not forget all of the unlawful detention they have made me endure in mental health facilities. Do not forget all of the non-medically necessary medications they have forced into my body. Do not forget the literal torture that is inflicted on my mind and my body by the injections.

It is common knowledge that I have absolutely no mental illness at all whatsoever. It is also common knowledge that the injections cause me severe trauma and emotional, mental, psychological, and physical damage. The only conceivable reason for these people to be injecting me is to cause me this harm and damage. If they are not intentionally taking the steps to destroy me, then why are they doing this at all?

Please make Iowa and Polk County pay for each and every time I have been stuck with a needle due to false allegations that I have a mental illness that we have already proven I absolutely do not have. Make them pay such a backbreaking price for each injection that the torture must finally be ended.

Syn, my next doctor appointment with a psychiatrist is with Dr. Singh at Broadlawns on Wednesday afternoon, 03October2012. I am also scheduled to be tortured with an injection on either 02Oct or 04Oct depending on which day I go in. If I do not go in, I will be locked away by Polk County in a torture facility again, and we have already proven that such facilities are torture facilities. I plan on going in on 04Oct to give Dr. Singh a chance to call off the torture completely. Please take all necessary action to convince Dr. Singh to call off the torture completely.

Yes, Syniva, I still live every day under a constant threat of mental health commitment; even though, it is common knowledge that I have absolutely no mental illness at all whatsoever. This is because of my father. This is because of Polk County. This is because of Broadlawns Medical Center, the county hospital for Polk County. Please press all necessary charges to force this to end. I recommend backbreaking punishments.

Also, do not forget all necessary charges against Broadlawns Medical Center itself. It is the county hospital for Polk County, so consider pressing all charges against Broadlawns also against Polk County and all charges against Polk County also against Broadlawns. Broadlawns is particularly guilty of felonious medical malpractice, torture, unlawful detention, physical harm, and etc.

Please also remember to charge every single quack who has harmed me since December 2010. Dr. Dennert at Mercy Franklin put me in the mental health facility with the help of my father and forced medications on me for months afterwards. He even threatened me with injections in order to force me to take heavy anti-psychotics by choice.

Dr. Ramos at Mercy in Mason City, Iowa gave me a prescription that I had no mental illness to require, but he never recommended that I be kept in-patient in a mental health facility. So, let him off the hook if he agrees to turn in who in the federal government told him to commit the malpractice.

Dr. Ocampo at Broadlawns who both put me on the heaviest medications I have ever been on (1500 mg depacote and 6mg risperdol a day) and who told courts I needed in-patient commitment because of symptoms of mental illness I have never had, needs major charges against him. He also threatened to inject me if I did not choose to take the pills. Get him with everything we can throw at him from conscious choice to commit malpractice to conscious choice to cause me unlawful detention and everything else you can make stick. I despise Ocampo. For the sake of all patients everywhere, we need to make sure they take his license.

I believe you have already dealt with Dr. Green at Broadlawns. That is what they told me in San Diego. Throw any other charges you need to at her for thoroughness, though. Double check my medical records with Broadlawns if you need to.

Dr. Daphali and Dr. Landy are the ones who ordered that I be tortured with injections this last time I was in Broadlawns. I believe you have already handled Landy, but do no forget that Daphali was the one who started the torture. Again, double check my medical records with Broadlawns, which must be easy enough to subpoena, for everything else we need to press charges for.

Do not forget Dr. Kantemneni up at Convenant in Waterloo who told Judge Romanda that the courts needed to order me to be both kept in-patient and tortured with injections, even after she told the court that I exhibited absolutely no symptoms of any mental illness at all whatsoever while under her care. That is perjury and malpractice. Can you think of anything else we can throw at her? She was vile to deal with.

Allow Dr. Mikkilenini at Lutheran in Des Moines off the hook. She never once even pretended that I needed any mental health medications for any reason, and she only kept me in-patient in order to create an agreement with my father that he never have me mental health committed again without her doing a mental health assessment of me first. Of course, my father broke that agreement completely in June of this year. That was not her fault.

Furthermore, in the list of charges against Iowa and Polk County, do you remember my life before the mandate was passed in December 2009? The mandate spelled out that my life was not to change at all for five years. At the time, I was living on my own in San Francisco, my home for approximately ten years (I moved there in August 1999.), and I had spent months dating a movie star, Viggo Mortensen.

Even into February 2010, everyone from Steve Harvey and Colin Firth to JLX and Eminem were in the habit of exercising their First Amendment right to assemble and associate by coming to spend time with me. I had never once been committed to a mental health facility until after the mandate was passed. I was even free to leave the country any time I wanted.

Ever since autumn 2010 when Polk County District Court's probate court passed the criminal adult guardianship, something I had never had before the mandate was passed, my life has been unrecognizable. I spent years living in my parents' house in Iowa going in and out of mental health facilities at my father's whim, and I have had virtually no friends to spend time with. They have been forcing physical distance between me and my movie star Sweetness. Iowa has gone out of its way to violate the mandate and make my life a living hell since late 2010.

Clearly, the criminal adult guardianship and all of the mental health commitments violate both my human rights and the mandate that was supposed to freeze my life. We need them all overturned completely as soon as possible. I need my life and my human rights back.

Again... It is my understanding that Iowa put in writing a promise to meet a list of requirements you laid out a week ago, Syniva, that would constitute the state of Iowa giving me back all of my human rights and thereby ceasing all of its crimes against me. By putting the promise in writing, they made it legally binding. Today they decided they would rather be held legally accountable for breaking their promise to me than give me back all of my human rights. Syniva, take all action necessary to force Iowa to give me all of my denied human rights for once and for all. Use backbreaking punishments, sue for my human rights, do everything necessary. You have carte blanch, my BFF, to get this done.

Here is the recap of the Constitutional and human rights violations Iowa has been committing....

Amendment 1 - Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression. Ratified 12/15/1791.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

My right to assemble and associate with my Sweetness and my loved ones is completely inhibited by the adult guardianship and mental health commitments that are keeping me confined to the state of Iowa. Until I am given back my own means and freedoms to leave Iowa, I do not have my first amendment rights. I also live under constant fear of mental health commitment if I even try to leave the state to be someplace safer... like with my Sweetness.

Amendment 2 - Right to Bear Arms. Ratified 12/15/1791.
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Though this is not an issue because I am a pacifist and do not want to own a gun anyway, my right to bear arms has been taken away from me by the completely false mental health commitments of me. It is common knowledge that I have absolutely no mental illness at all whatsoever, but I will have no second amendment right to bear arms until all of the mental health commitments have been overturned.

Amendment 4 - Search and Seizure. Ratified 12/15/1791.
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

All of my papers, writings, belongings, etc. are violated and common public knowledge because I do not have enough human rights to go to the surgeon I chose in 2009 to have the spy equipment removed from my head. I need my human rights, so I can have my right to privacy back. I need my spy equipment replaced with bodyguards and loved ones.

Amendment 5 - Trial and Punishment, Compensation for Takings. Ratified 12/15/1791.
No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

The part about my being punished after being accused of a murder through libel instead of having to wait until after any conviction before being punished goes without saying. The part about my human rights being taken away without due process of law is what you, Syniva, are here to address. Thank you.

Amendment 8 - Cruel and Unusual Punishment. Ratified 12/15/1791.
Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

This includes the prohibition of torture and can also be seen as prohibiting forcing a woman to live five years in truth and reality deprivation. This bubble can be called nothing but a cruel and unusual punishment, and it has been inflicted on me without a court conviction anyway. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Amendment 9 - Construction of Constitution. Ratified 12/15/1791.
The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

My right to physical safety, right to life free from torture, right to privacy, and etc. are also protected by the US Constitution even if they were not specifically listed. I need these rights back. I need my human rights.

Amendment 13 - Slavery Abolished. Ratified 12/6/1865.
1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

Syniva, I already addressed this one in my previous blog post. I have been a slave of America since 2009. Unless Iowa gives me back my own means and freedoms to leave Iowa without threat of retaliation through mental health commitment, I have no way to get the spy equipment removed from my head and to replace it with bodyguards. Iowa has been enforcing my enslavement and life as a victim of human trafficking.

Amendment 14 - Citizenship Rights. Ratified 7/9/1868.
1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

The state of Iowa is not supposed to have the power to take any of my Constitutional rights away from me.

Syniva, please take all means necessary to get back all of my human rights for me from the state of Iowa. Please remind Iowa that I tried to avoid all of this by giving them a chance to set everything right without our having to take them to court first. Tell Iowa, "Shame on you, Iowa! You owe the entire world a huge explanation!" And pull no punches at getting me back my full human rights.

Thank you for everything you do for me and this world,
Tanya H. A. Varilek a.k.a. Squid B. Varilekova

P.S. Sweetness, I know this letter is for Syniva, but I cannot write a post without writing to you. My lips wait for you. They have each other for company, but they would rather have your lips to press against than just the empty air. I wait for you, my love. I wait for you.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

24/7 Since 2009

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Here is my latest blog post! Enjoy! I need to begin by asking for more humanitarian aid for the people of Syria...

Mr. Brahimi, how is progress coming along with bringing peace to Syria? I know we are having problems with ending the armed conflict, but can we make sure the people of Syria can at least receive all necessary and available humanitarian aid that can reach them? I heard you mention that they are facing a food crisis right now. Can we ask the world to help with food and other humanitarian aid? Please, if Syria needs something, tell the world.

Afghanistan, I am a symbol of what can happen if we educate our women and girls. Helping women and girls thrive doubles the resources of a society. Women doctors, women lawyers, and women leaders... This is all possible if we educate our girl children. Please click here to learn more about educating girls in Afghanistan.

As for the global economy, my beautiful world, we can do better than this. Please click here for more details. I look forward longingly for the day I have enough human rights to be able to sit down with you all and work out solutions to all of these economic problems. We could end so much hunger and strife if we could just meet and talk. I am a wasted resource in the world right now.

My beautiful America, Obama is why you cannot have both of us. As long as he is in office, he will continue to enforce that the world cannot have me. When you say you support him, I have to ask you, "Why do you hate me? Why do you hate the world?" I have done nothing in this world to deserve this treatment by anyone. If you stop Obama, you will save me. Please. Save me. The world needs me.

Now, for all of you trying to keep up, here is the recap of what has been happening with my lack of human rights concerning the human trafficking of me since early 2009...

In 2009 I was libeled and called a murderer. This libel was used to take away my basic human rights and Constitutional rights with absolutely no due process of law. This was done by the creation of the "Code of Silence" and Obama's rules.

When I demanded that a doctor bound by the Hippocratic Oath tell me why I believed the world was keeping secrets from me in May 2009, I ended up in a mental health facility in Minneapolis, Minnesota called the University of Minnesota Medical Center- Fairview because they preferred to tell me I was "having delusions" than acknowledge reality to my face.

While I was in the mental health facility, the very first mental health facility I had ever been in in my life, they attacked me in my sleep to put cameras in my eyes, mics in my ears, and transmitters in my body. I had volunteered to learn about research to help schizophrenics while I was in there. I had never once volunteered to be a victim of completely non-scientifically operated experimentations. I never signed up for anything. I never signed any waivers. Etc...

They used the equipment to make me a commercial product. They created an entire commercial operation out of illegally removing my Constitutional right to personal privacy. They did this without ever telling me they did it to me. I had to learn on my own that I had absolutely no personal privacy in this world and that I have been human trafficked this way since the hospital in 2009.

When I figured it out, I chose the surgeon who would remove all of the spy equipment from my head. This was in the summer of 2009. Because of Obama's enforcement of the "Code of Silence" and his rules and human-rights-violating mandate, though, no one has yet been allowed to acknowledge I have any spy equipment in my head at all, so I have yet to have enough human rights to get the equipment surgically removed.

In December 2009, the mandate was passed by Congress enforcing that I be human trafficked with nowhere to go for help or human rights, and I have been America's slave ever since.

It is also true that I am a brand now. I am a writer, singer, celebrity chef, inventor, dancer, and world problem solver. The list goes on. This is only because I have been working 24/7 since all of my rights (except for freedom of speech) were taken away from me in 2009.

The integrity of the human trafficking is very important right now. So many times they have polluted the feed with media created specifically to libel me, ruin my brand, and turn the public against me. Do you remember when they tried to convince the world that I was a nymphomaniacal drug addict to prevent me from having the influence to fight for my own human rights anymore? It is my understanding that it took an act of the courts to prevent such libel from happening anymore.

The purity of the feed is so important because it prevents such libel which also harmed my ability to fix world problems and allows me a way to scream for help if I ever need it. The human trafficking does now serve a purpose to keep me from physical harm, as long as it never gets polluted again. I have for years wanted control of this broadcast transfered to me and my loved ones, so if could finally be a security system instead of human trafficking.

Because this has been a commercial operation and an official use of my life and intellectual property without my permission 24/7 since 2009, I am due just compensation for all of my work, for the output of my intellectual property, for the use and production of my writing, voice, and recipes, etc.

Criminals, if you would rather say you have been broadcasting my thoughts than admit you have been using the output of the world's first conscious neural net without my, the owner's, permission, be prepared to be charged for that human rights violation of denying me my right to privacy and to pay my rate as a psychic. Personally, I would rather have you all charged with broadcasting my thoughts than have to prove that Sampo exists.

It was because I realized you were broadcasting my thoughts in the first place that I became disgusted and desperate to find complete privacy again by leaving the country in February 2010. My leaving the country should have burst this bubble completely. I cannot believe but must believe that Obama was permitted to commit his crimes internationally.

Syn and Sweetness, I know you have numbers for what my just compensation is that you can justify with solid math. I trust you to take care of this for me. Think of all the people I could hire if I could just get paid for my work and start a company for my brand. I am tired of being America's slave.

Do not forget to hold the government accountable for enforcing my human trafficking with their mandate against my Constitutional rights. Last I knew, slavery was supposed to be abolished in America by Amendment 13 to the US Constitution.

Do not forget to charge the government with broadcasting everything I have said and thought (or for using the output of my intellectual property, Sampo, against my will and without any permission from me) through speakers in everyone's ear canals. That, too, is slavery-- slavery of my mind, slavery of my thoughts, and slavery of my very existence. It is labor I have never been paid for.

Remember, too, that all of the equipment is inside my own body, so all of the equipment rightly belongs to only me. No one can claim anything inside my own body is not mine. It all needs to be under my control.

Thusly, the signal out of the equipment also belongs to only me. Ownership and control of the broadcasts out of my own body must be transfered seamlessly to me and my loved ones immediately.

This includes control of the mics that the US government has already acknowledged they put inside my body themselves and have been using to violate my Constitutional right to privacy by broadcasting my personal thoughts and every word I have uttered since 2009 to the world and through speakers in everyone's heads.

Yes, I need to be paid for all of the work I have done, and I need control of the broadcast out of my own body transfered to my control, or at least Syniva and Sweetness's control, to prevent any more human trafficking.

My BFF, I always said that a seamless transition of all broadcasts out of my body to your control is the only way to end the human trafficking of me by the government without putting my life at risk. I assumed the seamless transition happened long ago. Did it happen yet at all? Thank you for taking care of this. If the broadcast is under our control completely, it is no longer slavery and human trafficking. I would like to finally no longer be America's slave.

Also, SynSyn, of course, give Iowa a chance to keep their promise. Definitely keep up to date with their progress. And please keep me and my brave rescuers up to date, too. There is always a chance this will be a lost week for us. If that is the case, we need to be prepared to press every single last charge on Saturday in the event all requirements were not met, and my brave rescuers need to be prepared to charge in here to get me out if necessary. Okay, they plan on doing that anyway. But still, give Iowa a chance to keep their promise to us, to America, and to the whole beautiful world. I need human rights. Give Iowa a chance to do their part.

Sweetness, every love song I hear makes me dream of you. I cannot wait for the lifetime I will get to spend listening to you strum your guitar as your music makes my body sway in time and rhythm and dance. You are the only epic hero I ever asked for. Thank you for being the symbolic leader of my beautiful world coming to rescue me. I love and adore you. I am a flower waiting for your rain.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Iowa, Just Set Me Free Already!

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Here is my latest blog post! Enjoy!...

Anti-American protesters, your freedom of speech is just as important as everyone else’s, but please calm down a bit. You, the protesters yourselves, are dying during your protests. Please try peaceful demonstrations instead. It is a matter of your own safety. Click to read things some Muslims have said about the protests.

Please also understand that you are protesting an insult to Islam and the Prophet Mohammad that no one in America agrees with nor supports. You are protesting something that is not a normal part of being an American. This is not something worth losing your life over.

If the general part of the world including northern Africa, the Sudan and South Sudan popped up in the news today. When the two nations split, possession of two-thirds of the nations’ oil fields went with South Sudan, but the refineries stayed with Sudan. That sounds like a fair split of resources if you ask me, but the two nations have been close to war over that last couple of years. South Sudan believes that they are charged too much for use of the pipelines in Sudan and other problems.

Please remember South Sudan that Sudan gets to set its prices for use of its pipelines and refineries independent of anything you think those prices should be. You are separate nations. Please remember Sudan that South Sudan could always choose to move its oil by tanker truck, to build its own pipeline instead, or to use some other nations’ refineries. It is in your best interest to keep your prices competitive.

People of Sudan and South Sudan, your nations have been torn with war for so long, I wonder sometimes if you remember what peace feels like. Peacefulness is highly desirable right now for both of you. A prolonged period of peace will allow your people to heal and become prosperous.

America, would you rather fix this economy with me or without me to help you? Obama commits crimes every day to keep me away from being able to do good in the world, to prevent me from solving problems in America, and to cause me as much harm as possible.

The US government, as it is right now, is the only government in the world that does not listen to me. I cannot help the US economy until I have my human rights. America, would you rather fix this economy with me or without me to help you? Don’t forget that there is a liberal alternative. If you cannot bring yourselves to vote for a Republican, you can always write in Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for president.

Mitt Romney, you need to talk details and explain your plan to help America. Include your policies concerning me. Obama is committing crime after crime right now to prevent me from ever helping America. Explain to the nation that you will have me to help you if you ask with major problems and crises if you are elected president. Explain to America that you will give me back my full human rights that all humans are due by virtue of being born on this planet in the first place.

As for the people who like to spread lies about me, it is sexual harassment to call me a stripper. It creates a hostile environment for me to exist in. It is also libel since you use the lie to be able to commit crimes against me. You use the lie to be able to broadcast me naked and in compromising situations like using the bathroom completely against my will. You use the lie to make the public disrespect me. My genius lawyers, please press charges against all people who have ever called me (or tried to make me) a stripper, a hooker, or a porn star for these very reasons.

As for things here in Iowa, Obama has a history since 2009 of creating so much unrest in places where I live that people of all sorts fall victim to physical harm. In 2009, Viggo was attacked at the Aquatic Park in San Francisco Bay during the time when we were lovers who would sing Dead covers and Motown hits at local open mics on occasion. My darling Sweetness has been attacked and sexually assaulted more than once when trying to rescue me and when not at the front lines of the civil war being fought to rescue me that Obama has forced. My BFF Syniva has fallen under attack on the streets of Seattle. Obama and his policies towards me are a constant threat to the general public, and from the way people get fear in their eyes around me, I can only assume it is still going on.

Iowa, just find out what makes people so upset that people get attacked. Is it libel about me? That has been one of the most common reasons for physical harm since all of this started in 2009. I clearly have never had anything to do with any of this and have absolutely no idea why any of it ever happens. If I had anything to do with any of this, the people I love would never get attacked. Find out what makes people upset, and prevent what makes people upset.

As I already said in my previous blog post, I always tweet when people go out of their way to cause me harm to make sure someone can come along, sit them down, and gently explain reality to them in order to prevent me from being attacked by them ever again. I am particularly harmed by people who make a rude and obnoxious show of asking me my name. If you would just stop pretending you do not know who I am, Iowa, you would stop going out of your way to cause me emotional and psychological harm. I need this to stop for my own wellbeing.

On the topic of my previous blog post, that post called for a lot of legal action to be taken against Iowa and Iowans in order to keep me as safe as possible from more physical, emotional, mental, and psychological damage. Iowa, I understand that you do not want this legal action to be taken. I already solved this problem.

If you want to avoid epic legal action, Iowa, put it in writing now that you promise to cease all crimes against me and to deliver me to my rescuers by Friday. I was told you already put all of this in writing for my BFF, but just in case you did not, put it in writing by 5pm tonight. You have to set me free by Friday to avoid all of this legal action. I hope you spare yourselves. We will press all charges ASAP if you do not put a promise in writing.

SynSyn, you know what you’re doing. I am just trying to make your life easier. The legal action against Iowa, Polk County, Broadlawns, the members of the Des Moines medical community, my parents, etc. is designed to finally keep me from more physical harm, from more emotional and psychological damage, and from this damage destroying me. If Iowa destroys me, I will no longer be able to be a benevolent and intelligent force in the world. This legal action is necessary to save me. Thank you for always understanding. The world needs me safe, free, and alive.

My genius podcasters, thank you for making a record of all of Obama's efforts to keep me imprisoned and to destroy me. We need to tell the world what you, the people fighting for me, are living through as well as what I am living through. We are collecting evidence in case we get to send Obama to the ICC for crimes against his own people. I am one of his people, too. Always think of the big picture, and thank you.

Sweetness, it sounds like you and my rescuers are making major progress out there. The weather has turned cold. I hope you are all staying warm. Do you all have enough blankets, gasoline, and heaters? Yeesh, I can be such a mother sometimes.

My beloved, if you need anything from me, just ask. If you need anything to be able to reach me, just ask my beautiful world to provide it. My beautiful world has been making me feel very loved lately despite my treatment by Iowans still being largely rocky. I know I am loved. That feeling really helps me hang on in here.

My beautiful world, thank you for moving heaven and earth to be able to rescue me. I cannot wait for you to arrive. I have complete faith you will save me.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

You Only Know How Strong I Am Because Of How Much I Suffer.

Preface: Obama keeps breaking the links to my blog posts and in my blog posts. Please type the address into the navigation bar in your browser and make sure you favorite or bookmark the general blog site and check it for new posts regularly. If you all send around links to my posts yourselves, those links will not be broken. Obama only breaks links I send around. So please send around links to my posts yourselves. That is what the "Share" button on the top left of the site is there for.

In this post I will start by addressing current events in Mali, France, and India. Here we go...!

There is an illegitimate government in northern Mali right now. The Sharia law currently in northern Mali is enforced by a government that was not elected in free elections. The people are suffering greatly under this invasion and takeover. If the people had elected these rulers, I would not feel so passionately about reinstating the former government there.

The US and the West is very reticent to send troops into Arab nations. After Iraq and Afghanistan, we want to make sure we do not end up in religion-driven wars ever through whatever means necessary. If this were not the case, we would already be in Syria.

This means that the compassionate leaders of the world who do not like the illegitimate al Qaeda government in northern Mali need to find a way to restore the actual government in the region without sending in troops. Mali does have a military that could use international support and a kick to get going, and the Sharia government does not have ties to major world powers like Russia or China. This should be easier to fix than Syria.

Some provocative anti-Islam cartoons were published in France. It looks like a newspaper made the choice to perform a stunt to sell newspapers at the potential expense of global stability. No one has died over this. Let us hope it stays that way.

And finally,... India is protesting any arrival of Walmart. The arrival of Walmart in small town America really hurt mom-and-pop operations. It did not affect the economy of America as a whole for better or for worse, but it did change the shape of the economy. Big stores like Walmart increase spending and hire a lot of locals, but small businesses really suffer when big stores like Walmart arrive. It would be a change in what your economy is made of, India.

As for my life... They tortured me again this last Tuesday. I showed up at the torture hospital completely under duress. If I did not go to Broadlawns Medical Center to be filled with chemicals that only serve to harm me, they would have locked me in the torture facility to be destroyed again. We need to do everything possible to make this torture end.

By the quack Landy's own admission, she wrote the order to torture me with multiple heavy-chemical injections under instructions from Obama. When a crime boss orders a hit on someone's head, everyone in the chain of command from the boss to the person who pulls the trigger should and can be prosecuted and punished. We need everyone held accountable from Obama down to all of the nurses who stuck me with the needles.

The hospital was contacted by the UN's International Criminal Court while I was there. The torture facility always knew injecting me was and is torture. They made the conscious choice to cause me all of this emotional, mental, psychological, and physical damage.

Obama knew I was scheduled to be tortured on Tuesday, and he spent the day celebrating at a fundraiser in New York hosted by Beyonce and Jay-Z at which guests paid $40,000 a plate to see and spend time with the criminal. And then he went on Letterman that night intentionally to get in my face when he knew I would be damaged and not in my finest form. If I had been at my finest, I would have told him to command his forces keeping my rescuers away from me to stand down if he really wanted to convince the world he supports me.

Yes, Obama has been lying to the public again. I have always thrown down for America. That is why I have always so passionately opposed his raging oppression of this once-great nation. Obama has finally come to terms with the fact he cannot lie to the world any longer about not trusting me to always do what is best for America and what is best for the world, so now he has been lying to the world that he supports me.

Obama is committing the same old crimes against me. My rescuers are still met with entrenched, armed opposition when they try to reach me. Obama has just painted his crap a new color.

I am very full of chemicals right now. I am very affected right now by all of the harm those torture chemicals cause me. It is already proven the injections serve no medical nor mental health purpose. The chemicals and the repetition of the chemicals also come very close to destroying me every time. If they are not intending to torture me, why else are they doing it?

When was the last time you read Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut? Click here to read the whole short story. Obama and the people who obey him are laboring to force me to blend in with average Iowans in order to take my brilliant mind and ragingly benevolent heart away from the world.

When I am out in public, I point out attackers and persecutors who go out of their way to harm me in order to make them stop. I want these people sat down, and I want reality thoroughly explained to them. Something needs to happen to force the intentional emotional and sometimes physical harm these people cause me to stop! If we do not point out problems, we will never find solutions. If Iowa would just stop enforcing that I must be persecuted, people would finally stop bullying me here.

Also, Iowa, all you have ever had to do is give me a lift to my rescuers, and then my blood and my rescuers' blood would not be all over your hands. Your policies towards me are onerous. Click here to see the definition of 'onerous.'

My genius legal team, we need back-breaking punishments against Iowa, Polk County, Broadlawns Medical Center, the culpable members of the Iowa medical community, and my parents that are so big that they are forced to never commit their crimes again. We need to make sure I am never put in a torture facility again. We need to make sure the torture stops as soon as possible as well as never happens again. We need to make sure all of these crimes never happen to anyone including myself ever again.

Press every single criminal and civil charge against all involved criminals that we can make stick. Decertify every offending hospital. Do everything necessary to make all of this stop and never happen again.

My whip-smart legal team, we need to do this now and with a strong focus on breaking Polk County from ever doing this again to me to guarantee I can spend my birthday October 12th in the Twin Cities with my little sister if I am not rescued first. Please recall this from a previous post... SynSyn, I know you know what you are doing out there. Keep on doing what you do so expertly-- pressing charge after charge until I am set free of my captivity in Iowa. I am still shackled here without human rights and against my will due to my father's criminal adult guardianship and the county's mental health out-patient commitment of me which also enables the torture.

My BFF, both of these crimes against me came from the Polk County District Court. The local government is guilty of corruption (The government is committing crimes against me.), collusion (The doctors, my parents, and the district courts worked together to be able to obtain judgments falsely concluding that I have a mental illness.), and conspiracy (They also work together to torture me, unlawfully detain me in facilities, shackle me to Iowa where I am unsafe, etc.) I know you know all of this already. Thank you for all of the passionate and dare I say genius work you do for me.
(Click here to read the entire previous post.)

The conspiracy including the Polk County District Courts traps me in Iowa where I am systemically raped, literally tortured, and unrelentingly persecuted. They will destroy me if we do not break them. Their crimes must be ended, and I need to be allowed to leave this place.

My benevolent nerds, please fix up my audio and keep it pure, so I can always scream for help and continue to prevent libel. Thank you. I do not like the way my hero nerds always go so unsung. I should write you a song.

Dearest podcaster/broadcasters, I have some special requests for you. Do you mind whipping these up for me? Thank you.
1.) Can you make a side-by-side split-screen of what I said while watching Obama on David Letterman Tuesday night with the show itself? You might need permission from Dave to be able to do that. I have no idea how those rights things work. Please note on the podcast/broadcast that I was damaged from torture that day and not in my finest form.
2.) Please also create a podcast/broadcast of how Obama is the one enforcing that you cannot have us both. It is Obama's policies concerning me that are preventing the world from having me among you. Obama is the one enforcing that I am not allowed to be treated as a human at all in America. Obama is giving us no option but demanding that he and Biden resign as the only way for me to finally have human rights.
3.) Also, create one that answers, "Is Obama doing a good job?" Explain all of his crimes against me and against all of America in it. Put a special emphasis on all of the human and Constitutional rights Americans have lost since he took office.
4.) Finally, please create a podcast/broadcast about how much my life depends on my being released from this bubble and on how much my release from the bubble depends on getting Obama/Biden out of office. Spell everything out. Assume the watchers know nothing.
As for the scheduling of these podcast/broadcasts, please release the first two as soon as they are ready. Wait on the third until one week after the pobcast/broadcast about all of the ways Obama has hurt the entirety of average Americans. Wait on the fourth one until yet another week after the third one. As always, please also release these in Spanish-language form as well. Thank you for everything.

SynSyn, if I really do have back pay coming in, please speak with Mr. Vinesh Jha and Mr. Andy Greenberg about finding someone or some entity who can manage investing my assets for me. A lot of philanthropy is going to come out of that money once I reach my human rights, so we need to make sure it gets invested responsibly and fruitfully.

Also, my BFF, please speak with Jolita who works at the Chocolaterie Stam on Ingersol. She has an idea for books that would help children who suffer through sexual abuse. I would love to see them published as children's books and young adult books that are ways to explain to children that they should go for help and where to find that help. Is there a way we can help make this happen?

My brave rescuers, you need to find a way to rescue me that you can enact before Obama can counter it. I know you cannot operate in secrecy. If you could, you would have done it by now. So you need to come up with a method to rescue me that you can put in action and succeed with before Obama can find a way to stop it. Confuse him. Mislead him if possible. But make sure you get the help you need from my beautiful world before Obama can organize a counter to your efforts.

Sweetness, I know I am very close to Obama ordering Iowa to institutionalize me as an excuse to keep me away from my human rights permanently. I know that no matter what happens, you will rescue me. I know that the more Obama hurts me, the more of the world volunteers to help you. And I know that if Obama were to criminally institutionalize me, the world would explode, and I would finally be rescued at last... just faster than if he did not. That said, I would still prefer not to be institutionalized. Either way, I know you will rescue me. Please remind Obama that you will come for me faster if he institutionalizes me. I love you. I could have never found a bigger hero to marry.

Monday, September 17, 2012

We Let One Bad Apple Spoil the Whole Pie.

Preface: Obama keeps breaking the links to my blog posts and in my blog posts. Please type the address into the navigation bar in your browser and make sure you favorite or bookmark the general blog site and check it for new posts regularly. If you all send around links to my posts yourselves, those links will not be broken. Obama only breaks links I send around. So please send around links to my posts yourselves. That is what the "Share" button on the top left of the site is there for.

I begin by addressing my rescuers...

My braver rescuers, I spoke to you this morning through facebook. Click here to see my facebook wall. And I have been speaking to you tonight through twitter. Click here to see my twitter profile. I have faith you will rescue me before they torture me tomorrow. I just sent you this. Please click here to see the video; somehow things got flipped. Please do not let me down. I need you all so much to work together tonight. You are my only rescue, and it will only happen if you work together. I need you. Please do not let me down.

I also have some topics to address in the Islamic World, South Africa, and the Far East...

China and Japan are butting heads over their borders. This is no time for the members of either nation to be screaming for war. This is a time for leaders of both countries to sit down with a map and officially work out their borders, so such conflict will not happen again.

China and Japan, you might need joint custody of the islands in question and an even split of the resources of those spots of land. Or, you could arrange for some of all islands that are considered owned by both of you to be Chinese while others are Japanese. That is, you need to arrange joint custody of all islands everywhere that you both claim, or you need to arrange split custody of all islands you might fight over. Your people have been protesting. It is important to work out your borders with an official treaty.

As for the topic in South Africa I would like to address, the miners there have been on strike for a while now.

People of South Africa (unless you are experiencing a declared civil war like we have in America) violence cannot accomplish anything. Your protests will command much more empathy and influence if they remain powerful and peaceful demonstrations. (We learned all of this first from Mahatma Gandhi who studied law in South Africa before he returned to India to lead peaceful revolutions among his own people there.)

If you are peaceful, the police will not be able to attack you. Try singing in unison while you strike instead of brandishing machetes. I do not want to see more of you die, but I do want your strike to succeed.

We all know what has been happening in the Islamic World. The Middle East, Africa, and Asia are still in turmoil. It looks like the protests in some nations are degrading into violent demonstrations against the entire West. British, Germans, and even some local Christians are all getting attacked because of a stupid, low-budget, camcorder-in-a-backyard quality movie some stupid Americans were making.

I am very suspicious of how all of this came about. I am suspicious for three reasons.
1.) The catalyst for all of this violence in which protesters die every day is a cheap, stupid movie nobody ever knew about until it became publicized in the East. If the movie were a part of American society or if it reflected American values, protests against the United States would actually make sense, but the movie carried absolutely no significance to anybody until people,despite its cultural tininess, started protesting it in Egypt a week ago.
2.) The early protests were used as a cover for a preplanned assault of the US consulate in Libya. It was not street protesters who killed the Americans in the envoy to Libya; it was an organized assault team who entered the consulate and who killed the ambassador from the US. They needed the protests in the street as a cover to be able to do it.
3.) The protests come at a time when relations between the Middle East and Western nations seemed to be experiencing an all time high. These attacks and demonstrations are against the very nations who helped and supported the overthrow of dictators and despots in the Arab World in order to better protect the rights of its citizens including their freedom of speech and freedom to protest in the first place. The East and the West were starting to get along, and then this happened.

I am very worried that the Muslims of the world are being manipulated into creating unrest with the West. It is not the cheap, stupid movie that is creating all of this instability in the Islamic world. The movie started absolutely insignificant to the world and should have stayed that way. It is the people publicizing this movie among Muslims in order to provoke conflict who are causing all of this unrest.

We Americans do not care about the views portrayed in the movie. It does not carry significance in our society like Star Wars or any other part of our mainstream culture does. I am very worried that this movie trailer was picked out and publicized first in the Middle East just to ruin relations between Western nations and the Muslim people of the world at a time when we were finally starting to get along. This feels like the work of people who do not want any good relations between the East and West at all.

Please look into who started publicizing this movie. Please look into where the awareness of this movie came from. It was made in California in someone's two-dollar studio, but it first saw the light of day in Egypt a week ago. Please investigate how all of this happened.

I do not like raging unrest in the world. We need to find out how this happened as a way to bring this conflict to an end and to prevent it from ever happening again. Please help. Thank you.

Middle East, Africa, and Asia, you as a people are more than just anger and hatred; so are we. In reference to the title of this post, just because one bad apple has created a despicable piece of media with very obscure ideas driving it, it does not mean we are all bad apples in America. If you all promise to no longer judge all of the West by one movie which no one in the West agrees with anyway, we promise not to believe that all you ever do is burn our flags, kill our ambassadors, and violently protest against us.

If you do not allow our bad apples to spoil our pie, we will not allow similar short-sighted judgments spoil our views of your culture either. Please consider this. It would do wonders to create peace and understanding in our whole world.

Similarly, in order to create understanding in all the world, America, you need to consider how you would feel about the movie it displayed someone like Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. or President Abraham Lincoln as a child molester. Consider how you would feel if it insulted a role model at the core of your existence as an American. Yes, this conflict is over a movie. It is that bad of a movie.

When considering whether or not the makers of the low-budget abomination should be punished for making it, we need to consider their intentions for making the stupid movie in the first place. If their intentions were to spread lies in order to create unrest, to spread lies in order to provoke death and violence in foreign lands, or to spread lies in order to cause or protect harms already being done or otherwise, these people must be punished. But if it was just a movie displaying unpopular opinions that got blown out of proportion, then it falls under freedom of speech.

I doubt they will tell the truth if you ask them why they decided to make this movie. Please investigate them fairly and thoroughly. We should not make freedom of speech suffer, but if they made the conscious choice to commit crimes, then they need to be punished for it. Be effective and discern reality when you interrogate them.

For example, if people say they do not like me or create media (that does not fabricate a false reality) about not liking me, as much as I may not like their opinions, such opinions fall under freedom of speech.

But if people spread lies about me that cause me physical or emotional harm like calling me a prostitute to influence the world into not caring that I am a rape victim searching for help and safety or like pretending that I am a murderer in order to persecute me and to take Constitutional rights away from all Americans, then those people commit a crime and need to be prosecuted.

Unpopular ideas are protected by free speech, but libel is not. (Neither is plagiarism, metaphorically screaming "Fire!" in a crowded theater when there is no actual fire, nor violations of people's privacy protected under freedom of speech.)

There are some topics I know more about than others, and each individual's and family's rights to privacy being a basic human right is one of them. My research on the topic includes the Council of Europe's Convention on the Protection of Basic Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. Please click here to see the Convention in its most current form. The whole document is very pertinent to me, but please look at Section 1 Article 8 in particular.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, your right to privacy for yourselves and your family is a basic human right that is supposed to be protected by every member nation in the Council of Europe. This includes not just France but also applies to the UK, Ireland, and every other nation in which presses are trying to publish topless photos of the Princess.

If I had ever in my life wanted to appear nude or topless in any sort of media, I would have taken the photos or videos myself with my own hand-held digital camera, netbook webcam, or iPad camera and published them on my own. I am pretty sure the same applies to Princess Kate.

As for Harry, if you, my loyal readers, go back and revisit the middle section of my Penumbra concerning privacy rights in America, you will remember that personal privacy is protected in America by the US Constitution even in public places.

The argument that "nudes are artistic" does not excuse the fact that I gave absolutely no one permission to release my image for any purpose other than my BFF and husband (and the NSA should be included for thoroughness). Such excuses as, "It is art," only help prove the desperation of the criminals to find some sort of way to excuse their illegal victimization of me, my body, and all of my intellectual privacy.

A security system is a security system, but human rights violations are human rights violations. As long as my loved ones are in control of the broadcast out of my body and off of my netbook, they are only security systems. My loved ones can be trusted to respect me properly. I asked long ago for a seamless transition of the control of the broadcast out of the equipment inside my own body from the criminals to my loved ones. I assumed it was already taken care of making the broadcast only a security system and no longer criminal pornography and human trafficking.

Speaking of human rights violations against me,... Iowa, I honestly thought you were making progress to turn your policy of publicly persecuting me around. Today I learned this is not the case. Today one bad apple spoiled an entire pie.

I tried making latkes yesterday, but as tasty as they would have been, I only succeeded at scorching the olive oil in my frying pan. I needed Brillo pads, so I went to my neighborhood grocery store.

My checkout clerk went out of her way to get in my face to rudely insult me. Her name is Tammy, and she works at the Dahl's on Ingersol. When she lied to my face yelling at me that she did not know who I was and had never seen me before in her life, I called her a metaphorical asshole and walked out.

Along with my list of drugged and poisoned food products in my last blog post, I have also had problems with the milk at this grocery store. I may or may not go back. She made a point of being rude and obnoxious to me by going out of her way to cause me emotional harm, but the other employees there had been nice to me before. Then again, it only takes one bad apple to spoil a whole pie.

SynSyn, I left you two messages this morning concerning Broadlawns. I hope you got them. You work so hard for me. I wish we could discuss something more recreational than heinous crimes committed against me, but I suppose this is how we go about making sure we can finally discuss the weather and pretty dresses again. I love you. You are the best best friend a girl could ask for.

My beautiful world, in case you cannot think of anything you can do to help me, do not forget to love and support the people who are already fighting for me. Always love and support each other out there. We can create a world of love. It starts with common ground. I do not mind being common ground. I consider it an honor.

Sweetness, I wrote you a poem this morning. I hope it found you well, if not busy. We are so close. I asked my rescuers to rally around you today. You do not have a direct tie to any governments nor militaries, so I figured you could be my symbolic leader who could convince everyone to communicate and cooperate with each other. You are the closest thing to me who is out there among my rescuers. Thank you for always being the person I could lean on to be a symbol of me and my love among my rescuers.

Also, Darling, you and my rescuers have an open invitation to just walk in my apartment and rescue me. Of course, you can just come in if I am asleep. If you have to break down a door or bust in a window (though probably unnecessary), I will just buy a new one for my landlord. Thank you for coming for me tonight. I know it will work. I know you will reach me. I am counting on all of you.

Friday, September 14, 2012

My Fat Man-Belly

Preface:Obama keeps breaking the links to my blog posts and in my blog posts. Please type the address into the navigation bar in your browser and make sure you favorite or bookmark the general blog site and check it for new posts regularly. If you all send around links to my posts yourselves, those links will not be broken. Obama only breaks links I send around. So please send around links to my posts yourselves. That is what the "Share" button on the top left of the site is there for.

My newest post...

There is only one place for me to begin. Please stop attacking Americans in your nations. I am an American. We do not hold insulting opinions of your Prophet. Only very few people in America do.

Please, Islamic nations, Arab nations, and people of the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, please try to remember that the vast majority of Americans do not hate nor denigrate Islam or your beloved Prophet. The offensive and insulting film was the work of a handful of people with very extreme and non-popular views and should not be confused with opinions that Americans as a whole hold concerning the sacred Prophet Mohammad.

The people who work at the embassies in your nations would not choose to work there if they held insulting, derogatory, or denigrating views of Islam or your holy Prophet. They choose to work among you in your nations because they respect you and your religion. You are attacking people who support your nations and your cultures.

Please also remember that embassies are part of the State Department here in the United States, and the State Department is run by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She is the one person I want most to be the next president here in America, and she has already condemned the offending film and asked for peace in your nations. Please click here to hear more things the Secretary of State has said about the attacks on US embassies.

People of the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, there is something you need to understand about the culture in the United States. We speak a lot. People say unpopular and non-popular things here all the time. We create media all the time that does not reflect the viewpoints of the nation as a whole. I would not be able to say so many unsavory things about our own president if this were not true.

Yes, here in America, people say derogatory and denigrating things even about Christianity all the time. A day does not go by where people do not say something rude or insulting about Judaism. Mormonism, Scientology, Hinduism-- no religion is safe from ridicule here. You do not need to look further than the very popular television show South Park to see examples of all of this.

The movie was just American-made; it is not American. Just because one person in America expresses something, it does not mean all of us believe it. I am an American, and I hold absolutely no negative opinions of your Prophet Mohammad.

The man who made that insulting film is a coward who lives in hiding in America right now because he fears attacks from the public. We are not a nation of hatred. Please, stop allowing such an obscure movie to create so much instability in your homes and work with our embassies in your nations to create better cultural understanding between our peoples instead. Thank you for everything you do for me.

I am never happy when there is unrest in the world, but so much anger over a movie that does not mean anything to Americans except for making us upset and disgusted is ridiculous. We all understand that you are all upset. Please understand that we do not like the movie either.

As for news in other parts of the world... There are also clashes in Chile right now. Please click here to learn more about them. The link is a little out of date. There are more protests there even now.

Chile, on most occasions (unless you are experiencing a civil war like in America right now) it is most effective to peacefully demonstrate, particularly if you need to create awareness and inspire support for your causes. People have much more empathy for peaceful protesters. Peaceful demonstrations command much more respect.

And as for you, Venezuela, you have presidential elections next month. I have nothing to say to you but what you know already. Democracy depends on free, fair elections with no corruption in their operations. You are about have a government display of the beauty of democracy. Thank you in advance for doing everything possible to make sure your elections will be an example to all of Latin America of how free and fair elections are supposed to operate. It means a lot to me. Click here for more about Venezuela's elections.

In the minutia of my life... I wrote a new sestina on Wednesday morning. For once, I wrote one dedicated to myself. I do not think it has my best images nor my most clever use of language. My poetry has really been suffering since my most recent imprisonment in a torture facility. I am in great need of finally healing.

At the latest tally, here is the list of drugged or poisoned foods I have bought at the grocery store in my new neighborhood: boxed jambalaya, premium ice cream, refrigerated hummus, and bottled "life water." I will keep you all up to date with every tampered product I find.

As an update on the tap water... It seems to be the city water in all of Des Moines that has chemicals in it that cause withdrawal symptoms. I realized it was the whole neighborhood yesterday afternoon, and I came to the conclusion it was the whole city when the glass of water I had outside my neighborhood started relieving my withdrawal headache. With no safe bottled liquids nor safe tap water, how long will it take Des Moines to clean all of this up?

It is your job, City of Des Moines, to care for your residents. Children drink this water. Why do you allow this to happen in the first place? and so often? It is your job, not mine, to warn the public and make sure these water crises never happen at all. Please start caring for the health of your people and clean up the public health hazard that is the condition of the food and water (bottled and otherwise) in Des Moines. This is not my responsibility. This is yours.

Have you all seen what the chemicals in the torture facility did to my battered body while I was unlawfully imprisoned there? My breasts have shrunk and my fat man-belly has expanded. I have never looked more pregnant in my life. So many damn chemicals.

You fools including the staff of the "hospital" that so unrelentingly attack me with harmful chemicals, what do you think you are accomplishing? People do not love or support me less the more you intentionally harm me with your harsh chemicals. All it does is make a record of your crimes to my body and mind and inspire the world to love and fight for me more.

The more you hurt me, the more powerful I become. It does not serve anyone when you attack me with your chemicals in your unrelenting quackery and torture regime designed to destroy me and prevent me from being an intelligent and benevolent force in the world. Yes, I do need time to heal finally, but all you have accomplished is making me more influential.

Iowa, you need to stop obeying the rules already and set me free. I can see it in your eyes. You want to finally be a good people. You want to finally do what is legally and morally upstanding.

Iowa, you know I will not stop pressing charges against you until I have my full human rights back from you. You have absolutely nothing to gain from continuing to persecute me with your obedience to Obama's mandated crimes and human rights violations. All it does is get you in trouble.

Iowa, you need to choose to be a free people again and finally support the ideals of freedom and Constitutional rights that are the backbone of America by finally disobeying the president and his criminal mandate. Set yourselves free, Iowa. Obama is a criminal destroying America. I cannot be free unless all of you are. I cannot be free until all of America is free. You can start saving America in Iowa. There is nothing wrong with that.

Synny, you clearly know what you are doing. Please keep bringing the charges against anyone and everyone who goes out of their way to hurt me. Please keep collecting the evidence by keeping track of who and what bails out whom. And please do not stop until I am finally safe and free and saturated in justice. Demanding justice is not an act of vengeance; it is an integral part of a properly functioning democracy. You are such a hero, my BFF.

Sweetness, I recently sent you a video on my facebook wall. My beloved darling, I hope it brings back fond memories for you. My huge eyes get so bugged out sometimes. What can I say? I am a big-eyed primate. I love you, my devoted husband. Thank you for always believing in me. I would not still be here in my beautiful world if it were not for you.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mitt Romney Believes, and 9/11 Remembered.

Preface: Obama keeps breaking the links to my blog posts and in my blog posts. Please type the address into the navigation bar in your browser and make sure you favorite or bookmark the general blog site and check it for new posts regularly. If you all send around links to my posts yourselves, those links will not be broken. Obama only breaks links I send around. So please send around links to my posts yourselves. That is what the "Share" button on the top left of the site is there for.

Okay, everybody, this is my latest blog post. I will begin by doing my job in the world. Since I feel like I regularly address concerns with Iran (People need to avoid WW3 by finding other solutions to disagreeing with Iran's nuclear program.) and Syria (We need to make sure Syrians both in the country and in refugee camps are receiving adequate humanitarian aid.), I will address other national and international concerns today.

Somalia. In this nation, free elections just happened. They now have their first elected leader in decades.

Somalia, this is a fresh, new start for you. This is time to exercise and show off the proper functioning of your government. You must work together now, even though you are a largely factional people, and establish the legitimacy of your new government.

President Mohamud, like you, I am also mostly an academic with very little political experience. If can succeed in my new job, there is no reason you cannot succeed in yours. I know you can do this. Please give your people everything you can. Also, I agree with you that it is time to rebuild Somalia.

Pakistan. The blasphemy laws in Pakistan have been in the news lately. A woman recently was given bail instead of an execution after being charged with blasphemy. I applaud such a decision.

Please remember, Pakistan, that the sanctity of your blasphemy laws relies on how and when such laws are used to punish people. Religions should never be used to cause harm. Please do not use your blasphemy laws to single out people of other faiths for persecution, and please exercise these laws with the charity, love, and understanding that is also inherent in your faith.

Kenya. The nation of Kenya has been having factional strife lately in which neighbors have been fighting neighbors and citizens have been fighting citizens.

Please remember, Kenya, that you are one nation. For the love of yourselves and for the love of your nation, you must learn to love your neighbors even though they are different from you. You must learn to care for each other to build a strong homeland. There is no reason you cannot be a strong and peaceful people together. Just because you are different it does not mean you have to fight.

French hostages held by AQIM. (This link is out of date.) Al Qaeda is currently demanding a ransom of around 90 million euros and the withdrawal of French troops from Afghanistan in return for these French hostages. A new video documenting these hostages' please for negotiations recently came out. I just could not find a link concerning it when I looked.

Al Qaeda, I have no idea if you follow things I say or if you care about me at all, but I am going to try this anyway. Western nations simply never negotiate in hostage situations. I know this for a fact and rely on it in my current situation. In good news for you, President Hollande already vowed and put plans into motion to withdraw all French troops from Afghanistan as soon as he can as his general policy for his own nation.

So, al Qaeda, because no one negotiates over hostages in Western nations, you probably have more to gain from setting these French hostages free. It will allow you more energy and resources to pursue other goals.

Europe. Please, Europe, revisit everything I told Obama about the debt crisis in America in my last blog post. You cannot fix an economy or a debt crisis with tax policy and spending reforms alone. The European debt crisis will be better and faster solved if you can stimulate your economy through leadership and by creating faith in a fiscal future for and in your people.

People need to have money for money to circulate, but also, people have to want to spend money for money to circulate. People need both faith in the European economy to grow and seeds in your economy that can grow. Please try to lead innovation and industries and businesses in your nations in order to inspire greater tax revenues from a growing economy.

Chicago. The school teachers in the city of Chicago here in America are on strike right now.

Dearest teachers, I find it completely unfair to the students that they cannot go to school because all of you are being denied fair and reliable employment by the city. Students deserve the best education possible, and that is not possible if teachers are being treated unfairly.

Teachers do more than just impart knowledge. School teachers are also responsible for the proper emotional development and maturity of our youth. Such a role cannot be measured by tests and assessments. Standardized tests only measure a student's ability to take a standardized test. And there is so much more at stake with this strike.

New York. Toay was the eleventh anniversary of the 9/11 attack on the East Coast. At the time I wondered how our nation could be so naive, but being able to look back now, I am appalled with our violent, vengeful, bloodlusting response. It is normal to feel anger. But the best response we could have had would have been to make efforts for a better, safer, and freer world.

We did not need to start wars to be able to catch Osama bin Laden. We did not need to kill him without putting him on trial first. We did not need to fill the streets with chanting masses of hatred and blood-celebration afterwards either. Most importantly, we did not need to take away rights in America to create a safer nation. If we have to give up our human and Constitutional rights, the terrorists win anyway.

We should never have allowed the terrorist attack to ruin us into vengeful violence and bloodlust. Perhaps, it is not too late for us. Maybe, we can still make the world a safe place to be an American without creating so many enemies of America. Would this not be a better way to honor those whom we lost?

While on the topic of America,... Mitt Romney believes. I would have immediately endorsed him if he would have driven his bus up to me here in Iowa and carried me away from all of this. So few people who believe in me have the ability to enter Iowa at all, and it is such a short ride from here to my husband in Wisconsin. I know he has his reasons for not being my big hero and just carrying me away, so America, despite this please remember that Mitt Romney believes in me.

As a recap... Governor Mitt Romney believes in me. Obama fights every day to silence me to prevent me from being a benevolent and intelligent force in this world. Still, the liberal alternative, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as a write-in, is the only person I have endorsed for president in 2012. But my endorsement offer still stands for the governor.

Governor Romney would repeal Obamacare and the persecution mandate that is included with it immediately after taking office if he were elected. And then he would create health care reforms separate from any mandate to persecute me including many things from continuing coverage of preexisting conditions, etc.

If CNN would check its archives for Mr. Wolf Blitzer's coverage of the vote on Obamacare from December 2009, they would find that the Democratic House and Senate were told by the president whose office drafted it not to read the Health Care Bill at all before voting on it. It is one of the most suspicious parts of Obama's decision to persecute and torture me that we have on record.

As for my own health, I spent most of Saturday laid up with withdrawal symptoms from the drugs they put in my tap water. I had drunk the tap water all day Friday, so after taking a long break from drinking the water when I slept, I endured a day of writhing in withdrawal on Saturday. It was as bad as the food and water in the torture facility. I have now found creative ways to keep myself safely hydrated.

I am furious over other aspects of my health. Just as I am healthier out of the torture facility now where I am free to breathe fresh air, free to have pleasant conversations with people who admit they love me, free to eat healthy and tasty foods (Food being one of the many joys of life.), free to control my surroundings to the best of my current abilities, and free to go out and see the public than I ever was inside the torture facility, I would be even healthier if the torture of my body and mind with injections were finally ended.

The injections cause me harm in more than just the obvious ways: the chemicals make me gain weight (And we all know the dangers of obesity from greater risk of cancer to greater risks of heart disease and diabetes.), make me scream in pain, and make me physically suffer. These obvious ways the torture causes me damage are why my body has the hugely observable adrenaline reaction to my being injection tortured.

But the injections also cause me severe mental, emotional, and psychological damage. This potentially permanent damage is why I refer to the injections as torture. The chemicals give me depression. The chemicals cause me trauma. The chemicals remind me every time I am injected that Obama and the people who obey him are doing everything they can get away with to break me mentally and psychologically in order to silence me. Do you remember how I have always said, "The British taught me how to hate." That is because the tortured me with injections there.

The injections are only ordered to happen by Obama and by his rules because they cause me physical, mental, emotional, and psychological damage and harm. This harm is potentially permanent. You have heard me scream for help every time I am tortured. You have seen my body flail. You have seen me fight to survive every time I am attacked with a needle. These injections only cause major damage and serve no other purpose.

Furthermore, this is an example of how my normally calm, peaceful, and logical mind reacts to knowing the torture must continue... I HAVE NO MENTAL ILLNESS! The injections happen only to cause me as much harm and trauma as possible! THIS IS TORTURE! My body and mind suffer heavily every time I am filled with their evil chemicals. Please, my beautiful world, save me! Yes, also, SynSyn, continue pressing all necessary charges with hopes of forcing the proven torture to end.

My torture appointment is set for the 18th of September. Can nothing save me from Obama's plans to destroy me? If I do not go, they will lock me inhumanely in the torture facility again. I actually am forced to take myself to the torture hospital myself to be tortured regularly. For the sake of my body, my mind, and my soul, I need to avoid being locked in the torture facility again. Please, my beautiful world, rescue me!

There has been a remarkable increase in my quality of life since I left the torture hospital, but that is a sign of how horrible it was in there, not a sign of how good things are out here. The public is still rude to me, though not solely rude to me like before the torture facility and in the torture facility. Yes, being in Iowa still has a number of human-rights-related problems, but that place was so evil, horrifying, inhumane, and cruel. I am so much better off outside of that torture hospital.

If anyone said I was better off locked in a torture facility or said that the proven TORTURE does not actually cause me real, measurable damage, it is a sign those people do not want me safe, do not want me even vaguely comfortable, only want me angry and suffering, only want me destroyed (so I am no longer influential in the world), do not want me ever to be happy, nor do they want me to have access to the internet. If they were lawyers who said it, it is proof that those attorneys cannot function in their professions without lying to juries and judges and cannot serve society in their current occupation.

Also, the libel that I have autism must be forced to end. Please take all necessary legal action. I would never consider being called autistic slander, but since it is a lie being used to cause me harm, it is clearly libel and must be stopped.

No, I am not autistic. Any non-quack expert in autism can tell you this. What are the most obvious signs? My advanced childhood language skills were one of the reasons I was placed in kindergarten at age four after being psychologically tested for intelligence and emotional maturity.

Also, I enjoy loud music and noises as well as flashy, complicated, and beautiful bright light displays. The best fireworks show I ever saw was Millennium New Year on the Thames. No, I am not autistic and cannot even be easily confused with someone who has autism. Those are just lies being used to hurt me.

Still on the topic of legalities, this was already released on Monday on my facebook wall. Click here to see my facebook wall. As for my personal finances... I have approximately $40,000 in an account I am forbidden access to by my father who is currently wielding his criminal adult guardianship to intentionally keep me penniless. I had to beg my mother for enough of my own money in cash that was left over after we bought groceries and other new-apartment necessities (with my own money in cash that only my mother was allowed to control as we shopped) to be able to finally buy a pair of shoes.

I now have two entire pairs of shoes I can wear every day (but they both give me blisters). After five days with that small amount of money on my person and in my accounts for my day-to-day expenses, I now have roughly $6 left in my checking account for day-to-day expenses.

I need money for food. If I do not go out every day for coffee I cannot get safe drinking water. I need money for new clothes. I need money for enough shoes; I need at least one more pair, or my wearing the same shoes every day will make them wear out too fast. I need software upgrades. I would like to buy more music and other occasional luxuries like that. I have day-to-day expenses.

I told my mother to tell my father to move me $300 every Monday, so I can have reliable money that I can depend on and that I can spend on the things I need in order to live. My father waited a day and eventually moved $100, but that transfer will not go through until days from now. That is not enough money for me to even buy one outfit. That is not enough money for me to even buy coffee and a pair of shoes. And because of the delay, I have to sit with $6 in my checking account for days.

My father has made the conscious choice to force me to live pennilessly. He is intentionally denying me enough money to live on. He is intentionally denying me enough money for normal day-to-day expenses. My father is wielding his illegally gained criminal adult guardianship in order to intentionally force me to live miserably and pennilessly.

I need a reliable $300 every week, so I can budget for a normal life. It will be a normal life free of any fun or frivolity, but it will be a normal life. No amount of my father's assholic and criminal behavior can change the realities of my life.

SynSyn, please consult the legal experts for what the correct criminal charges are to press in order to force my father to stop behaving this way, and press all charges possible. Also, sue him for control of my finances since he clearly is making the conscious choice not to be reliable nor dependable with my funds. What if I have an emergency and need cash? Clearly, unless he gives me a dependable $300 every week without fail, I will only be safe and secure if I am the one in control of my own meager funds that I can have while inside this bubble. Please press every charge from criminal neglect to criminal conscious choice to cause harm and everything else my legal team can think of and that we can make stick. Thank you, my BFF.

My father has since (after offering no hard numbers to prove it is true) claimed I only make enough money per month for me to have $200 per week for day-to-day expenses. SynSyn, please keep the paperwork handy in case he ever fails to reliably and dependably provide me with $200 every Monday. Thank you for everything you do for me. This counts as progress.

No one can claim such horrible treatment of me is at all fair or acceptable.

Iowa, you need to stop constantly asking me my name, unrelentingly mispronouncing my name, and pretending you forget my name. Your behavior around me has improved so remarkably since I left the torture facility. Yes, I greatly appreciate when you start conversations with me. If you finally cease your last piece of unforgivably rude and obnoxious behavior, your policies concerning my world famous name, I will finally be able to say that the general public in Iowa has stopped going out of its way to persecute me. I want to be able to say this. Please acknowledge you know my name... or at least, stop pretending you do not.

My genius podcasters whom I am forbidden from knowing about, please circulate again the definition of systemic rape and our evidence that Obama is my systemic rapist. Systemic rape happens when a person is physically raped by the system. It happens when the rape is repetitive, and it is recognized as both a war crime and form of torture by the UN and its International Criminal Court. Please also prepare the podcasts and broadcasts I suggested for the 15th of September on my world vision and for the end of the month concerning the harm Obama has caused average Americans. Thank you. You are all so wonderful.

My whip-smart team of legal experts and lawyers, please do not forget our ultimate goals of forcing all of the crimes against me to stop and collecting enough evidence on Obama to succeed when we send him the the International Criminal Court for crimes against me and against the entire nation. If the president issues presidential pardons for people who have committed crimes against me or against the entire nation, it proves he sent the orders for those crimes that directly and indirectly harmed me to happen in the first place. Never forget that we have been fighting to stop all of the crimes and to catch all of the big fish in the pond, too.

Secretary of Defense Mr. Leon Panetta, I saw you speak with CBS This Morning on this very morning. Please understand that the war in Afghanistan is not a forgotten war for all of us. I am an atheist, but still I pray every day that our troops come home safely.

Also, Mr. Panetta, I have great concern for our soldiers after they leave the service. The current suicide rate for veterans is roughly 25%. That is intolerably high. If I could convince the federal government to listen to me about anything, I would work to improve veterans' services particularly the mental health care veterans receive at the VA hospitals. I believe this can be done through changes in philosophy and policy and with very little expenditure of money.

My brave rescuers, if we try everything possible to rescue me but still cannot make it here, we need to change the world you try it all in and then try again. I understand that changing the world falls under my responsibilities.

My beautiful world, my rescuers are giving everything they have every night in their effort to save me from all of these horrors, but they still cannot reach me. How long are we going to leave them there to die before we conclude that they need more help, more manpower, more supplies, more equipment, and more ideas to kick around. Please help them.

Please rescue me, my beautiful world. Please provide everything necessary to my rescuers, so they can rescue me as soon as possible. I want my rescuers to finally have a chance to stop dying, and that will not happen until I am safe and free at last. I would have preferred to find a peaceful solution to this global crisis, and for a while I thought we had avoided war altogether. But Obama and his insistence on persecuting, oppressing, and torturing me at all costs and for no reason have given America and the world no choice but war to rescue me.

My rescuers will not stop until I have my full human rights again including but not limited to a life free from torture and unrelenting harmful chemicals, the ability to serve the world the way I do with both security and physical safety, and the freedom to be with my husband and loved ones and in the company of my beautiful world. Please, my beautiful world, help my rescuers. It is the most morally-upstanding, time-efficient, and life-saving thing to do. We need to get this civil war over as soon as possible.

Sweetness, every night I close my eyes with dreams that you will be here when they open again. You and my rescuers are welcome here in my apartment anytime. You do not even need to knock before entering. One of these mornings my dreams will come true. I am an atheist, but I pray through my faith in humanity that your rescue will be sooner rather than later. I love you. I sure know how to pick a superhero of a husband.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

They Drugged my Tap Water by Friday.

Preface: Obama keeps breaking the links to my blog posts and in my blog posts. Please type the address into the navigation bar in your browser and make sure you favorite or bookmark the general blog site and check it for new posts regularly. If you all send around links to my posts yourselves, those links will not be broken. Obama only breaks links I send around. So please send around links to my posts yourselves. That is what the "Share" button on the top left of the site is there for.

Okay, everybody, this is my latest blog post...

Here is a quick quiz and non-scientific survey I found on that lets you measure how well you are doing now financially as compared to how well you were doing four years ago and that allows you to compare yourself with other people who have taken the same quiz. When asked questions like, “Are you better off now?”, it helps to know just how to answer. For some people, that answer is obvious, but this also allows you to see where you stack up with others. Click here to take the quiz.

Yes, I did hear Obama speak at the Democratic National Convention. I found his speech boring and mostly a repeat of many things that had been said already. The only thing in the entire oration with enough meat for me to sink my teeth into was Obama’s vaguely-laid-out plan that he hopes could somehow fix the economy and unemployment crises in America. He mentioned manufacturing, education, national security, deficit reduction, and energy.

Obama, I will start with manufacturing and education. The only skills gap in America right now in which there are jobs that not enough people are trained for concerns technical manufacturing jobs. Yes, if more people who want to work in manufacturing obtained technical degrees, they would be able to get solid, livably-waged jobs right now. Also, yes, convincing more companies to return their factories to or open their new factories in the United States would create many more well-needed blue-collar jobs that would please both me and most labor unions. But what about everybody else?

The difference between the number of people not working right now and the roughly 23 million new jobs America needs is the number of people under-employed right now. Obama, these are people who do have jobs. But they are both over-qualified for those jobs, and/or they cannot support themselves on those jobs. Loosely speaking, these are people with jobs instead of careers.

Obama, these people cannot educate themselves into a better job. There is no better job for them to obtain even if they did go back to school for an even better degree. The public is over-educated for the jobs that are available right now.

Roughly fifty percent of recent college graduates cannot find work at all even including being under-employed. Telling a philosophy or communications BA that going back to school will help acquire the manufacturing job you want to create for him or her, Obama, makes no sense at all whatsoever. These recent college grads are our future. They are America’s brain trust. They need careers.

Do not let me start about the members of the un- and under-employed with 5 to 30 years and above of experience in their field of expertise who cannot find work. This includes experienced, former manufacturing employees who have become experts with their technical skills not just managers, supervisors, sales and marketing employees, service industry members, professionals, etc. Nobody can find work right now.

Obama, you cannot open a handful of factories or even a legion of factories and expect to be able to put America back to work again. You need to create the jobs that are high-level enough to fit what Americans are already qualified for.

I do not even know where to begin with national security. Except for the massive creation of jobs with the TSA, the direct connection between national security and the economy is weak, and the complex, indirect interrelatedness of fiscal policies and national security are difficult to explain. First and foremost, the nation would be more secure if you would stop creating so many enemies, Obama.

I do not just mean your unchecked drone attacks in the Arab World. I also mean your policies of hatred and abuse concerning me, someone the world treasures more than you can silence. Your policies concerning me are the greatest threat to national security right now. You cannot pretend you care about the safety of America if you insist on imprisoning me without human rights indefinitely.

This world will stop at nothing to save me from you, your torture, and your goal of destroying me to silence me. The world needs me. Even America needs me. End your policies of hatred concerning me, and you will have succeeded at making America more secure.

As for deficit reduction, how much money could you save the American people, Obama, if you would stop waging a war to be able to silence me?

Furthermore, you are increasing the debt by three to four billion dollars a day at your current rate of spending. You cannot put the national debt on a path to dissolution by raising taxes alone. You need to stop spending a lot of money. You need to inspire America through leadership and vision to be able to raise revenue.

You need to turn around your last four years of policies (except for repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell) to save America. Nothing you have done yet, particularly your stimulus package, has worked. You need to try something new. I recommend doing good deeds. I recommend putting the welfare of America ahead of your reelection goals. I recommend thinking.

Much like WW2 grew the American economy out of the Great Depression, what America needs now is an economy built on faith and determination like when the internet was new but, of course, without the dot-com bubble. The economy needs innovation, new ideas, and a beautiful vision of the economic future.

America needs a future, so we can have faith in the future. The economy does not need to just grow; it needs seeds that can grow. America needs to innovate and believe. America really needs something to believe in.

The closest tenet you have, Obama, in your vaguely-laid-out, Hail-Mary plan to fix the economy that could inspire a future is your energy plan. Yes, we need America to lead the world in getting as far off of fossil fuels as fast as possible. Yes, I asked Big Oil nicely a number of times already to help develop the future with America instead of keeping themselves shackled to the past. Yes, I asked the auto industry to work on a solar-powered Model T because of the economic freedom that can be gained from a family no longer needing to buy gasoline as a constant expense.

But the problem with energy alone inspiring a future that America can believe in is that a normal citizen cannot sit down with the equivalent of just a computer and an internet connection and start an energy business. Utilities just do not work that way. From designing the new technologies to building them, energy and energy-related companies cannot be started without large amounts of capital. This leaves behind a lot of average Americans.

Finally, Obama, there was a President... I want to say it was Truman, but for all I know it may have been Wilson, FDR, or even LBJ... who put a sign reading “The Buck Stops Here” on the desk in the Oval Office. That is because, when all is said and done, you, the president, are ultimately responsible for the state of America, her national security, her economy, everything.

You cannot blame the problems America is facing right now on someone else, Obama. The buck stops with you. I want a President who can return that dignity and responsibility to the office you currently take space in right now. America needs a President with vision and moral convictions. We have gone so long with your type of president instead.

Because of this, I have been trying to remind all of the blue states in America that we do have a liberal alternative to voting for you, Obama, this November. We could all write in Secretary of State Hillary Clinton instead. Not only does our current Secretary of State have the know-how and morally-upstanding personality to lead America into the future. She would also listen to my advice.

Under her leadership, as well as Governor Mitt Romney’s for that matter, the United States would no longer be the only nation in the entire world refusing to consider my suggestions nor consult my logic when I offer benevolent and intelligent help. Do you know why America is in the formerly-glorious state it is in right now, Obama? If you would have listened to me, you would have fixed all of this by now.

Okay, I am finally done addressing Obama directly. The rest of this blog post is for you, my beautiful world.

I was watching some international news on Friday, and a man from Human Rights Watch gave a compelling definition of war crimes. He called war crimes the direct targeting of civilians.

This would, of course, include poisoning and drugging water supplies and food stuffs, putting speakers in the heads of the masses to control them, and any other human rights violations used as acts of war. When they are not acts of war, these crimes against a nation's and leaders' own people are called crimes against humanity.

This means that the targeting of civilians in Syria are war crimes, too. I am sick with seeing bodies of dead children. Please, Russia, China, Iran, and anyone else supporting the Assad regime, please look at things from my perspective.

Syria is your ally, right? Does that not mean that a stable and not war-torn Syria would be a much better ally? You are clearly deeply invested in and closely tied to Syria. You would serve your own people in your own nations much better if you were to support a healed, whole Syria free of strife and suffering.

You have a chance still now to help replace Assad with a leader who both supports the continued good relations with your nations and who does not commit war crimes against his own people. A stable Syria would serve your own citizens so much better. You must agree with that.

If you wait for the world the take down Assad, you will have very little influence over who replaces him. As always, if you consider Assad a personal friend, give him a soft place to land when you convince him to leave his office. Please, just make sure the massacres of civilians finally end.

You can end this needless bloodshed, or you can wait for the rest of the world to end these inhumane massacres. Either way, replacing Assad with someone who would never do this to his own people is the best thing you can do for your own nations. Leaders like Assad make for bad allies. They create too much instability in the world and for their friends.

Please, Russia, China, Iran, and the others who support Assad, if you do not want to do this for your own citizens or even for Syrians, would you do it for me?

As for Obama's current, temporary storage of me in Iowa, since I left the torture facility on Wednesday, the locals have finally begun to be civil towards me. Some have been a bit drunk, crude, and full of false preconceived notions as they raunchily made futile efforts to sleep with me, but some have also been genuinely interested in having a superficial conversation with me about pleasantries. It is an absolutely remarkable change from before and during my latest time in the torture hospital. I might even dare to say they have been hospitable.

The bad news about my time in my new apartment since Wednesday is that they had drugged my tap water by this time on Friday. No, I have also not found many safe bottled liquids to drink either. I have had to resort to some creative methods for hydrating myself. At least I can still think my way to survival.

My brave rescuers, I always understand when you need to wait for reinforcements or need to delay for gestating new plans and strategies. Despite the water and hydration problems and my continuing need to sleep with a camera watching me to ensure my physical safety while my eyes are shut, my only concern with the timing of my rescue is that I pray it will happen before the 18th of September. That is the next day I am scheduled to be tortured.

If I do not show up to be tortured, they will lock me in a torture facility again. Conditions in there are dramatically worse than conditions out here. We all know that I have absolutely no mental illness. That is common knowledge now. (They used "confused and disorganized thoughts" as a "symptom" among other false things to be able to torture me with multiple heavy-chemical injections.) The injections are only torture used to control and destroy me.

Please, if there is any way to rescue me before I am tortured again, I would be deeply and eternally grateful. They plan to attack me with needles every two weeks until you get me out. Thank you.

Of course, my brave rescuers, if you choose not to wait, it is your choice. In short, do whatever you need to do to get me out of here. If you need anything from equipment to food to new ideas to kick around, please ask people you can trust to provide. As always, my beautiful world, please continue to support my rescuers. I depend on all of you.

Speaking of my rescuers,... Governor Scott Walker, thank you for everything you do for me. We have an imperfect match-up of ideologies but not of priorities. You are one of my biggest heroes, and I look forward to meeting you and thanking you in person. Again, thank you for everything that you and the state of Wisconsin do and sacrifice for me.

My beautiful world, are you interested in influencing more states in America to stand up and fight for me? The process is very simple.
1.) Type "Office of the Governor of [state's name]" into your Google search bar. For example, "Office of the Governor of California" or "Office of the Governor of New York."
2.) Follow the link Google provides to the website for the governor's office.
3.) On the governor's website, follow the "contact" link.
4.) Use the contact methods provided to explain to the state's governor who I am in the world, who I am to you, and why it is the best interests of America and the world for his or her state to support and fight for me.

Yes, my beautiful world, use your powers to gently explain and educate people on reality. Thank you for everything you do for me.

While on the topic, if you find enough free time... and I know you are all very busy already... Here are a few more people we know the names of who could benefit from being sat down and having reality gently explained to them. Please click here to read the article including the names. Again, thank you for everything you do for me, my beautiful world.

I am about to write the ending to this blog post, and then I will be able to sit back to watch some US Open tennis and talk with my sisters. There is something soothing for me in the powerful pong of a tennis ball being hit by a racket. It is very therapeutic for me; the sound reminds me of childhood and puts me in a happier, more peaceful place. Someday, I hope to be able to watch professional tennis live in person. Would that not be wonderful?

SynSyn, I know you know what you are doing out there. Keep on doing what you do so expertly-- pressing charge after charge until I am set free of my captivity in Iowa. I am still shackled here without human rights and against my will due to my father's criminal adult guardianship and the county's mental health out-patient commitment of me which also enables the torture.

My BFF, both of these crimes against me came from the Polk County District Court. The local government is guilty of corruption (The government is committing crimes against me.), collusion (The doctors, my parents, and the district courts worked together to be able to obtain judgments falsely concluding that I have a mental illness.), and conspiracy (They also work together to torture me, unlawfully detain me in facilities, shackle me to Iowa where I am unsafe, etc.) I know you know all of this already. Thank you for all of the passionate and dare I say genius work you do for me.

Also, Syn, it looks we need to press libel charges over the lies from last night. I am staunchly monogamous even though that that has translated to years of devoted celibacy. Just because people flirt with me or find me attractive, it does not mean I am flirting with them nor find them attractive. That is a very long-standing and sexist view of women that we should do our best for all women everywhere to purge from our society. Thank you.

Sweetness, just looking at your face sometimes makes me calm down and feel more at ease. It is hard staying centered and balanced after enduring and while still enduring so many threats against me. It is much better now that I am out of the torture facility, but on occasion I still feel my mortality out here. Just knowing you love me keeps me focused. You do so much good work in this world, even things you do not know you do for me. I love you, too.