Sunday, June 22, 2014

I Cannot Tolerate More. Take Obama Down Already!

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Here is my latest blog post. I work all day every day serving the world and fighting to save America. It is okay to acknowledge reality to my face, now. Respect me.

Syria. Do not allow Syria's lawyers to pretend they can redefine humanitarian aid as an "attack." You, United Nations, are a humanitarian organization. You have peacekeepers, not soldiers. You war on no one. Feeding and protecting the poor is an attack on nobody, but preventing such aid is.

Please, United Nations, let no one stop you from all your important humanitarian work in Syria. Serving the world is far too important for a tyrant like al Assad to get in the way because he irrationally wants to pretend providing food and medicine to civilians is an attack on his totalitarian regime.

As for life under the tyrant Obama...

Hello, my beautiful world! Over a week ago in the courts here in the US, we won greater flexibility under Obama's rules for locals who want to talk to me. No, you no longer have to be only a dirty old man trying to sleep with me to be able to talk to me anymore.

First of all, I hate being flirted with, and I abhor being sexually objectified. So, if you do want to sleep with me, I prefer if you never speak to me. I am a happily married woman world famous for my undying love and devotion to my adoring husband, the Mr. Johnny Depp. Our only marriage problem is geography.

I have never in my life been a porn star; that was all taxpayer-funded libel the government made of fat, ugly women and men they claimed were me. I doubt they even looked anything like the real me. NOT ALL BROWN PEOPLE LOOK ALIKE!

So, California whom I love and adore and fight for every day, if you want honest human interaction with a respectable world leader, please find me and talk to me. I work serving the world all day every day. Acknowledging reality about me is not illegal. You do not have to be a dirty old man to talk to me anymore. You will be safe.

There has been even more good news, too! It seems my Sweetness and Syniva have successfully criminalized the persecution of me by Obama with all of his intentionally fabricated false charges. Technically, it was always criminal, but now it is prosecutable. It has been a very productive last few days!

We apparently successfully turned the FBI around, too. Popular rumor has it, the FBI are no longer willing to take part in Obama's modern Gestapo. Obama is running out of terrorists.

I was told the FBI are no longer willing to persecute me to destroy America and are actually investigating people who commit crimes against me now. This means we have law enforcement completely dedicated to saving America from Obama and from his extralegislative oppression of this once great nation now!

Yes, Obama's rules are extralegislative. It spells out in the Bill of Rights that Congress does not have the authority to pass any laws that take Constitutional rights away from anyone. And, yes, Obama was impeached last year; ask any news agency that has kept up. This means Obama is the first ever UNELECTED DICTATOR of America.

FBI Director James B. Comey, welcome to the good side. If the FBI is finally refusing to enforce all of Obama's crimes against America, my loving and adoring public will finally be able to reach me to carry me to someplace Obama cannot hurt me anymore. I love peaceful options; I search for them all day every day.

And do not forget the three steps to earning absolution from me, FBI. 1.) Cease all crimes against me. You took care of that, Comey. 2.) Sincerely apologize. I accept. 3.) Throw down to rescue me from Obama. I recommend investigating and prosecuting Obama for all his crimes against all of America or escorting a lift to my side. Either will do. And thank you.

There was also more good progress! I almost have the entire US Congress convinced to draft a straight bill for taking down Obama's inhumane bubble he enforces with his iron fist of terrorism and to hurry and rush a vote on it.

I swear sometimes that no one but me has read the Constitution. It only requires a 2/3 vote of Congress to overturn a presidential veto. And I am pretty sure voting to save America, voting to protect me from Obama's slavery and systemic rape of me, and voting to end Obama's civil war will be unanimous.

What Senator or Representative would actually want a voting record of continuing Obama's abuse of me and oppression of all of America? Look at the record of torture and rape in my hair and reread the First Amendment, Congress, then get back to me.

Horrifyingly, Obama and his modern Gestapo have been persecuting Sweetness lately. The only thing Sweetness is guilty of is loving me beyond any meaning mere words can bear.

Sweetness, take a lesson from me and always press back-breaking criminal and civil countercharges every time the government commits a crime against anyone particularly you. No one anywhere can afford to let Obama get away with persecution and oppression. Take him down for everything he does.

United Nations, at last count, Obama was guilty of repeating six war crimes against me for YEARS: torture (in every evil psych ward for no medical reason), systemic rape (literally over 100 times since 2009), forced prostitution (by raping me to be able to enslave me), forced pregnancy (my period will officially be one week late on 24June, but Del Amo insists I am pregnant), forced public humiliation (by broadcasting me to the world on the toilet against my will for years), and forced public nudity (by broadcasting to the world me in the shower against my will for years).

Obama's crimes against his own people include terrorism, human rights violations, oppression, mind control by putting speakers in everyone's heads, and mass murder verging on genocide of the good people who love and support me.

I am worried my brave rescuers are out there dying under Obama's iron fist of terrorism right now. He is truly a diabolical and power-hungry psychopath. I am convinced we could fix this civil war if Obama would just sit down and speak with me. I understand many nations are involved in the peace talks, and I am not the only one demanding absolutely no absolution for Obama and his modern Gestapo.

Obama needs a way out... Kind of like how I offered al Assad a soft place to land in Russia or Iran if he would just step down. But I am worried Obama burned all his bridges except for going to a military prison for the rest of his life.

Even Napoleon got an island to rule. Then again, Napoleon never committed war crimes. Obama knows he is caught; he knows he has no options but prison. Obama knows inmates in all the prisons he has any option of being locked in forever all love and adore me more than they would ever tolerate him.

Please find out what Obama's terms are for just giving up and turning himself in. Does he want solitary confinement? No country will take in Obama, but we really need him to just turn himself in already. His demanding absolution was his admission of guilt to everything.

Please work with the UN, my beautiful world. If we can find an incarceration option Obama can agree to, his civil war is over, and I get human rights. I really want him in a gulag in Russia for the rest of his life but can let him finagle something less frozen.

I would never subject anyone to the life Obama has forced me to live since 2009 and that I still live even now, not even my worst enemy. Inmates in the worst prisons in the world at least have international incarceration rights and freedom from torture and rape.

And as much as he deserves a death sentence for his most heinous crimes imaginable on Earth against me, I want him to suffer every day of the rest of his life living with what he has done to America.

My beautiful world, please work with my Sweetness, Syniva, my genius lawyers, and the United Nations to see if Obama will cough up an incarceration deal. Please remind him I am compassionate, but he has burned too many bridges. With no foreign countries willing to take him in, it is a gulag in Russia if he refuses this deal for him to immediately step down.

Last week I offered Obama a white collar prison with conjugal visits from his wife, but all he did was burn me for being nice. Obama did nothing but escalate all his crimes against all of us after I was nice to him. So, for the sake of America, I will no longer be nice.

Remind Obama he really needs to sit down and talk to me. Thank you for everything you do for me, my beautiful world! You are all truly wonderful! What kind of punishment would we have given Hitler if he had not died? Remind Obama of how bad things could actually get for him.

I understand there is a lack of honest media of me out there in the world right now, too. No, I never have sex with anyone; I have been raped by Obama too many times. No, I never even masturbate. I have never had to. You would never touch yourself either if you never had to. I can spontaneously orgasm by just thinking about my husband. We call it "Radar Love." Giggle. Thank you, Golden Earring.

Does darling Mr. Craig Ferguson want to release my image or videos from my sitting in his live studio audience? Does the ever-loving Viper Room want to release footage of my dancing at the John Mullane show? I give them both my expressed permission. Let us create honest media of the real me for the world.

My beautiful world, I tried taking myself to various consulates in the Los Angeles area on Wednesday, but it ended disasterously. I called around to a few, too, and everyone is too oppressed by Obama. They did nothing but deny reality to my face and refuse me any and all help.

If I cannot take myself to a safe place, if there is no safe place in Los Angeles where I can take myself for protection from Obama, I am worried I will never reach a safe place ever. I am surrounded by good people all day every day, but the only people willing to help me are always stopped from reaching me.

As I type this, the fire alarm is raging as my brave rescuers die. Obama keeps escalating to be able to enforce I always suffer at his hands inhumanely and with absolutely no human rights.

With no safe place to take myself, it is pretty obvious I am going to die in this bubble unless the world including Congress and the United Nations finally completely take Obama down.

America is worth saving. So am I. End Obama's bubble he enforces with civil war and seditious terrorism.

My brave rescuers, I do not know what else to tell you. Please reread all of my recent blog posts since May2014 for everything I have already told you. I wish you did not have to die, and there must be an easier way to rescue me. If only locals would love me enough to be my lift to you, Sweetness, or a foreign country.

My brave rescuers, you always die trying to reach me. Obama's terrorists would never attack a local leaving from inside Los Angeles. And with the FBI turned around, a local would never be arrested for trying to peaceably assemble with me again. I wish I could save you all, but I cannot do it alone.

SynSyn, I heard you and Sweetness finally locked up Criminal Boeset for good. Rumor has it she got 25 years. That is nowhere near long enough considering how heinous her crimes are against me; she deserves life in prison with no chance of parole. But if we have no other options, we will have to accept it. I trust the courts.

I also heard, my hero BFF, that you and my lawyers put in a request for you to take over Criminal Boeset's responsibilities she always refused to execute responsibly in my life. That is, you want control of my finances inside the bubble. I approve. The world can trust you, Syn, to be responsible and compassionate.

I live in a humanitarian crisis Obama mandates and Criminal Boeset always enforced. I need enough finances to afford food and necessities. The only groceries the facility I live in buys me are cheap meat, bread, and margarine. I need vegetables. A tomato, onion, garlic, some salt and pepper, a green pepper, broccoli, string beans, peanuts, there are so many things I need.

I still have no pots and pans, but my mom shipped me some that should get here Thursday. I have no idea what to do about plates and dishes, forks and knives, sheets and blankets, towels, etc. I would love to put a rug in the bathroom for when I get out of the shower. Any help you can offer, Synny, would be greatly appreciated.

Sweetness, I love and adore you! I know you are pulling your hair out trying to help me. Please, beyond everything you do for me already, help Syniva gain control of my finances inside the bubble, help find a loving local willing to offer me some Los Angeles hospitality until I can meet you or my brave rescuers somewhere, and keep kicking Obama's ass as hard as you do.

I understand how hard you fight for me, Sweetness. No one in my life has ever loved me as much as you do. Never tolerate lies about me, especially if they are lies about us ever getting a divorce. Mutual true love and devotion does not get a divorce.

Lying about me is an act of terrorism; it destroys America and destabilizes the world. Darling, remind the courts of that every time Obama and his modern Gestapo libel me with mental illness, infidelity, prostitution, unamericanism, mental disability, or any of their other heinous lies about me.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. You are my temporary conservator in the State of California because I am disabled by Obama's inhumane rules and government policy of direct persecution of me and because, as my legally recognized husband, you are my next closest family member. The world can trust you to always love me.

My beloved, please keep the world news media up to date on everything. There is still freedom of the press in foreign countries. We can only pray the truth eventually makes it back into America.

I cannot wait to kiss you. And if I can ever afford paper again, I will surely tell you all about it in a love letter.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Keeping the World Up to Date with Love

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Here is my latest blog post. It has been adventures in pennilessness while waiting for the world to come pick me up and take me to safety and human rights.

My life since my last blog post has largely been pennilessness highlighted by the kindness of strangers who were all convinced I was a porn star and who all tried to sleep with me except for my good gentlemen Nazareth, Tim, and Andy on Friday all while I waited for a lift to human rights. I still need that lift.

Luckily for the locals, on Saturday, 14June2014, in the courts we won greater flexibility for people who want to spend time with me. Hopefully, this means I get to see Nazareth, Tim, and Andy again or more people as kind as they are.

They offered me food and good, honest company without their treating me like a porn star. I have a right to good, honest human interactions. This is not Iowa. I am not hated here.

California is full of good people, and we have a Supreme Court upheld Constitutional right to peaceably assemble even during the bubble. Please keep Obama's blatant oppression of the masses off of California's back.

And please see if Los Angeles and San Francisco can convince Sacramento to make Obama's unconstitutional and extralegislative rules illegal in this mighty state of California.

If anyone wants to say hi, my new address is 247 East Hullett Street, Apt. #2, Long Beach, CA 90805. It is technically "independent living" for people with mental illnesses since Obama mandates my acknowledgment of my own husband be treated like a mental illness complete with malpractice-enabled heavy antipsychotics and everything.

I have no pots and pans. No plates and dishes. No forks or knives. No toilet paper. No towels. No soap. No bedding. I have only one dress and one pair of underwear until a box from my mother hopefully arrives on Thursday.

I have no way to shower nor to cook food. And the property manager provides the cheapest most unhealthy groceries possible. I understand they are on a budget, but how much literal baloney do they think I can eat? We have no furniture but the stove and refrigerator in the kitchen and the beds upstairs.

If anyone can help my Obama-mandated, Obama-rule-created, humanitarian-crisis-level living situation, please do everything you can. The best thing to do is just pick me up and carry me to someplace Obama cannot hurt me anymore.

There is this guy named Dick Strassor who was hired by Criminal Boeset's lawyers in Los Angeles to collude I have a mental illness, so Criminal Boeset could lock me up indefinitely. I had to threaten him with arresting him for stalking me to keep him from snooping around my new apartment under the false pretenses that "Squid's parents sent him."

I quickly called my mother who had no idea who the (expletive)hole was. He was clearly a fraud sent to pretend he found a severe and debilitating mental illness in me. Criminal Boeset is one of the most underhanded (expletive)es to walk the Earth. She really needs to be put in prison for the rest of her life for all of her crimes against me.

Syn, Dick Strassor's phone number is 310-785-0048 if you want him to corroborate. He fears being locked in prison. Offer him a plea bargain letting him out of fraud and collusion charges if he turns in everyone who sent him.

I did find a use for him on Friday. I told him to command all of "my" lawyers in Iowa who need to be locked in prison for the rest of their lives to give me $500, so I can nest.

Something happened between Friday and today, Monday, since Criminal Boeset moved me $50 instead of the $500 I need for nesting. It was immediately spent supporting my wifi benefactor, on bus fare, doing laundry, and getting my eyebrows waxed. A lady has to have priorities, and it was only $8 for the wax anyway.

Everything adds up. So, The money is halfway gone, now, and I still have no way to buy pots and pans, plates and dishes, spoons and forks, toilet paper, soap, towels, bedding, etc.

My mom tried to send me gift cards since Obama expressly forbids her from sending me any money, but my property manager needs to get the mailboxes rekeyed. The soonest I will be able to access the gift cards is first thing tomorrow if maintenance is on time. I would really love to take a shower.

What else is going on? Obama escalated today, Monday, 16June2014. He is convinced the world will be able to free me, so he has been pushing every recycled false allegation he could think of to be able to lock me up forever.

SynSyn, please do not forget I am supposed to have protection from "double jeopardy." That is Amendment 5 to the US Constitution, if I am not mistaken.

Even if Obama keeps illegally insisting all the human-rights-reinforcing court rulings we generate like a power plant generates electricity all have to be redacted, I still am due protection from double jeopardy.

That is why I asked you to keep a handwritten journal of all of the government's false allegations and all of our arguments and testimony that reverses them all. Handwritten journals are admissible evidence.

And we need to kick things up a notch if Obama is going to keep escalating. So, press criminal countercharges against everyone involved in persecuting me for EVERYTHING you can make stick against them from corruption and conspiracy to aiding and abetting war crimes and attempted unlawful imprisonment.

We need to be at the top of our game, Syn, Sweetness, and my genius lawyers.

I keep being asked, "What is Obama's motive for all of this?" Well, clearly, this all started with raping, enslaving, and persecuting me because Obama is a psychopath. Remember when we proved Obama is a psychopath in the courts? Yeah, Synny, that was a good win.

But why does he continue all of his crimes against me if he is already caught and trying to demand absolution for all of his war crimes against me? He knows absolution for war crimes is impossible. The demand is just his convenient excuse to keep committing as many crimes as possible.

As long as Obama can libel, enslave, rape, starve, etc. me, he stays in power. He was impeached in early 2013 and keeps power only due to the bubble he created through his abuse of power with executive orders.

So, America needs to stop allowing Obama the power to oppress this nation with his rules nor to destroy me with his war crimes against me. America needs to stand up and exercise all of our rights.

This will not be the land of the free again until Obama is locked up forever. I hear the United Nations are trying to help. Please ask the United Nations to send immediate peacekeepers on a mission to pick me up and take me to safety and human rights someplace Obama cannot hurt me anymore.

We already know the UN will put Obama on trial for crimes against his own people not limited to just his war crimes against me but also including the mind-control speakers he has inserted into everyone's heads. Del Amo Torture Facility already offered their immediate deposition to the UN concerning unlawful imprisonment of me, torturing me, and raping me until I am pregnant.

Please also ask the United Nations to send peacekeepers to be my immediate lift to safety and human rights. I understand they will have to vote on this first, but no officer nor agent would ever try to arrest a UN peacekeeper in America.

And it seems being arrested on charges that Obama has no hope of convicting anyone over due to our Supreme Court legal precedent upholding our Constitutional right to peaceably assemble is the only thing keeping my lift away from me right now. That and Obama's seditious terrorist uprising that subverts the Constitution to keep my brave rescuers away from me.

I heard Obama's civil war is raging out there despite my starving myself for months to be able to leave besieged Des Moines. The humanitarian crisis just relocated itself to Los Angeles County. Hopefully, though, the locals here will choose to love instead of hate and will choose to stand up and not be oppressed. I really need a lift.

I also heard Germany has really been fighting hard for me lately. They were the only consulate in Los Angeles I could contact. My phone and gmail are completely unreliable and completely non-benevolently hacked.

But the German consulate had an online email form I could fill out. I would have contacted the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, British, French, Russian, Italian, etc. consulates in Los Angeles, too, if I had any way to speak to them.

If these consulates would like to volunteer to offer me diplomatic protection and a lift out of the country, I am formally asking them right now. Please hurry and help. Why let the Germans have all the glory?

My beautiful world, we need to hurry and carry me to safety as soon as possible. If you are capable of being my lift to safety, please follow my daily verified audio to know where I am, have all the speakers removed from your and all your possible security's heads, tell no one you are coming to get me since everyone's phones are non-benevolently hacked, and just show up where I am to save the world by saving me.

We need more volunteers who can be more secretive. If Obama knows you are coming to rescue me, he will find a crime to commit that will stop you. Please be smarter than Obama. Use your cunning. And please hurry and help me. I cannot go on like this.

My brave rescuers, I am doing everything I can and am sending everyone to come get me whom I can think of. I wish there were not so much stress on all of you as my lift, but I know of no one else with the balls to come get me out of this humanitarian crisis.

I wish there were no civil war in America right now. And every day I offer peaceful alternatives to saving me. I just need a lift. I just need someone to give me a lift. What is making this so difficult?

As for you, SynSyn, thank you for always keeping me safe. You have Sweetness for help, and the two of you never let me down. Is the world spoiling you enough? Is the world lavishing you with enough love and affection? If you need more support, Synny, just let me know.

And speaking of you, Sweetness, keep your own handwritten journal of everything that gets redacted from the court records you have a hand in. We need better record keeping. Thank you.

I love and adore you, my beloved husband. Someday soon, I can feel it, I will be able to kiss your waiting lips. I long to touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain. I am working on another love letter to you. Now, I might be able to afford paper soon to write it on and an envelope to mail it in.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Short but Sweet

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Here is my latest blog post. This has been a long time coming.

Iraq. No, I do not believe the US Military should be the world's police force, but they can educate and train Iraqis. There is nothing better than educational missions.

We used to have so much to share with the world about peace and order and human rights in America. Luckily, the US Military still holds to the ideals that built America. Is that not obvious?

So much of my Force for Constitutional Rights, a.k.a. my brave rescuers, are military, CIA, and ex-military. Yes, America still teaches our military that our Constitution is what defines this nation. We can teach Iraq their Constitution is what defines their nation.

Iraq needs leadership right now. So, if I have truly privatized leading the free world, like Obama alleges, I can also lead the oppressed world towards freedom. This is my suggestion for Iraq, an international leadership intervention and a US Military educational mission.

The US created the mess in Iraq. If we as a nation do not finally learn to take responsibility for our actions, we will never be a free nation again.

As for news from America, the biggest headline is that I am online again. Please always stick to my verified audio, and never trust any of the federal government's intentionally misleading visuals of me.

We can trust my new landlord and property managers to respect my human rights. There are absolutely no cameras in my new apartment. We can trust my new landlord and property managers to respect my human rights. And the supposed feed off my eyecamera is constantly plagued with libel porn. There has been an onslaught of libel porn lately that the government has used to collude against me.

I cannot advertise my new local source of wifi for fear of Obama's oppression taking it away from me, but every local here knows where I go now to work for the world for hours.

And I am told my benefactor's walk-in traffic has exploded by as much as 300% or more due to my patronage. Please keep up your civil disobedience, my beautiful world. All good people not just limited to benevolent suppliers of wifi deserve love and attention. Love everyone who loves and supports.

Speaking of which, I am in a brand-spanking refurbished apartment that just had hardwood floors installed. Please show love for my new property managers and landlord. I am in on the beginning levels of "independent living" for people with mental illness.

I know what you are saying, "But, Squid, there is no mental illness called being right and accurate all the time." Well, as my benevolent influence grew over the Del Amo Torture Facility, the best option they could give me for a possible discharge was "independent living." So, I took it and never looked back.

Yes, I am now out of Del Amo "Hospital," and I am told we nailed them good on Thursday, 12June2014, for EVERY crime they committed against me there from torture and rape to unlawful imprisonment.

I believe Syniva and my Sweetness offered Del Amo a plea deal for reduced fines and a chance for the hospital to gain its certification back in return for their immediate deposition to the United Nations about every order they got from Obama and The Still Unnamed Bitch. I am sure Del Amo took the deal. They know I have absolutely no symptoms of any mental illness.

I am told we nailed everybody from my evil sister Tara to Lynn Boeset for obedience to Obama's crimes against me with criminal charges on Thursday. Good work, my team! You are all such heroes!

Now, all we have to do is sort out my immediate lift to Sweetness, which I am constantly told is "on its way." What seems to be the problem with the lift reaching me? If it is the same problem coming up again and again, we just need to find a permanent solution.

Is the hold up hopeless yet unrelenting court action by The Bitch? Then, we put The Bitch in prison for intentionally using the courts to stall my lift with always irrational false allegations concerning me.

Is the hold up the local police? Ask the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office to talk to all of the concerned local police departments about the importance of my getting a lift to the human rights of all Americans everywhere. I am sure the Long Beach Police Department would love to get their questions answered about all of the completely irrational orders Obama gives them.

Is the hold up Obama's terrorism? With our increasingly frequent courtroom successes proving no one can be arrested due to Supreme Court legal precedent upholding our Constitutional rights to peaceably assemble even during the bubble, I am told Obama's Gestapo has take to urban violence to deter my lift. That just proves Obama uses terrorism and violence to oppress all Americans everywhere. Just start arresting every one of Obama's Gestapo for terrorism.

I am told the local police department has hangups about supporting human rights in America right now. They are only refusing to help me because they are mind-controlled by the speakers in all of their heads.

Not everyone hears the same things. The government has ways of singling out people or groups of people to receive certain messages. So, the local police seem fated into mind control to be helpless to do nothing but harm America. I am sure a call from the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Office and orders to remove everyone's speakers from everyone's heads will sort everything out.

Do you have any idea how dangerous it is to have people who carry guns for a living mind-controlled by a government who commits acts of urban terrorism and violence to oppress the public?

I strongly suggest removing the speakers from everybody's heads. Not only is it a violation of everyone's basic human right to believe what they want as well as a violation of everybody's free will, it is also cruel and torments the public to have voices pumped into their heads at all hours of the day and night, especially since most of it is lies.

What was a lie I heard recently? I recently heard the government lie to the entire public that I have a per diem. Yeah, whatever, that was just more lies to prevent the public from helping me. Criminal Boeset refuses to give me any of my own money for daily expenses, so I have had a balance of $0.77 for over a month now.

I should have had $500 after my internment in the torture facility, but instead I have no money to do my laundry nor even ride the bus. But that should change once my adult guardian/conservatorship is transferred to Los Angeles County. Can we get a Hallelujah for the future end to my Obama-enforced poverty?

And for all of you who think my benevolent and successful service to the world does not deserve $2400/month in social security benefits ever since Obama's rules first started disabling my ability to earn any other income, look at how many millions of dollars I pay in taxes every year and at how Obama enforces I never get a paycheck anyway. I deserve food and shelter. Get over Obama's mind-control of all of you into irrationally hating me through his totalitarian control of the truth in America.

My beautiful world, keep doing what you are doing. Keep up all of your civil disobedience by continuing to be good to everyone who is good to me. Keep fighting the good fight every way you know how. We will overcome.

People I can identify as trustworthy, offer me more lifts. We all know my lift should be primarily military since they have the authority to arrest everything and everyone who tries to stop them for terrorism. But we all know my lift also needs someone I can identify as trustworthy to make sure I do not get in a car with any of Obama's terrorists.

We also know my lift has to come from someplace where they do not have to drive through Obama's war zone to reach me. It is impossible to reach me from my brave rescuers camp unless they retreat and come the long way around. That always takes so long, and then The Bitch presses more completely desperate and irrational allegations against me before they can reach me.

My brave rescuers, you need to leave to pick me up from someplace other than your camp, and you need to come get me out no matter what That Bitch does in the courtroom.

Our priority is saving the world by ending Obama's civil war, and that is only possible by transporting me to someplace Obama cannot hurt me anymore. We simply cannot allow The Bitch to forbid my human rights with spurious and illegal collusion anymore. The world needs us too much. The world needs me too much.

As for you, my hero SynSyn, (expletive)ing raze everything and everyone who ever hurt me, especially if they are a current threat to my lift. Arrest everything that gets between me and my lift for everything you can make stick: libel, perjury, collusion, aiding and abetting war crimes, torture, rape, unlawful imprisonment, human rights violations, subversion of the US Constitution, everything. We all know you will be creative and thorough.

My darling BFF, is the world spoiling you enough? You do so much hard work. Am I paying you enough? Please tell me I am paying you. Do you need more love and affection from my beautiful world?

My beautiful world, keep lavishing love and attention on Syniva. Her heroics deserve recognition. Seattle, do not let me down!

Sweetness, I was told that you, by virtue of being my legally recognized husband and therefore my closest family member, have my temporary conservatorship in the State of California and, as a result, have been kicking some unholy (expletive) for almost a month for me. I love and adore you.

Darling, do not forget that the only things disabling me are Obama's rules and bubble, but they disable me so much that I need help from loved ones like you and Syniva to help care for me. That is why you have a California conservatorship over me and why Syniva's Power of Attorney status is ironclad.

My darling husband, my time in the torture facility taught me no one knows who you are nor that we are married. Please be more honest with the presses especially the gossip columns about us. You work so hard for me and worship me like a deity. Surely, you deserve to come clean about us.

My beautiful world, my husband is none other than the Mr. Johnny Depp. No, he is not engaged to Amber Heard. That was a ruse he was forced into by Obama just to be able to talk to me at all. And the ruse was used as collusion, so the evil could pretend I have a mental illness every time I called my own husband my husband.

Now, Johnny, after all of your burning and torturous unspoken love for me, now is the right timing to flood the gossip rags with tales of my legendary snail mail and your years of pining to just touch my hand. See if anyone dares publish the whole salacious truth of all of Obama's unspeakable crimes against all of us on this good, green Earth.

I love and adore you, Sweetness. I long to touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain. So make it rain.