Monday, April 28, 2014

Obama is Destroying America! Take his Bubble Down!

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Here is my latest blog post. Not only do we need to do better containing Obama and all his malevolent, un-American influence, we also need to make him hurt more. That is the only way we will be able to force him to surrender. Instead of my and my loved ones enduring all of the inhumane suffering in this bubble, we need to make Obama suffer enough to make him hate his bubble enough to take it all down.

Ukraine. What century are we living in? These are not Cold War spies. Please understand, pro-Russians in the Ukraine, your detaining impartial OSCE observers as prisoners of war and parading them about town like prizes is an admission of guilt by you.

Impartial observers are people you should be making happy. If no one commits crimes, the impartial observers do not report crimes. For your own sakes, I strongly suggest you make friends with them and let them go. Your actions to the contrary just keep getting you in deeper trouble with the world.

Egypt. Please, interim Egyptian government, we have been through this already. Condemning an entire population identified with a common belief system to death for dissent sounds a lot like genocide. I am very aware of genocide right now because my brave rescuers face it under orders from Obama every day, so I must warn against it.

No, I did not agree with Morsi. No, I do not like sectarian governments anywhere. But not only should all Egyptians have more say in the Egyptian government than me, your government needs more legitimacy right now. The last thing you all should be doing is committing crimes against your own people.

You did not give these people a chance to defend themselves in their trial. And what are they condemned for? Speaking their minds? Assembling and associating with each other? Taking an active interest in their government? These are all things democracies should promote instead of condemn.

Egypt, you need a humanitarian government who loves all of your people in all your diversity and you need to love yourselves and your nation enough to prevent crimes not commit them. Please, Egypt, this world needs more stability. And stability is not built on false justice nor oppression.

Sadly, the United States is not faring any better than any other part of the world right now.

On 25April2014, Obama started detaining UN investigators collecting the truth about his crimes against his own people in Des Moines. This nation is increasingly less recognizable as America every day Obama is free to commit more crimes. But at least he is finally admitting fault.

On 26April2014, Obama released a new government-issued libel dump of hate propaganda against me. Please, my beautiful world, replace all of Obama's hatemongering lies with love and truth. We all know how dangerous libeling me is to America and the world, not just to me. Why does anybody still listen to that psychopath; he has no credibility nor legitimacy left! You all know what to do, my beautiful world.

Label all the hate propaganda as calumny; and also label all its sources as libelists, so they cannot libel anyone anywhere ever again. Set the record straight. Or, if you cannot, tell me all the details, so I can. The best resource for truth for fighting Obama's recycled, worn out, old libel is my blog. And finally, report all the calumny to Syniva, so we can add it to our logjam of charges.

This calumny Obama keeps propagating is not just a crime against me by creating irrational hatred of me and a hostile world for me to live in, this repeated offense is also a crime against America, propagates instability, and provides a government coverup for Obama's crimes against his own people.

Most importantly, my beautiful world, remember to not allow anything to fall into is-it-real-or-not debate but to put all of the focus on their crimes by uttering the calumny in the first place as well as on their ulterior motives behind the libel.

For example, please reread my 14April2014 blog post. What is Psychopath Obama and his conspiracy of terrorists' ulterior motives behind compulsively and irrationally insisting I am racist no matter how many times that calumny has been debunked?

Ever since Obama first enslaved me in 2009, some of my most fanatical and beloved-by-me lovers and supporters have been African Americans, particularly educated African American men.

Obama has not only been jealous of me for years because African Americans love me more than him, he has been trying to take my devoted, loving, and truth-inspired base of support away from me.

But it is no one's fault but Obama's for his being so reviled by all reality-educated Americans of all creeds and colors. Psychopath Obama is a modern African American slave owner who labors tirelessly to make this Asian woman even more subservient to him. And all he has ever done about it is lie to the world and libel me more often instead of just ceasing all his crimes.

Obama's bubble has rendered this nation completely unrecognizable! I was just told on 27April2014 that there is widespread rioting across the US. Rioting is nothing I stand for! It just more of the destruction Obama is causing this once-great country!

Who is forbidding this nation freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom to assemble and associate? Obama. Who forbids me all of my human rights except my freedom of speech (which he tries everyday to criminally, permanently silence) just to be able to keep me, his starving human trafficking victim, in a slavery-and-rape apartment? Obama.

Who has flat out libeled me since 2009 with government-issued and government-protected calumnies and has also intentionally distorted everything I say and do just so he can enforce and excuse his violence, rioting, blood, terrorism, death, and destruction? Obama.

How do we know Obama is the one committing all the crimes against me from libel to slavery to torture to systemic rape to poisoned and drugged food and water? Read his ever-increasingly-oppressive book of extralegislative rules. Obama forbids me from ever knowing about any and all of the crimes he commits against me while simultaneously forbidding anyone anywhere from telling the truth about his crimes just to guarantee I and all of America can never be rescued from him. Obama's rules make it illegal to save me or even report his crimes.

Yes, who has forbidden me from hearing or learning about any and all of the government-issued and government-protected libel of me, any and all of the crimes Obama commits against me, and any and all of the human trafficking I have been a victim of completely against my will and initially without any of my knowledge just to make sure I and no one else can ever save me from Obama's bubble of human rights violations, crimes against humanity against me, domestic and in 2010 foreign terrorism, and crimes against his own people? Obama.

THIS IS OBAMA'S BUBBLE! This bubble needs to be ended to save us all!

Why are all of you still drinking Obama's snake oil? You all know better.

Creating Obama's bubble created all of our problems; ending the bubble will end all of our problems. It will end Obama's terrorism. It will end Obama's totalitarian rules which have rendered this nation unrecognizable as America. It will end Obama's systemically raping me. It will end Obama's slavery and libel of me as the disgusting American past time. It will end Obama's war, violence, blood lust, and mass murder of my rescuers. Ending this bubble will bring peace to the world.

Putting it on record you oppose ending Obama's bubble, oppose giving me human rights and dignity I am due by virtue of just being a human in the world in the first place, and oppose America's finally having freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom to assemble and associate, makes you an enemy of America and a menace to the entire world.

Why are all of you still drinking Obama's snake oil? You all know better.

I heard Obama's libel porn channel is on again. Are they still claiming Obama's taxpayer-funded porn stars are me? It is well established the show has never once kept me "safe," but instead intentionally created irrational hatred of me and a malevolent and hostile environment for me to live in.

I can live with my eyecamera until the bubble comes down since it actually makes me safer in this proven hostile alien planet of Des Moines. But the nothing-but-government-human-trafficking-and-libel broadcast has got to end!

Make sure you reread my 12April2014 and 05April2014 blog posts about how broadcasting "me" in a slave apartment has never once made me safe from anything. If those pathologically lying psychopaths genuinely wanted to make me safe, they would not lie to you just to be able to keep enslaving me; they would give me my bodyguards instead. The only real solution is taking the whole bubble down, anyway.

And make sure you reread my 14April2014 and 25April2014 blog posts. I have never once volunteered for nor chosen to be broadcast. I have always been enslaved completely against my will and am, in fact, forbidden by Obama through his rules from ever learning I am his slave to guarantee I can never save myself from him and never have human rights nor human dignity again.

Take this crime against America off the air, and force Obama to surrender!

Or, as long as Psychopath Obama insists he has the "freedom of speech" to broadcast and circulate all the obvious lies, libel, and coverups he wants (And we all know spreading untruths to commit crimes against humanity and oppress the entire nation does not qualify under freedom of speech.), insist that means all of the rest of us have the actual freedom of speech to broadcast and circulate all the truth and reality we want to save America.

If Obama and his terrorist anti-reality machine are free to break every well-established and Constitutional law possible to propagate their government-issued lies and intentionally distorted untruths, we get violate Obama's illegal and extralegislative rules by telling the whole truth. If Obama refuses to obey the law, he cannot be permitted to enforce illegal and unconstitutional rules.

Exercise your rights, once-free America, and empower yourselves! Take Obama's crimes against America off the air, and force Obama to surrender!

Why are all of you still drinking Obama's snake oil? You all know better.

I am not a "Welfare Queen." I have never been on welfare in my life, and, no, I am not on welfare now. I am a billionaire who works three full time jobs 24/7 serving the world, fighting to save myself and America from Obama, and as Obama's slavery and rape victim (My résumé of everything I have accomplished since 2009 speaks for itself.) who is intentionally denied access to my own finances by Obama's bubble just so Obama can criminally keep me in a slavery-and-rape apartment in Des Moines.

If I were ever permitted enough of my own money by Obama and his terrorists to even eat more than one homemade meal a day, we all know I would spend that money to bring peace to America by leaving Des Moines. That is why Obama chooses to forbid me access to my own finances. So he can never be stopped from enforcing his bubble of terrorism and totalitarian oppression over all of America while committing crimes against women and crimes against humanity against me.

Why are all of you still drinking Obama's snake oil? You know better.

I have never once in my life been a "loner," and I am not "socially incompetent." All people everywhere are forbidden from speaking to me by Psychopath Obama's rules of totalitarian oppression. Furthermore, I do not tolerate lies nor abuse, but that is all the locals are willing to ever say to me.

I have managed to build a whole world of friends, though, despite all of this. They are all just forbidden from speaking to me or interacting with me directly by Obama. Reread his horrifying rules. But, yes, me and my friends and loved ones have found secret ways of communicating.

My friends and I are very interconnected together, and we are in constant communication. A good way to identify my friends is by keeping track of whom Obama is trying to oppress into silence most severely. All of my loved ones have stories and evidence of Obama's threats and terrorism against them. I pray they keep turning all of their evidence in. Everyone in the world is a witness to Obama's crimes against me. How can anyone deny this bubble is his?

That is also how particularly ridiculous all of Obama's conspiracy's intentionally fabricated false allegations were of my being slutty, a porn star, and a hooker. No one anywhere is willing to even break enough rules to talk to me. With the entire world forbidden by Obama from interacting with me, how am I supposed to be able to sleep with anyone, even if I wanted to?

Why are all of you still drinking Obama's snake oil? You know better.

Obama's terrorists cannot call libeling me both "quiet and nonverbal" and "so loud she must be silenced" at the same time. They silenced my ear mic, so I cannot talk to my friends on television anymore. They blocked my blog, so I cannot speak truth to the world. The whole world knows I am a constant communicator with everyone. The whole world knows I need and depend on everyone who genuinely loves and supports me and am always doing everything possible to interact with them.

That is why Obama keeps oppressing America more and more everyday to stop people from telling me anything because everything I learn about him makes me tell more truth he wants silenced. He just imposed even more totalitarian rules on 24April2014.

Why are all of you still drinking Obama's snake oil? You know better.

On a absolutely absurd note,... No offense, clowns of the world, I am sure you have a noble profession, but all of you scare me. It is not an attack on your character as entertainers for me to clarify calling me a clown is calumny and possibly libel.

Please reread my 10April2014 blog post, my beautiful world. I am not a model. I am not a performer. I am not here to make people laugh at me. I am not here to entertain anybody. I am a slave. And as soon as broadcasts that are all human trafficking of the real me or government-issued libel videos of "me" can be ended, the safer America will be.

My beautiful world, I have no idea what all of you still need proved. By construction, this bubble and all the worst crimes known to mankind it commits and covers up are all Obama's. All we have ever needed as evidence is Obama's extensive book of rules that enforce all of his crimes against America and protect all of his crimes against me. And the entire world is a witness to Obama's book of rules.

No, it has never been the Italian Mafia enslaving and raping me! Only stupid morons would have ever believed that particular calumny to irrationally shift blame from Obama onto innocents.

The Mafia did not write Obama's rules! The Mafia are not terrorists! The Mafia did not build a wall around Des Moines specifically to keep enforcing slavery of me, systemic rape of me, witch hunts of me, government coverups by evil locals pretending I have a mental illness, etc. that the rules specifically spell out cannot be ended for any reason nor even reported to the public!

How racist is Obama's conspiracy for blaming this on the Italian Mafia? Or even anyone but themselves!

Command Obama to take his bubble down, to stop lying to everyone, and to save America! That psychopath and all his criminal influence need to be contained. My beautiful world, what else can we do? Please be creative and thorough.

Speaking of being creative and thorough, Synny, I heard you hung up Polk County District Attorney Tom Miller by his toenails for his serial offenses of colluding against me with government-issued libel, refusing to investigate my rapists, refusing to competently prosecute anyone including but not limited to Criminal Boeset and every quack at Broadlawns who has committed proven crimes against me, conspiracy and corruption with Obama's terrorists, and the enforcing Obama's illegal bubble by doing all of this.

Immediately following your hanging Tom Miller out to dry, my BFF, the Obama's-revenge alarms started going off all over the Ingersoll neighborhood in Des Moines as the evil locals tried everything to lock me away from the world and silence me by locking me away from the internet permanently in another torture facility again.

Syn, you saved me as always. We need every quack who has ever harmed me locked in prison for the rest of their lives. The malpractice started when the bubble started. I was never in a psych ward in my life before 2009, and pretending I am mentally disabled, which I clearly am not, is one of the calumnies Obama's justifications for keeping my, if I believed in God, God-given, inalienable, and Constitutional rights away from me are dependent upon.

I was not put on Social Security disability until 2010, and every time I get a chance to fill out forms for Social Security, I explain to them I am not disabled. But the quacks keep telling them I am. The medical community has been persecuting me under Obama's orders since 2009, so Obama can keep me in his bubble with no way to save myself.

The entire world knows I have not had a symptom of mental illness since 2005, and none of those symptoms were either severe enough to hospitalize me nor even permanent. Libeling me "mentally incompetent" to do anything in this world is just another one of Obama's government-issued intentional distortions of my reality. The only thing in this world disabling me from anything is Obama's bubble of rampant human rights violations, libel, terrorism, and crimes against his own people.

My brave rescuers, the whole world knows you are our only hope for a permanent solution to the crisis that is my life under Obama's bubble. So please stop telling anyone anywhere including me your plans and timeline for reaching me. Be sneaky, or Obama will keep stopping you. If you need ANYTHING, tell the world. We are doing everything we can for you.

And thank you, SynSyn, for doing everything possible to make me as safe as possible until my rescuers can reach me. Remember how I asked you to donate all of my just compensation from all of Obama and his terrorists' crimes against me to my rescuers in my last blog post?

Just in case Obama intentionally falsely alleges it is even vaguely a crime to provide my brave rescuers with money to buy food, medicine, blankets, gasoline, generators, beds, hot water, showers, etc. just so they can more effectively exercise their Supreme-Court-upheld Constitutional rights to assemble and associate with me, please remind the courts I am just trying to protect my rescuers from dying, trying to make myself safe by finding a permanent solution to my slavery and complete lack of physical safety and human rights (except for my freedom of speech) crisis in Des Moines, and since I am constantly telling my rescuers to be sneaky and just drive me out of town not use brute force, supporting peaceful non-combat alternatives to containing Obama's domestic terrorism and domestic conflict.

On a pressing note concerning my immediate safety, Broadlawns Quack Facility Social Worker Gabe Martinez was banging on my door and screaming through it at me again this morning. Is there any way to prevent him from harassing me? He is such a horror! Treating me like I have a mental illness terrorizes me, especially when it is a big, burly man who refuses to leave me alone.

How did Gabe Martinez get in my building and up to my apartment door when there is a locked security door that keeps everyone outside the building who does not have a key? That is something you are going to have to ask the terrorists who live in my building. Please press harassment charges against serial offender Martinez as well as every other charge you can make stick. You are such a hero, Synny.

Oh, and my superBFF, are Obama's terrorists including but not limited to Criminal Boeset still trying to fight your legally-binding, federal-court-upheld authority as my Power of Attorney? Do you have all the legally-binding federal court papers that Criminal Boeset has no authority over me, too?

Yeah, Synny, Obama and Criminal Boeset's motives behind these crimes against both of us and against all of America are to prevent you from keeping me safe any longer from all of their proven crimes against humanity against me and crimes against their own people.

Criminal Boeset under orders from Obama wants to be able to enforce every single horrible crime mandated by Obama's bubble from libel as government coverup, systemic rape, human trafficking, and unlawful imprisonment of me in proven torture facilities to their mass murder of my brave rescuers and totalitarian oppression of all of America without any of us having our legal rights to protect ourselves.

All you ever do, Synny, is make me as safe as possible from already-convicted-for-crimes-against-me Obama, already-convicted-for-crimes-against-me Boeset, and everyone else in their conspiracy. You tell the truth. You are making progress towards saving America. And that is why you are being attacked with irrational allegations.

Furthermore, it is clearly fraud to be able to commit human rights violations and crimes against humanity every time Criminal Boeset still pretends to have any legal authority over me. Every count of her illegally exercising any control over me has been a federal offense every time since we have the federal court mandate overturning her criminally-obtained guardianship.

Use our court records, Synny, including your own completely admissible personal journal of Criminal Boeset's perjuries to get an injunction for federal criminal charges for every single crime Criminal Boeset has ever committed. Please refer to my 25April2014 and older blog posts for copious lists of even more of her crimes. We need her disabled from ever harming anyone anywhere ever again.

Syn, just assure me you have the federal court paperwork mandating Criminal Boeset has absolutely no authority over me, my medical care, my finances, my legal powers, nor my freedoms and rights, and I will start taking further action to legally incapacitate her. Thank you, my best friend, for all your heroism. I look forward to hugging you and kicking burro by your side very soon.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I saw you replaced your diamond engagement rock with a solid gold wedding ring. I could not stop smiling and giggling for days. Sometimes it is the little things that do all of the talking.

Darling, I just mailed you a new love letter today. The USPS tracking number is 9505 5213 4281 4118 0004 58. Never fall for fake love letters sent by the government to mislead you, HoneyHoney. I will always blog a USPS tracking number. I love and adore you. It was just far too long since I had written you a love poem.

My beloved, if Psychopath Obama actually supported marriage equality, we would have rights to have our wedding ceremony finally, live as a marriage couple, start a family, and make delicious love in complete privacy or at all, for that matter. Make sure Obama and the terrorists who obey him are held fully accountable for every crime they commit against us be those offenses big or small.

And as a very trivial matter, my king, that I feel a little embarrassed to include... Please get rid of all your ugly pants. No, I am not telling you to stop wearing pants. I would never sexually objectify you. Just please get rid of all your ill-fitting pants, especially the ones with pleats.

Please, darling, do this for me. Did Vanessa used to dress you, or something? Is that something I have to look forward to? I love you so much. I absolutely adore your unconventional fashion sense. We really need to do some shopping for both of us.

Friday, April 25, 2014

All of Obama's Lies Including His False Promises to Seduce us into Surrendering are Really his Acts of War.

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Here is my latest blog post. All of Obama's lies to be able to commit more crimes against his own people are acts of war, even his bold-faced lie that he would ever stop any of his crimes against all of us if we "surrendered." If Obama were going to backdown and stop his crimes ever, we would not have a fight to fight.

All we do is defend me and America against his crimes. We are not the aggressors. Our surrendering would mean permitting all of Obama's crimes against all of us to go unchecked, and that is no solution to this greatest human rights crisis the White House has ever manufactured. Obama is the one who needs to backdown. He is the one committing all the crimes; all we are doing is defending ourselves.

And as I type this, Psychopath Obama is still threatening "further isolation" of me to prevent my being further effective saving America from him and from his terrorism-enforced rules of oppression, debunking all of his pathological lies and government coverups for all his crimes against his own people, and finding peaceful alternatives to his world war. We need to protect everyone everywhere not just me from everything Obama wants.

I heard Obama's newest manipulative lie on 25April2014. He actually tried convincing my brave rescuers that he would let me leave the country if they surrendered. This was from the psychopath caught breaking every law possible and spreading every lie possible to lock me away from the world and away from the internet permanently to be raped, abused, tortured, and unlawfully imprisoned in a torture facility even while he was making that promise to my rescuers, so he could get away with replacing more truths with all his lies and get away with committing more crimes against me and against America, except with me locked up, completely unchecked.

Lying that Psychopath Obama would ever do anything morally-upstanding if we all surrendered to him was just his latest lie to manipulate the world into more totalitarian subservience to him. We know we cannot trust him to keep his word. Look at all his lies to just to be able to commit more crimes already.

The only real solution to Obama's bubble of totalitarian oppression, terrorism, war, and crimes against his own people is his finally choosing to backdown and stopping all of his horrors. And if he will not choose to stop lying and manipulating to be able to commit more crimes, he needs to be forced to stop. That is why we demand his unconditional surrender because he and the people who obey him at all cost to America are the only ones breaking any laws and because we are the good people defending ourselves and all America from him.

We all know if Obama ever wanted a diplomatic solution, he would have sat down and talked to me by now. Never trust any promises from him unless we get our full Constitutional rights to complete freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom to safely assemble and associate from him before hand as an act of good faith from him. He has lied too many times already, so unless he makes real acts of repentance, never trust him.

Obama is a psychopath, a slaver, a systemic rapist, a war criminal, and a terrorist. This entire world, particularly me and America, need complete protection from everything he genuinely wants for us. He is not a good person who can be trusted by anyone. Our surrendering to him would only lead to his continuing all his crimes against all of us, particularly me, unchecked. Never drink Obama's snake oil. Always resist everything terrorists demand.

And, no, Psychopath Obama, our telling the truth in court-admissible forums to end your crimes against your own people is not a crime. You need to back down, stop escalating, and stop all your crimes. Then, I will finally have the chance to stop spreading so much truth while defending all of us from you. You want me silenced? Stop giving me so much to say.

There was an absolute onslaught all day and all night 22April2014 and 23April2014 while Psychopath Obama escalated his crimes against his own people through the metaphorical roof. And then on 24April2014, Obama's absolute and illegal totalitarian oppression of all of America hit its worst and most restrictive level ever.

Why would anybody ever obey that unelected dictator? Take his power to hurt all of us away from him already! It is just Psychopath Obama's hubris, vengeance, malevolence, irrational sense of entitlement, and stupidity making us all suffer, and everyone can check my accurate Twitter activity for those days for more details.

On the morning of 23April2014, Obama's terrorists injection-drugged me to sedate me and raped me again in my sleep. I knew the moment I woke up I had been sodomized again. Clearly, no one here will ever do anything to make me safe and will only continue to unrelentingly break every law possible to escalate the dangers I have to endure until I can be rescued.

The only real solution is giving me my full human rights and letting me live safely with my loving and adoring husband, with bodyguards to keep me safe, and with my hero BFF at my side. Locking me in a torture facility will just make all the crimes against women, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and human rights violations Obama enforces over me become a million times worse, and that is exactly why Criminal Boeset always insists on it.

No, it is not "medical anxiety" to respond appropriately and responsibly to an emergency. No, it is not "insomnia" to be awakened from sound slumber every night by psychopaths trying to lock me in a torture facility just to feed their own criminal agenda.

No, it is not "medical depression" to fight for my own human rights when I am persecuted. No, it is not "paranoid schizophrenia" to acknowledge reality in a bubble of lies and war crimes. The list of Obama's local psychopaths' intentionally fabricated false allegations just goes on.

Syn, force the evil local pathological liars to lay their obvious government coverup to rest and to tell the truth for the first time EVER. I have absolutely no "impairment" and am clearly capable of more in this world even inside a bubble than those pathological liars are out there with their full human rights. Shove my résumé down their throats. They see everything I can accomplish in one day; they have no excuses.

I have to say this in every blog post, and I do recommend everyone read all my blog posts 30March2014 to the present oldest to newest for my growing argument. The only reason people intentionally falsely claim I have any mental illness or "impairment" at all whatsoever is to commit crimes against America. If they would give up their obvious government coverup, I could bring peace to this nation by leaving Des Moines.

Syn, every time Psychopathically Criminal Boeset spews more calumny to lock me in a torture facility again, reacquaint the court with every single quackpot justification Boeset has ever uttered to try to enforce more of her crimes against humanity against me including why all those attempts failed in court, force Criminal Boeset to read out loud to the court every single one of my complete blog posts from 30March2014 to the present oldest to newest to make a point of all the lies she has spread and aided and abetted about me, and get an injunction using our court records as evidence to make it possible to lock Criminal Boeset in prison for the rest of her life for all her crimes against me, against America, and in the face of the world.

Syn, bare minimum, Criminal Boeset needs criminal charges for EACH COUNT of perjury, collusion, conspiracy, persecution, hate crimes, attempted unlawful imprisonment, attempted crimes against humanity, attempted torture, aiding and abetting human trafficking, mass murder of my brave rescuers by intentionally keeping us apart, crimes against America, aiding and abetting terrorism, conspiracy with terrorists, subversion of the US Constitution, and everything else you can think of.

We need to punish this calumny of claiming I have any mental illness at all out of everyone from the Polk County Mental Health Examiner to all the internet trolls. And just punishment is what courts are for. We really need criminal charges against these monsters.

And, Synny, make sure they put a plug in their pathologically lying psychobabble. I have no "dark side." I have no "alter ego." I have never been an alcoholic; just check my hair for alcohol already. Make them stop watching libel porn and intentionally falsely claiming those taxpayer-funded-and-Obama-paid porn stars are me.

My friends call me "Squid." "Squid" is how I refer to myself in casual company. My blog in the name "Squid B. Varilekova" serves the world with superhuman genius and near-alien compassion for humanity. Only assholes call me "Tanya" outside of completely formal settings. Her Royal Highness Tanya Hedelisa Albon Depp de Varilek, Princess of Spain, is my name as a dignitary.

I am one woman with two full names. No one has ever claimed Norma Jean Baker, Samuel Clemens, Stephanie Germanotta, Karen Goldberg, nor whatever Sting's name was before he called himself Sting were mentally ill for having two names.

Squid is the name I have called myself both professionally and personally since the rise of the new millennium. I like it. The name keeps me humble. It makes lyrical artistry of my job as an inkslinger. I get to call myself "simply tentacular." The name just fits me.

A lot of people have more than one full name. Obama's terrorist conspiracy needs to stop grasping at desperate straws to libel me mentally disturbed, just so they can keep their obvious government coverup. They are caught in a criminal cycle of their own manufacturing of committing crimes to be able to tell lies to be able to commit crimes... Clearly, Obama and his terrorists are the ones who are actually psychologically disturbed.

Oh, and then on 24April2014 did they really claim I am "insane due to stress"? Where do they come up with this crap? Why do these psychopaths always make me repeat myself?

Please reread everything I have already said above. 1.) No one can argue I have ever in my life been higher functioning or more emotionally stable than I am right now. They have all seen everything I can accomplish in one day. I am clearly not "impaired" by the stress they put on me by irrationally and unrelentingly calling me "impaired." And I am obviously capable of more in this world even inside this bubble than all of those psychopaths are capable of out there with their full human rights. Make them choke on my résumé.

2.) If all those evil pathologically lying psychopaths are worried I have too much stress in my life, all they have to do is stop committing so many crimes against me, give me my full human rights, and let me leave. The only real solution is letting me live safely with my own loving and adoring husband, with bodyguards to keep me safe, and with my BFF by my side. All arguments to the contrary are direct and intentional efforts to cause harm to me and to commit crimes against America.

And, finally, 3.) they need to lay to rest their obvious government coverup for enforcing Obama's bubble over me. These psychopaths have never once had my best interests in mind. How obvious is that? That is just one of their many lies to be able to commit as many crimes as possible against me. And we all know how many lies there have been.

Genuine concern for my well-being means taking down Obama's bubble completely, no longer pathologically lying about me, giving me my full human rights, letting me leave completely evil Des Moines, and turning in all their irrefutable and damning evidence against Obama and his conspiracy of terrorists.

These clearly corrupt, evil, local psychopaths, just like everyone in Obama's conspiracy of terrorism committing crimes against the USA, need to be completely contained not just for my sake but for the good of all of America.

Syn, if it is dirty Polk County judges, if it is dirty Polk County attorneys, if it is a dirty city police chief, if it is dirty Polk County quacks and psychologists, if it is a dirty Polk County Mental Health Examiner, if it is a dirty Des Moines City Council, if it is a dirty Polk County Board, if it is dirty Iowa legislators, if it is a dirty local self-admitted conspiracy that menacingly calls itself "The Board," get them all.

Synny, rain reality on all their libel and government coverups, metaphorically take no prisoners, and enforce that their obvious unrelenting crimes against me and America finally end. Obama's corruption is so deep in Des Moines. We need it all rooted out, and just like we need to contain Obama, we need to contain all of Obama's criminal influence, too. He just keeps lying and committing more crimes.

Des Moines, the entire world is watching and judging you. Why would you not want to make yourselves look like worthwhile, morally-upstanding, and law-abiding people by safely letting me leave instead of spreading every lie possible and committing every crime possible against me just to cause Obama's world war?

At least we know Iowa, particularly Des Moines, will suffer the most of they get away with helping cause Obama's world war. The war will be fought right here on their land. Des Moines will likely be destroyed. And I still hold Iowa should have to pay for rescuing me since it is their crimes against everyone by obeying Obama causing me to need to be rescued from them in the first place.

Obama is not just committing crimes against me. He is committing crimes against everyone. My 11April2014 and 16April2014 blog posts proved useful again combatting Obama's evil local terrorists in Des Moines on 24April2014. Syn, you are such an undeniable hero. The Des Moines's evil local terrorists keep putting it on record that they only fight you, Synny, to be able to commit crimes against me and to start Obama's war.

Synny, (expletive)ing raze them. It is one thing for Obama's local terrorists to lie to the entire world and commit the worst crimes known to mankind against me, but no one, and absolutely no one, tries to hurt my loved ones.

Clearly, I am not dangerous; I spread love, bring peace, fight in the courts, end crimes against America, and fix problems. Obama's terrorism, anti-reality machine, and libel of me used to create hate and start wars is what is dangerous.

Syn, you once told me you caught fifteen year olds making libel of me and tried them in juvenile court for it. What exactly did Obama and his terrorists hire those children to do? Did Obama use taxpayer money to make libel porn with minors who looked like me, and did they broadcast that child pornography on the internet and television?

This needs to be investigated by people completely outside of Obama's conspiracy so not by the FBI and Department of Justice who will just keep breaking laws to protect Obama and to aid and abet his crimes against America. And America should be really disgusted with themselves for paying for all of Obama and his terrorists' libel porn of me, particularly if it means all of America has bought child pornography now.

And did Obama's child pornography even look like me? I doubt it. NOT ALL BROWN WOMEN LOOK ALIKE! And Obama's propagation of pornography of fat, ugly teenagers masturbating on television and the internet pretending they were me makes him a sexist and racist child pornographer, too, not just systemic rapist, human trafficker, war criminal, terrorist, totalitarian unelected dictator, and psychopath with neither credibility nor legitimacy as a leader.

I turn thirty-seven years old this year. I am no child. This is what I really look like. Settle for no substitutes. In the full length photo, yes, the largest part of my average-height body are my C cup breasts. So stop supporting Obama's child pornography.

Portrait photo taken 24April2014 at roughly 2:00pm at the Chocolaterie Stam on Ingersoll in Des Moines, Iowa, USA. Full length photo taken 25April2014 at roughly 11:15am at my slavery-and-rape apartment in Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

No, I have not lost weight. I have owned that dress since 2012. My D cups shrank to C cups in 2013 in the last torture facility I was unlawfully imprisoned in because all the food and drink they gave me had testosterone in it. I could tell by the changes to my body shape and the accelerated growth of hair around my mouth that I was ingesting testosterone. These current photos are what I look like now that my testosterone and estrogen have finally rebalanced.

Furthermore, I only take my bra off when I shower. If you saw "my" nipples, it was Obama's war crimes and crimes against women of forced public nudity and forced public humiliation again by broadcasting me in the shower and bathroom against my will, or you were watching Obama's taxpayer-funded libel porn stars. Please see my 22April blog post about how he has glammed them up, now, to make them look more like me.

It is very well established I have never wanted to be sexualized but have wanted to be respected as a thinker and world leader instead. So, why would I ever flash any of my body parts any place a camera could see them unless I had no other choice like in the bathroom? Just like the real me has never been a porn star nor a hooker, the real me has never been a stripper.

No, I was never promised stardom. Obama enslaved me against my will and without my knowledge and established his rules to guarantee I would never be able to stop it. I was only a star in San Francisco in 2009, anyway, when the broadcasts still told the truth about me. Ever since, I have been nothing but a slave, rape victim, torture victim, libel victim, political prisoner, and world leader with a blog.

As for doing my real job as a peacemongering leader,... My beautiful world, if you ever find yourself in a cult, love yourself enough to take charge of your life instead, think your own thoughts, and make your own decisions about yourself.

I have been fighting so hard since 2009 to regain control of my own life from Obama. I have never and would never volunteer to suffer as a slavery and systemic rape victim with no free will nor human rights.

Similarly, no one should ever choose to give up their own, if I believed in God, God-given rights to control their own future. If I am anything powerful, I am not a cult; I am a liberation.

We need to liberate ourselves most from Obama's zombifying snake oil. Did I just hear Obama is still mandating his wife Michelle still make public and media appearances and, worst of all, commencement addresses just to make Obama's crimes against all of us palatable? Does no one in America keep up with reality?

We already convicted Michelle Obama for conspiracy with her terrorist husband and for her aiding and abetting his crimes against women, crimes against humanity, and war crimes against me. She uttered the intentional calumny of libeling me a "porn star" to the Chinese government in order to prevent them from lending any more aid for taking down her psychopath husband's bubble of terrorism and crimes against women.

We have also already given all our evidence to both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, reputable national and international presses, etc. concerning Unelected Dictator Obama and his complicit wife's crimes against their own people.

Michelle is a failure as a mother for not taking her children away from their systemic rapist father. And despite all of this, she is still clearly permitted, for some criminal reason, to sell herself to the public like a "political whore" just to make the unrelenting totalitarian oppression her husband enforces over America with his iron fist of blood and violence palatable to the world and to the Obamas' zombie nation.

If you claim you have no idea what I am talking about, you need to catch up with reality. You need to keep better track of who is destroying America and who is saving America. And you need to stop drinking Obama's snake oil.

More snake oil? It is not that I, Syn, nor anyone on our team fear failure or even pursue perfection. We are just being ourselves. We keep winning in court every time because Obama, his terrorists, and his conspiracy are the only people in this whole mess breaking any laws... And they break every law.

Furthermore, our effectiveness fighting Obama in court does not cause Obama to attack my brave rescuers. Obama would always hinder my rescuers, even if I were completely submissive to him. That is just another intentionally distorted truth Obama has been circulating for years to try to manipulate all of us into being subservient to him.

It is just as vile a lie as pretending Obama would ever back off his crimes against America by choice if we stopped telling him to and surrendered to him. He will say and do anything to maintain totalitarian control over all of us. Never do anything terrorists want. Keep fighting and disobeying that psychopath instead.

Disobey but do not riot. I am a firm believer in the effectiveness of civil disobedience in bringing civil rights and liberties. I think everyone everywhere should peacefully disobey every single one of Obama's unconstitutional and illegal rules. We need more empowerment and less subservience.

But Los Angeles, did I hear you are rioting? And why, if there were instability or unrest anywhere, was I forbidden from knowing about it? We all know these are the very problems I am best at fixing.

Los Angeles, make yourselves empowered, intelligent creatures of love who fight to save me and America instead. Do not riot. That just causes harm to yourselves and your own homes.

Take organized, liberating action. Take down the bubble by freeing yourselves first. Never drink Obama's snake oil. Combat Obama and his anti-reality machine's lies and oppression in your hearts and minds by replacing all of Obama's crimes with truth and human rights instead. Prove a free civilization is prosperous not destructive. Be the opposite of Obama.

Reserve violence only for the professionals and only as a last resort.

My brave rescuers, you fight the most dangerously, but help is on its way. The world is throwing down to save America. We all just need to "hang in there" until you all are capable of reaching me.

In the mean time, I was told you, my brave rescuers, need more money. Please ask Syniva to start donating to you all the money we win in court starting on 25April2014 and continuing until you all disband because America and I am finally saved.

That money is my just compensation for the worst crimes known to mankind being committed against me, so if I want to spend it fighting to save America by containing Obama's terrorism, it is my choice. Maybe that will finally teach Obama and his terrorists to stop committing so many crimes against me. And please ask my beautiful world for matching donations.

SynSyn, we need to move more of our logjam through the courts, but Obama and his terrorists keep intentionally slowing us down with more completely irrational and intentionally fabricated false allegations concerning my in-all-reality completely sound mental health and still-only-fictional criminal activity.

My BFF, will the federal courts allow us to employ yet another dear friend from my Power of Attorney designating paperwork to help you, so we can be active as both prosecution and defense in different court rooms at the same time? There is nothing in my paperwork granting my full legal powers to only one of you at a time.

Synny, if the courts allow it (and I do not see why they would not), please get Ms. Amita Mistry or Ms. Ugwuji Maduekwe or both completely up to speed, remind her or both of them to keep a personal journal of all the libel spewed by Obama's terrorist conspiracy in court, and communicate with each other regularly. They are both licensed and boarded medical doctors. I am sure they would love to kick Criminal Boeset and her quacks in the head, too.

My superBFF, Obama's conspiracy of terrorists know they will never win against us with their libel-driven intentionally fabricated false charges against me nor with their quackpot torture facility threats.

They are just compulsively committing the same crimes over and over again the same way Obama's anti-reality machine keeps recycling their same worn out, already-debunked libel about me. So, SynSyn, always press every countercharge possible to break them of their unholy orders from Obama to escalate all of their crimes.

Mama has got mouths to feed, so make every countercharge absolutely blistering. Obama's evil, local, psychopathic terrorists clearly do not fear anything, so we need to teach them to fear justice.

Also, SynSyn, two years ago during the 2012 London Olympics I wrote Sweetness a love letter that was at least fifty pages long. In it, among many other things, I asked the two of you to clear out my storage unit in Palo Alto, CA.

It seems, now, everyone knows what is in my storage unit, so I assume Criminal Boeset has not been paying its fees as has been her obligation for over a year. Syn, please contact Ms. Fanny at the Public Storage at 2047 E Bayshore Road in Palo Alto, CA and move all of my mementos in that facility to my Sweetness's house.

And, of course, hold Criminal Boeset accountable for all late fees, maintenance fees, back fees, etc. due to all of her intentional neglect. She is the most criminally irresponsible person who has ever been anyone's criminally-gotten adult guardian. We really need her in prison. I hope Sweetness does not mind my old belongings.

Sweetness, I love and adore you, but you are buying all new beds when we can finally be together. I will not sleep in a bed your mistress has touched. No, I do not complain about sleeping alone in my bed while you have company in yours. And you know I am incapable of ever being angry with you, but you are buying all new beds for me.

Darling, I tolerate her right now because I understand oh so well how lonely we both get, but I will not tolerate infidelity when we finally have human rights again. I am more than enough woman for any man, and I love you too much to share you.

You are my hero, my king, and my reason for living. I have no illusions about you. I understand your flaws, but I also know your strengths. I heard you are my glorious knight in shining armor bringing a hurricane through the courtroom these days. No one should ever wonder why I would never leave you.

And, darling, please immediately and safely transport Cuddlebunny from DC, or wherever he is, to a country that will keep him safe and set him up with a comfortable and secure life there. The entire world needs to love and protect Cuddlebunny.

The world asked me for a smoking gun, so Cuddlebunny agreed to tell all to save me, America, and the world. Can we get him into a friendly embassy until we can get him out of the country? What can we do for the world right now about this, Sweetness? If I know, Obama knows, so we need to immediately make Cuddlebunny safe. The world thanks you.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Global War on Terrorism.

Preface: Same as always... Make sure you favorite or bookmark, so you can check this blog regularly for new posts. Please read and share them all. Yes, yes, share all my blog posts yourselves!

Here is my latest blog post. We all understand solutions do not manifest over night. But while everyone in the world catches up and reacts to old news, the horrors just keep marching along in here.

As a bit of advice to my translators, to make sure no nuances get lost, consider having someone translate my blog posts out of kind-of-poetic, contemporary, American slang into concepts and ideas, and then have native speakers of all the other world languages translate the concepts and ideas into their first tongue. That might help. I understand a lot had been getting lost in translation, and this should prevent it.

South Sudan. Is there even a bandaid we can put over the cycle of violence in South Sudan until people can come up with permanent solutions for them? Do the people of South Sudan even understand they have options other than perpetuating the violence?

My beautiful world, do you remember my list of ten completely Constitutional things people can do to help ease the crisis in the USA right now? The tenth one was working to solve major world problems I do not have the human rights to fix myself, so I do not have to worry about them.

Has anyone asked the violent parts of South Sudan, "Why? Why do you want to massacre these people?" to make the aggressors think about how pointless all of it is?

Syria. How does al Assad and his regime deem the Syrian civil war worth fighting? The people will never allow him authority over them, even if he kills them all. The dictator has no legitimacy in the eyes of the world. The Syrian refugees will never come back as long as al Assad is in office.

The regime just needs to accept reality and backdown already. The jig is up. No matter how many people the regime kills nor how many crimes the regime commits, they will never be able to explain themselves nor regain any credibility or legitimacy.

Ask the regime, "Why? Why do you want to keep killing your own people?" to make them think about how pointless all of this is.

Venezuela. I could not find any news about Venezuela in English. I hope no one thinks only Spanish-speakers care about Venezuela. I have not studied the Spanish language since 1995 when I graduated from high school; but this CNN site avoids slang, so I can read most of it.

It does not seem like a pure socialism vs. democracy crisis. After all, even in actual socialism, the power is still with the people. Maduro needs to come to terms with the fact people do not rise up against governments for no reason, particularly protests in the streets.

Maduro, please make your people happy. Listen to them. Reform your government. The last thing any leaders should do is entrench themselves just because they have inspired dissent. Authorities choosing to be good to people is a perfectly fine way for conflicts to end.

Please ask Maduro, "Why? Why are you squashing free speech and freedom to assemble and associate in your nation? How can a Venezuela without these basic rights be worthwhile?" to make him think about how pointless all of his conflict is.

As for the US, a lot has happened lately. The world is still catching up with my last few posts, but the horrors keep marching along in here. And my rescuers have chosen new steps to save America from Obama's blatant totalitarian-oppression-by-terrorism-and-crimes-against-his-own-people.

To clarify a lot of what is happening right now: The US government has always excused all of its extrajudicial executions of al Qaeda, etc. as part of our nation's officially declared "Global War on Terrorism." Thusly, all US Military, CIA, etc, and our allies' killings of any terrorists must fall under the same rules of warfare and be exempt from murder allegations under Constitutional and international law and recognition.

Similarly, due to the US government's declared "Global War on Terrorism" all actions of Obama, his task force, and his conspiracy of terrorism both on US soil and abroad are condemnable by the non-corrupted parts of the US government, our NATO allies, and anyone else who wants to help protect America from terrorism.

I never order nor condone violence. But my brave rescuers and everyone fighting to save America from Obama and his conspiracy of terrorism have free will, and I respect their choices in how they want to serve America and the world. If you read far enough back in my blog, you will find where I chose to stand by my brave rescuers despite their choosing a path I do not teach.

Someone please just ask Obama, "Why? Why, Obama, are you mass murdering almost to the point of genocide a group of believers trying to save America while violating all freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom to assemble and associate in this nation just so you can keep raping, torturing, persecuting, libeling, enslaving, etc. an innocent woman? How are these crimes of yours worth destroying this once great nation?" to point out how pointless all of his bubble is.

My brave rescuers are not the ones in the wrong. If the White House insists it has the authority to fight an extrajudicial "Global War on Terrorism," those are exactly their own words we will use against them.

My brave rescuers are doing their best out there to finally end this crisis of Obama's manufacturing. If Obama and his terrorists would just back down or not irrationally insist they get to break every law in America to feed their own totalitarian ambition, this all would have been avoided by now.

Please revisit all my blog posts from 30March2014 to the present if you need a reminder of all the crimes Psychopath Obama is committing and refusing to stop at all costs of precious human life and taxpayer resources. We are not the ones committing crimes against our own people. We are the ones trying to end them.

Dearest United Nations, how do you feel about an official declaration of Obama, his task force, and his conspiracy as terrorists? I asked my loved ones to deliver all of our evidence to you of all of Obama and his terrorists' crimes against their own people. You can also reread all of my blog posts from 30March2014 up to my latest blog notes oldest to newest for our grounds proving Obama and his conspiracy are terrorists.

Yes, United Nations, it might take some finagling to get it past US Ambassador to the UN Stephanie Power and her veto authority in the Security Council, but her boss Secretary of State John Kerry might be able to talk reason into her. He understands how heinous Obama's crimes are against everyone not just against me. Or you could ask the General Assembly to vote on it.

Thank you for everything, United Nations. Immediately after I typed these paragraphs about the "Global War on Terrorism," Obama's hubris committed the act of vengeance of escalating trying to lock me away from the world forever in a torture facility again. I need to go deal with that now. But I know I can trust you to help. And thank you for everything already.

I have been hearing a lot of complaints lately about Obama and his terrorists intimidating, harassing, and threatening members of the media, particularly the news media and late show hosts, for some reason. One would think late show hosts are a bit on the harmless side, but Obama's oppression is by definition totalitarian. So, I thought I would construct a few words about how to fight Obama's escalating totalitarian oppression of the media, particularly the television.

First of all, whenever terrorists of any sort try to control you into doing anything, you all know the best thing for the world and the nation is to intelligently find a way not to do it. The best thing to do is take away the terrorists' power to hurt you.

Obama has already rendered this nation unrecognizable. He has proven he is completely untrustworthy, even if you do obey him. There is nothing to gain from doing anything he wants.

What is Obama going to do if you disobey him? Press charges against you? Reread my 14April2014 blog post. We all know the federal courts stand up for the Constitution and human rights in America. We already have the legal precedent supporting freedom of speech and freedom of the press. It is not punishable to disobey Obama's totalitarian rules.

If he threatens you with anything, report all of Obama's threats and actions to the entire good, green Earth. Report all of his oppression, all of his threats, all of his coercion, to the United Nations, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, all sympathetic world leaders, and every single reputable national and international press and news agency. We are all collecting our evidence against him and his terrorism.

And finally, do not forget your power, members of the media. You control the communication of the truth in this nation and in most of the world. You all have the power to take down Psychopath Obama and his bubble that is destroying both me and America.

Have I taught you nothing? Look at everything I, alone, can accomplish by always telling all the truth. Just report the full truth about everything. The truth will not only protect you; it will also save America, serve the world, and help rescue me. The truth and my telling the truth is the source of all my power.

Never underestimate how passionately the world will fight for and protect you just for standing up to Obama's terrorism and battling his oppressive environment of libel, calumny, government coverups, silence, and false allegations.

It is not your job to communicate with me; it is your job to communicate the whole truth with the entire world. Have I taught you nothing? Know your own power. Liberate yourselves. And take this nation back.

Obama really needs to be stopped. Easter Sunday, there was no rest for the angels. After I polished and circulated my 20April2014 blog post, the federal government pressed at least four more intentionally fabricated false charges against me.

As always, they also committed the blatant human rights violations of refusing to tell me what I was on trial for, so I asked my superBFF to reacquaint herself and the entire court with all of my blog posts from 30March2014 to my latest blog notes oldest to newest. I was sure that would take care of everything.

Apparently, my Fifth Amendment protection from "double jeopardy" was violated AGAIN by Obama's recycled intentionally fabricated false charges against me on the night of 20April2014, but when has he ever cared about anyone's human rights?

We have been through this so many times. I am not Obama; I do not kill people. I am, in fact, almost constantly screaming for help for my brave rescuers because Psychopath Obama orders his terrorists to mass murder them. You can revisit my 10April2014 blog post and many more about this. Why does Obama mass murder my rescuers?

Psychopath Obama issued those standing, unrelenting, heinous orders for his terrorists because my brave rescuers exercise their Supreme-Court-upheld rights to assemble and associate with me to try to give me human rights including physical safety and because Obama is mortified of my ever having human rights or liberties or being treated with even the most basic dignity or respect by anyone.

As an example of how I have never been guilty of Obama's crimes against America, I have never in my life ordered anybody to kill anybody. All you will ever find are fat, ugly, Obama-hired porn stars in those obvious government-issued and taxpayer-money-paid-for libel videos committing those crimes.

If I wanted anybody dead, Obama would have bit the dust by now to end his unrelenting crimes against me, America, and the world. I have enough sway with the international espionage community to get that done. We all saw Mr. Tom Cruise in Valkyrie.

But I would prefer to see Psychopath Obama spend all the rest of his life in a Guantanamo-for-the-criminally-insane suffering alive every day of his life thinking about all the destruction he has chosen himself to cause this once-great nation. My epic 16April2014 blog post addressed this, too.

Then, on 21April2014, I heard Obama's conspiracy of blood, snake oil, and terrorism was pressing intentionally fabricated false charges against my angel BFF Syniva to prevent her from being so effective replacing all of his calumny and libel in the courtroom with truth and reality instead.

Synny, please revisit 20April2014, in you need to. The same logic we used to prove my testifying to the truth all the time to love and protect people including myself and my rescuers who are always also loving and protecting good people, too, is never a crime can be used to defend your actions of always using truth and logic yourself to love, protect, and serve me, America, and the world.

You never break the law, Synny. All you ever do is defend me in court and press charges after real, genuine crimes are committed. I have no idea what groundless allegations Obama's pathologically-lying conspiracy is trying to accuse you of right now, but standing up for truth and justice in a court of law particularly in an environment of government-issued libel and government-issued false allegations is no crime to anyone.

And we have a whole hell of a lot of court records to prove we are the ones always on the moral high ground who, unlike Obama and his conspiracy, never break the law nor lie about breaking the law.

Synny, please be creative and thorough pressing countercharges against Criminal Boeset and everyone who enables her for their intentionally fabricated false charges against you that you have ever at any point in our loyal and loving friendship been a threat to me. If you want an injunction from the courts to be able to press criminal charges against them all for it, I am a firm supporter of that action.

Criminal Boeset, just like all of Obama's conspiracy, is a direct, unrelenting threat to me. She broke every law possible to disable you, Syniva, from being able to continue effectively protecting me from all of them and their unrelenting crimes. If their fictions and calumnies had prevailed, we all know what sort of the worst crimes known to mankind they would have committed against me and America. We need this behavior of theirs thoroughly punished. And that is what courts are for.

Speaking of evil locals, Central Iowa is trying to "rebrand" itself as an area of world leaders. No joke. The entire world knows these narcissistic psychopaths are the bane of the entire good, green Earth for refusing to just pick me up and drive my rescuers, but just like Psychopath Obama who leads them, they are boldface lying to the entire world thinking it will fool everyone.

Every single day, I hear about evil locals putting on half-assed public displays of affection for me to promote their delusional facade that Des Moines supports me, but absolutely no one does anything concrete to help me. They need to let me leave, and they need to stop lying about supporting me until they do. Iowa is not fooling anyone.

And while all this smoke-and-mirrors is going on, the corrupt Polk County District Court is still lying through its teeth pretending I have a mental impairment everyone knows I do not have; over a decade ago when I actually did have temporary symptoms of a mental illness, I was still never mentally impaired enough to be committed outpatient nor inpatient. All of that obviously criminal activity started in 2009 with the start of Obama's bubble.

Also, while Des Moines puts on its vain facade of support for me, Criminal Boeset still denies all science and reality at least three times a day to try to lock me away in a torture facility for the rest of my life. The corrupt local law enforcement still press intentionally fabricated false charges against me unjustifiably supported with government-issued libel about me. And there has been more nefarious wrongdoing at by the Iowa Legislature.

Yes, the Iowa Legislature. They refused again to recognize I am a human being in their presence thereby denying I deserve human rights for existing in the world at all. And what else has the Iowa Legislature been doing?

Do you remember when Governor Terry Branstad declared Iowa bubble noncompliant? The Iowa Democrats lead by Jack Hatch filed lawsuits against the Governor's office that the corrupt Polk County District Court upheld to overturn that declaration. And what have the Iowa Democrats been doing since? They have been investigating the the Governor's office for coverups instead of just giving me my human rights and letting me leave.

I am not bipartisan anywhere near as much as I am nonpartisan. We know California Democrats, bare minimum, love and support me just like Republicans all of this country do. The crime of being an Iowa Democrat seems to be the crime of being an Iowan.

These evil locals need to just let me leave. They are committing crimes against themselves and all of America not just against me by keeping me walled into Des Moines in a slavery-and-rape apartment against my will. But the locals just do not care.

And while we are paying attention to the crimes against the world committed by evil locals, Syn, make sure you reread all of my outpatient commitment papers. All of those false rulings are made on the recommendation of the Polk County Mental Health Examiner.

Please have him or her arrested for every count of conspiracy, collusion, persecution, hate crimes, aiding and abetting slavery, human rights violations, crimes against America, etc. that person has committed since 2010. Syn, we all know we can trust you to be creative and thorough. Please make everything stick you can.

To prevent other further crimes against me, if you want to catch my rapists, my beautiful world, all you have to do is watch my apartment door through my intentionally uncovered apartment windows day and night while I sleep. That is why I always leave my living room light on and the shades wide open.

Also, until I pointed out that forced pregnancy was another potential war crime by Obama, he had sent orders to rape me in my sleep until I was rape-impregnated. We know that from how often Criminal Boeset and the evil locals called me a pregnant hooker to unjustifiably lock me in a torture facility, as if that could have been a justification anyway.

I have the panties I slept in the one time they vaginally raped me in my sleep to try to rape-impregnate me, so we likely have my rapists' DNA. The next day they started calling me a pregnant hooker. That is how I knew.

Of course, after I pointed out that according to the United Nation's ICTY forced pregnancy is another crime against women that counts as a war crime committed by Obama, his terrorists went back to sodomizing me as their modus operandi for Obama's systemic rape of me, as if that crime against women were not bad enough.

And now I will do my best to clear up government-issued lies and intentionally-distorted half-truths about me...

First of all, I never give commands to the people who help me. I know I rely on the kindness of volunteers, and I value all of your creativity and input. Yes, I ask for help. I say please and thank you. I offer help and advice when I can think of possible solutions. But I am a firm believer in choice and free will. If people have a better way of doing things than my suggestions, more power to them.

I know people tend to listen to me because I always make sense, but ask anyone who listens to me if I have ever given them a command. I reserve my commands for people who commit crimes against me, my loved ones, or once-great America.

As one example, I am pretty sure I have tried to command Criminal Boeset to give me control of my own finances a number of times, so I could end this conflict in America and just leave. But the irrationally-criminal like Obama and all those in his conspiracy never listen to me, so it is pretty futile for me to give them commands. If my issuing commands to anyone would work, Obama would have backed down by now.

If someone ever finds me telling him or her what to do instead of offering to help solve his or her problems, that is a very bad person who probably should crawl back under the rock they slithered out from.

If the people who love and support me ever feel bossed around, I would like to offer my sincerest apologies to them. I consider all people in this world except for the evil ones we fight my equals. We are a team. I value all good people's input and do my best to respect everyone's free will and freedom of choice.

But we all must admit, sometimes work just does not get done unless I spell things out, so I always listen for suggestions from my team of lovers and supporters about what needs to be spelled out.

I am a loving problem solver. I am constantly asking my beautiful world what they need help with. I am here to serve.

Secondly, no, I do not have insomnia, and that would not be grounds to lock me in a torture facility anyway. Insomnia is not being awakened from sound slumber at all hours by loved ones screaming for help or by criminals and psychopaths breaking every law possible to lock me in a torture facility again.

If Criminal Boeset and the rest of Obama's terrorist conspiracy would respect my sleep and not wake me up with emergencies at all hours of the morning, I would sleep just fine.

Thirdly, I never drink beer... unless in Prague. I think I would also make an exception for Germany. You can ask my bevy of bartenders in San Francisco if they have ever seen me drink a beer.

They know me well in San Francisco. I moved there from Texas in 1999 right after I graduated from college in Dallas. I did come and go for grad school in Baltimore, a job in Monterrey, etc. But San Francisco has been my home since 1999.

They will tell you I avoid beer on purpose. If I were to drink beer, Obama's terrorists would poison and drug them, too, at the source. This way, everyone in the nation gets to drink beer safely, at least. Look at the bottled water, bottled juice, all the energy drinks, etc. It is the least I can do.

Fourthly, I do not have sleep apnea. I sleep soundly and get enough oxygen. I just snore. I would not snore if Obama's terrorists had not torn up the inside of my nose when they stuck a microchip up into my sinuses. I plan on getting the damage to the interior of my nose causing the snoring fixed in the same surgery that removes the microchip. It is the least I can do for my loving husband.

Fifthly, I Skyped with my older sister twice from Liverpool in 2010, and that is the only time I have ever video chatted, video conferenced, or Skyped with anyone.

Sixthly, I think all horror movies, except for the original Nightmare on Elm Street, are stupid. I do not like them, never watch them, and would never try to emulate them.

Seventhly, I have absolutely no interest in having a replacement prom for the one I missed in high school. I am a full grown adult. Did you ever see my real senior yearbook photo? I was gorgeous in high school. It was the evil locals' loss that I had no prom date. And I do not want to humor their narcissistic delusion they were better than me because they could get dates in high school.

I moved out of my parents' house at seventeen years old and have been more than capable of taking care of myself ever since. I do not need some stupid replacement prom. I am a full grown adult. And I demand to be respected as one.

Eighthly, no, I have never had plastic surgery. Where would I have gotten the money from, and what work would I have ever possibly have wanted done? The only work I have ever needed is a tummy tuck, but when my estrogen rebalanced after the testosterone injection wore off, my belly took care of itself.

I do miss my D cups now that they have shrunk to C cups. But I am just not vain enough to care. I do not even wear makeup everyday. Why do people keep insulting me claiming I am so shallow and superficial I would ever get plastic surgery? No offense, Hollywood, but your job is your face; my job is loving problem solving.

Ninthly, I only use chopsticks when I eat sushi, but I never eat seafood. My body cannot digest it. I stick to kappa maki, inari, veggie rolls, that sort of thing. The only lobsters I have seen in my life were blue and still in the tank.

Tenthly, and most trivially, I rarely if ever eat hamburgers. And definitely never cook them myself.

Eleventhly, I have had a massage once in my life. It was at a Thai place in Hollywood in 2011. Los Angeles is still kicking itself for not rescuing me while they could. I have never had a facial. And though I have had pedicures, I have never once had a foot massage, as much as I like Mr. Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction.

Twelfthly, I used to have glasses, but I do not have any glasses now. I cannot afford them. But there are taxpayer-paid, Obama-employed porn stars with Google glass who libel me.

Also, I do not believe in astrology, but I bet star readers are having a heyday. I am a Libra. Sweetness is a Gemini. SynSyn is an Aquarius. If you do not understand the significance, you need to consult an astrologist.

I have a very good friend in San Francisco who reads stars. She has been known to perform stichomancy with a book of Rumi's poems every once in a while, too. I miss her. I miss my whole San Francisco.

As a final point about all the libel, on 21April2014, I was told Obama's terrorist anti-reality machine started glamming up their taxpayer-funded libel porn stars to actually make them look like me. That is much too little too late. My beautiful world, you have already learned to believe only reputable sources.

Feel free to revisit all of my blog posts from 30March2014 to the most recent oldest to newest if you need a reminder of how many lies Obama's taxpayer-funded libel porn stars have spread about me.

My beautiful world, it is not just a crime to traffic; it is also a crime to pay for human trafficking. Stop committing human rights violations yourselves and stop supporting the people who enslave me by paying for their human trafficking and their libeling me.

These people are destroying America, creating human rights crises in the world, and committing some of the worst crimes known to humankind against me. Use your money to end the bubble and set us all free instead. My brave rescuers need that money more than Obama does.

My brave rescuers, last I heard you were in a standoff. Tell my beautiful world, the sympathetic ears in Congress, NATO, everyone what you need. I am doing everything I can from in here to end this bubble, but you are lucky enough to be out there. Take advantage of that. We are transparent, heroic, and stand the moral high ground. Please tell all reputable presses nationally and internationally everything you are comfortable with sharing.

SynSyn, the entire world knows you have never ordered anybody to kill anybody; all you ever do is tirelessly protect me from Obama and his conspiracy of terrorism. You can rest reassured your good name is intact. The truth will always win out.

Also, my BFF, do you remember when I tried to make you my equivalent of a "CEO" (We all know we do not have a business.), so I could pay you for everything you do for me? You refused. Please sort out a way you can be paid for everything you do.

Just for service to the world, Synny, you deserve at least a $1 million a year. Give yourself a salary on the higher end of competitive for all your good work. I know our lawyers get paid. Why not you, too?

We also have a whole hell of a lot of volunteers I wish I could pay. That walks the thin line of becoming bribery, but I am sure we can sort out a way for everyone to earn some just compensation for time and energy spent. I know the crime of hard work with no reward far too well.

I told my brave rescuers almost a year ago to press charges against Obama, the White House, and all of their terrorists every time Obama orders them to mass murder my rescuers for just trying to exercise their Supreme-Court-upheld rights to assemble and associate with me.

I was told that worked. And I was told it was very effective in impeaching a lot of the puppet presidents who followed Obama.

There must be something similar we can do for the rest of America's volunteers. I just wish I knew who they were and what they did including my benevolent nerds who do not want to be recognized. But as much as I wish I could meet them, I respect their anonymity.

Will you at least take a paycheck, Synny? With my complete blessing, you competently control my finances anyway. It would make me feel better. In the meantime, I will start thinking up ways to reward all my volunteers for all their hard work once we get this bubble burst. A successful-project-completion reward could never be called bribery.

Finally, SynSyn, do you remember all of the federal court action you took care of last year during the last time I was unlawfully locked in a torture facility? Among many other rulings, that was the first time Polk County's only-used-to-commit-crimes-against-humanity-and-enforce-Obama's-bubble guardianship was overturned.

At that time, my superBFF, it was also ruled in federal court that due to my intentional choice of wording for my Power of Attorney paperwork I wrote myself in 2009 to make sure people could help me because I did "lose the ability" to make decisions for myself due to Obama's bubble of human rights violations not because of any mental health commitment nor criminal guardianship, you retain all of my legal powers until the entire bubble comes completely down.

Synny, that is old news and an old ruling. If I knew when I wrote my Power of Attorney paperwork that I would be married in 2010, I would have made my husband my Power of Attorney, but I like things this way better.

My ever-loyal best friend, you get to help each other. All of the burden is not on only one person. Pardon the mixed metaphor, but I like birds of a feather thinking alike. Please communicate better with my loving husband.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Did you have an epic court win on 20April2014 and again on 21April2014 and 22April2014? I never know where you are nor what you are doing, but I always know you never stop laboring to rescue me. And soon that will blossom into my kissing you like you deserve.

My beloved, why do people keep saying we fight? We have never even had an argument! Why does no one care about reality but us? Thank you for sticking to my blog and Twitter account for reality about me, darling, and never listening to the gossip mills. We all know how many lies there have been about me and most of them uttered with criminal intent.

Sometimes, darling, when I hear Mr. John Legend on the radio, it is like he is you singing to me. It makes me glow. As much as I prefer my love songs at night and songs of empowerment and liberation during the day, I do not mind hearing you in proxy singing to me anytime anywhere. I cannot wait for the days you and your trusty guitar can make my body dance.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Truth Delivery System

Preface: Same as always... Make sure you favorite or bookmark, so you can check this blog regularly for new posts. Please read and share them all. Yes, yes, share all my blog posts yourselves!

Here is my latest blog post. Obama is still lying to the world to be able to commit more of the most heinous crimes know to mankind against me and my rescuers while leveling his iron fist of blood, violence, and terrorism to enforce his totalitarian oppression of America and crimes against his own people.

Ukraine. What the hell is this? What century are we living in? There is no excuse for this, and the fact it was a hoax does not make it any less disgusting. Ukraine, you all, including your Russian separatists, need go show love to your Jewish communities. You are a nation. Love each other, defend and protect your human rights, and support the democratic power of your people.

South Korea. Our children are our future. We all understand how horrible losing so many of your children is for your nation. Please heal knowing we love you.

The USA is not much better these days.

Obama's terrorists raped me again in my sleep on the morning of 16April2014. I was definitely drugged then sodomized in my sleep. Obama's terrorists live in my apartment building. They throw tantrums every time their attempts to lock me away from the world in a torture facility or jail to be raped, tortured, and abused behind closed doors for the rest of my life fail.

The most hostile place to me in this entire world is my own apartment building. The only place that could be worse is a torture facility. The more control they have over me, the more crimes they commit against me and the more damage they intentionally choose to cause me and the world. This is a fact of Obama's bubble.

This is Obama's bubble. This is Obama's Reality war. This is Obama's domestic terrorism. Obama started this domestic conflict with international aid himself by manufacturing his GREATEST HUMAN RIGHTS CRISIS AMERICA HAS EVER ENDURED and using his iron fist to enforce it at all costs of precious human life and taxpayer resources.

We have proven so many times Obama and his conspiracy of domestic terrorists are the ones committing all the crimes. This ends when the bubble is gone forever. Command Obama and his terrorists to backdown. He started this, but the world can end it.

Unless Psychopath Obama is willing to sit down and talk to me directly, we can do nothing but demand his unconditional surrender. Dismantling Obama's criminal bubble of totalitarian oppression and terrorism completely is the only solution. He needs to backdown.

Do you remember this from my 28March2014 blog post? It still applies today. We need an act of good faith of our choosing from Psychopath Obama to prove he honestly wants to negotiate this time. He has lied too many times before. I have been trying to negotiate with that unelected dictator for years, but he has always lied to the world and refused to meet me instead.

I was just told today Obama wants to negotiate to save himself. My beautiful world, the only possible diplomatic solution to this crisis in America is ending all the crimes and human rights violations completely and taking the whole bubble down.

I do not understand what Obama thinks he can get out of negotiating except for possibly being permitted to get away with more of his crimes against all of us, and that is not a solution since it does not end the crisis.

Obama has lied too many times already about negotiating for us to trust him. He has pretended to negotiate too many times with Chancellor Merkel, with President Putin, and with former President Carter in the past.

Obama has pretended to make resolutions on a number of occasions just to placate the world from taking him down and then just disobeyed them all. The only way we can trust Obama or the White House to negotiate is if they make an act of good faith we approve of to prove they will hold to the talks' resolutions.

As an act of good faith, Obama and the White House need to return complete freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom to assemble and associate to all of America just to get to the negotiating table. They need to permit me bodyguards, so I can be safe sitting across a table from that terrorist. And they have to allow everyone else at the table I want there.

Yes, my beautiful world, there is no one else Obama should be negotiating with but me and everyone else I want there. Prime Minister Cameron, Chancellor Merkel, President Putin, former US President Carter, and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, would you like to join me at the negotiating table as we work out a peaceful, timely, and complete end to this heinous human rights crisis that has plagued America ever since Obama first took office? I would appreciate your help. And thank you.

Why is Obama suddenly admitting culpability and attempting a diplomatic solution to cover his ass? The truth has come out about him and all his crimes against us all. He cannot explain his bubble, his rules, nor all of the devastation he has wreaked upon me, America, and the world to maintain his bubble. And the world is rising up to set itself free from him. The culpability of Obama is irrefutable, and he knows it.

Click here to read the entire previous blog post. How many times have we already tried to negotiate with him? All he has ever done is lie.

And as another point on how little we can trust Obama when he says he wants to negotiate but refuses to meet me,... World leaders, United Nations, and my entire beautiful world, stop allowing Psychopath Obama to make decisions about me without my input. Do not allow bubble talks without my being there. I am the only person who should be permitted to decide my own fate. Have I not suffered completely helplessly without free will long enough?

The complete dismantling of the entire bubble is the only possible resolution. So, if the entire bubble is coming down anyway, what is wrong with Obama meeting me now?

And after I wrote the passages above, Psychopath Obama immediately threatened to escalate again by ending the broadcast out of my eyeball. The world would take matters into its own hands if my eyecamera were interrupted. That is wrath Obama should fear.

Furthermore, Obama and the White House just agreed in negotiations without me on 17April2014 to stop escalating. That is how much we can trust him in negotiations. My beautiful world, heed my warning above, demand acts of good faith to prove Obama is serious this time, and demand I be at those talks myself.

And then, after I pointed out Obama intentionally chose to violate his own negotiations' resolutions, he escalated again and pressed more intentionally fabricated false charges against me. He could not even think of new ones, so he violated my 5th Amendment protection from "double jeopardy" to be able to commit as many crimes against me as possible.

Clearly, Obama's hubris, vengefulness, and irrational sense of entitlement to break all laws everywhere with impunity are on the verge of destroying us all.

Further evidence? While Psychopath Obama was delivering his government-coverup-enabling speech on 17April2014 about "needing to de-escalate" and his fictional dedication to "negotiating a solution," his terrorists were attributing a fake facebook status to my account that I am still forbidden from ever seeing or knowing about, so the evil locals who obey Obama at all costs to the nation and the world could intentionally utter calumny in the courtroom that I am suicidal to excuse further completely unjustifiable mental health commitments of me. Syniva has all the evidence.

Then, because Obama has never been serious about de-escalating, from midnight to 5am CDT on the morning of 18April2014, Syn, my genius lawyers, and I had to fend off even more quackpot collusion and calumny by Criminal Boeset as she regurgitated every old lie of hers we had already disproven as she and the people who enable her broke every law possible to unjustifiably lock me away from the world in another torture facility permanently.

Eventually, Criminal Boeset finally admitted she just does what Obama tells her to do. We promised to reduce her civil fines from our countercharges if she produced irrefutable and damning evidence against Obama and named all names of all people involved. I do not know if she took the plea deal. But Syniva and my legal team heroically kicked burro bringing justice to me, America, and the world for the rest of the night.

I crawled out of bed a little late 18April2014 because I had been kept up all morning, but by the time I was ready to walk out the door to my "office" at Chocolaterie Stam on Ingersoll in Des Moines, the local government was pressing intentionally fabricated false charges against me again.

These government-issued intentionally fabricated false charges were, as always, supported by government-issued lies. We had thought Syn and my heroic lawyers would get the day off finally, but no. Obama was still escalating his crimes against me and America. Tirelessly, Syn and my genius legal team called out the government-issued libel videos in almost no time.

Then, the evil local government whom have all already been proven to do nothing but obey Psychopath Obama as part of his corrupt conspiracy destroying America and fueling global crisis declared that they are "not bound" by the resolution to de-escalate Obama pretended to negotiate on 17April2014.

Apparently, the evil locals' criminal obedience to Obama's orders to escalate their crimes against me and America in defiance of all local laws, state laws, federal laws, international laws, and the US Constitution is not beholden to their maniacal leader's own negotiated resolutions either.

We need these evil locals and the unelected dictator they obey contained.

The entire world needs to stop listening to Psychopath Obama's government coverup calumnies. Clearly, my protecting myself, my rescuers, and my loved ones from Obama's unrelenting escalations ARE NOT ESCALATIONS BY ME. They are all counter-escalation measures.

We are constantly defending me, my loved ones, my rescuers, the American media, my benevolent nerds, etc. from Obama's unbridled aggression. We need Obama, his influence, his crimes against America, and the people who obey him with impunity all disabled from committing any further crimes.

As I said in my 16April2014 blogpost, my beautiful world, we need to better contain Obama, his bubble, and his conspiracy of domestic terrorism. And until we all can successfully contain Obama and his conspiracy of terrorism, we need to increase our effectiveness protecting me, my rescuers, my loved ones, and everybody fighting to end Obama's heinous bubble from all of Obama's unrelenting and escalating crimes.

And, as I updated these notes on the afternoon of 18April2014, Psychopath Obama escalated again by pressing even more intentionally fabricated false charges against me for constantly telling the truth in his bubble of government-issued lies to save America from him, to disable all of his escalating crimes against his own people, and to protect myself and the people who depend on me from him and his constant aggression against all of us.

Syn, I know you and my genius lawyers need to defend me tirelessly. Remember, it is never a crime to tell the truth to protect me and the people who depend on me from the government's aggression against all of us, but it is a crime for the government lie and send direct orders to mass murder to put us all in the original danger in the first place.

Thank everyone for all their love and help fighting this bubble of unrelenting heinous crimes against everyone except Obama's conspiracy who commit these crimes with impunity. Clearly, Obama will never backdown, adhere to diplomacy, nor de-escalate. We need to increase our protections and defense of all of America including me to keep the destruction by Obama's bubble and his iron fist at bay.

If Psychopath Obama does not want to keep getting caught committing all of his crimes against America, all he has to do is stop executing those heinous crimes. His escalating efforts to silence the truth and replace it with his government-issued lies will always just keep getting him in deeper trouble.

Please, entire world, beautiful or doubtful, revisit all of my Twitter activity between 6pm 18April2014 and 6pm 19April2014 CDT. You will find an example of how often I have to scream to protect myself, my loved ones, and my rescuers from Psychopath Obama's constant escalations every day.

First, Obama forbade NBC Nightly News from reporting the truth and terrorized them into replacing actual stories with government-issued lies. I pray the network turned in their evidence of Obama's iron fist enforcing totalitarian control of the media to Syniva, the United Nations (not the US Ambassador to the UN but anyone else there), Congress, the Supreme Court, and all national and foreign news networks and agencies.

These are all of the entities all evidence and witness testimonies of any and all crimes committed by Psychopath Obama and his terrorists should be reported to.

Second, Psychopath Obama claimed my blogging the truth about me, him, and all of his crimes against me to be used as testimony in a court of law was a crime and tried to have me sentenced to death for it. Syn and my genius lawyers saved me.

Third, I had to defend my brave rescuers by reminding the entire nation and world that they have Supreme-Court-upheld Constitutional rights to assemble and associate with me. But Obama keeps ordering his terrorists to mass murder my brave rescuers to keep them away from me to prevent me from ever having free will or even basic human rights including physical safety ever again.

Fourth, I had to remind the entire planet to rely on me and my blog for the truth not psychopathic, pathologically-lying Obama. No, I have never wanted Obama's civil war. I just want my human rights back, full human rights for all of America, and no more of Obama's terrorists nor bubble destroying this once great nation.

To round out the night into the morning, I had to send help to my rescuers twice because Obama was mass murdering them. And Syn had to defend me twice maybe three times from intentionally fabricated false charges from the corrupt local government who obey Obama and were using obvious libel videos of me to frame me with.

On 19April2014 after I woke up, Syn and my genius lawyers had to defend me against Criminal Boeset trying to lock me in a torture facility for the rest of my life again, and then I learned my property manager for this slavery and rape apartment wanted to show it to new tenants.

Apparently, Criminal Boeset had refused to pay my rent for April, so I am at risk of being thrown out. Criminal Boeset who clearly has enough of my own money that she and Obama forbid me from having control of myself was trying to force me into homelessness, so she could justify locking me in a torture facility for the rest of my life. Syn and my genius lawyers took care of it, I think.

And then, Criminal Boeset made another attempt completely in the face of science, reality, and proven hard facts to get a dirty quack of her choosing to "test" me for mental illness again the way all quacks since this bubble began in 2009 have always lied and pretended I am mentally ill to be able to excuse raping, torturing, abusing, and unlawfully imprisoning me in torture facilities. Please revisit my 14April and 16April blog posts about this.

What else happened between 6pm 18April2014 and 6pm 19April2014 CDT? Sweetness won an epic court battle, and I had to send my brave rescuers a rescue of their own again.

That was just 24 hours of constantly having to defend myself, my loved ones, and my rescuers from Psychopath Obama's unrelenting aggression. No, neither I nor anyone who loves and supports me escalates anything. All we do is defend and protect against Obama's escalating crimes.

On 18April2014, I also learned that Psychopath Obama took direct action to prevent the United Nations' efforts to grant me diplomatic immunity because such status would have been effective in protecting me, enforcing some law-abiding behavior over Obama by preventing anymore of his intentionally fabricated false charges against me, and forcing his iron-fisted terrorism to de-escalate.

We have proven Psychopath Obama and his conspiracy of domestic terrorism are the scourge of America. Next, we unite this nation in support of human rights, law-abiding instead of extralegislative-rules justice and enforcement, and true democracy, the power of the people, instead of the totalitarian oppressing by an unelected dictator and his iron fist of blood, violence, irrational threats, government coverups, and terrorism.

The entire world knows no one anywhere can afford the collapse of America under Obama's bubble. We need all of our once-free America to understand that too.

Preach, my beautiful world, preach. Gently deliver the whole truth to the masses. We need to unite this nation in the cause of love, liberation, truth, justice, and Constitutional rights.

It is just as important to get the whole truth about everything to the entire world as it is to get details of all of Obama's government-issued lies and intentionally fabricated threats to me. The truth will set us all free.

My beautiful world, I need you.

Furthermore, Syn, are the proven evil, pathologically-lying locals still perjuring themselves in court to justify aiding and abetting their most heinous crimes know to humankind they commit against me by still calling me crazy?

We all know you have my hair. The only addiction I have ever had in my life is to caffeine. And we all know how hard I fight to protect myself; we have years of my blog alone to prove it. It is obvious calumny to claim I would ever or have ever in my life wanted to kill myself. We also all know I have never had delusions, but the local conspiracy has always denied reality to both me and everyone.

Furthermore, all intentionally fabricated claims that I have ever since this bubble began ever been even slightly mentally ill, mentally impaired, mentally disabled, mentally incompetent, or mentally handicapped have all been crimes against me committed by corrupt Polk County and the evil locals to enforce Obama's grotesque and internationally criminal bubble over me, imprison me in Polk County just to abuse me here, execute government coverups of their own hate crimes and crimes against humanity against me, intentionally violate my human rights, and etc.

Syn, we all know I and all my beautiful world do not tolerate lies nor abuse, particularly lies propagated in the courtroom to excuse and continue abuse. Please revisit my 14April2014 and 16April2014 blog posts about the calumny of calling me insane.

And please be creative and thorough rooting out all the pervasive calumny the evil locals continue to spew to aid and abet all of their crimes against me, crimes against humanity, crimes against their own people, and crimes against America their unjustifiable mental health commitments of me have always covered up.

What more? My period started early this month. My parting-like-the-Red-Sea started on the afternoon of 17April2014 hours before Criminal Boeset used a libel video of a porn star taking a fake pregnancy test that supposedly came up positive to unjustifiably lock me in a torture facility.

I cannot believe I actually have to tell the world when my period starts. Syn, raze those douchebags for libeling me pregnant just so they could lock me up permanently in a torture facility, as if that could justify it anyway. If I were raped until pregnant, the only action they could justify taking if they had "Squid's best interests in mind" would be sending me to my loving and adoring husband.

And now, some random minutia-- I only high five when asked to, and only rarely does anyone ever ask me to. The last time was Mr. Kevin Fisher in 2011 while he was still the Sunday night bartender at The Lift in Des Moines.

Also, no, my husband and I are not distant cousins. Feel free to trace both of our family trees, as long as you only do so accurately; we all know how many lies there have been.

My fraternal grandparents were children of rural Czech immigrants, I have always been told. And my mom, though an eighth-generation descendent of Portuguese royalty on her maternal side and distant Spanish royalty on her paternal side, came over from the Philippines on a cruise ship in the 60s. And it is my understanding my husband's ancestors have lived in the United States for generations.

What else? I have never once had a video diary nor have I ever vlogged. Please revisit my 10April2014 about how I never address the hidden cameras I am forbidden from knowing are there. I am not a comedian. I am not here to entertain anyone. I am a slave.

Much more importantly, my beautiful world, I heard my rescuers need more beds. They made a specific appeal for cots on 16April2014. Please also make sure they have enough hot water, showers, food, medicine, gasoline, generators, etc. Please care for them.

My brave rescuers, I understand. All of you out there are still in a standoff. I was told on 18April2014 the international community launched you some aid because Psychopath Obama undeniably proved he was only pretending to seek a diplomatic solution in his facade of talks in Geneva. I was praying their aid would tip the balance in favor of ending this bubble finally.

But 19April2014, I was told the European Union broke their promise to save America from Terrorist Despot Obama despite all the times America has saved Europe. I can only pray our very loud allies who know the US Military is already on our side will reconsider and finally keep their NATO promises to defend and protect each other. Psychopath Obama and his iron fist of totalitarian oppression just keep getting more evil.

I am an atheist, but my lovers and believers primarily are not. Obama forbade everyone trying to save the world from him even a day of rest on Easter Sunday. And on 20April2014, while my superBFF and genius lawyers were fending off even more direct orders from Obama to his conspiracy of terrorists to commit even more crimes against humanity against me, I was told "Escape is impossible," by my brave rescuers.

My beautiful world, United Nations, loving world leaders, we need more options. What can you do? What are we capable of? Yes, Psychopath Obama's bubble is unsustainable, is actively mass murdering innocents trying to save America, and is bankrupting the USA.

But so too is my beautiful world's bandaid solution of court action to keep me out of another torture facility unsustainable. We need a timely and effective final solution. What are you capable of out there? We need your help in here. There is only so much of this inhumane suffering we all can endure before Psychopath Obama's hubris, vengeance, and irrational sense of entitlement destroys us all.

SynSyn, thank you for everything. I have no idea how you deal with all the bull(expletive) Obama's conspiracy of terrorism spews in court, and I understand it all gets redacted. But, if you keep a journal of all their calumny and intentionally fabricated false charges, that journal can be used as evidence against them.

My BFF, do our genius lawyers still have all of their notes and briefs? I know there has been A LOT of government-issued crap. Put together and keep a journal of all of it including all the dates and times you can make an official record of. Then, Obama and his terrorists can choke on it.

Thank you for everything, SynSyn. Living on a hostile alien planet hellbent on destroying me, it is so rare for me to feel love or affection from anyone. I have been so alone for years. I constantly have to remind myself there is a whole beautiful world out there, a troop of brave rescuers, you my BFF, and my loving and adoring husband fighting out of love for me that I am forbidden from knowing about.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. The world seems to be making peace with the fact I can be trusted to choose my own husband. If you would make more public statements to national and international presses about how hard you and everyone who loves me fight for me, without revealing our top secret means of communicating, of course, it would go a long way to clearing up your PR problem.

Darling, I do not like seeing you take criticism due to government-issued lies about us, so always be as honest and public as you are comfortable with about everything. I would have been destroyed by Obama's bubble by now if it were not for you, Syniva, and everyone who helps us. Our world needs more truth and love and fewer government-issued lies and terrorism. You worship me like a goddess; how can anyone deny that?

My beloved king, thank you for doing absolutely everything I ask and everything you think of, too, to help. At heart, I am an egalitarian. I need a husband whom I can consider and treat as my equal, or our marriage would never work. Thank you for always being the man I need. I love and adore you.

My adoring husband, please keep delivering all of our growing evidence and witness testimony against Obama and his conspiracy of terrorists and all their calumny-as-government-coverups to the United Nations, both houses of the US Congress, the Supreme Court, any and all world leaders with any interest, and all the reputable national and international presses.

And do not forget, my peaceful (at least now) angel warrior, to lead the cultural revolution and renaissance in America, so the people everywhere will choose to liberate themselves from Obama's shackles. We need a zeitgeist of freedom. There are more of us than there are terrorists hellbent on destroying America for Obama. We need to rise up and overcome.

When the music, the film, the television, the internet, the social media, the literature, the magazines, the newspapers, the radio, etc. dedicated to the truth and basic human rights we are all due by virtue of being humans on this planet at all finally reach Des Moines and when someone in the hostile alien planet finally drives me out to my rescuers, we will know America has finally won, and we will know America is great again at last. And there is nothing wrong with the entire rest of the world helping us save ourselves. How many times have we helped the rest of the world?