Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Torture Makes me See the Future... and the Present... and Connect the Past.

My beautiful world, you are metaphorically killing me right now. Why are you allowing the gossip lines to be clogged with speculations of whether or not I have ever had plastic surgery? Do you not have better things to discuss? Please, if you love me at all, take over the media and the gossip lines and make sure the world is discussing how direly I need physical safety for the first time in three years. And, my beautiful world, just because I love you, I will let you in on a little secret. Have you seen my face for real? If you have, then you would know only Mother Nature could be this good and create something so lovely. Now stop being so damn superficial and concentrate on something important.

As for you, Iowa, I am not asking you to give me special treatment. I am demanding that you treat me with the dignity and respect every human deserves. Obeying Obama the Fascist will hurt me and make me angry. Stop asking me my name, and stop asking for my ID. I will also wield my influence to have all disgustingly insulting people and employees I encounter suitably punished. Do not even pretend I am not capable of this. Look at what I can do in this world. Taking care of your insults barely takes an exhale. If you stop going out of your way to hurt me, your world will become a happier place. The President Fascist has a stranglehold on you. This is the beginning of how you save yourself.

Now, let us all turn our attentions to the other side of the world. Yes, China, I am talking to you. Please. I beg of you. Please stop giving America your money. I know and understand that your money is the only thing allowing the US government to function at all, but look at what the American government is doing with it. The Obama Regime cannot be trusted with money. We need to take it away from their self-serving, unpatriotic, destructive, and warmongering agenda. You can save the world, China, by refusing to lend this nation any more money and by demanding at least the interest on what you have already kindly lent. We need to enforce fiscal responsibility on this nation no matter what it takes, or you will never get your money back.

My beautiful world, have you heard about the US government's latest human rights violation? It is called the NDAA. I suggest you all watch this, so you, the world, can get your bearings on what has come to pass in this once free nation.

We have barely any rights left is this now-far-from-great country; the US government has become fascist. I fear I must now remind the world and all Americans what the Right Honourable Sir Winston Churchill taught us about fascist regimes. You cannot appease fascists; the only way to stop them is to fight them.

Do you know how many weapons this now fascist regime controls? Obama the Terrorist Dictator is moving troops into Australia and Central Africa. He already has bases in Europe, the Far East, and the Middle East to name a few. It does not take a psychic to see something or someone needs to stop the American Oligarchy and their puppet president from violent world domination. This is the set up. If you love this world, do not wait until WW3 is imminent before you do something. Look at me. How often am I wrong?

It is very true that I have faith in humanity as a whole. I believe most people are good at heart; Obama the Fascist is not one of those people.

How much do you know about the New World Order? Starting in 2009, the UK has been conducting hearings concerning ole Gee-Dub and ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair. Documents surfaced proving that these two particular former world leaders agreed to start a war in Iraq even before ole President Gee-Dub took office in January 2001. It was proven that it never had anything to do with suspicions of mythical weapons of mass destruction. That was the lie he told to justify the war to the public.

Ole Gee-Dub also forbade the financial industry insiders from being arrested after they engineered what they hoped would be a global economic collapse. Then came President Sociopath who gave the should-have-been-convicted criminals cash bailouts, who has taken away nearly all of this nation's human, civil, and Constitutional rights, and who is carrying out the New World Order's dream of instigating WW3.

In the UK, Tony Blair resigned after one year in office handing the reigns over to a man, Gordon Brown, whom nobody had elected. Their agenda is being carried out now by David Cameron, and we know this Prime Minister is guilty because of how he treated me while I was in his jurisdiction. It was not just the NHS that attacked me. It was also the UKBA dn MI5. The evidence is all over the place.

What is significant to the story right now is that Obama the Puppet is not warmongering with North Korea right now despite their recent change of leadership. China is their sworn ally, and win or lose, after a full blown war with China, the US would never have to pay back our debt. (Please, China, I know you are being kind, but please stop giving the US your money.)

This means two significant things... 1.) Obama the Warmonger does not want to dominate a world that no longer exists. He cannot attack North Korea because it has nuclear weapons. Iran, much like Iraq, does not yet have nuclear weapons, so it is a prime target to start WW3. Nuclear weapons, you see, are a guarantee that the US will not provoke a war with you. 2.) President Fascist has no interest in reducing the national debt. He wants to see this nation die under the mathematical truth of exponential growth in compounding interest.

We know I stand in his way. I battle to bring back America's human rights. I volunteered to help humanity through and reverse if possible Global Climate Change. I do everything I can to prevent a global economic collapse... when I can get news about it. And, I stand staunchly between the guns of WW3.

My beautiful world, I need you to stand with me. Stop Obama the Terrorist Dictator. Save America. Save the World.

Because of this and because President Corrupt enslaved me, still tortures, and has tried to kill me, I have become a bit of an important person in the world. I am a person that a great many people have come to care a very great deal about.

It is this world concern for me that has made my enemies' cornucopia of forms of hurting, abusing, and torturing me into acts of terrorism. Yes, Obama the Fascist is a terrorist in more ways that just his foreign policy.

Once in Mexico City in early 2010, some anonymous people attempted to use terrorism to help me. I invoked the code of the Jedi to stop them. I will have none of that in my camp.

I stand on the moral high ground. My beautiful world, if you stand with me, we must stand there together. I will never sink to the depths of the president and all he mandates, and neither should you.

Sweetness, we all know you can do no wrong. We are married, right? That makes you a Spanish prince. Have you considered securing a diplomatic passport and possibly diplomatic immunity for yourself, so you will be able to come get me? Yes, it is okay to wait until we take the bubble apart before coming to get me, but you are free to do anything you want to help me. If you want to come get me early, talk to the EU about securing diplomatic immunity. Please do not fly overseas to do this. The government will command lies to be broadcast by the news media about a supposed volcanic erruption as an excuse for illegally shutting down air traffic to stop you from being able to come back to get me. The embassies in DC should be just fine. You are very special though. You may be able to take care of this without leaving the safety of your home. I love and adore you. Stay safe.

If it makes you feel better, my beautiful world, consider much of this to be speculation.

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