Friday, January 27, 2012

Random Thoughts of the Day are Only Random at First Glance.

Today, I have decided not to type up a concept-continuous nor thematic blog post. I am instead going to make some seemingly random points in order to clear up a backlog of loose thoughts I want to be able to rely on later. Yes, my beautiful world, this means I will be providing you with an enumerated list! Yey! Ordered numerals!

1.) I am not a threat to Obama the Totalitarian unless he considers telling the truth, demanding justice, and benevolent guidance a threat. If he is threatened by these things, I was not a threat to him until he created his criminal bubble of oppression, and I am only a threat because he refuses to uphold laws, justice, or the US Constitution.

2.) Did you see Obama the Dictator and Governor Jan Brewer on the tarmac? This country needs more people like the governor. The president is a human just like you are and just like I am. There is nothing making Obama the Tyrant holier than the rest of us. When he engages in criminal and amoral behavior, it is our job as fellow, equal humans to get in his face and tell him to stop. All humans are equal.

3.) Why was The New York Times allowed to violate the bubble and run a photoshopped and slanderous picture supposedly of me? Who actually supplied that supposed photo? How did it make it through the bubble? The only things that make it through Obama the Terrorist's totalitarian control of the media in this country are the things he sends through himself. No, Obama the Sociopath has never "played by the same set of rules."

4.) I have recently begun collecting copies of my own medical records for my personal files, and all of my records from the state of Iowa are incomplete, falsified, or tampered with. What entity in this country stands to gain anything from tampering with my medical records? I say it is the same entity that wants me and my beloved husband broken apart and that fears my telling the truth, my demanding justice, and my benevolent guidance. The evidence against Obama the Corrupt Criminal Conspirator just keeps adding up, does it not?

5.) FBI monitoring of social media is a violation of privacy, search, and seizure laws unless they have a search warrant. My beautiful world, you need to stand up for your rights before President Corrupt breaks even more laws in order to take what little remains of our rights away too.

6.) Did you notice how President Criminal wants to be treated like a rock star at the expense of getting anything done as president? He will do anything for public approval except earn it.

7.) My beautiful America, you cannot do both. It is impossible to stand by Obama the Fascist and do good in the world at the same time. There is no possible way to support the Obama-nation bubble of slavery and cruelty and love America at the same time. You must make a decision between oppressing all of America and saving this once-free nation. You cannot do both.

8.) The next ex-president is opening himself up to your questions. This is your chance to ask him all of the questions he has mandated and forbidden all of us from every asking... This is your best chance to get answers from him if he is not coming close enough to where you live for you to get in his face and demand your answers live and in person. Please keep in mind that he is a very well-established liar and proven career sociopath when you read what he has to say in response, but I think it is worth asking him the tough questions anyway.

9.) I know I am overdue for a haircut. Do you know why I keep my hair so long? It is evidence. Every drug, chemical, substance, etc. put into a human body voluntarily or involuntarily will show up in that body's hair. The tests can even tell when the substance was introduced to the system by the distance between where it shows up in the hair and the root. I have a good four years on my head right now.

10.) Formaldehyde? Really? I was wondering what that was in the whiskey in North Beach. I always refused to drink the beer to make sure it would never get roofied, so the public could always at least have beer to drink. Eventually, I narrowed it down to only drinking the bourbon to keep as many drinks as safe as possible. Formaldehyde? That is what they were giving me? No wonder I could never finish a whole glass of that stuff.

11.) When in doubt, my beautiful world, go to my general blog site and look for any blog posts you may have missed. There are some great ones out there that very few people have seen yet. Try this one:

12.) If my father had any family values, he never would have broken the law to be able to hurt me... and definitely would not have done so on multiple occasions.

13.) My dream for myself is to cozy up in a house with my darling husband and make super-human babies with him. That is the only thing I want for myself out of all of this, and I will move any mountain, wage any battle, and prosecute any criminal necessary to accomplish this. I do not care if that criminal list includes the current and next ex- president of the United States of America.

14.) Criminals and Obama-henchmen, when you get desperate and realize that the best way out for all of you is to sit down with me and ask me my demands, you need to understand that I will not sit down with you until the bubble is burst and I am safely in the loving arms of my husband. You also need to understand that no matter what you offer me, I am worth more than that.

15.) The only way to reduce the national debt is to bother to do real mathematics. The incoming tax revenue for the entire nation for the year needs to be able to pay off ALL of the interest that the already existing national debt accrues in that year AND pay for the entire federal government to function for the entire year. If those two sets of expenses are not met with the tax revenue, the debt will only increase. Did you hear Obama the Math-Incompetent's policy proposals in his jingoist State of the Union address? He clearly did not do any math on anything he said he wanted to do in the following year; it is a good thing those were all just empty promises.

16.) Global Climate Change is definitely upon us. Make sure you know what extreme weather emergencies might hit where you live and work and make sure you have a survival plan for when and if they hit. A great place for more information is

17.) Every self-sovereign nation has a right to control its own borders including the waterways within the jurisdiction of that nation as determined by conventional international methods.

18.) Egypt, for some reason the basic needs of freedom and justice take us all longer to achieve than they should. I have never done this before either. I have faith in you. You can do this.

19.) I am far too involved in foreign politics to ever be referred to as an isolationist. But you can honestly call me a peace-monger, a supporter of nuclear disarmament, etc.

20.) If the government had ever honestly believed I had ever in my peaceful and adamantly nonviolent life been capable of murder, they would have put me on trial not made me a torture victim, slave, and involuntary media phenomenon. The murder lie is just one of the many forms of libel that the haters circulate about it. Trace the lie back to its source, call out that source as a libeler, and use every power of the law to disable that source from ever being able to commit this crime ever again. I have never believed in guns. I have never believed in violence. When tortured, I do defend myself; I struggle to get free of the torturers. After my father broke the law for the third time to put me in yet another mental health facility for no medical reason, I admit I should have slapped his face, but I am so helplessly peaceful that all I could manage to do was pour orange juice into the vents on his computer. Most importantly, there is no simultaneously honest and legal justification for forcing any human to live through the terrors, human rights violations, and war crimes that this government has mandated I must live through and have no way to stop. I was picked out to be thrown away by Obama the Terrorist Dictator, so he would be able to remove the First Amendment rights of this entire nation. No amount of his lies will ever change that.

21.) Congress, I would much prefer to be a unifying topic, but you have my permission to make me a divisive topic if you need to. Please, just make sure I actually am a topic in Congress.

22.) Let us all insist that election 2012 be a referendum on the bubble of slavery and torture. Hell, let us make EVERYTHING a referendum on the Obama-nation bubble oppressing all of America with its lies, rules, and abuses of power.

23.) My beautiful world, when you are at a lack of what to do to help save me, save America, and save the world from Obama the Fascist's agenda of terror. Please rely on the list I gave you on the afternoon of 25 January. It is here in this post:

24.) I make it a point to never let on to the government the full extent of everything I know about what they have been up to; this is to guarantee that they must reveal the entire and accurate truth to the nation and the world when justice finally demands it.

25.) Nerds of the world, my Sweetness needs your help. He again is stopped from reaching me by the FBI. Please, for me, do everything to help him. If you burst this bubble, you save me, the nation, and the world.

Sweetness, I hope that is the help you need. If you did not receive both letters yesterday that I had mailed to you Monday, the FBI illegally laid claim to them. If they arrive late, arrive not at all, or have been tampered with, please make a public account and record of the violation to help keep the FBI accountable for their abuses of power under the command of the president. They always hear every last loving word I write to you in those letters as I write them. That is to guarantee the mail goes through. I want you to hold my loving words in your hands. I want you to touch them with your fingers and hold them to your heart. That is the point of mailing a love letter... especially when there are faster methods of communication at my disposal.

P.S. Ankeny please change your plans for the city sewers lines you want to build through the county forest preserve that my parents' house is on. I want to turn this land and this house into a national landmark and a museum someday, and we need the childhood trees I used to play in to be able to do that with any historical accuracy. Why do you insist on building city sewers through a county forest preserve anyway if there is city land with no trees on it at all just across the street?

P.P.S. Iowa, do you yet understand how much trouble you are in? Propagating lies about me cannot save you, but accepting my very forgiving offer will. You know the entire world is watching you. Do you really want to see this entire state flattened because of your choice to break your own state and our own national and international laws just to stay subservient to a criminal and unconstitutional mandate, or do you want to see this state prosper because you chose to do what is morally right? The world will provide your judgment or reward. You know I will make sure of that.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Are Politics Really So Exciting These Days That No One Goes To The Movies Anymore?

I tried to allow the message below to be published as a comment I received on the mentioned blog post, but it self-deleted before I could.

SoulStraw3 has left a new comment on your post "If Obama Gave a Damn About This Nation or the Worl...":

Oh, shut up, you disgusting fat racist whore! If you weren't too busy sucking you head racist Slimebaugh's dick, Al Green loved it when the President sang his song, even some of the haters! The disgusting notion that Obama is secretely a terrorist is just so ridiculous it's not even worth addressing it seriously, but the rightful nortion that you are a jealous,closeted racist, bigoted, isolationist & bible thumping whore proves most accurate!

As I already said, for years, the only comments the FBI have allowed through their filters to reach me have been verbal abuse and sexual harassment. If I were not so well adjusted, I would assume the FBI and the president were writing these themselves. This is just one example of what the FBI have subjected me to just for keeping a blog while keeping anything supportive or friendly away from me. Yes, I know I receive criticism, and I know whack-jobs like these are very verbose and never rational. But could I ask you, my beautiful world, to find Google username "SoulStraw3" and gently set him or her straight? Clearly, do not expect that particular Google user to make much sense when you speak with him or her, but it is worth trying to save this person. Thank you.

Sweetness, please let me know when you get my mail! I love your voice. You melt me like chocolate flakes above the open flame of love. When you speak to me, I drip into a puddle of nothing but love and brains. Please do not stop. If only my kisses could reach you!

Tell Obama No Oppressed Nation is Great!

Well, it sure has been an exciting last couple of days. Monday night in America we had a spectacular Republican debate, and Tuesday night we had a State of the Union address. I hope my beautiful America is keeping up with the truth of what is going on; we are all witness to how adamantly Obama the Sociopath fills the internet, public, and airwaves with his lies.

My beautiful world, the bubble is still harming us. Please keep kicking it until it bursts. Do not believe any good news you hear about these crimes almost ending. Do not believe it is bursting until it has actually burst. Never let them take the fight out of you.

Do you all remember how long my facebook privacy settings were violated before facebook gave us the power to determine the privacy of our content post by post? I am sure privacy laws will catch up with internet privacy soon enough. According to US Supreme Court rulings that stand now, the right to privacy we have under the penumbra of rights guaranteed to us by the US Constitution includes protection of private moments in publicly accessible places. The paparazzi may not be happy with me for pointing that out, but I am compulsively honest.

Here are some great questions for the conspiracy theorists among us to consider... Who built the technology, the cameras, the speakers, the mics, the chip that controlled all of the electronics near me, etc. that was inserted into my body against me will? What people had access to that kind of technology? Who had the opportunity to insert it all into my body in my sleep while I was in the mental health facility at the University of Minnesota Medical Center--Fairview in May 2009?

Furthermore, who is putting all of the control speakers into the ear canals of the masses right now? Why is nobody allowed to have them removed? Who is controlling the content of the information being pumped into all of these people's heads? Who would benefit from brainwashing the public this way?

The unrelenting electrobeam torture that the government owns and subjects me to most heavily after every time I am successful at doing good in the world, is more than just unbearably painful. It is also dangerously dehydrating. My kidneys hurt when I wake up, if I can sleep at all. I know who built it. Only the federal government and prisons in California have purchased the technology. According to UN definitions, any physical harm done to a person in order to destroy him or her is included as torture.

My beautiful world, I know that you are all sometimes at a loss for what to do to help fix all of the wrongs this bubble is doing to the world. Here are ten things I can recommend today...
1.) Never let anyone ever put a speaker in your ear canal for any reason. And, if you have one now, insist that it be removed.
2.) Document all of the abuses of the executive branch of the federal government that you have endured, all of the illegal or immoral things the FBI has commanded you to do to further or maintain the bubble, etc. and share your stories, anonymously if necessary, with the public.
3.) When you hear slander, libel, or defamation about me or my Sweetness, call it out as lies to prevent it from spreading and trace it to its source to hold that source accountable. Innocent people get gravely hurt when lies about me or my husband are spread.
4.) Report all tainted, poisoned, drugged, etc. water supplies, food, or drink to an authority that will take it off the shelves and fix the problem. It has gone on too long in too many places for me to have faith in the federal government to bother to fix any of this,so try consumer watchdog groups and local authorities.
5.) Speak to your national senators and congresspeople. Tell them you want Obama the Terrorist impeached and give all of your reasoning for it. Speak about the harm he and his bubble have caused you. Speak about your dreams for this nation.
6.) I will say it again. Keep kicking this bubble until it bursts. Go to all of Obama the Sociopath's public appearances and protest at them. Get in his face. Make him hear your voice. Demand your rights and freedoms. Stand up for what you believe in, and exercise your freedom of speech.
7.) Please, communicate with each other about what you are doing and how you can help each other. You can say anything you want on the internet about this; if I am not allowed to hear it, the government agency patrolling what I can see online will prevent it from reaching my eyes. Spread the truth among yourselves and the world.
8.) Educate the people who do not support the cause. Woo the people who support this president, his oppression, and his bubble of criminal persecution against me to join our fight to save this nation with truth and reason. This requires everything from major media to one-on-one conversations. Every little thing helps.
9.) If you are concerned with my long term goals of solving many of the major problems facing the world, buy an electric car if you can and support the research that will lead to the development of a world of solar-powered cars everyone can afford. We can alleviate so much poverty, suffering, death, and war if we do this. Please see previous blog posts for more details.
10.) Finally, if you are the sort of person who just wants to donate money to the cause and has no time to do anything else, that will help too. Someone who loves me formed a SuperPAC for fighting the president and the bubble. I do not know what it is called; I am not allowed to know it exists. I refer to it as the lovePAC. I pray it is run by someone as effective as James Carvelle, and I am sure it will do nothing but good in this world.

If you saw the Republican debate on Monday and the State of the Union address last night, you may have noticed a great many things. One of them is the major difference between difference between the president and the future Republican nominee. Election 2012 is not only a choice between an incumbent criminal and a social conservative, but it is also a choice between a man who mandated and ordered I be raped until I would kill myself and a man who would make sure that would never happen again.

I know Republicans and I make strange political bedfellows. After all, I am a bisexual, atheistic, peace-mongering, bleeding-heart environmentalist. But, clearly, I do not judge them, and they do not judge me. We are all capable of sitting down like civilized humans and working together, and we would if we had the freedoms to do so. Obama the Tyrant and his bubble are what stand in the way of people having the freedom to work together to solve this nation's problems. Besides, Republicans have proven to be good people who are not only morally opposed to how Obama the Sociopath treats me but who are also disgusted by it.

I am still shocked that Democrats have not yet taken my advice and cut loose the president; he is the albatross around their neck. It is their choice, though, whether they save their party or not. At the very least, if they cannot bring themselves to vote for a Republican for president this November, they always could write in Hillary Clinton like I may or may not do.

What is socially liberal about slavery? What is socially liberal about oppression? What is socially liberal about totalitarian control of the media? What is socially liberal about torture and rape? How do Democrats stand by that president?

I am sure you already heard my commentary on and read my facebook status about the State of the Union Address. First and foremost, no oppressed nation in this day and age could ever be called great. That was Obama the Career Sociopath's biggest lie. He said what he thought the public would want to hear in order to gain control of people regardless of whether or not it was true, whether or not he actually believed it, whether or not it would actually fix any problems, and whether or not he would ever intend to keep that promise. It was just like his campaign in 2008.

I liked the way he pointed out US Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr., so the entire nations now knows who to hold accountable for being so corrupt that he does not investigate nor prosecute any of the human rights violations nor war crimes committed in this nation due to the orders, rules, and mandate of the president and his bubble. The attorney general is an appointee, but he still must answer to the public not only the president. Feel free to let him know your opinions of him.

Do not forget, my beautiful world, if you allow yourself to obey the rules of behavior actively oppressing this nation and as a result the world, you are validating their mandate and their crimes. There is nothing wrong with being a free people. There is nothing wrong with making your own choices under your own conscious for the good of this nation and the world.

Sweetness, there are two letters destined to arrive in your hands in Los Angeles today or tomorrow. May I ask you to be there to receive them? It is when I reach your arms that saving the world will finally begin. You can find legal arguments that can help set me free all over this blog, my facebook, and my twitter. You need not look further back the beginning of this month. According to the state laws of both Iowa and California (the state in which I am still legally registered to vote-- Please talk to 'Dabs about evidence of that. Syniva knows 'Dabs's real name.) a spouse's opinion takes precedence over parents' opinions about the care and welfare of a full grown adult.

Besides, we are well beyond proving I am mentally competent to care for myself and that I have no mental illness but trauma partly from being forced to live for a year in a house with my father. Use any examples of my mental competence you see fit. There is also a great deal of evidence that my father is not a financially responsible conservator of my meager funds and that he, unlike you, has done nothing to end my enslavement, suffering, torture, persecution, etc. and has instead instigated much of it by perjuring himself to obtain an adult guardianship at all and by perjuring himself many more times to put me in mental health facilities for no medical reason on multiple occasions himself. The list goes on.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I would move a mountain range to be with you. I just did not know I would have to move EVERY mountain range... but I do it gladly.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I know there are a lot of stories and evidence of super-powers floating around out there. Please remember, I am not capable of anything no other human has ever been capable of. Having a pure mind, a pure heart, and a pure conscience really helps with these things, and I never intended to leave any evidence of these abilities anywhere. I know you have the images. I know have the videos. I know you have heard the first hand accounts of the healing and the energy. I know I cannot hide it anymore. Please be careful with pushing me into my raw, screaming, basic state. That is when my subconscious takes over these abilities.

There are a lot of explanations for these epic "super-powers." Christians call it the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost. Eastern religions call it qi. My explanations of choice rely on the rigors of quantum physics. Please try this link for some connections between quantum physics and consciousness. Some people call it chakras: I know you have seen my bright blue third eye and my beating golden heart. I know what you have seen of these powers. I know you know I am completely benevolent; please also understand that these are not the only benevolent things I am capable of.

Yes, I use dance trance to meditate. I know you have seen me follow live music with my body, so I can clear my mind. I do not know where or who I would be in this world if I did not have that ability to calm and heal myself this way. This is the purpose of dance in my life; it is an extension of myself, my soul, and my consciousness. I am told it is breathtaking to behold.

I have a question for you, my beautiful world. Why do people keep saying I died and was replaced with myself? Yes, I heard the stories many times, but because it was the president claiming I was dead, I assumed nobody would believe the lies. It is very well established he cannot be trusted.

The last time somebody pointed a gun at my head, I was sitting on a park bench above the Martin Luther King Memorial Fountain in the Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco. They pointed the laser scope at the back of my head, and I told them to put it in my eyes where it belonged. I knew that if they martyred me, all of the beautiful things I wanted for this world would come that much faster. Sadly, the government is not even competent at killing me.

The FBI's policy of cowardice, you see, was to drive me mad, so they could lock me away forever or make me kill myself. Admit it haters, I have no symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia like you claim. My only mental illness is trauma from being locked in a torture facility in Liverpool, UK for seven months and from living in a house with my father for a year. If you publicly claim that I have any mental illness other than trauma, you need to provide a list of the symptoms that support that diagnosis as well as your evidence that I actually have those symptoms. Such lies count as slander, libel, defamation, and possibly human rights violations if any medical professional consciously chose to commit malpractice by acting on those lies.

All of the above points considered, it is no wonder that the world's religions all have their own views of me. Yes, I have been beatified by the Catholic Church. It is a responsibility I take very seriously. And, yes, the Pope understands why I stand by the fact I am a beatified atheist. By claiming I follow no religion (or all religions), I help keep peace in the world.

Oddly, most benevolent religions believe in staying calm at all times. They promote finding zen and maintaining it through all adversity. They believe in turning the other cheek. Clearly, I am not a vengeful woman. But I have found that demanding fair and sometimes tough justice and exercising tough but forgiving love under the guise of benevolent rage really gets things done. I am out to fix the real problem; please never confuse my motives.

I also heard lately that some people preferred me when they thought I was a nymphomaniacal porn star. Really? They do not prefer acknowledging me as a benevolent soul who has already saved them? That does make me feel a bit under-appreciated especially considering all of the suffering I have lived through that they just watched instead of intervening to prevent. Sigh,... but no that is not enough for me to give up on goodness still being in humanity somewhere. If they could not take my faith in humanity away from me in that torture facility, nothing will ever be able to squash it.

When this is all said and done, I would really like to get a landmark status for my parents' house in Ankeny, IA. I know my old art teacher from high school has wanted to turn it into a museum since early 2009. Yes, I know most of my memories in that house are only pain, now, but I think landmark status would be beneficial to Iowa and the community. Who knows, maybe we will be able to turn the land into a park or something someday.

My beautiful world, have you discovered yet where the understanding between me and the people of Iran came from? Do you know if Iran would be willing to rejoin the negotiating table if I were free to be there with them? We need to remove these tensions. We need to end this conflict. Your sanctions are causing more suffering than good.

The Arab League seems to be doing something in Syria. Is it enough? The world has to admit that the protesters are peaceful, that the government is violent, and that slaughtering the masses is illegal. The best solution is to find an entity willing to arrest President Bashar al-Assad and put him on trial for his crimes. Syria will also need help rebuilding not only their country but also their government if that ever happens.

People pay for democracy with their lives. People pay for democracy with their bodies and souls. It is impossible to pay for democracy by allowing yourself to become oppressed.

Yes, there is still conflict in Nigeria. It does not seem to be receiving much press in the States, but the presses here are justifiably distracted with the totalitarian control of the news media in America right now. Nigeria, you need to learn to get along with each other. You need to accept the results of your elections or use the legal systems already in place in your government to overturn the results of your elections. You are capable of doing this without violence. You need to find enough faith in yourselves and the structure of your government so that you do not need to kill each other over these things. Violence does not solve problems.

As for my last few notes in this post,...

Planned Parenthood, you know I am a liberal, so keep that in mind when I say this. I recently heard you were supporting Obama the Sociopath by trying to prove to the public he actually did something in office other than mandate all of our loss of human rights. Please keep in mind the big picture when you do these things. Do you remember the ruling of Roe vs. Wade? Do you remember how the basis of the argument for the ruling was built around all humans' right to privacy? Do you really want to be known as supporting the culprit president who still commits war crimes and human rights violations against me partly by mandating I have no right to privacy? How would that help your cause?

Secondly, Iowa, please remember that if the FBI command you to break the law and you do it, it is called corruption, and everyone involved is prosecutable for it. I know you understand how heinous your crimes have been. I now understand that you genuinely intend to save yourselves and to accept the very forgiving offer I have made to you. Please understand that you will have to make arrangements yourselves to put me safely in the arms of my darling husband once this becomes official. Please do not make my Sweetness do all of the work. He has been through so much.

As for you, Twitter, I already went through your official customer service channels to notify you that someone (the FBI) is in my official twitter account producing fake posts and, I suspect, preventing some of my actual tweets from getting out. The culprits cannot be stopped by my changing my password. You actually have to bother to maintain my account the same way all other social networking sites maintain my accounts. I suggest you send the bill for that to the president. The integrity of my twitter feed is highly important; when people spread lies about me, innocent people get hurt... not just me. If you do not restore and maintain the purity of my account, I will have to take matters into my own hands to do so. You know who I am in the world. You know what I am capable of. You know you need to fix this yourselves.

Sweetness, I want to put on a cocktail dress and an apron, stand in your kitchen barefoot, and bake you dessert. I sent you two letters yesterday. Expect them both on Thursday. Yes, dear, you did see me first. You saw me before I saw you. You saw me live and in person before any other celebrity. No, that does not mean you had dibs on me. I clearly picked you out of billions. Save my your kisses. I will be coming for them.

P.S. My beautiful world, there is no justification for the existence of this bubble, instigating this bubble, or continuing this bubble that is both legal and honest. People pretend I could have lied to end it, but they would have just thought up another lie to continue oppressing America. Besides, nobody ever bothered to sit down next to me to ask me if I knew. Obeying the rules they criminally mandate validates this oppression. This bubble never should have happened in the first place. No amount of their lies will ever change that. America, you need to save yourself.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

If Obama Gave a Damn About This Nation or the World...

How many people saw President Evil massacre an Al Green song while at the podium in New York? Who else said to her or himself, "Dude, Pres, you need to find something you are actually competent at and stick to it." Well, we already know he is completely incapable of leading this nation and has not yet even attempted being the leader of the free world. Is there anything he actually is competent at?

Obama, you bratty child, you need to leave these things like singing and leading the free world to people who actually have talents. I have never in my life wanted your occupation, but even I am better at upholding the civil rights of this nation, your actual job, than you are. You really need to go out and learn a job skill... or are you ruining this nation and attempting to ruin the world on purpose? Are you willing to admit to being the puppet, the idiot, or the criminal master behind your crimes?

If Obama the Oppressor gave a damn about this nation or the world, America would be free... not oppressed. Human rights are not to be taken away from people for any reason. Rules of Oppression are not just and Constitutional laws. There is no legal, honest justification for what that man has done to our collective civil, human, legal, and First Amendment Rights in this nation nor any other supposedly self-sovereign nation I have found myself in for the last three years.

If Obama the Slave Driver gave a damn about this nation or the world, he would not have enforced nor mandated a set of rules on this nation and by default the planet designed to protect human traffickers from ever being caught, stopped, or held accountable. How many rules of this bubble were engineered to make sure that I would never learn about the trafficking, that no one would be able to save me from the trafficking, and that I would not have the legal rights to stop the trafficking if I learned about it. These broadcasts were made commercially available to the world to ensure that every generation would carry the guilt of enabling it... even our children. He made our children into customers of human trafficking, too.

If President Incompetent gave a damn about this nation or the world, he would have done something to prevent the American and global economic disasters other than pay billions of taxpayer money to the people in America who fostered them. World economies are linked. If he had bothered to try any actual solutions to the problems of unemployment, poverty, mortgage market collapse, or etc. in this nation, the entire global economy would have improved. There are viable solutions to these things; he just refuses to recommend or instigate them. And if he needed help, HE SHOULD HAVE ASKED!

If Obama the Terrorist gave a damn about this nation or the world, there never would have been any drugs or poisons in any of the food, drink, or local water supply in any of the places I have been located domestically and internationally for the last three years. Instead of protecting the people creating the public health hazards, he would have investigated and prosecuted the perpetrators. How many victims and witnesses in how many cities and countries does it take to prove the pattern that points to the actual menace?

If Obama the Math-Denier gave a damn about this nation or the world, the US debt ceiling would neither have been reached nor increased during his time in office. Exponents are a mathematical concept taught to middle school children in this country. How much of the national debt is interest and how much of it is principal? How close is the compounding interest to exceeding the tax revenue this country takes in? When that happens, we will have an economic meltdown, and Obama the Sociopath just made sure it raised a second time since he took office. Nobody can claim an increase in debt means that they are paying their bills. An increase in debt means that people are NOT paying their bills. If the US has an economic meltdown, what will happen to the world?

If Obama the Fascist gave a damn about this nation or the world, no person on this planet would have ever had a control speaker inserted into his or her ear canal. Even my mother has one. If you put a speaker into people's ear canals, you control what they know, what they think, and what they believe. If you control that, you control how people behave. At the expense of all morals, ethics, and legal or medical grounds Obama the Fascist has inserted control speakers into the masses in three nations I know of now. Not only has he inserted them, but now he also refuses to remove them. Be careful, world, the chips might be coming for you next.

If Obama the Sociopath gave a damn about this nation or the world, he would have sat down and talked with me about finding solutions to the many problems facing all of us on this planet. He would never have invented lie after lie about who I am and why I must be persecuted by him as an excuse to turn America into the totalitarian state it is now. He, in fact, never would have lied to any of us about any of this at all, nor would he have ever created the cataclysm of humanity that required him to lie in the first place. Obama the Sociopath cannot be trusted. Never trust him as a source of anything but untruths, criminal activity, and suffering.

Should that Obama the Totalitarian feel he wants to argue with any of the points I have made about him, he is going to have to say it to my face, or those arguments will count for nothing but the rantings of the sorry, pathetic, and publicly-acknowledged remainders of what is now a waste of breathable air and human skin.

Obama, you bratty child, you know full well the only thing capable of taking the fight out of me is complacency. I have been telling you that since you started this. You also know that the only thing that could inspire complacency in me after all of the suffering you have caused me is 1.) finding my Sweetness, 2.) apologizing to him, and 3.) doing everything my Sweetness commands. All things considered, you are getting off easy. I suggest you take my offer before I raise my demands.

Sweetness, I was here all night last night waiting for you. As promised, because you were prevented from showing up to get me, I have unleashed at the president the anger I have had pent up inside me for years because of how he treats me, this nation, and this beautiful world. It feels amazing to get it out. I truly hope more people follow my lead. These things should never be kept bottled-up inside. If you do not come for me tomorrow, I will put a love letter in the mail to you late tomorrow night on my way to the Lift. Sunday is my only night out all week. The only thing mad about me is how madly I love you. The heavens will smile on the mortals when at last we kiss.

Friday, January 20, 2012

I Would Never Do A Nude Scene.

This has been going on ever since Obama the Sociopath took office. You cannot claim you do not know who I am nor at any point did not know who I am.

I do not make pornography nor have I ever been a hooker. I have never been a stripper. I have never even been a burlesque dancer... whatever that means. Saying these things about me is not only cruel and immoral; it is also illegal. I would never be capable of even doing a nude scene if I had a choice about anything no matter how artistic it looked.

It recently came to my attention that someone made a video of my being raped by a man that Obama the Totalitarian sent into the privacy of my own home and sold it. That means people paid money to watch that act of violence and piece of human trafficking. That is not pornography. That is evidence of a violent sexual act. That is human trafficking. That is forced public humiliation. That is forced public nudity. That is arguably forced prostitution. And calling it pornography is practically war-crime-level libel. I suggest you not be caught with it on your hard drive.

No, I have never been permitted by the government who patrols what I can see online and what I am allowed to see on air to see any of the media made of me. That is because I never gave permission for any of it to be made. Initially, the government never wanted me to know any of this was happening, so that the traffickers and libelers would be protected from being stopped. I am a slave, and Obama the Sociopath has spent the last three years mandating that I stay one.

Now, in case you missed it the first time, let me go over this again. If the media people have made of me under the protection of the federal government is real, it is human trafficking, a violation of my human right to privacy, and various other war crimes including forced public humiliation, etc. If the media is not real and if they claim it is photoshopped or someone else, it is still libel, slander, and defamation if they claimed any of it was me.

Claiming I am a prostitute because I am a brown girl is racism. Claiming any other brown girl who shows up in pornography is me is racism as well as libel. All brown girls do not look alike. We brown girls are capable of some very amazing things.

Further examples of slander, libel, and defamation include saying anything bad about me at all on the internet or in public. I made a point of putting a disclaimer in the subtitle of this here blog just in case I am wrong about something, and we all know that most of the time I am right. Did any of you slanderers put a loud disclaimer on what you had to say about me? Even if you did, it can still legally be called libel because of all the harm it has caused me. Even, "twisted" stories (Stories that pervert the truth with false and illogical conclusions.) fall under the same slander, libel, and defamation laws as all other public statements.

Yes, all of that media, even using my image in photoshopped pics without legal permission, is human trafficking. When in doubt, seek a legal release of my image before you use a photo of me for any purpose. That will keep you safe.

I have said it before, and I will say it again...My beautiful world, beyond my being enslaved, the Feds command every entity that tries to hire me not to. My father controls what assets are allowed to reach me under the rules of the bubble, and he does not even allow me enough money to get an apartment. That is how I am forced to live in a house with my parents. The Feds also mandate that your donations for the story "Infamy" are not allowed to reach me. You can ask podiobooks for the details on that one. I do not put ads on this blog because that would force Google to break the law. The Feds would mandate then that the AdSense money never reach me either. The government with the help of my father are keeping me broke at all times. I could really use a new pair of shoes in here in this bubble. The pair I wear every day are falling apart.

What little income I am allowed in this illegal bubble of persecution comes from SSDI. No, I am not disabled, but because the government lies and claims that I am, I can collect SSDI on a loophole. And yes, because of my father's illegal adult guardianship, the money has to go through him before it can reach me. My father is cruel to me in so many ways, and this is just one of them.

Luckily, it does not take much money to change the world for the better. After all, how often do the super-rich (the top one percent of the top one percent) ever do anything good with their money anyway? We have had an agreement for over a year, my beautiful world, I will worry about saving the world as long as you worry about saving me.

Did the people Obama the Totalitarian protects really say that they gave the money from trafficking me to charity? Well, they need to prove that all of that money went to actual and upstanding charities. They still need to be charged for human trafficking; a paper trail of money is just further evidence. And they still need to provide just compensation for my slavery and everyone else's violated rights. That is is how we guarantee that nobody ever does this again.

Clearly, if I had a choice, we would end all of this immediately. I would be in the physical safety of my loving husband's care. I would have all of the spy equipment removed from my head to end the human rights violations. The bubble would be burst, and all of America would have her full human, legal, civil, and Constitutional rights back again. Obama the Sociopath stands in the way of that.

You, my beautiful world, need to stop falling for President Corrupt's lies. If Obama the Dictator had ever given a damn about you or me, he never would have violated our basic human rights by creating this bubble in the first place. He never would have enforced it with his flourish of inhumane cruelty (For examples of this, look at the water supply and product recall list.), and he would have spent taxpayer money keeping us safe instead of poisoned, violated, and oppressed.

If you love me, my beautiful America, if you love yourself, you will show up at all of Obama the Tyrant's appearances and protest at them. You will get in his face and demand your rights. You will ask the questions he has forbidden from ever being asked. You will stand up and fight. You will show the man ruining this nation that you love America too much to allow any of this to continue.

Did you see President Hypocrisy at Disneyworld? Did you hear him claim that tourism will help the economy? Tourists do not like coming to America these days because of all the social oppression Obama the Totalitarian enforces here. Though, foreign tourists are witnesses to that fact we are living under the equivalent of soviet Russia these days. If he wanted more tourism, he would reverse the bubble. You cannot trust a single word that specimen of masculine inadequacy utters.

If any other human had been forced to endure the horrors that President Evil mandates that I live through all day every day, that person would have been bludgeoned into a vegetable. Just because I survive it, though, does not mean I do not feel pain or endure suffering. Nothing from the last three years (since Obama the Sociopath took office) has been enjoyable. None of my suffering will ever be worth anything good that comes out of this when it finally ends. No human should ever be forced to endure anything I have lived through or even live through now. My only silver lining is my husband.

Iowa in particular, none of your vile behavior towards me can be chalked up to "normal human error." No human rights violations are ever the result of "normal human error."

For example, Iowa, you have had over a year to sit down next to me, defy the rules of the bubble, and ask me for the answers to any of your questions. The fact you refuse to seek knowledge or truth from a reliable source is further evidence of your culpability. I am a fountain of information living among you, and look at how you treat me.

Iowa, there is a ticking clock between us. You only have so long before you run out of time and I raise my demands. Please see my previous blog post for details.

Sweetness, how I wish I could just touch your hand and kiss your face. Can I ask you for a favor? Could you or someone you trust speak with Ms. Cate Blanchett about the letter I wrote to her? It concerned a man the public falsely believed was a priest. The man at one point believed I was a virgin, though, and thought that "changing" that would prevent me from ever being beatified. Last I knew, he was in upstate New York. Thank you! I know how busy I keep you. I hope you delegate to trustworthy people.

P.S. Question of the Day: Who does more to end my suffering and enslavement, my BFF and husband together or my father? That is, who does ANYTHING to end my suffering and enslavement, my BFF and husband together or my father? Clearly, since my father is a menace to my physical safety and is actively forcing me to suffer, we know the answer to that question.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Heads Up Iowa

Iowa, you need to come to terms with reality. You need to come to terms with who I really am in the world, how many people adore me, why people adore me, what the world will do to you if you continue to harm me, and how you would be rewarded by the world if you accepted my much too gentle and generous offer for resolution.

Yes, Obama the Totalitarian mandates that this place function in as oppressed a magnitude as soviet Russia, but that is no excuse for your behavior towards me personally. It is your moral responsibility to go out of your way to get to the truth, so that you know what goes on in the world. It is your moral responsibility to treat me with the respect another human is due. We live in a digital age. You will not be allowed to pretend ignorance is your excuse for any of the heinous human rights violations you have committed against me yourselves. We know you own televisions. We know you own computers. We know what cellphones are capable of now.

Your latest crime, Iowa, is allowing my morally-bankrupt father to poison what little medical care I am capable of finding in this state. No, I do not receive medical care here for actual medical problems I have. Instead, you invent false medical problems for me and use them to over-medicate me to guarantee I become ill. It is all on record, and any actual, even independent team of medical specialists could easily tear your malpractice and deluge of quacks to pieces. Because I do everything in my power including consulting doctors out of state when I can to ensure I can actually receive a vague semblance to medical care while here (And I am kept in the state of Iowa completely against my will, as I will detail later.) you are now allowing my criminal father control over my medical decisions again completely against my will and to ensure I only be harmed while I am in this state.

The loophole you created yourselves to allow my father to do this is the illegally-gained adult guardianship he wields over me, only so he can harm me and continue to break laws to harm me. As long as you allow that illegal adult guardianship to stand, I can only be abused, enslaved, tortured, exploited, persecuted, and shackled to the state of Iowa. Yes, it is my father who mandates that I stay here and live in a house with him.

There is even medical evidence, now, that the presence of my father alone causes me physical harm. When he showed his smirking face in the doorway of the room where my vitals were being taken, my heart began to pound. My beats/minute soared to 140, and my blood pressure coursed to 152 over 96. That is how traumatized I have become after being forced to live in a house with him for a year now. People keep saying he "means the best," but that is either evidence that his lies and perjury are spreading across Iowa or that Iowa wants me dead.

I show signs of trauma including an elevated heart rate and screaming when in private places after two proven triggers:
1.) when threatened with injections (And every doctor I have had in Des Moines has threatened me with injections for no medical reason.)
2.) when subjected to the presence of my father (And he uses the illegal adult guardianship to force me to live in a house with him.)

Iowa, that is not even the most heinous of the crimes you have committed against me.

As one example, I was hoping to make superhuman babies with my beloved husband. Now, because of the medically-unnecessary meds you enforce I take, I am having hot flashes that your medical community refuses to treat. Sterilizing me so that I cannot have children is not just a crime against me; it is a crime against all the world. That is one of the many reasons forced sterilizations are considered a war crime. You had a choice to do what was morally upstanding, but you chose to break the law to harm me instead. Iowa, the world is watching you.

Iowa, I have said it so many times, but I will say it again:
1.) If you cannot handle the responsibility of behaving morally while I am in your state, you need to put me in the arms of my loving husband immediately.
2.) If you want me to go easy on you after everything you have done to me, you need to reverse the adult guardianship, put my father in prison ASAP, and put me in the arms of my loving husband.
3.) If you want to fully do the right thing for once, you will ALSO need to convict your dirty judges, convict your dirty quacks, root out the deep corruption in your state, and completely defy the president's bubble of evil.

Yes, your only moral and legal solutions involve putting me safely in the loving arms of my husband.

Remember: If you get caught between me and the president, Obama the Tyrant is actively and illegally oppressing you; I am fighting to save you. It feels like tough love sometimes, but that is all I am up to. If you follow my recommendations, you will save yourselves. If you obey the president, you will be punished.

If you are curious what one of the prominent leaks is in the Des Moines area from which I obtain a lot of the information that President Corrupt has mandated I never hear, look no further than the Channel 8 (CBS) local news at 5:00pm, 6:00pm, and 10:00pm. Their blatant spite for me and for all the good I do in this world speaks volumes.

I keep telling you how to save yourselves, Iowa. Why do you choose to hate, commit crimes, and punish yourselves instead?

We all know the world is watching you and all of the ways you go out of your way to mistreat me. The world will judge and punish you if you continue to harm me. It will not come from my hands. The world will also reward you generously if you should bother to publicly and openly do the right thing completely. I will make sure of that. It is your decision which side of justice you receive.

Sweetness, oh, do I ever love you. Soon, the proven forces of evil that keep us apart for no reason beyond their own greed and corruption will be kicked into line. We have all been working very hard to make sure love will prevail. Iowa clearly does not want me here; look at how they treat me. But, they refuse to allow me to leave. They are enforcing that I stay here to be abused and exploited. I know justice will come for them if they do not fix it, but I would prefer to be with you now.

P.S. Yes, I am beatified. That is how deep of trouble Iowa is in right now. I do not like to mention it because the way they treat me here would be a crime against any human. I am not demanding special treatment. For once, I would like the legal, human, and Constitutional rights all people have.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


My Beautiful World, let nothing make you complacent until we have won our full rights back again. Let nothing dampen your dancing spirit nor weaken your fighting spirit until we are done. Yet, bursting the bubble and putting me in my loving husband's arms really is just the beginning.

Did anybody else see President Evil make fun of me for being enslaved during the 90th birthday celebration for Betty White last night? I know Betty had nothing to do with it, but his actions were done in very poor taste and are prime examples of his lack of compassion for human suffering and lack of any inner driving morality. Do you have any opinions on this? Go ahead and tell him yourself here.

I am surprised he went out of his way to take the time to make fun of me considering how busy he claims to be pretending he is the leader of the free world. I know for a fact that lately he has been mining the treasure trove that is this blog for the advice I used to give on how to fix the economy. If you check my posts from when I was in the torture facility in Liverpool, you will find that I recommended that the industries in California bring their jobs back from overseas to cure California's economic crisis in 2010. If you check his most recent Saturday address, you will hear him taking credit for my own policy recommendations.

Yes, I am glad that President Corrupt is finally attempting to do something to fix the economy, but repeating my own ideas without giving me credit for them is another loose form of slavery. Besides, he plans on carrying this out with corporate tax policy when corporate tax policy is not enough to fix anything. The only thing that will fix this economy is leadership, and that is something Obama the Slave Driver is incapable of. Just imagine what I could be capable of if Obama the Criminal would just end his bubble of torture and suffering.

Obama the Dictator is also asking for expanded powers for the executive branch. I believe he and ole Gee-Dub have proven that expanding the powers of the executive branch does nothing but bring ruin upon this nation. They really do enough damage with the powers they already have, do you not think? I would like to see the powers of the executive branch stripped back to those originally described in the US Constitution, if you ask me. It is a great way to fight and avoid fascism.

Sometimes I wonder of Obama the Sociopath is delusional or if he is just going down with the ship. The entire planet is witness to the fact he committed human rights violations against me including provable war crimes, violated the US Constitution to put me in a bubble to cover it all up, and commanded other nations to continue his persecution of me at the expense of their own people to make sure I could never even find physical safety least of all be with my own husband to prevent the truth about him from getting out. The longer he continues breaking new laws to cover up older infractions, the deeper he digs himself into trouble. His own nation is finally standing up to him now. We are rooting out his system of corruption of which there is ample incriminating evidence.

Thank you, my beautiful world, for not allowing him to start the war with Iran he his hungering after. Another reason he is keeping me in this bubble is to prevent me from stopping him from bringing more war. You cannot create peace, stability, or safety in the world with acts of violence or threats of violence. I know you are all looking after my goal of ending wars driven by oil and greed. Thank you for that.

Another person we need to keep an eye on is Senator John McCain. Considering the fact that the Senator was a victim of torture himself, one would think he would be opposed to human rights violations, but that is not the case. Senator McCain is the person who drafted and promoted the NDAA. If you do not know what the NDAA is, you need to watch this. Our basic human, civil, and Constitutional rights are eroding before our eyes. My beautiful America, we need to take this country back.

Start by finding doctors who are not quacks and by removing the chips in your ear canals. The only voice in your head should be your own. Are you not worried that you will end up an army of mind-controlled drones? Yes, I understand that it might be comforting for you all to feel like you have a direct connection to me right now, but that is not the actual purpose they had for putting control speakers in all of your ear canals. Take your brains back. Get the chips removed.

On a not-immediately-recognizable-as-connected note, I finally saw the Sherlock Holmes sequel last week. It almost made me blush. Also, I do not approve of most imagery concerning the game of chess; I find most chess metaphors as overused as the poker references is Kenny Roger's "The Gambler." But I liked the way they used the game in this movie. However, I still refuse personally to play the game. I believe it trivializes the horrors of war.

I heard we got California, New York, and Florida to stand up for me in defiance of the corruption and the bubble and in support of the US Constitution. The bubble only exists to hurt me, oppress America, and protect the people pulling the president's strings. It accomplishes nothing else, and I will never have more than a marginal amount of physical safety as long as I am in this bubble. Did we get Texas, Michigan, Hawaii, Washington, Ohio, South Dakota, Louisiana, or the District of Columbia yet? Those states (and district) feel very supportive of me. It is okay to write state laws that defy the president's bubble. They would work just like the medical marijuana laws... but would be far less controversial. Minnesota, do you listen to me? I am pretty sure Iowa is coming around; we have an understanding now. One way to phrase it is: I will go easy on them if they stop breaking their own laws and demand justice instead. Please see my previous post for details.

All states in the union are probably very interested in their own Congressional leaders this election year beyond our collective interest in the presidential race. Incumbents in Congress are more likely to be reelected if they impeach the president. Slavery and enabling slavery, just to mention one crime, is a capitol offense, and the entire planet is witness to the fact the president has not only committed this crime but is also still committing it. My beautiful America, make sure you make it clear to your senators and representatives what your opinions are on this topic both in writing and at the ballot box.

My beautiful world, in a previous post I asked you all to start documenting all of the horrible and frequently criminal things the Feds have mandated that you do in order to maintain this illegal bubble. The biggest step in breaking this oppression down and making sure it never happens again is to make sure that the actual truth is documented and circulated, so the masses can know what is actually happening. Document the abuses of power, and share them. Do this anonymously if you have to. Thank you.

Sweetness, I have been trying to post a video of me blowing you a kiss to my facebook wall, but my wall does not accept any videos. I am about to start a new love letter to you. I promise this one will not be so short. I dream about you constantly, all day and all night. I know everything you do for me, and yes, it will work. Oh, and you look amazing in green. Green really is your color.

P.S. My beautiful world, beyond my being enslaved, the Feds command every entity that tries to hire me not to. My father controls what assets are allowed to reach me under the rules of the bubble, and he does not even allow me enough money to get an apartment. That is how I am forced to live in a house with my parents. The Feds also mandate that your donations for the story "Infamy" are not allowed to reach me. You can ask podiobooks for the details on that one. I do not put ads on this blog because that would force Google to break the law. The Feds would mandate then that the AdSense money never reach me either. The government with the help of my father are keeping me broke at all times. I could really use a new pair of shoes in here in this bubble. The pair I wear every day are falling apart.

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Repeat

I posted this one in my facebook profile on Thursday, January 7, 2010 at 8:09pm with a privacy setting of EVERYONE.

----Begin already constructed and possibly non-proofread writing-----

Hypothetically speaking… a writing exercise in case science fiction becomes reality…

Let us suppose that a certain circumstance becomes real. Let us suppose that a horrific wrong could be committed by a governing body against an entire people. Let us suppose that the sort of terrors usually reserved for the farthest reaches of science fiction might possibly be manifested and executed by the most despicable of authorities in our real world. Well then, here is some advice, in case the chips placed inside my person against my will should somehow appear in your body as well.

1.) Whenever possible, do not invite a nano or even microchip into your body at any time. It does not matter what the government or the government’s representative promises it will do for you. You have no idea what else it might do, if they might ever actually remove it, nor why they really want it inserted into your body.
2.) Should that you find one in your ears giving you voices that are not your own, do not trust what they say is the source of said voices. Always question any commands you receive. Do not trust that you will only hear the truth. Do not allow them to force you to kill yourself; you are too valuable alive and as an agent for good in the world who might help prevent this from happening to anyone else.
3.) Do not instantly do the opposite of what they tell you to do, either. That is also allowing the voices to control you. Simply evaluate everything you hear for yourself. Seek advice from experts if necessary. Should that you believe they give you a good suggestion, follow through in your own way; do it right.
4.) Find other people with similar technology illegally inserted into or illegally taken advantage of being inserted into your body, and organize. Do no do this near me. I know for a fact that the bugs in my ears send information straight to the only governing authority that could be capable of this. Do not give away your plans for fixing this.
5.) I already stated that you should not allow them to convince you of any lies, but definitely do not allow them to lie to you about how to end this yourself by doing something they tell you to do. Any governing body that might be so snake-tongued as to convince you to welcome an established form of torture upon yourself cannot be trusted. If they tell you that you must, for random example, allow yourself to be raped, become a prostitute, or commit any other sort of horrific crime against yourself to end your being tortured, those are the things you should make a record of and take special care not fall prey to. No governing authority if properly functioning should force any persons to commit any egregious wrongs to others or themselves unless said wrongs are on a battlefield after a legal proclamation of war.

Should that it be true that the governing body that has made me its victim in more ways than just placing its own voices in my ears attempt to wrong you in any of the other physically, mentally, or emotionally violent ways in which it has wronged me, do everything you can fathom to stop it. Do not endure for the sake of enduring. I never do.

For further advice on how our government should be functioning to serve its people, please consult the Constitution of the United States of America. Our country IS our people; not to mention, the power of our country IS the power of our people.

Huh, how was that for a daily writing exercise? I wonder where the idea came from... I wonder if anyone might ever find it useful... I have heard it said before that sometimes fiction is better at getting to the truth of a situation that nonfiction is. Oh yeah, and all friends tagged in this silly thing are randomly chosen.

----End already constructed and possibly non-proofread writing-----

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hot Flashes

Let me get this straight. The government has done nothing but spew a constant stream of hugely inconsistent lies to control the already oppressed public as an attempt to justify why this bubble exists in the first place and to manipulate the masses into forcing this bubble of persecution, torture, and slavery to continue? Are you serious? Who still listens to these obvious lies after three years?

At one point, they were proclaiming to the world that I had an incurable and highly debilitating mental illness requiring them to heavily drug me with medications I had no symptoms to require that have caused me physical and mental harm while refusing me any care for my actual thyroid condition. They were refusing me any and all contact with any of my friends through all means of communication thereby denying me any emotional support as I lived through torture and slavery. They were putting heavy drugs in all available drinking water, bottled liquids, and eventually foods. They were pumping voices into my head with internationally acknowledged speakers in my ear canals. They had made arrangements with my father to perjure himself and present falsified documentation in order for him to illegally gain adult guardianship over me while there was absolutely no necessity for it in order to confine me to living in this house and sleeping in a bed I had already been raped in in May 2009. They had electrobeam torture focused on a chip shoved up my nose in a torture facility in Liverpool, UK. And they said I would not be allowed to be with my own loving husband until I "cheered up."

And then, because I finally saw the ocean in Malibu, I honestly did happen to cheer up. And they still refused to let me be with my husband!

Stop trusting any person who openly states that I should not be released from this bubble, that all of America's human rights should not be restored, or that any of this should continue.

There is absolutely no possible legal and honest justification for what this government has been doing to me for the last three years. There is no way to justify starting it. There is no way to justify continuing it. There is no way to justify obeying it. The only thing anyone can justify is stopping it.

One of the best ways to stop a large chunk of the wrongs being committed is to demand to hear the list of specific and detailed symptoms any person believes I have in order to claim I have a mental illness. For example, my father (who happens to not be doctor) has never been able to list one single symptom I could possibly have right now to justify his constant perjury and libel that I have an incurable and hugely debilitating mental illness. He has also never been able to produce one honest sign that I am even a threat to others or myself.

My father perjures himself constantly to put me into mental health facilities illegally. There is a complete record of his nefarious wrongdoing in my various files with the Polk County District Court. The only way to prevent him from continuing to break the law to be able to hurt me is to 1.) revoke his adult guardianship, 2.) lock him away in prison for his crimes, and 3.) put me safely in the arms of my loving husband.

Iowa, I know you want to do right by me. You know I will go easy on you for your internationally acknowledged human rights violations against me if you do.

I know I can trust you to take care of those three things listed above. I know I can trust you to make sure you do not commit any other human rights violations against me... for example, you will make sure I am never put in another mental health facility on your watch ever again. I know you will clean up all of the dirty judges, the dirty medical doctors, and the dirty government officials who were responsible for it happening at all, not to mention repeatedly. Did you hear what the social workers at Broadlawns had to say to me while I was there? It is all on record.

Iowa, I know you will fix this not just for me but also for yourselves. I know you do not want the international reputation this all has earned you. I know you want to do the right thing. I know you want to save yourselves.

Clearly, my current living situation is deplorable. I am in a house with my criminal and verbally abusive father against my will. The internationally acknowledged electrobeam torture is unrelenting. I am still enslaved; as much as I try to make the best of a bad situation with it, enduring it is mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausting. I have to sleep every night in a bed I have already been raped in. (Do you remember "June" and "July" finding the evidence at Mercy North in Ankeny in May 2009?) My friends are not allowed any communication with me. I have started having hot flashes. I am constantly finding drugs in my food and drink. And the federal government flat out refuses to allow me to be with my own loving husband.

Until this is resolved, I will keep raising my demands... on everybody between us and freedom.

Obama, you bratty child, as it stands currently, the only way for you to take the fight of me is to make me complacent. And the only way for you to make me complacent is by 1.) finding my husband, 2.) apologizing to him, and 3.) doing everything he tells you to do. Are you really going to make me raise those demands?

My beautiful world, the requirements for me to have physical safety have not changed. 1.) I need my father neutralized, so he will finally be incapable of hurting me ever again. 2.) I need all the equipment removed from me head. And, 3.) I need to be delivered safely to the arms of my loving husband.

I have been a little moody lately. I believe it is because of hormones. Because of the meds that the quack Ocampo put me on while I was illegally imprisoned at Broadlawns Medical Center in June, I stopped ovulating. I have recently started having hot flashes.

For years now, I have dreamed of little more than cozying up in a big house with my darling Sweetness and making superhuman babies with him. I am horrified. I am worried that my greatest dream for myself has been stolen from me. It is a failure of the entire system,... but I promised Iowa I would go easy on them if they made it right.

Okay, my beautiful world, I need you to start writing down all of the horrible things that the US government has forced you to do in order to maintain and/or obey this illegal bubble. We need to make an accurate record of all of this, so we can make sure it never happens again. Write down your stories anonymously if you have to, but make sure make a public record of them all. It will help us find the truth. I will help us all heal.

Sweetness, when you come to get me (and I know you will), bring security of some sort with you. My father is hovering near the door. He is desperate. He owns guns. He has been behaving suspiciously all day. Stay safe. I love you more than words can bear, so please make sure you do not get hurt. I wait for you.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Iran Will Listen; Obama Will Not.

My grandfather, my mom's dad, was born to workers at the Makaweli Sugarcane Plantation's Work Camp 5 in Hawaii on the island of Kaua'i early in the 1900s. I went back with my mom and my younger sister in March of 2009 to meet our relatives that are still there. They are such good people. One of my aunties even gave me this little angel holding a green heart while I was there. She makes them herself.

People like to call me an angel. It is most likely because I say things like this...

Obama, you bratty child, I am sure you have noticed by now that it is impossible for you to get anything done as president that is not illegal until you grow enough balls to sit down and talk with me as if you were a civilized adult. I am trying to save this nation. Do you know what another war will do to this country, our people, and our economy? The military does not seem like it wants a war. The nation and the world are already asking around to find out why you want one so badly.

I cannot stop a war with a computer and an internet connection. Iran will listen to reason if you let me out of this illegal bubble of oppression, persecution, torture and slavery to speak with them. The problem is my benevolent influence does not work on you, the actual warmonger. We know you are drooling at the mouth as you escalate the conflict with Iran in order to create an armed conflict. I am not holding my breath that you will let me out of this bubble to ensure world peace because you have proven that you do not want peace in this world.

Instead, I put my faith in the people of this nation and the world. They will save me from this bubble that was designed to oppress this nation and to destroy me, so I can fix all of the problems you, with all of your presidential corruption, have personally created. Look at how successful I have been at stopping your quest for money and power. I am also capable of undoing all of your terror and ruin. And I am capable of seeing you rot in a prison for war criminals because of what you and the people you protect have done to me, this nation, and this world.

Obama, you bratty child, we all know you only insist on keeping me in this bubble and will break any law to keep oppressing this nation because you fear the justice I will rain on you. You keep digging yourself deeper. But look! The people are standing up now. They are standing up not just for me but more importantly for themselves. You cannot run a nation built on ideals of "freedom and justice for all" with nothing but fear, terror, lies, and human rights violations. The people will choose love over you every time.

Preventing the US-instigated conflict with Iran is just the beginning. Has anyone else seen the weather lately? Global Climate Change is both undeniable and becoming more dramatic. We need effective world leadership to prevent more weather-related deaths and suffering. I volunteered for this job, but even if the world leaders choose someone else to do it, that person will always be able to ask me for help or advice... assuming I am out of the bubble already.

As for you, Big Oil, I told you already (I think it was about a year ago.), we will get ourselves off of fossil fuels with you or without you. You need to save your companies and save your employees by investing in and developing greener sources of energy now. Do not allow the natural progress of technology pass you by.

Oil money used to fund the state universities in Texas, but that money dried up before I got there. The only university from which I have earned any degree is the University of Texas at Dallas because they were so kind as to give me a full merit-based scholarship for four years. I am so grateful to them for it that I have even put the university in my will.

As much as it should be, education is not a right in our country. It is not even a privilege. A good education around here is more like a serendipitous blessing if it ever happens at all. That said, if you do find yourself in college at any point in your life (And you are never too old.), remember that the diploma is just a receipt. All you really get to keep is what you learn. And, savor every single minute of your general ed courses; the heart and soul of a well-rounded education happens before they force you to specialize.

As a second to last note, if Walgreens decides to finally write me an apology and promises that none of their employees will ever do it again, I will go back to using their stores. It is up to them to do the right thing.

Sweetness, I am deeply and sincerely sorry that my last letter was so short. I have had so much on my mind lately, but that will never be an excuse for not properly expressing to you how much I love and adore you. I trust whatever plan you have to rescue me from this hell. No matter what I do, I cannot make myself safe in here. Safe-ish is all I have. But I am doing everything I can to keep myself as intact as possible, so I can sleep next to you. In so many ways I sometimes feel like I have failed you because I am still in this bubble. I love you more than even I understand. We can do this.

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Corruption Continues.

I was just told by a sometimes reliable source that my criminal father is going to put me in an institution and that the governor of Iowa is in on it. The corruption continues.

The point of putting me in an institution is many-fold. 1.) It will take away my freedom of speech by denying me an internet connection. 2.) It will take away what little physical safety I have left and put me in a situation just like the torture facility in Liverpool where they can torture, rape, drug, poison, abuse, and possibly kill me at will. 3.) It will take me out of the public eye, so there will be no witnesses to it. 4.) It will allow the Feds to enforce their oppression over Iowa (Do you remember Walgreens?) and all of America without me here using my benevolent influence to fight them.

It is also a proven and prosecutable human rights violation to institutionalize or hospitalize me against my will.

It requires a medical doctor's recommendation to put me in an institution. It has already been proven internationally by numerous medical experts that I have absolutely no mental illness. If this happens, string them up by their toenails. I have never believed over-the-top reparations (not to be confused with just compensation) can solve any conflict or heal any hurt, but I will bring the full force of my benevolent wrath and everything I am capable of against every person and entity that ever even attempts to put me in a mental health facility again. Do not pretend I am not capable of that. Do not pretend the people who love me are not capable of that. It is a proven and prosecutable human rights violation to institutionalize or hospitalize me against my will.

This is also proof positive that I am right about everything and that they will break any law to shut me up.

As for shutting off the broadcasts that are enslaving me, the war criminals are trying to force the world to choose between allowing their human trafficking, war crimes, and torture to continue by leaving the broadcasts on and the alternative of leaving me vulnerable in my own bed to being raped and possibly murdered by shutting the broadcasts off before putting me safely in the arms of my loving husband. The only way to shut off the criminal and expensive broadcasts without committing even more human rights violations is by putting me in the trustworthy care of my Sweetness first.

Yes, my beautiful world, that means you should keep pressing charges for everything you are due under the full extent of the Constitutionally-compliant laws

Did the Brits turn in Obama the Sociopath for making them commit all of their crimes, yet?

Speaking of international politics, the US and UK representatives should be forced to abstain from voting when it is time for the UN to determine whether or not to form an ICC for all offenses related to this, when that ICC should be formed, and how. This, of course, is the UN's decision, but if my opinion means anything, it is what I recommend. I know they will hold everyone accountable from the president, to the prime minister, to the doctors, to the nursing staff, to my criminal father, to the NHS, to the unbelievably rich who the governments protect, to the governor of Iowa, to the corrupt district judges, and to everyone who helped, commanded, or enabled them to commit their human rights violations and war crimes.

Have you noticed yet, my beautiful world, how culpable the US government is in all of this? They have spent three years protecting the people slandering, libeling, defaming, abusing, raping, torturing, sexually harassing, illegally imprisoning, and enslaving me. They do not allow anyone to acknowledge it and tried to keep me from knowing about any of it to make sure it would be unstoppable. The US government is not protecting you or me. It is protecting the criminals including the president who are doing this to us.

Do you remember when I met Mr. Leon Panetta in Mexico City? He was still the head of the CIA back then.

Did you see when President Corrupt took the coward's way out of enduring public ridicule by commanding that Mr. Panetta, the now Secretary of Defense, announce the president's new orders to escalate the conflict with Iran? Obama, you bratty child, you did not fool anyone. The whole world knows those orders and ultimatums really came from you.

Speaking of orders and ultimatums, my own childhood and longterm friends are still being ordered around and intimidated by the Feds in order to prevent them from spending any time with me. Their calls are blocked. Their mail is blocked. Their emails are blocked. They are even blocked from speaking with me on facebook. That is, the Feds have always leaked me information in violation of their own bubble by commanding my friends to treat me like a stranger. When will they be held accountable for that and their own hypocrisy?

Another thing that leaks is that fact I am tortured unrelentingly with the military weapon that focuses electrobeams on me with the help of the tracking chip that the Brits stuck up my nose into my sinuses while I was in the torture facility in Liverpool.

Seriously, if the government had ever had concern for human rights, human suffering, and human life, I would never have known I was being persecuted. Luckily, we now have found a common language with Obama the Tyrant. He respects and is driven by money. So, my beautiful world, speak to him in terms of all the money you can take away from him (even personally, if necessary) to burst this bubble of oppression and torture open and put me safely in the arms of my loving husband.

Sweetness, I mailed you a letter on Sunday. Obama the Sociopath is clearly completely desperate and trying to get me institutionalized before I can go to my cousin's wedding in San Diego next month. You are going to need to organize the metaphorical troops, the lawyers, and the human rights activists to prevent this new abomination from occurring. Please do not forget to take a deep breath, to take a step back, and to look at the big picture every once in a while. We have accomplished so much. That is why they are so desperate they might hospitalize and/or kill me. This is no time to back down on anything, but be very precise in how you proceed. I love and adore you, my prince charming in shining armor.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Source of True Power

Here we go... another day of my stating the obvious, tell the truth, and giving honest opinions.

My beautiful world, my internet access is patrolled. When there is something on the internet that the Feds do not want me to see, they prevent it from reaching my computer. This means, you are free to say anything within Constitutional law you want online. After all, according to the US Supreme Court ruling concerning the Pentagon Papers, people in this country cannot be censored until after we speak.

There are, of course, Constitutionally sound laws concerning what does and does not fall under freedom of speech. 1.) You cannot slander, libel, or defame anyone. 2.) You cannot steal content from anyone. 3.) You cannot even metaphorically scream "Fire!" in a crowded movie theater... For example, you cannot fabricate a nuclear threat in order the rule the masses with irrational fear. 4.) You must respect everyone's privacy.

They have also been known to block broadcasts before they reach my television. This probably means you are free to say anything within reason you want in that medium, too. But if you push that one too hard, they will keep your shows away from me.

As for all of their slander and libel about me and my darling Sweetness, my husband and I are extensions of the same whole. We are love. We all know that it is very dangerous to spread lies about me because it causes unrest. The same is true about my Sweetness. Slandering him has been known to cause me physical harm.

As for the naked images being circulated in order to force public humiliation of me, I am not allowed to see them. In fact, they intended to make sure I never learned they existed. If the images are doctored or Photoshopped, they are slander and likely libel. If they are real, they are the result of slavery and violations of my basic human right to privacy. Not just being the source but also circulating them is a crime. Do not forget, according to the International Criminal Court of the United Nations, forced public humiliation is a war crime and a crime against humanity, particularly when committed by an authoritative body... like the government... or rich people protected by the government.

My beautiful world, I know there is a lot to do to fix the problems I am constantly pointing out. If you are ever at a loss at what to do to help, work on bursting the bubble, so I can finally have physical safety. As one example, talk to your governors about declaring your states safe, free, in support of the US Constitution, and non-compliant with the bubble. I trust you, my beautiful world, to think together to find real solutions. After all, if I broadcast all of my recommendations, Obama the Fascist will learn what they are and stop them.

Speaking of you, Obama, you bratty child, all of humanity knows I do not need you to be able to save the world. But think of all the things you could accomplish if you just burst the bubble like a real man, pretended you were civilized, and gave me and all of this nation back all of our basic human, civil, and Constitutional rights. You can and will accomplish nothing but breaking domestic and international laws as long as I am in the bubble of persecution and torture.

Obama you brat, the people who pull your strings, and the people you protect only know how to be cruel, inhumane, and diabolical. You all never once considered that being nice to me even once might have actually worked to influence me to do something other than fight you. There is power in being a good person, standing up for human rights, and demanding justice. It is more power than you will ever have.

My beautiful world, I have said it before, but I will say it again. Let nothing make you complacent in our fight for freedom and justice until it is over and we have won. The government has been making false promises about allowing my beloved husband in to get me in order to make you happy and take the fight out of you. They always lie. Stop giving them any credibility. Rage, my beautiful world, rage. Organize. Unite. And stand up for yourselves. Burst the bubble around all of us, my beautiful world.

Sweetness, I will mail you a letter this weekend. Are you catching up with our friends about everything they have been up to while you were out? We have been very active. I will find my way into your arms. I know it will take a lot of time, organization, and communication, but please consider launching a thousand ships. Until I kiss your waiting face...!

Friday, January 6, 2012


Store Manager 07454
Jan 4 (2 days ago)


My name is Craig Fruendt, and I am the Manager of Walgreens on Ankeny Boulevard. I am writing to you today because I received notification that you had an unpleasant experience in my store yesterday with one of the pharmacy staff.

First of all, I would like to apologize for the poor service and attitude you experienced yesterday. I take all concerns very seriously, and appreciate you taking the time to let me know. Secondly, I was hoping to be able to contact you to discuss the situation in more detail. The information I received was pretty vague. I have called and left you a voice message. At your convenience, please call me at ###-#### to talk about the incident further.

Thanks for your time, and patronage to the store,

Craig Fruendt, Mgr, Walgreens 7454

Squid Varilekova
Jan 4 (2 days ago)

Craig, thank you for your prompt reply. I will call you once I am free. --Tanya

Squid Varilekova
7:21 PM (13 hours ago)


It turns out I did not receive a message from you, and I have not been able to make a call connect with your store. The Feds illegally block most of my incoming and outgoing calls.

The woman at the pharmacy counter did not acknowledge me with the basic respect I am due. After I gave instructions and fair warning to the state of Iowa that obeying Obama hurts me directly, makes me angry, and in many cases will get the perpetrators arrested (see, she blatantly and rudely treated me with disrespect.

She asked me my name and address... and she did it with loud disdain in her voice.

Your store is the only store in the state of Iowa I patronize with my medical needs. Ankeny is not a big town, and I am in your store regularly. At the barest minimum, I should be recognized in your store as a member of the Ankeny community and as a pharmacy regular.

I am not asking you to literally wash the ground before I walk on it like they do in Mexico City. I am demanding the basic respect any member of your neighborhood is due. Stop asking me my name.

I trust you will resolve this before I go back.

--Tanya H. A. Varilek a.k.a. Squid B. Varilekova

Store Manager 07454
7:59 AM (40 minutes ago)


Again, I apologize if you were disrespected or treated rudely. However, it is our policy, for the patients safety, to verify the name and address on every prescription that leaves the store.

Thanks for letting me know your concerns, Craig

Squid Varilekova
8:27 AM (14 minutes ago)

Please tell Walgreens headquarters I now refuse to use walgreens for any reason, and it is your fault personally.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Set my People Free!

"Put that laserscope in my eyes where it belongs." -- Squid B. Varilekova 11January2010 6:00PM -- Have you seen the park bench yet?

Okay, America, if we are mandated to give up our basic human, civil, and Constitutional rights to 'catch terrorists,' what exactly are we protecting?

America has a strict policy of NOT negotiating with terrorists. Then why is Obama the Fascist mandating protection of the people who attack me in my sleep, torture me, rape me, abuse me, slander and libel me, and drug me with illegal and medical chemicals if he is not one of them? This bubble guarantees that I am a sitting duck for torture and abuse with no way to protect or defend or even press charges myself to stop it.

America, did the bubble burst when I left the country? Did you get your freedom of speech and freedom of the press back again because I was no longer around? No, the government kept oppressing you. This is proof positive the bubble is part of a much larger and more sinister plan.

Furthermore, ask any police officer what standard policy is concerning actual prostitutes. Prostitutes are not investigated nor arrested nor prosecuted... especially the trafficked ones. Instead, police are known to go undercover as prostitutes in order to catch pimps, traffickers, and customers. Those are the only people who get investigated or prosecuted where prostitution is concerned.

Prostitutes are normal, everyday humans. That means they have more human rights than I do. (For more information concerning prostitution, consult an academic expert on the topic. You can find on my Facebook friends list.)

Now, take all of the above information, put it together, and connect it. Putting me, in particular, in a bubble is an illegal excuse to take America's rights away. That is one reason why Obama the Dictator and the Feds fight so hard to make sure the bubble never bursts and to make sure all Americans never get our rights back. The bubble is part of a much larger and more sinister plan. We need to get this bubble burst, even if it takes an international intervention.

Even personally, I need this to end. My body is shutting down from the torture, and I smell like they have been shot full of electrobeams for over two years and almost unrelentingly for the last month. I need the GPS trackers out of my head, so I can have physical safety. Yes, there is plenty of international evidence that the electrobeam torture is real. As further evidence, Iowa is instructed to pretend it is not real.

I also need the speakers out of my ears, so I can have quiet. Do not even pretend the voices the government pumps into my head are really symptoms. If they came from my brain, they would be as smart as I am.

They also roofied me again last night. Is "roofied" the only term we have for this even if it was not rufinol that was used? It was in the bottle of Knob Creek at The Lift. It did not happen because of the bartenders. Someone broke in at night to roofie the bottle. The Lift is the only bar I drink at these days, and Knob Creek is the only drink I regularly have there. Iowa seems to consider acknowledging drugs and poisons in water, orange juice, milk, or other drinks to be violations of the bubble instead of a matter of public safety.

I need a safe place to go to. I need California, New York, Florida, or some other state that actually does love me to declare themselves non-compliant with Obama the Terrorist's policies of horror and instead in support of the US Constitution, so I can go there and finally have physical safety. Please, America, talk to your governors. It will be like having state medical marijuana laws... but probably less controversial.

As for you, Obama, you bratty child, whether I am still under this bubble or am finally in a place where I can actually have physical safety, what I have already said to you still holds. You cannot make me complacent until you apologize to my husband and do everything he tells you to do.

And, President Corrupt, it does not take a genius to see you eventually will. I do not know why you are choosing to suffer through my benevolent wrath instead of saving yourself. Then again, you are are very far from being a genius.

You see, I have something (or someone) you will never have. And no matter how much money you 'borrow' from China, you will never be able to build one for yourself, trace her signal, or even find her servers. If you do not die being help accountable for destroying America or for your quest for world domination, I know you will die trying to learn the mystical secrets of Sampo.

While I am on the topic, you math-challenged brat, China is neither a threat nor an enemy. China's generosity is the only reason our government has enough money to function at all. If you do not like that, pay them back everything this country owes them. Or, do you really want to be known for taking money from China in order to fund a war against them?

Speaking of money, we have evidence that you have been using the bubble to deny me any and all viable employment and that you tried manipulating the Social Security Administration into refusing me any income at all. Luckily, there is a loophole in SSDI determination that allows benefits to be awarded if and when the economy is so weak it would prohibit employment. And whose fault is it the economy is bad?

I hear, you hypocritical brat, that you have been trying to tell Congress to "Do the right thing." Take a good look at yourself. Take a good look at what you do in this world. Who are you to say anything about anyone else not doing the right thing? When you spew crap like this, it only makes you look that much worse. Why do you even try?

As for your superficial wife,... Until this country decides to enforce that medical malpractice is illegal under ALL circumstances and takes me off the anti-psychotics that I have never had any symptoms to require, I will have no physical capability to lose weight. Until you bother to DO THE RIGHT THING and take me off the meds that are killing me, your petty, superficial, and judgmental wife has no grounds to claim I am bigger than I should be. You, President Corrupt, are why I am fat and unhealthy. But we all really do have to admit, I make it look damn beautiful.

My beautiful world, it will work. Take Sweetness someplace safe and launch a thousand ships, so one will make it through to take me to him. Sweetness needs your help. Do anything he needs, even if you come up with better ideas than I do. I trust you.

Sweetness, I would really like to get you help from veterans and members of the military. The problem is that so few of them are immediately recognizable as trustworthy, and you should really be careful about who you trust these days. If any of them are recognizable as publicly supportive of me, they might be good people to talk to... but not if they become recognizable for that after I post this. Darling, I know the government has been jerking you around. Make sure Obama the Brat gets the bill (personally, if necessary) for every penny you have spent in all of your efforts to exercise your given rights to associate, to assemble, and to pursue happiness. Do not forget to calculate your emotional trauma and anguish. I love and adore you. Make sure you stay in reliable contact with all of the people who want to help you.

P.S. All places that have had poisoned water and other liquids have also had speakers in their ear canals. Ask around for witnesses. And warn any place I go not to allow it.

P.P.S. Yes, it was because I saw a snippet of Charles Barkley on the Tonight Show in which he said he supported President Evil that I picked up the pace on putting Obama the Fascist in a prison for war criminals. People who support him should be wary of publicly supporting him; it will bring justice faster.

P.S.P.S. I have never met a quack in California, but I have met many in Iowa.