Sunday, January 1, 2012

Losing Weight will not be Possible as Long as I am on Meds. Get off my Case.

"My new years resolution: Never be afraid to be kicked in the teeth. Let the blood and the bruises define your legacy." - Lady Gaga 2012

Happy New Year, Pretty Lady. You must be a strong woman indeed.

I, on the other hand, have lost my tolerance for suffering and watching suffering. It is fueling the fire in me.

Sweetness, it is not the love that hurts. Your love is the light in my life. The pain and the ugly come from the way we are treated. They would do anything to tear us apart... and we are not even physically together. In some countries, people have a right to marry and start a family... not America.

Gay America knows Obama the Tyrant will never support a 'Right to Marry' in this once fine nation because it means I would have a right to be married and with my Sweetness. President Corrupt will hurt, oppress, and violate anyone in his vain effort to avoid his now obviously inevitable incarceration. He has absolutely no regard for human life, human rights, nor human suffering. He cares only for himself, and digs himself deeper every day because of it. Expect him to get more desperate, more stupid, and more irrationally cruel until he is finally stopped.

The electrobeams are turned down finally, but they are still unrelenting.

"If we know, then we must fight for your life as though it were our own…. For if they take you in the morning, they will be coming for us that night." --James Baldwin

My beautiful world, I know you fight for me as I live here in this mandated misery and hell. And you know I fight for you. Demand to know why we all suffer. Force Obama the Sociopath to provide honest and logically sound explanations built on commonly-known truths for why he unconstitutionally enforces that we all serve his agenda of greed.

I do not know all of the details of what is happening with Mr. Bradly Manning, but I do know a few things. They have yet to prove that the (Wiki-)leaked information aided any of the US's enemies. No one should ever be punished for telling the truth. And most importantly, it should never be a crime to report a crime. Take my words for what they are worth.

I heard about the planned nuclear talks with Iran. Please be respectful of each other. Do not forget: The only country that has ever dropped one of these weapons on another country is the United States. Do not allow the Obama administration's enforced hypocrisy drive the talks.

On a very personal topic, it is my belief that troops that come back from war have debilitating depression for two reasons. The first is PTSD. The second is that in combat they had a feeling of purpose; they were devoted with all their energy to a higher cause. As civilians, they no longer have this direction or goal for their lives. Let us all be honest. It is very difficult to find a truly meaningful career. Is there a way we can give our veterans grand and selfless goals to work towards when they come home? It would relieve so much of their suffering.

There is still a military base in Frankfurt despite ole Gee-Dub's efforts to move all of those troops to the Middle East for racist, self-serving, and oil-mongering reasons. I hear Frankfurt is lovely, but Heidelberg has a better sense of community. Berlin is supposed to have a crazy good art scene. Munich is supposed to be beautiful. Oh, and Hamburg is on the water. This is just hearsay for me. I have never made it to Germany. I would love to someday, though.

As for you, Iowa, since I am illegally confined to live here against my will and with no escape only prolonged persecution, please try to be good to me. I know you claim you want to be good to me, but obeying Obama the Terrorist's rules-of-the-bubble will only hurt me and make me angry. Stop asking me my name and stop asking me for my ID; you know who I am in this world, and that behavior is beyond insulting. If you are uncomfortable calling me Squid, call me Pretty Lady. Be respectful. The way I am forced to suffer is unbearable at times, so be kind to me. And since you refuse to rescue me yourselves, help anyone as best you can who comes here to set me free. Thank you. Oh, and patrol your water supply and water mains to prevent them from getting drugged again, and report all tainted bottles of water to the authorities. You give this water to your children.

Sweetness, I hear I am one of the most ridiculous people you have ever (or not ever) encountered. I like that. It is because I refuse to tolerate pointless bullshit and anything that could be considered the useless drudgery of 'normal' existence. Life is meant to be enjoyed not suffered through. That is one of the many reasons persecution is a crime. I love and adore you. You can all me anything you want.

P.S. I have so many chemicals involuntarily in my body right now. I have been searching all over the place for ginseng tea, so I can detox. Does anyone know of good Chinese herbalist in the Des Moines area?

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