Thursday, June 12, 2014

Short but Sweet

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Here is my latest blog post. This has been a long time coming.

Iraq. No, I do not believe the US Military should be the world's police force, but they can educate and train Iraqis. There is nothing better than educational missions.

We used to have so much to share with the world about peace and order and human rights in America. Luckily, the US Military still holds to the ideals that built America. Is that not obvious?

So much of my Force for Constitutional Rights, a.k.a. my brave rescuers, are military, CIA, and ex-military. Yes, America still teaches our military that our Constitution is what defines this nation. We can teach Iraq their Constitution is what defines their nation.

Iraq needs leadership right now. So, if I have truly privatized leading the free world, like Obama alleges, I can also lead the oppressed world towards freedom. This is my suggestion for Iraq, an international leadership intervention and a US Military educational mission.

The US created the mess in Iraq. If we as a nation do not finally learn to take responsibility for our actions, we will never be a free nation again.

As for news from America, the biggest headline is that I am online again. Please always stick to my verified audio, and never trust any of the federal government's intentionally misleading visuals of me.

We can trust my new landlord and property managers to respect my human rights. There are absolutely no cameras in my new apartment. We can trust my new landlord and property managers to respect my human rights. And the supposed feed off my eyecamera is constantly plagued with libel porn. There has been an onslaught of libel porn lately that the government has used to collude against me.

I cannot advertise my new local source of wifi for fear of Obama's oppression taking it away from me, but every local here knows where I go now to work for the world for hours.

And I am told my benefactor's walk-in traffic has exploded by as much as 300% or more due to my patronage. Please keep up your civil disobedience, my beautiful world. All good people not just limited to benevolent suppliers of wifi deserve love and attention. Love everyone who loves and supports.

Speaking of which, I am in a brand-spanking refurbished apartment that just had hardwood floors installed. Please show love for my new property managers and landlord. I am in on the beginning levels of "independent living" for people with mental illness.

I know what you are saying, "But, Squid, there is no mental illness called being right and accurate all the time." Well, as my benevolent influence grew over the Del Amo Torture Facility, the best option they could give me for a possible discharge was "independent living." So, I took it and never looked back.

Yes, I am now out of Del Amo "Hospital," and I am told we nailed them good on Thursday, 12June2014, for EVERY crime they committed against me there from torture and rape to unlawful imprisonment.

I believe Syniva and my Sweetness offered Del Amo a plea deal for reduced fines and a chance for the hospital to gain its certification back in return for their immediate deposition to the United Nations about every order they got from Obama and The Still Unnamed Bitch. I am sure Del Amo took the deal. They know I have absolutely no symptoms of any mental illness.

I am told we nailed everybody from my evil sister Tara to Lynn Boeset for obedience to Obama's crimes against me with criminal charges on Thursday. Good work, my team! You are all such heroes!

Now, all we have to do is sort out my immediate lift to Sweetness, which I am constantly told is "on its way." What seems to be the problem with the lift reaching me? If it is the same problem coming up again and again, we just need to find a permanent solution.

Is the hold up hopeless yet unrelenting court action by The Bitch? Then, we put The Bitch in prison for intentionally using the courts to stall my lift with always irrational false allegations concerning me.

Is the hold up the local police? Ask the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office to talk to all of the concerned local police departments about the importance of my getting a lift to the human rights of all Americans everywhere. I am sure the Long Beach Police Department would love to get their questions answered about all of the completely irrational orders Obama gives them.

Is the hold up Obama's terrorism? With our increasingly frequent courtroom successes proving no one can be arrested due to Supreme Court legal precedent upholding our Constitutional rights to peaceably assemble even during the bubble, I am told Obama's Gestapo has take to urban violence to deter my lift. That just proves Obama uses terrorism and violence to oppress all Americans everywhere. Just start arresting every one of Obama's Gestapo for terrorism.

I am told the local police department has hangups about supporting human rights in America right now. They are only refusing to help me because they are mind-controlled by the speakers in all of their heads.

Not everyone hears the same things. The government has ways of singling out people or groups of people to receive certain messages. So, the local police seem fated into mind control to be helpless to do nothing but harm America. I am sure a call from the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Office and orders to remove everyone's speakers from everyone's heads will sort everything out.

Do you have any idea how dangerous it is to have people who carry guns for a living mind-controlled by a government who commits acts of urban terrorism and violence to oppress the public?

I strongly suggest removing the speakers from everybody's heads. Not only is it a violation of everyone's basic human right to believe what they want as well as a violation of everybody's free will, it is also cruel and torments the public to have voices pumped into their heads at all hours of the day and night, especially since most of it is lies.

What was a lie I heard recently? I recently heard the government lie to the entire public that I have a per diem. Yeah, whatever, that was just more lies to prevent the public from helping me. Criminal Boeset refuses to give me any of my own money for daily expenses, so I have had a balance of $0.77 for over a month now.

I should have had $500 after my internment in the torture facility, but instead I have no money to do my laundry nor even ride the bus. But that should change once my adult guardian/conservatorship is transferred to Los Angeles County. Can we get a Hallelujah for the future end to my Obama-enforced poverty?

And for all of you who think my benevolent and successful service to the world does not deserve $2400/month in social security benefits ever since Obama's rules first started disabling my ability to earn any other income, look at how many millions of dollars I pay in taxes every year and at how Obama enforces I never get a paycheck anyway. I deserve food and shelter. Get over Obama's mind-control of all of you into irrationally hating me through his totalitarian control of the truth in America.

My beautiful world, keep doing what you are doing. Keep up all of your civil disobedience by continuing to be good to everyone who is good to me. Keep fighting the good fight every way you know how. We will overcome.

People I can identify as trustworthy, offer me more lifts. We all know my lift should be primarily military since they have the authority to arrest everything and everyone who tries to stop them for terrorism. But we all know my lift also needs someone I can identify as trustworthy to make sure I do not get in a car with any of Obama's terrorists.

We also know my lift has to come from someplace where they do not have to drive through Obama's war zone to reach me. It is impossible to reach me from my brave rescuers camp unless they retreat and come the long way around. That always takes so long, and then The Bitch presses more completely desperate and irrational allegations against me before they can reach me.

My brave rescuers, you need to leave to pick me up from someplace other than your camp, and you need to come get me out no matter what That Bitch does in the courtroom.

Our priority is saving the world by ending Obama's civil war, and that is only possible by transporting me to someplace Obama cannot hurt me anymore. We simply cannot allow The Bitch to forbid my human rights with spurious and illegal collusion anymore. The world needs us too much. The world needs me too much.

As for you, my hero SynSyn, (expletive)ing raze everything and everyone who ever hurt me, especially if they are a current threat to my lift. Arrest everything that gets between me and my lift for everything you can make stick: libel, perjury, collusion, aiding and abetting war crimes, torture, rape, unlawful imprisonment, human rights violations, subversion of the US Constitution, everything. We all know you will be creative and thorough.

My darling BFF, is the world spoiling you enough? You do so much hard work. Am I paying you enough? Please tell me I am paying you. Do you need more love and affection from my beautiful world?

My beautiful world, keep lavishing love and attention on Syniva. Her heroics deserve recognition. Seattle, do not let me down!

Sweetness, I was told that you, by virtue of being my legally recognized husband and therefore my closest family member, have my temporary conservatorship in the State of California and, as a result, have been kicking some unholy (expletive) for almost a month for me. I love and adore you.

Darling, do not forget that the only things disabling me are Obama's rules and bubble, but they disable me so much that I need help from loved ones like you and Syniva to help care for me. That is why you have a California conservatorship over me and why Syniva's Power of Attorney status is ironclad.

My darling husband, my time in the torture facility taught me no one knows who you are nor that we are married. Please be more honest with the presses especially the gossip columns about us. You work so hard for me and worship me like a deity. Surely, you deserve to come clean about us.

My beautiful world, my husband is none other than the Mr. Johnny Depp. No, he is not engaged to Amber Heard. That was a ruse he was forced into by Obama just to be able to talk to me at all. And the ruse was used as collusion, so the evil could pretend I have a mental illness every time I called my own husband my husband.

Now, Johnny, after all of your burning and torturous unspoken love for me, now is the right timing to flood the gossip rags with tales of my legendary snail mail and your years of pining to just touch my hand. See if anyone dares publish the whole salacious truth of all of Obama's unspeakable crimes against all of us on this good, green Earth.

I love and adore you, Sweetness. I long to touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain. So make it rain.

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