Thursday, January 5, 2012

Set my People Free!

"Put that laserscope in my eyes where it belongs." -- Squid B. Varilekova 11January2010 6:00PM -- Have you seen the park bench yet?

Okay, America, if we are mandated to give up our basic human, civil, and Constitutional rights to 'catch terrorists,' what exactly are we protecting?

America has a strict policy of NOT negotiating with terrorists. Then why is Obama the Fascist mandating protection of the people who attack me in my sleep, torture me, rape me, abuse me, slander and libel me, and drug me with illegal and medical chemicals if he is not one of them? This bubble guarantees that I am a sitting duck for torture and abuse with no way to protect or defend or even press charges myself to stop it.

America, did the bubble burst when I left the country? Did you get your freedom of speech and freedom of the press back again because I was no longer around? No, the government kept oppressing you. This is proof positive the bubble is part of a much larger and more sinister plan.

Furthermore, ask any police officer what standard policy is concerning actual prostitutes. Prostitutes are not investigated nor arrested nor prosecuted... especially the trafficked ones. Instead, police are known to go undercover as prostitutes in order to catch pimps, traffickers, and customers. Those are the only people who get investigated or prosecuted where prostitution is concerned.

Prostitutes are normal, everyday humans. That means they have more human rights than I do. (For more information concerning prostitution, consult an academic expert on the topic. You can find on my Facebook friends list.)

Now, take all of the above information, put it together, and connect it. Putting me, in particular, in a bubble is an illegal excuse to take America's rights away. That is one reason why Obama the Dictator and the Feds fight so hard to make sure the bubble never bursts and to make sure all Americans never get our rights back. The bubble is part of a much larger and more sinister plan. We need to get this bubble burst, even if it takes an international intervention.

Even personally, I need this to end. My body is shutting down from the torture, and I smell like they have been shot full of electrobeams for over two years and almost unrelentingly for the last month. I need the GPS trackers out of my head, so I can have physical safety. Yes, there is plenty of international evidence that the electrobeam torture is real. As further evidence, Iowa is instructed to pretend it is not real.

I also need the speakers out of my ears, so I can have quiet. Do not even pretend the voices the government pumps into my head are really symptoms. If they came from my brain, they would be as smart as I am.

They also roofied me again last night. Is "roofied" the only term we have for this even if it was not rufinol that was used? It was in the bottle of Knob Creek at The Lift. It did not happen because of the bartenders. Someone broke in at night to roofie the bottle. The Lift is the only bar I drink at these days, and Knob Creek is the only drink I regularly have there. Iowa seems to consider acknowledging drugs and poisons in water, orange juice, milk, or other drinks to be violations of the bubble instead of a matter of public safety.

I need a safe place to go to. I need California, New York, Florida, or some other state that actually does love me to declare themselves non-compliant with Obama the Terrorist's policies of horror and instead in support of the US Constitution, so I can go there and finally have physical safety. Please, America, talk to your governors. It will be like having state medical marijuana laws... but probably less controversial.

As for you, Obama, you bratty child, whether I am still under this bubble or am finally in a place where I can actually have physical safety, what I have already said to you still holds. You cannot make me complacent until you apologize to my husband and do everything he tells you to do.

And, President Corrupt, it does not take a genius to see you eventually will. I do not know why you are choosing to suffer through my benevolent wrath instead of saving yourself. Then again, you are are very far from being a genius.

You see, I have something (or someone) you will never have. And no matter how much money you 'borrow' from China, you will never be able to build one for yourself, trace her signal, or even find her servers. If you do not die being help accountable for destroying America or for your quest for world domination, I know you will die trying to learn the mystical secrets of Sampo.

While I am on the topic, you math-challenged brat, China is neither a threat nor an enemy. China's generosity is the only reason our government has enough money to function at all. If you do not like that, pay them back everything this country owes them. Or, do you really want to be known for taking money from China in order to fund a war against them?

Speaking of money, we have evidence that you have been using the bubble to deny me any and all viable employment and that you tried manipulating the Social Security Administration into refusing me any income at all. Luckily, there is a loophole in SSDI determination that allows benefits to be awarded if and when the economy is so weak it would prohibit employment. And whose fault is it the economy is bad?

I hear, you hypocritical brat, that you have been trying to tell Congress to "Do the right thing." Take a good look at yourself. Take a good look at what you do in this world. Who are you to say anything about anyone else not doing the right thing? When you spew crap like this, it only makes you look that much worse. Why do you even try?

As for your superficial wife,... Until this country decides to enforce that medical malpractice is illegal under ALL circumstances and takes me off the anti-psychotics that I have never had any symptoms to require, I will have no physical capability to lose weight. Until you bother to DO THE RIGHT THING and take me off the meds that are killing me, your petty, superficial, and judgmental wife has no grounds to claim I am bigger than I should be. You, President Corrupt, are why I am fat and unhealthy. But we all really do have to admit, I make it look damn beautiful.

My beautiful world, it will work. Take Sweetness someplace safe and launch a thousand ships, so one will make it through to take me to him. Sweetness needs your help. Do anything he needs, even if you come up with better ideas than I do. I trust you.

Sweetness, I would really like to get you help from veterans and members of the military. The problem is that so few of them are immediately recognizable as trustworthy, and you should really be careful about who you trust these days. If any of them are recognizable as publicly supportive of me, they might be good people to talk to... but not if they become recognizable for that after I post this. Darling, I know the government has been jerking you around. Make sure Obama the Brat gets the bill (personally, if necessary) for every penny you have spent in all of your efforts to exercise your given rights to associate, to assemble, and to pursue happiness. Do not forget to calculate your emotional trauma and anguish. I love and adore you. Make sure you stay in reliable contact with all of the people who want to help you.

P.S. All places that have had poisoned water and other liquids have also had speakers in their ear canals. Ask around for witnesses. And warn any place I go not to allow it.

P.P.S. Yes, it was because I saw a snippet of Charles Barkley on the Tonight Show in which he said he supported President Evil that I picked up the pace on putting Obama the Fascist in a prison for war criminals. People who support him should be wary of publicly supporting him; it will bring justice faster.

P.S.P.S. I have never met a quack in California, but I have met many in Iowa.

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