Monday, June 16, 2014

Keeping the World Up to Date with Love

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Here is my latest blog post. It has been adventures in pennilessness while waiting for the world to come pick me up and take me to safety and human rights.

My life since my last blog post has largely been pennilessness highlighted by the kindness of strangers who were all convinced I was a porn star and who all tried to sleep with me except for my good gentlemen Nazareth, Tim, and Andy on Friday all while I waited for a lift to human rights. I still need that lift.

Luckily for the locals, on Saturday, 14June2014, in the courts we won greater flexibility for people who want to spend time with me. Hopefully, this means I get to see Nazareth, Tim, and Andy again or more people as kind as they are.

They offered me food and good, honest company without their treating me like a porn star. I have a right to good, honest human interactions. This is not Iowa. I am not hated here.

California is full of good people, and we have a Supreme Court upheld Constitutional right to peaceably assemble even during the bubble. Please keep Obama's blatant oppression of the masses off of California's back.

And please see if Los Angeles and San Francisco can convince Sacramento to make Obama's unconstitutional and extralegislative rules illegal in this mighty state of California.

If anyone wants to say hi, my new address is 247 East Hullett Street, Apt. #2, Long Beach, CA 90805. It is technically "independent living" for people with mental illnesses since Obama mandates my acknowledgment of my own husband be treated like a mental illness complete with malpractice-enabled heavy antipsychotics and everything.

I have no pots and pans. No plates and dishes. No forks or knives. No toilet paper. No towels. No soap. No bedding. I have only one dress and one pair of underwear until a box from my mother hopefully arrives on Thursday.

I have no way to shower nor to cook food. And the property manager provides the cheapest most unhealthy groceries possible. I understand they are on a budget, but how much literal baloney do they think I can eat? We have no furniture but the stove and refrigerator in the kitchen and the beds upstairs.

If anyone can help my Obama-mandated, Obama-rule-created, humanitarian-crisis-level living situation, please do everything you can. The best thing to do is just pick me up and carry me to someplace Obama cannot hurt me anymore.

There is this guy named Dick Strassor who was hired by Criminal Boeset's lawyers in Los Angeles to collude I have a mental illness, so Criminal Boeset could lock me up indefinitely. I had to threaten him with arresting him for stalking me to keep him from snooping around my new apartment under the false pretenses that "Squid's parents sent him."

I quickly called my mother who had no idea who the (expletive)hole was. He was clearly a fraud sent to pretend he found a severe and debilitating mental illness in me. Criminal Boeset is one of the most underhanded (expletive)es to walk the Earth. She really needs to be put in prison for the rest of her life for all of her crimes against me.

Syn, Dick Strassor's phone number is 310-785-0048 if you want him to corroborate. He fears being locked in prison. Offer him a plea bargain letting him out of fraud and collusion charges if he turns in everyone who sent him.

I did find a use for him on Friday. I told him to command all of "my" lawyers in Iowa who need to be locked in prison for the rest of their lives to give me $500, so I can nest.

Something happened between Friday and today, Monday, since Criminal Boeset moved me $50 instead of the $500 I need for nesting. It was immediately spent supporting my wifi benefactor, on bus fare, doing laundry, and getting my eyebrows waxed. A lady has to have priorities, and it was only $8 for the wax anyway.

Everything adds up. So, The money is halfway gone, now, and I still have no way to buy pots and pans, plates and dishes, spoons and forks, toilet paper, soap, towels, bedding, etc.

My mom tried to send me gift cards since Obama expressly forbids her from sending me any money, but my property manager needs to get the mailboxes rekeyed. The soonest I will be able to access the gift cards is first thing tomorrow if maintenance is on time. I would really love to take a shower.

What else is going on? Obama escalated today, Monday, 16June2014. He is convinced the world will be able to free me, so he has been pushing every recycled false allegation he could think of to be able to lock me up forever.

SynSyn, please do not forget I am supposed to have protection from "double jeopardy." That is Amendment 5 to the US Constitution, if I am not mistaken.

Even if Obama keeps illegally insisting all the human-rights-reinforcing court rulings we generate like a power plant generates electricity all have to be redacted, I still am due protection from double jeopardy.

That is why I asked you to keep a handwritten journal of all of the government's false allegations and all of our arguments and testimony that reverses them all. Handwritten journals are admissible evidence.

And we need to kick things up a notch if Obama is going to keep escalating. So, press criminal countercharges against everyone involved in persecuting me for EVERYTHING you can make stick against them from corruption and conspiracy to aiding and abetting war crimes and attempted unlawful imprisonment.

We need to be at the top of our game, Syn, Sweetness, and my genius lawyers.

I keep being asked, "What is Obama's motive for all of this?" Well, clearly, this all started with raping, enslaving, and persecuting me because Obama is a psychopath. Remember when we proved Obama is a psychopath in the courts? Yeah, Synny, that was a good win.

But why does he continue all of his crimes against me if he is already caught and trying to demand absolution for all of his war crimes against me? He knows absolution for war crimes is impossible. The demand is just his convenient excuse to keep committing as many crimes as possible.

As long as Obama can libel, enslave, rape, starve, etc. me, he stays in power. He was impeached in early 2013 and keeps power only due to the bubble he created through his abuse of power with executive orders.

So, America needs to stop allowing Obama the power to oppress this nation with his rules nor to destroy me with his war crimes against me. America needs to stand up and exercise all of our rights.

This will not be the land of the free again until Obama is locked up forever. I hear the United Nations are trying to help. Please ask the United Nations to send immediate peacekeepers on a mission to pick me up and take me to safety and human rights someplace Obama cannot hurt me anymore.

We already know the UN will put Obama on trial for crimes against his own people not limited to just his war crimes against me but also including the mind-control speakers he has inserted into everyone's heads. Del Amo Torture Facility already offered their immediate deposition to the UN concerning unlawful imprisonment of me, torturing me, and raping me until I am pregnant.

Please also ask the United Nations to send peacekeepers to be my immediate lift to safety and human rights. I understand they will have to vote on this first, but no officer nor agent would ever try to arrest a UN peacekeeper in America.

And it seems being arrested on charges that Obama has no hope of convicting anyone over due to our Supreme Court legal precedent upholding our Constitutional right to peaceably assemble is the only thing keeping my lift away from me right now. That and Obama's seditious terrorist uprising that subverts the Constitution to keep my brave rescuers away from me.

I heard Obama's civil war is raging out there despite my starving myself for months to be able to leave besieged Des Moines. The humanitarian crisis just relocated itself to Los Angeles County. Hopefully, though, the locals here will choose to love instead of hate and will choose to stand up and not be oppressed. I really need a lift.

I also heard Germany has really been fighting hard for me lately. They were the only consulate in Los Angeles I could contact. My phone and gmail are completely unreliable and completely non-benevolently hacked.

But the German consulate had an online email form I could fill out. I would have contacted the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, British, French, Russian, Italian, etc. consulates in Los Angeles, too, if I had any way to speak to them.

If these consulates would like to volunteer to offer me diplomatic protection and a lift out of the country, I am formally asking them right now. Please hurry and help. Why let the Germans have all the glory?

My beautiful world, we need to hurry and carry me to safety as soon as possible. If you are capable of being my lift to safety, please follow my daily verified audio to know where I am, have all the speakers removed from your and all your possible security's heads, tell no one you are coming to get me since everyone's phones are non-benevolently hacked, and just show up where I am to save the world by saving me.

We need more volunteers who can be more secretive. If Obama knows you are coming to rescue me, he will find a crime to commit that will stop you. Please be smarter than Obama. Use your cunning. And please hurry and help me. I cannot go on like this.

My brave rescuers, I am doing everything I can and am sending everyone to come get me whom I can think of. I wish there were not so much stress on all of you as my lift, but I know of no one else with the balls to come get me out of this humanitarian crisis.

I wish there were no civil war in America right now. And every day I offer peaceful alternatives to saving me. I just need a lift. I just need someone to give me a lift. What is making this so difficult?

As for you, SynSyn, thank you for always keeping me safe. You have Sweetness for help, and the two of you never let me down. Is the world spoiling you enough? Is the world lavishing you with enough love and affection? If you need more support, Synny, just let me know.

And speaking of you, Sweetness, keep your own handwritten journal of everything that gets redacted from the court records you have a hand in. We need better record keeping. Thank you.

I love and adore you, my beloved husband. Someday soon, I can feel it, I will be able to kiss your waiting lips. I long to touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain. I am working on another love letter to you. Now, I might be able to afford paper soon to write it on and an envelope to mail it in.

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