Saturday, April 12, 2014

I Found Myself Lost in the Woods Assaulted on all Sides by Allegory.

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Here is my latest blog post. It is an era of strange bedfellows. Like Democrats and Republicans. Like Ireland and Britain. Like NATO and Russia. Like China and Japan. What is uniting the the whole world these days to work together for one human-rights-restoring goal? Hi. The United Nations is very aware no one can afford the collapse of America under Obama's bubble.

After scouring the international news, I could not find any other world problems to work on. I seem to be all the world's news right now. So, why not offer help to the crisis at hand?

Again, I have already done everything necessary to take this bubble down; I just have to survive until my rescuers reach me. Everything else I accomplish before then is frosting.

And so we begin... If the US government spends to enforce the bubble, they can spend to end it. Congress, have you considered cutting all funds Obama is spending to maintain his bubble? If he cannot afford bullets, he cannot fire them.

For further ways to end his bubble-- What is the final nail in the Obama's legal coffin? I was told Obama admitted fault in his impeachment hearing in 2013 knowing full well that it would be redacted and that he would be pardoned by Biden. Check for beyond reliable witnesses, like the judges, to testify on what was redacted from those court records.

People were worried for a while that we would never find any evidence. After all, my beautiful world, it is possible no one wants to admit Obama ordered them to commit crimes against humanity against me because they agreed to always lie (and we all know how much lying there always is) and want to get away with it themselves.

We have to find someone willing to break the obvious culture of federally mandated lies, coverups, and silence. But how does anyone need more evidence than the book of rules and their obvious efforts to drown out any and all truth with all their lies?

Luckily, my beautiful world, all of you out there found irrefutable evidence. And the entire world thanks you. Now, all we have to do is get the people enforcing the bubble at all costs of precious human life, irreplaceable time, priceless energy, valuable resources, and taxpayer money to finally backdown.

Everything in the news is somehow related to this... sort of.... Obama announced the resignation and replacement of his Health and Human Services Secretary on the morning of 11April2014.

A lot of Obama's administration has refused to be part of his crimes against America. Look at all of his cabinet members who resigned in his second term in office alone. Good people refuse to be part of such horrors.

Also, ever since Obama started his terrorism of enforcing his rules mandating his totalitarian control of America with blood, violence, threats, and terror, there has been nothing but more Obama-ordered violence against my rescuers.

I feel like I received news of my good people dying all day 11April2014. My rescuers are completely blocked from reaching me. Even the UN peacekeepers are prevented from coming into Des Moines by Obama pointing guns at their heads.

I have no transition for this next paragraph. Probably because most of this post will seem like a bit of a hodgepodge of calling out government lies. I have already done all the work necessary to take down the bubble. I just need to survive, now, until I can be rescued.

There are lies everywhere. This is a Reality War. Why does anybody still listen to the FBI anti-reality machine? You know what to do when the government releases libel and intentionally perverted truths about me, my beautiful world. Click here if you need a refresher.

Call it out as libel, so no one falls for it. Discredit the source, so they never libel anyone ever again. Set the record straight. Or, if you cannot, give me the details, so I can. Notify Syn, so she can press charges. And never let anything fall into is-it-real-or-not debate. Instead, put the focus on their ulterior motives behind libeling me.

So, I will now dedicate the vast majority of this blog post to undoing the damage to me and America caused by the terrorist FBI anti-reality machine's latest and repeated libel and intentionally perverted truths.

That is my trick to making people listen to me. I tell the whole truth in an environment built on lies.

Why does anyone still listen to the anti-reality machine anymore? We all know all they have ever spewed since 2009 is crap. They have absolutely no credibility nor legitimacy left and never should have had any to begin with. Please stop giving credence to their drivel. It will save the entire world a lot of time and energy and possibly money and human lives.

First of all, did the terrorist FBI intentionally enslaving me against my will actually try to convince anybody I chose this? They picked me out because I fit the description of a woman in a murder video in 2009 and have been making slave broadcasts of me and libeling me and raping me and torturing me and abusing me and sexually harassing me, etc. ever since. That is how this started.

I did not volunteer for this. And if you read the rules, I am forbidden from even knowing I am a slave. In 2009, the corrupt White House terrorized all of San Francisco into obeying their rules with the calumny there would be a nuclear attack against America if they ever told me about all the cameras.

It has always been slavery. Remember this?. That was when I offered the terrorist FBI my terms for making their illegal broadcast of me legitimate for the first time.

And if you recall or ask my BFF and husband, the government put it on official record that they refused my terms, so they could keep me their slave. Yes, that was their official response. They prefer to be slavers than my legitimate employers.

And evil Polk County enforces my slavery by refusing me any way to leave, have human rights, and remove the spy equipment from my head. They all work together to keep me in this slave apartment, and since my slavery involves raping me to make it continue, it is sex slavery not just mere human trafficking.

Next, I heard on Friday night that evil Iowa claims I am "not a productive member of society"? And that I "need job skills," so I can have a "higher paying job"? Do we need further proof all Iowans are psychopaths and assholes and that this is a hostile alien planet intentionally choosing to deny all reality?

My résumé and everything I accomplish all day every day speak for themselves. So do all the lies Polk County chooses to spread to justify forbidding me my own money just to make sure I cannot leave Des Moines.

Obama has even been trying to command me to reduce my "screen time" lately, so he can render me and everyone who depends on me defenseless against all the unrelenting threats and attacks he orders against me and my beautiful world.

That was about as morally sound as when he commanded me to sleep with the lights off, so it would be easier for him to rape me. This is all true. That is how evil and underhanded that man is. He actually puts such moral bankruptcy on record.

And then, after admitting I spend 24/7 protecting my beautiful world, Obama still tries to convince the public the libel porn he produces with taxpayer money and broadcasts instead of any footage of me is really 'me.'

And, no, the slave broadcasts of me do not make me safe. They are too frequently replaced with footage of doppelgängers, commit the crimes against women and crimes against humanity of forced public nudity of me and forced public humiliation of me, and do not broadcast me when I sleep.

I am only vulnerable to attack when I sleep. It is because my slavers are in on making sure I can always be raped by the terrorist FBI that they intentionally never keep me safe with their broadcasts and always show a doppelgänger sleeping safely instead.

The slave apartment broadcast is just a way for the terrorist FBI to convince the world their libel videos they replace me with are real. And it must be ended for the good of America for that very reason. The world needs fewer lies.

I do admit my eye camera and ear mic keep me safe. But they really are just a deterrent. I would be much better off with complete privacy and trustworthy bodyguards instead.

And they cannot deter all threats to me and my safety. Obama ordered more intentionally fabricated false charges be pressed against me by the Department of Justice on the morning of 11April2014. He has been on a witch hunt of me since he started his bubble in 2009.

Just look at all of the court records. Look at all of the intentionally fabricated false charges that have been pressed against me by Obama's Department of Justice and his evil Iowa locals while all of them have refused to competently investigate or prosecute anyone committing any and all crimes against me.

Obama was accusing me of his own crimes AGAIN on the morning of 11April2014. How many times is he going to be permitted to keep committing this same crime against me? My BFF, husband, and genius lawyers had in cleared up in no time.

Clearly, I am not the "unpredictable power" Obama accused my of being, but Obama is one. I am predictable to everyone smart enough to follow me and can always be trusted to fight for human rights and lead with love.

But Obama? Is there any way to know what crime he will commit against me and America next? Did the rules not become even more oppressive and subvert even more human rights in America on 11April2014?

How was anyone supposed to know he would erect a literal wall around Des Moines? Clearly, Obama is the real unpredictable, subversive, destabilizing force in America.

Other ways I do not commit Obama's crimes? I support and defend the Constitution; I do not subvert it. Please check my recent blog posts. I am trying to save America from Obama's undeniable, raging human rights crisis.

Finally, I am not destabilizing the US like the way Obama builds walls and commits crimes against his own people. I have demanded for years that the system fix itself. Going through the Constitution for checks and balances by impeaching Obama, asking Congress for human rights legislation, and all of our federal court rulings did not work.

Clearly, Obama and his terrorism of using blood and violence to enforce his totalitarian oppression of all of America is the destabilizing force in America.

Again, Syn, Sweetness, and my genius lawyers made sure truth and reality prevailed in that courtroom on the morning of 11April2014 when Obama accused me of his own crimes against his own people AGAIN.

Such crimes by Obama was my my blog was silenced. My blog spoke the truth. Look at all of the lies Obama's anti-reality machine has always spewed to make this greatest human rights crisis the US has ever manufactured palatable to the public, to lock me up on intentionally fabricated false charges, and as a government coverup of his totalitarian control of America.

Why did Obama silence me from telling the truth? He wants his lies about this bubble and about innocent me to prevail. The US is an environment of federally mandated coverups, lies, and silence right now, and Obama does not want anyone anywhere telling the truth to end it. When will the truth be legally enforced in America again, instead of all the government lies?

Since I wrote my last blog post, I also heard people are claiming I only want human rights, so I can punish people. Does anyone read my blog? I clearly want to do my job serving the world. And I am clearly capable of punishing people while I do not have any human rights.

The people making that half-quacked claim have clearly never in their lives had to suffer as much as I have had to suffer because I have been denied human rights since 2009 when this bubble began.

Everyone in the world should have the free will to seek out physical safety, human rights, liberation, safe food and housing, and the unfettered company of their own loved ones. Are we not supposed to be guaranteed inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in this country?

People were also discussing "the horrors of rescuing Squid"? What bevy of fiction did they fabricate to supply an argument against that miracle? And why was no one discussing the horrors of Obama's crimes against me, America, and the world instead?

Do you have any idea what I have suffered through since 2009? And all human rights everywhere in America are potential to be sacrificed, so Obama can continue all of these most evil crimes known to man being committed against me until someone overpowers Obama's terrorists and forces these heinous acts to stop.

As an example of some of the lesser crimes that are also committed against me, Thursday morning, 10April2014, I had to call the police.

A social worker from Broadlawns with a history of literally harassing me always with his calumny I am mentally ill as his only justification was banging heavily on my door and screaming through it. "I know you are in there!" He screamed, "I can hear you in there!" And he kept screaming, "I will keep coming back and will never leave you alone until you let me in!"

I had to call the police to have him removed. Of course, after I called the police, he moved outside the apartment building. My downstairs neighbor told me that. So, I called off the emergency call.

But the police showed up anyway, and they proved they will never do their job and protect me from harm. They refused to arrest the repeat offender and actually tried to help the proven criminal into my apartment. At least the 911 dispatcher was a sweetheart with genuine concern for me.

Syn, it is worth an investigation into who broke the law and pretended they have the authority to send Broadlawns's social worker Gabe Martinez to my door. Please press new harassment, stalking, everything you can make stick criminal and civil charges against him. If you need a witness, you can talk to my downstairs neighbor Carol.

Syn, please also look into why the police refuse to protect me. I trust you to be creative and thorough protecting me from whatever nefarious wrongdoing all of them including whoever sent repeat offender Maritnez are up to. And thank you!

What else needs a good investigation? The slave broadcast is almost always doppelgängers. While I was out getting coffee Thursday afternoon 10April2014, I was told my slavers, the terrorist FBI, were broadcasting a stripper in an apartment just like mine, so they could libel me. I tweeted and blogged through the whole thing.

Why does anyone still trust a single thing the FBI anti-reality machine broadcasts or says? They have no credibility nor legitimacy left.

The anti-reality machine is also still libeling me pregnant. They started that obvious lie in 2010 when the torture facility in Liverpool injected me with testosterone in my sleep to give me a fat-man belly. After four years of pregnancy, I still have not had a kid. How many times do I have to disprove this libel?

Besides, no one can claim I am pregnant until after they give me a pregnancy test and after it comes up positive. And with the entire medical community corrupted in Des Moines, never trust any test a local administers. Look at their history of willful malpractice.

If someone actually believed for whatever deranged reason I was raped until pregnant, why would they not safely deliver me to my husband, my BFF, or a community proven to love and support me like San Francisco? Honest belief in that lie could not justify any other action.

Considering I rarely if ever sleep with anyone, Obama should be really worried if I am pregnant. If I were pregnant, it would be really easy to find my rapist. The kid would be carrying his DNA. Rape is the only way possible for me to be pregnant until I reach my husband.

And considering I only get my period every other month due to all the damage caused my body by all the chemicals forced on me and tortured into me since this bubble began, it will be difficult enough for us as it is.

Furthermore, forced pregnancy just like systemic rape is yet another crime against humanity, and with the border around Des Moines up, I bet they both also count as an Obama's war crimes. Please consult the list of crimes against women considered war crimes by the UN's ICTY to make sure.

So, Syn, press libel, defamation, sexual harassment, etc. charges against everyone committing the calumny of calling me slutty enough to be pregnant for any other reason. You saw my last period last month. And my slavers have never broadcast the real me having sex with anyone.

Since this bubble began, I slept with an unnamed musician from San Francisco that I told Cate Blanchett about. I had a short love affair with Viggo Mortensen who lived as a homeless man in San Francisco just to be with me. And I seduced Cuddlebunny to turn him into my bodyguard; it was the first clandestine thing I ever did. That was all in 2009.

I wrote Sweetness his first love letter in January 2010. I consider that love letter when our relationship began. He wooed me through secret methods for a good six months before hand, and he dropped everything to find me in Mexico City when I fled there in February 2010. There is nothing Sweetness would not do for me.

That is why I got Sweetness's permission to try taking a lover in the afternoons last year after he had started sleeping with Amber. I slept with Jared a couple of times last summer, did not like it, and have not had sex with anyone since. I have always been honest about sleeping with Jared before we became friends. Do you read my blog or not?

That is the catalog of all the sex I have had since this bubble began. Have you ever seen me through my confirmed eye camera ever even kiss someone? Just ask Jamiroquai and MI6 if I make a habit of cheating on my husband.

There has been so much libel porn. I have always complained about it. It has always created a hostile environment for me. Just look at all the crap that got spewed in the courtroom about me on 11April2014 because of all that calumny and defamation of my reputation, character, and brand.

No, Syn, I have never considered being called a virgin libel. That is something people should be proud of if it is true about them.

What are other anti-reality machine lies that are making me repeat myself? How many times have I had to explain the terrorist FBI used to inject me in my sleep with anabolic steroids to make me roid rage in 2009 and 2010?

That is probably why I have genuinely berserk reactions to all injections now. This was the last time I addressed this.

The terrorsist FBI's government coverup for years for their bubble of slavery, rape, unlawful imprisonment, torture, libel, etc. was that I was a murderer identified from a video.

After they broke the law to put me in a fake psych ward in Minneapolis in May 2009, so they could rape me and fill me with spy equipment, they figured out undeniably peaceful me was the wrong woman. As if being a murder suspect could excuse their horrific crimes anyway.

They did not want to admit fault for their willful malpractice, libel, slavery, rape, etc., so they started injecting me with steroids in my sleep to make me unnaturally roid rage. That way, they could claim I was violent enough to commit a murder.

It was all part of their framing me and carrying out their government coverup. Of course, it never worked. I am too naturally nonviolent. That is why they quit in 2010. Ask Cuddlebunny how many times he injected me before I converted him to a bodyguard.

As proof of my genuinely berserk reaction to being tortured, did the Broadlawns security guards who chose to beat me up and torture me when I clearly did not provoke them really try to claim I bit one of them? Check the Broadlawns security video.

The security guard stuck his arm in mouth, so I could not scream when the needle went in my arm. Yes, that proven torture made me bite down in torment. All they had to do to avoid it was not choose to torture me nor beat me up. At the very worst one could call that self defense, but it was more like immediate karma.

Again, check their security video. It explains everything. Here is the last time I explained this. If it is already blogged, why do I have to repeat myself? QED is QED.

Speaking of this, SquidHasADarkSide is my favorite made up word. Was claiming I have a "dark side" due to libel videos? Or the natural result of people calling me a Jedi? Are there any real live witnesses to this supposed "dark side"?

And please remember, I always acknowledge I get really intolerable every time I get tortured with injections. It destroys me. That is part of how we proved it is torture.

You know I will always tell the whole truth about everything. I am not my natural self when I am tortured. Is that the "dark side" they talk about? At least they are acknowledging they torture me.

And remember, the government coverup for torturing me was always the calumny of libeling me debilitatingly mentally ill.

And there is yet another repeated calumny that is making me repeat myself. They are still calling me an alcoholic. How many times do I have to disprove that intentional falsehood? Syn, check my hair for alcohol. This is beyond libel and calumny at this point.

This is how recently I disproved this calumny. Does anyone read my blog?

Their ulterior motive behind this obvious untruth is an attempt to lock me up in "rehab" for no lawful reason. Syn, be creative and thorough rooting out this lie just like you do with all malevolent lies. If I go into a completely controlled environment again, we all know I will be raped, tortured, abused, etc. and never allowed out.

What are some other crimes of the bubble? I recently bought some generic "Best Choice" brand apple raspberry juice from my neighborhood Dahl's grocery store. It gave me a headache after one sip. Then, a reliable source told me all fruit juice in America right now is chock full of arsenic.

Is this true? Why is no one fixing it? Where is the FDA? These beverages need to be tested and recalled.

With the city water in its toxic state in Des Moines, with all bottled water drugged, what are people supposed to drink? Why is this not a national crisis? I understand everyone is forbidden from reporting it and stopping it because this poisoning of America is enforced by the bubble. But still, why is no one trying to fix this?

What is some other crap that needs fixing? No, being systemically raped again has not cheered me up. Where did that particular load of (expletive) come from? How sexist could this bubble be? Your identity as a human should really be revoked for uttering something so disgusting.

I know I am crying a lot less these days despite all of Obama's horrific crimes only escalating against me. If you have not noticed, you have been watching my doppelgängers again.

Lately, watching television (You all know who you are.) has been keeping me company and genuinely cheering me up. Particularly, Mr. David Letterman and Mr. Craig Ferguson always make me smile. It does not matter how miserable my life gets, all of your shows out there in TV land always dull the pain.

As for one of the most disgusting topics possible, where does this rampant bullshit come from that my vile criminal father was ever an honorable man ever in his life? He was so vicious my mother developed a literal permanent heart condition from all of his inhumane abuse. My absolutely evil father was a disgusting asshole with stereotypically Iowan Christian hypocrisy.

My only-a-government-coverup-and-way-to-aid-and-abet-crimes-against-humanity adult guardianship was his fault. My repeated commitment to torture facilities was his fault. He is rotting in hell now, and the world is a better place without that rat bastard. He did nothing but commit some of the vilest crimes known to man against me, and people need to stop listening to established lying psychopaths about him.

Did the people spreading the obvious lies about any integrity in my father anywhere ever help rescue me? No. They are all excusing, supporting, and continuing all of my asshole father's crimes against me, America, and the world instead.

No, I never publish language like this. That is how particularly inhumanely cruel that scum of the Earth was while alive. I do not even say these things about Obama.

As for calling Iowans backwards hicks, I never have. People say to me all the time, "You can't blame Iowa for not knowing any better. They are all simple, backwater hicks." I have never believed this. All Iowans know what crimes they choose to commit against me, and they need to be held fully accountable for all of them.

Also, Syn, I heard we lost one. How did it not hold up in court that I am an atheist world leader? That is a very well-established fact. It is one of the few reasons so many diverse world religions trust and listen to me. And I have a world-class record of solving their major world problems.

Clearly, Iowans constant human rights violations against me, persecution, hate crimes, crimes against their own people, etc. means they are the ones with all the patented Christian hypocrisy.

It is low priority, I know, Syn. We can pick it up after all the big housekeeping. But, really, no one acknowledges I am an atheist?

I have never had a problem with religion. I know it is very important. Religion is how most people process the immensity of the universe and our role in it.

And every religion has an explanation for why I am capable of what I am capable of. Holy Spirit. Chi. Soul. Third eye. Etc. My atheism is how I can work so effectively with and be respected by all religions. Why would anyone choose to limit my service to the world by labeling me with just one religion?

Still on the topic of religion, Syn, I never once complained about being called a witch. It was like 2009 when everyone thought I was a Sephardic Jew. Wicca is a benevolent world religion, after all, just like Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, etc.

But the obvious witch hunt engineered by Obama to lock me up on intentionally fabricated false charges at the federal level and the local level that is still going on even now is clearly a crime driven by irrational hatred of me. Just look at all of the court records.

How many intentionally fabricated false charges have they pressed against me at both the federal and local levels? And how many times have they competently investigated or prosecuted anyone who has committed a proven crime against me? Conspiracy proven.

Obama's witch hunt is an obvious part of the bubble. Why else am I never allowed to hear what the charges are against me? It is an attempt by Obama, if he can make even one of his lies stick to me, to be able to continue his bubble by making it palatable, to effectively execute a government coverup, to lock me away from the world forever, to silence my incessant need to thwart him by telling the truth, and to take revenge on me.

Between me and Obama, we all know Obama is the only criminal. How much evidence do people need? How many crimes against his own people is America going to let him commit, and why does anyone allow his proven crimes to continue?

As for libel about my loved ones, did I hear my brave rescuers were discriminating against Mexican help? What? Did people libel you, my brave rescuers? We are not bigots. You love me, so none of us hate based on demographics.

And if that rumor of discrimination was libel of you, please tell the world. The ulterior motive behind that libel was to convince Mexico not to tell the truth about Obama ordering crimes against me and all of Mexico City while I was there. And the world needs more truth.

What was the most ridiculous lie I heard since my last blog post? Criminal Boeset used the calumny that I have a supposed gambling problem to justify not giving me enough money to eat. I am not making this up. Was her logic, if any, that it was so far from true I would never figure out she said it?

Yes, I waited at a casino twice for a rescue, but those were the only times I was ever in one since the bubble began. Has anyone ever seen me make a bet on anything? No, libel videos do not count as evidence.

I do not play poker. I do not throw dice for a living. I have never been to Vegas except once in the airport for a layover. I once won $100 on a craps table the only time I was in Reno, but I jokingly left it on Vinny's bed stand and told him to "buy something pretty" with it.

Besides, it has been very well established in the official court records and transcripts for all of my completely unjustifiable adult guardianship hearings that they only allow me $100 a week to keep me in evil Iowa.

They are still lying? Do they not understand that just gets them in deeper trouble for their crimes than if they told the truth about them? And how does a fictional gambling problem justify an adult guardianship, anyway? People have to be literal mental retards to have an adult guardianship imposed over them and still only in the most debilitating situations.

Syn, this goes way beyond libel, conspiracy, and calumny and goes straight into government coverup of human rights violation, crimes against America, and everything else you can think of. Please be creative and thorough, Syn, with full criminal and civil charges against everyone involved just like with all calumny.

I heard Sweetness permanently disabled Criminal Boeset from unlawfully committing, torturing, libeling, etc. me ever again, but then I learned a day later that was just a rumor.

We all know if Criminal Boeset ever gets me into a torture facility again, I will never make it out. The world will lose me forever. And they will enforce the bubble in there to be able to torture, rape, and abuse me just like in so many torture facilities before them except this time it will last until I die.

I need permanent protection from ever being unlawfully hospitalized again. Look at all of the lies Criminal Boeset has spewed unrelentingly up to three times a day every day for over a month just to be able to commit that heinous crime against me again.

She used the calumny of calling it "temporary rehabilitation." Raze her for that. We all know this is her permanent solution to making sure I never get human rights again.

Does my peak of performance right now really look like it needs rehabilitation? No, it does not. Besides, if Criminal Boeset wanted me to "rehabilitate", she would drive me to my husband not unrelentingly try to put me in another torture facility.

Criminal Boeset is a proven pathological liar with a personal vendetta to lock me away from the world permanently. Click here and read this for more on her ulterior motives.

United Nations, global community, and my loved ones, is there anything we can do to permanently disable Criminal Boeset's unrelenting threat to me? Just like diplomatic immunity would end Obama's witch hunt, is there a way to end his constant calumny and government coverup that I am disabled, impaired, insane, incompetent, and a child? I could use some help with this.

And then, did the proven pathologically lying terrorist FBI anti-reality machine claim I would be doing something destructive to the world if they were not here to "control" me?

Where do those assholes get off? And why would anyone ever believe such obvious bull(expletive)? Syn, press every charge possible from libel to conspiracy to aiding and abetting crimes against America against everyone who uttered that lie and chose to repeat that calumny.

If I were not unlawfully "controlled" with internationally recognized human rights violations, I would have saved the world by now by leaving Des Moines, safely joining my rescuers, and thereby ending the civil war in America.

I would be free to solve major world problems with my love and problem solving, and if I could help everyone saving America right now, I would be a part of taking down this greatest human rights crisis the US government has ever manufactured-- the very human rights crisis and totalitarian oppression of America that very piece of calumny about me was created to elongate and make palatable.

If you are wondering what my future looks like if I ever get human rights? Read my 2013 Christmas Gift For Sweetness again and my Bucket List. I have complete transparency.

Again, this is an era of strange bedfellows. Like Democrats and Republicans. Like Ireland and Britain. Like NATO and Russia. Like China and Japan. What is uniting the the whole world these days to work together for one human-rights-restoring goal? Hi. The United Nations is very aware no one can afford the collapse of America under Obama's bubble.

And with that much significance to the work I do all day every day. I heard people are criticizing me over my lipstick.

I only own one stick of lipstick. I bought it years ago, and I have been trying to make it last. Sorry, I just do not have any money for luxuries like lipstick.

I admit it would be nice, but I am not in San Francisco in control of my own finances anymore. I am starving in constant danger in Iowa instead. Please do make fun of me because I live in poverty. It is not my choice. And a lot of us have been working to fix it.

And now, random trivia! My fingerprints have been in the FBI database for almost ten years now because I volunteered to work with underprivileged inner city Middle School students years ago in San Francisco, and the application process before I could begin that privilege required fingerprinting and a background check. I am still on the Tel-Hi email list.

My beautiful world, I looked it up. For just $438, I can buy a ticket to go home to San Francisco. I, of course, am intentionally denied access to this much of my own money by everyone obeying Obama to destroy America.

And if I bought a ticket, you better believe Obama would panic, hit the self-destruct button, and lock me up on absolutely no legal grounds. But it proves how simple it could be to fix this crisis in America.

After all the good news about progress towards this goal Friday afternoon, 11April2014, I spoiled myself by going out for lunch and a soda. It was the only celebration I could afford, and it was worth it. I actually got two full meals on Friday. Is has been so long since I have had that much food in 24 hours.

Thank you, everyone working so hard to fix this global human rights crisis in America right now. So much good work in this good, green world is thankless. I never want to make the mistake of ingratitude.

Thank you, too, for loving each other and working so well with each other. You are very diverse out there, and I understand it cannot be easy sometimes.

My brave rescuers, tell the world what you need. So much depends on you. I light white candles for you every night, but I do not know what else to do to help.

As of the night of 11April2014, you were in a standoff out there. We need something to tip the balance in our favor. Clearly, evil Polk County is not going to just let me leave. They are still libeling me and trying to lock me up. What else can my beautiful world do?

Please, my brave rescuers, draft your all-encompassing, sure fire, master plan to rescue me then tell my beautiful world what you need to carry it out. Start with the goal, then fill in the gaps. And thank you for everything.

SynSyn, thank you, too, for all your bad-guy-ass kicking lately. They really set themselves up for failure, do they not? Thank you for being creative and thorough.

Synny, we know Criminal Boeset committed tax fraud and also collected "donations" from other locals to be able to pay for her court fees, civil punishments, and potential medical bills for unlawfully locking me in a long-term torture facility again. That was fraud. Please be creative and thorough pressing full charges against her for every crime she commits, not just the ones I learn about.

And, my BFF, how many times have we proved the lawsuits are not about the money? I never get the money anyway and will not until I get human rights, and when I get my human rights, I get my husband who owns his own Caribbean island and has made over $100 million a year before. I clearly do not need my billions for anything but serving the world with once I get out.

As much as I believe women should make their own money and as much as I believe my unrelenting suffering under human rights violations, crimes against women, crimes against humanity, and now war crimes, etc. has earned me all my money, we only have civil charges at our disposal.

Criminal charges against people who commit crimes against me never get competently investigated nor prosecuted and are almost never appropriately sentenced if we even get that far. People keep getting presidential pardons, as if we need more proof of conspiracy. So, all we can use is demanding just compensation for heinous acts to make the rampant human rights violations stop.

How many times have we given the locals the chance to stop their crimes against me and against their own people instead of paying us? But they always choose to pay us instead of choosing to uphold the law. Eventually they will run out of money, and then I will be free. Think of all the human lives we could save if that critical breaking point would just come sooner.

Also, Syn, is it true Obama is sucking up to you? Enjoy your power over him. Work him for info and command him to unconditionally surrender. Convince him do humiliating things like jump through literal flaming hoops on the White House lawn or make pornography of himself in the shower.

Seriously, Syn, when a psychopath tries to charm you into obeying him, turn the tables and exercise control over him to end all his crimes against everyone. Enjoy yourself and this new power to save the world.

My beautiful world, I know you love and adore Syniva. Keep lavishing her with love and attention. Please be good to everyone who loves and fights for human rights in the world.

I hear my Sweetness is taking a lot of criticism right now. Please help him help me instead. He works so hard for me. Please acknowledge all the good his does.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Why are you so worried I will get lonely and fall in love with someone else? When you left Vanessa for me, you made me promise to love you forever.

No, darling, neither death nor life can tear us apart. Why would I ever break my promise to you? How could I ever survive without you? You are my hero, my king, and my reason for living. Lay that worry to rest.

My beloved, we have so many actual problems to worry about. You have nothing to apologize to me for. Just keep loving and protecting me.

What, honey? Someone sent you a forged break up letter supposedly from me? To prevent that from ever happening again, every time I mail you a love letter, I will always tell you the tracking number.

Also, my love, did you set the official record straight about you, me, and Amber, yet? I have never been in denial about you two just like you have never been in denial about anything about me. Point people to my old press release concerning you if you need to, and please be as honest as you are comfortable with.

And, darling, tell the world my biological clock is ticking. I turn 37 years old this year. I really want a chance to make superhuman babies with my hero husband. I know you want at least three more kids.

HoneyHoney, you know I love being a step-mother to Jack and Lily Rose. But unless we get this bubble down soon, I might never get the chance to let my genetics romp and play for generations to come. We cannot be the only people in the world who want this.

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