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For the Good of America, the White House Needs to Backdown.

Obama has just committed the crime of silencing my email account to prevent any more truth about him and his crimes against all of us from being spoken. He keeps escalating. Maybe someday this post will reach the world.

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Here is my latest blog post. Obama keeps threatening me with more intentionally fabricated false charges hoping it will make me not update this blog with more complete truths about me, him, my loved ones, his conspiracy, and his crimes against his own people. It is particularly when I am threatened that I know I am doing something effective. Miracles are what I do.

Syria and Jordan. The Jihadists in the Middle East are filling the gap for the Syrian opposition. If there were anyone else to do the nitty gritty of toppling al Assad, they would not be there. The vacuum of support from the world has give the Jihadists an opportunity to spread their influence, and they are taking it.

The crisis in America is pretty similar. If Congress would just send in enough military to overpower Obama's terrorists, we could save America from this horrifying bubble already. I have already done everything necessary to take Obama's crimes against his own people down. Now, I just need to survive while we all wait.

What have I been dealing with since my last post?

It was already proven in the courts my efforts to protect myself, save America, and protect my rescuers are not sedition.

I am just telling the truth to end Obama's constantly escalating terrorism, escalating crimes against his own people, escalating crimes against humanity against me, escalating human rights crisis, and escalating oppression of all of America and trying to keep everyone alive.

That is old news. Read the old ruling.

Furthermore, my Constitutionally asking Congress to send the military is not sedition either, but Obama's uprising of terrorism that he refuses to end at all costs of precious human life and taxpayer money and that subverts and violates the US Constitution probably is.

The White House always accuses me of their own crimes. Look at our court history.

For the good of all the world, particularly America, Obama needs to backdown. He is the one committing all the crimes.

Obama, your bullshit is called out. And your White House needs to stop lying about me. How many more lies do you think you can spread before even your most brainwashed devotees destroying America for you finally stop listening.

The only thing I undermine is Obama's terrorism. Obama is the one who destabilized America by refusing to end his bubble. Between me and Obama, I am the one trying to save America, and Obama is the one committing all the crimes against his own people and refusing to end them.

The only way to end this crisis is Obama backing down and choosing to end his terrorism, oppression, rules, bubble, and crimes against his own people. Or, by Obama and his terrorists enforcing his crimes at all costs of human life and resources being overpowered.

The world will save America from Obama. He is just blowing smoke and buying time to commit more crimes with his newest lies today, 12April2014. He fears the truth, and that is why he always lies about me and himself.

For the good of all the world, particularly America, Obama needs to backdown. He is the one committing all the crimes.

But people are still putting on record that they want Obama's crimes against humanity against me and his totalitarian oppression of the entire USA to continue? Are they internet trolls or public figures?

If they are internet trolls, identify them, give them facts and history about all of Obama's horrors, be gentle when you break their brainwashing by Obama, and give them a full dose of reality. I have faith most people choose to do the right thing when they know the truth.

But some people are just evil. If they are public figures who are using their influence to continue Obama's bubble which, unlike anything I do in this world to save America, is proven to be crimes against his own people, crimes against women, crimes against humanity, terrorism, tyranny, treason, sedition, subversion of the Constitution, now war crimes, etc., make a record of everything they say, so we can discredit them with their own words. These people should have no credibility nor legitimacy left after saying that.

They say they want to 'deport' people fighting to save America and fighting to return full Constitutional rights even to the people defending and enforcing the bubble of international crimes? No one 'deports' UN peacekeepers. Why would anyone want to put on record that they want to enforce the destruction of America under Obama?

Everyone is oppressed. Would they like to deliver their messages to America or me about their depraved reason's Obama's bubble of terrorism over all of us should continue? Well, they cannot. Obama has destroyed America by taking their freedom of speech away from them.

They are even oppressing themselves. They are a danger to themselves, to me, to America, and to the entire world, and their own words are what are going to hang them.

As for Obama, does anyone else find all of Obama's escalations impulsive, defiant of all logic, heinous, and driven by his hubris and sense of entitlement? He is so depraved and in denial of so much reality, there is no way to know what calumny he and his axis of evil will spew next.

How is anyone supposed to know what intentionally fabricated false charges Obama and his conspiracy will file next? They all come from an alien planet in defiance of all laws of physics. And he built a wall around Des Moines just to make sure his crimes-against-women-and-humanity against me are never interrupted.

Nobody ever thought he would take his crimes against his own people this far into the diabolical. And his maniacal rules of totalitarian oppression that he enforces over all of America with his iron fist of blood, violence, threats, and terror just keep getting heavier.

I carry the heaviest burden in the bubble. I am the one he rapes, tortures, enslaves, unlawfully imprisons, abuses, harasses, persecutes, demonizes with unrelenting libel and intentionally fabricated false allegations, and hates with debilitating prejudice.

Did we or did we not just catch the evil locals, the untrustworthy parts of the internet, and the terrorist FBI anti-reality machine whom those haters choose to obey circulating hate propaganda against me? We did. And they still claim they do not commit hate crimes against me and those that love me? Is that denial or more government coverup?

I recently learned the people who love me need some freeing logic. Do you remember this? I agree that all people should have freedom of speech and that telling the truth is never a crime. Everyone should be free to have and express opinions, but no one should be free to express calumny.

Everyone expressing themselves through the internet, television, books, magazines, newspapers, movies, radio, social media, etc., even where I can see and hear it, have a 1st Amendment right to tell the truth, so since completely totalitarianly dictatorial executive orders were passed years ago unconstitutionally taking away freedom of speech, press, etc. in America, those orders have no legal grounds to be enforced.

Disobeying those criminal executive orders to tell the truth to the world including me could only be called civil disobedience at the worst, but we all know it is just once-free people exercising their rights. What would the federal courts say about it?

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press including freedoms to express opinions and freedom to dissent are cornerstones of a free society and modern civilization. Preventing these basic human and completely Constitutional rights in America is a crime against the entire world. But Obama keeps escalating his totalitarian oppression; just ask anyone in the media.

Why does Obama prevent the truth from being spoken in once-great America? So he can replace it all with lies that keep him in power. We have a long and well-documented record of all his lies.
Click here to read the entire previous blog post.

We need the truth legal in America again instead of only government lies enforced as the only ideas people can speak in public, and we have made great progress towards this. We have all the legal precedents we need, now, to prove disobeying the bubble's rules is legal, but obeying the bubble is the criminal act.

Wolf Blitzer had a trial in the dead of night Friday morning 11April2014. The prosecutors chose that time specifically to prevent me from being able to defend him. Luckily, he had my blog.

Obama had charged the reputable journalist, CNN's Wolf Blitzer, with the "crime" of telling the truth. Of course, the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution prevailed.

I was hoping the judge would officially deem the whole book of rules unconstitutional, but at least we got the legal precedent we needed. No, my beautiful world, you cannot get in trouble for breaking the rules.

But look at all of our extensive court records proving how much trouble people get in for breaking laws to obey the rules. When there are conflicting laws you have to choose between obeying, you are morally obligated to obey the Constitutional laws that prevent human rights violations, prevent mass murder, prevent rape, prevent torture, prevent public persecution, prevent human trafficking, prevent crimes against humanity, prevent government coverup, etc.

The truth should not be so difficult to find out there among all the lies. Please only consult with reputable journalists, the United Nations, Syniva, my blog, and any verified sources we have identified as trustworthy.

I do not think even Sweetness gets the pure truth about me and what goes on; that is how bad the bullshit is you all have to wade through out there. I will answer any question, but you have to prove you are keeping up with all the things the real me has already said.

I was asked how I survive, stay sane, and keep just becoming more effective. It is simple. I do what I do because the work has to get done, and there is no one else who can do it. My natural reaction to every crisis, particularly if it is a direct threat to me and my loved ones, is to fix the problem.

So, as Obama keeps escalating his most evil crimes known to humankind against me, I just keep having to do bigger and grander things to solve the problems. Muhammad Ali said, "We cannot fly without wind in our face."

But there are some threats I do not have to face. No, no one will kill me if I get human rights. That is an old, already-disproved calumny. It is a lie the terrorist FBI anti-reality machine is propagating to manipulate the public into committing more of the most vile crimes known to mankind against me. Just like they always threaten my life to make this crisis continue.

You have seen how hard I fight when me or my loved ones are threatened. We will all be safe. If I am not worried about this, no one should be.

First of all, I will have my husband and bodyguards to keep me safe when I get human rights. Secondly, I will finally have the same rights as everyone else to protections from the government again like arresting people who commit crimes against me and police who protect and serve. Well, at least outside Des Moines I will.

And do not make me start about how the CIA will always be lurking in the bushes keeping me safe in foreign countries, as if there were any foreign countries anywhere that are hostile toward me.

No, ending this bubble will bring peace to the world and make me physically safe for the first time since 2009 when this started. It is a miracle we all need. And no one who fights against it can be trusted.

And we have identified numerous people who cannot be trusted. Did US Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. really imply that the only reason people do not approve of him, Obama, and the corrupt members of the Obama administration is racism? Talk about blowing smoke!


Ask Mr. Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornel West if they oppose Obama's bubble and his Attorney General who presses unrelenting intentionally fabricated false charges against me while simultaneously refusing to competently investigate and prosecute anyone who commits any crime against me because they are racist.

Acknowledgement of reality in a time of government issued lies and coverups, support of Constitutional rights and freedoms for all, opposition to crimes against humanity against any human, sound morals and values, and patriotic love of America is the reason the public is dissenting in large numbers against Obama's conspiracy and why Congress and the Courts are standing up to them.

We have more evidence Obama is sexist because he commits internationally-denounced crimes against women against me than there is any factual support that standing up to a tyrant, Obama the American Stalin, makes anyone racist. Obama is not evil because he is African American. He is evil because he is a psychopath.

Besides, we have years of verified footage of me hugging and spending quality time with Black men. Ask Black Americans if they have ever seen me do a racist thing in my life. My own BFF is Black. And how many times have I tried to bring peace to the ravaged parts of Africa?

The implication I or anyone who loves and supports me is racist is obvious libel, slander, defamation, calumny, conspiracy, government coverup, etc. being used to make the crimes Obama has committed against all of us since 2009 palatable and continuable.

Syn, please be creative and thorough rooting out this libel. We need to protect all of America and the world from anymore government lies. Are all of you out there keeping track of all the lies Obama's conspiracy has issued?

As another point about US Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr., my court records stood up in court as hard evidence already that unrelenting intentionally fabricated false charges against me paired with the same prosecutors' simultaneous refusal to competently investigate and prosecute any and all crimes against me prove conspiracy and a government witch hunt.

We have the legal precedent already to prove part of Obama's bubble designed to destroy me and all of America is a witch hunt of me. He can lie all he wants; that will not change the facts. Syn, I know you will be as ruthless as they are... and succeed, like always, without ever having to lie.

As one example of their unrelenting collusion and intentionally fabricated false charges, the terrorist FBI anti-reality machine libeled me anti-Semitic, so they could blame me for shootings at Jewish community centers near Kansas City on 13April2014. Yes, all of that went on official record.

The terrorists need to thank the atheist heavens that shooter did not claim their libel of me was why he killed those poor victims. That would have been more human loss directly tied to all of their unrelenting calumny about me.

What is other collusion and intentionally fabricated false charges? In the wee hours of the morning 14April2014, the evil locals including Criminal Boeset pressed prostitution charges against me because I am a proven systemic rape victim. Yes, they tried to lock me up under intentionally fabricated false charges of prostitution because Obama rapes me.

It has been proven already corrupt Polk County District Court, the Polk County District Attorney Tom Miller, Criminal Boeset, and the Des Moines police department are all in conspiracy with the terrorist FBI and corrupt White House. This is just further evidence of what level of evil that conspiracy unrelentingly endeavors to execute.

How do we identify everyone in Obama's conspiracy? Clearly, it is not his entire Cabinet nor the entire Obama administration that is in Obama's conspiracy enforcing the bubble.

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, Secretary of State John Kerry, National Security Advisor Susan Rice, CIA Director John Brennan, etc. They are all the beginning of the Cabinet members who have not resigned yet who want this bubble ended. There are most likely more.

I believe Obama's Director of Domestic Policy Cecelia Muñoz has gotten in my face before, but I might have had her confused with a different domestic policy advisor. There is no way to know but ask PBS NewsHour if she ever had a message she wanted to imply to me.

As for the deniers of all reality who claim they need more solid evidence that what we have already proven in court already, which government contractor makes eyeball cameras, ear microphones, and ear speakers?

This spy equipment was inserted in my head by the federal government in May 2009 while I was in the torture facility in Minneapolis that was populated with fake patients and fake staff who were largely local police and terrorist FBI plants.

If the torture facility will not squeal on Obama, try the defense contractors who make the equipment. Does anyone have contacts in the Department of Defense or with the intelligence community who can look up who makes this equipment for the federal government?

They will likely be able to tell the world who they are supplying eye cameras and ear speakers and mics to, and those people are the ones who inserted them in my head. I am sure it is the terrorist FBI, but all the people in denial keep insisting we need even more proof than Obama's constantly escalating rules.

Do not forget that the rules of the bubble mandate that there be no evidence. The bubble mandates silence. The bubble mandates government coverups. The bubble spreads lie after lie while forbidding any truth from being spoken.

Even everything proven in court gets redacted. Just like the bubble mandates no one can ever stop the bubble, the bubble mandates there be no facts made public about the bubble.

So, be wary of too many conspiracy theories, my beautiful world. We do not want to pollute what we know as fact and proven truth with too much out-of-this-world speculation. It is good to fill in gaps between what we know. But do not get too weird about it.

The deniers and haters are shrinking, though, as the truth about all of this gets around. There is already dissent within the Democratic Party. We know Democratic Party Leader Debbie Wasserman Shultz loves me more than she trusts Obama.

If the Democratic Party disowns Obama and takes effective action to end his bubble, they might be able to avoid blame for rape, torture, war, rules, slavery, oppression, etc. I hope they save themselves.

And what was this I heard about my needing to be subsidized by the government? We all know I am a billionaire. I just need enough human rights to have access to my own finances. Until then, Obama has mandated I live on $100 a week just to make sure I can never leave Des Moines to reach my human rights.

What is other random libel used to keep me in Des Moines? SynSyn, are they still clinging to the calumny "Squid is too high risk to have car insurance," to force me to stay in this increasingly more literal bubble?

Rerelease the video of my driving to and from Yosemite National Park in 2009 when I spent my 32nd birthday there. I understand the terrorist FBI maintain a monopoly on all of my slavery, so find someone who downloaded it or put it on YouTube.

Then, Synny, since that is one of the verified, real videos I am most famous for, press criminal and civil charges against whoever uttered and whoever repeated that calumny for libel, slander, defamation, calumny, conspiracy, aiding and abetting human rights violations, aiding and abetting slavery, crimes against their own people, etc. You know all the charges.

My BFF, please be creative and thorough. Then, offer to let them off the hook for all the charges only if they just give me car insurance, give me a car, and end the civil war in America by letting me leave Des Moines.

Oh, and there are more lies being used to delude the public about me. Is the terrorist FBI anti-reality machine still calling me "impulsive"? We have been through this. They are just too stupid to predict me. And if I thought a certain action would lead to my human rights, why would I ever let them know what it was ahead of time? That would let them stop me.

Also, if you want to know why there is cocaine in my hair test, please test Starbucks bottled coffee drinks for cocaine. Has anyone ever seen me do drugs? No.

I did eat strawberries from the local Des Moines grocery store once, though, that were laced with cocaine. I never do drugs by choice. I am always roofied. That is like claiming I drink kerosene by choice.

Send someone to talk to Mr. Tony Liocce. I last knew him to work at Vesuvio in San Francisco. Ask him if anyone ever tried to bribe him into slipping drugs into my coffee. Do not ask him if he ever did. Just ask him if anyone ever tried to bribe him to do it.

I am addicted to caffeine. That is it. And I admit to it.

What other crap is out there? People seem to be panicking because they have not seen me file my taxes. Do you people read my blog or not?

I was forbidden from filing my taxes by Criminal Boeset, so Syn turned her in for tax fraud. And it is my understanding Criminal Boeset was prosecuted by the IRS.

I then asked Syn to subpoena my tax information from Criminal Boeset, so our accountants could file my taxes. How am I supposed to know how much money I have or how much money I have donated?

I also asked Syniva to go over all my taxes all of the way back to 2009 since I have been forbidden from filing my own taxes for years due to the completely-unjustifiable-and-only-bubble-enforcing adult guardianship.

Then, last I heard, since our marriage is officially recognized by the federal government, Sweetness and I are filing joint taxes this year. You would not be worried about my taxes if you read my blog. Please keep up.

In the realm of salacious trivial minutia no one should be worried about considering how big the real problems facing all of us are right now, I am almost exclusively a skirt-and-heels power femme. But I have been known to wear shorts in tropical climates.

I really know how to rock a pair of jean shorts. You can ask my mom's side of my family for photos of me on my last trip to the Philippines as evidence of this. They live in the Bay Area. These are some of my last photos with my maternal grandfather Claudio "Lolo Duke" Albon. I miss the loving and supporting parts of my family.

What is another random tidbit no one should be worried about right now? Borderline cholesterol runs on my mom's side of the family. I have no idea why it came up. But, we all know I am completely honest at all times.

I also never wear sweaters. I have two sweatercoats. That is all.

Though I rarely get a chance, I like mini golf a lot but have never in my life been golfing. I rarely if ever go bowling. I have never surfed.

It was not a "Blood Moon" during the lunar eclipse in the wee hours of 15April2014. It was a "Bleeding Moon."

And whenever possible, I fly American Airlines. I have actually sent a customer service manager there a thank you card before. Ask them about my connecting flights to San Francisco on 09June2009 some time. That was months before the federal mandate was passed, so nothing they did was illegal.

It is because they do everything possible to rescue me that my evil father and Criminal Boeset have tried pressing charges against them before. If they ever need a lawyer, I hope they tell Syn. I will always love and defend them.

My beautiful world, I agree with you that the bubble is pointless or possibly only had malevolent master goals. But ending it saves the once-free USA, saves the world, ends my worse than unlivable suffering, and restores rights to all Americans.

It is not pointless stress nor anxiety for good people to worry about and oppose the US government's crimes against its own people. That is the only sane reaction.

My beautiful world, your self-admitted addiction to Obama's slavery and libel of me should make you feel ashamed. Do not worry if you have that natural reaction. But remember, if you encouraged or enjoyed my slavery, I am your responsibility to save.

Please check my blog for my list of ten completely Constitutional ways to help. Click here to read the entire previous blog post. There is so much work to do. And thank you for everything.

Also, my beautiful world, if you want to, lavish your love and tourism on the parts of the USA that are bubble noncompliant. This is no time to hate or avoid the US. We need your help saving America. Make it worthwhile for cities and states to support their citizens' full Constitutional rights.

Always support lovers and always put pressure on the corrupt White House, the terrorist FBI, and evil Polk County. All they have ever had to do is choose to end the bubble, choose to let me leave Iowa, or choose to drive me across the wall around Des Moines and to my rescuers for all of this to end.

Thank you, my beautiful world, for your international solidarity in support of ending this human rights crisis in America as soon as possible.

I heard a lover from my beautiful world ask me, "How can someone have that much power?" If I have so much power, why am I so helpless in this bubble, incapable of leaving, and incapable of protecting myself?

It is particularly because I am so helpless, the world is rising to meet me.

And, of course, I must also acknowledge that the world is rising to rescue me, a helpless woman, because in this epic battle of Squid vs. Obama, I am the one on the moral high ground.

Finally, please do not riot out of love for me, my beautiful world. Reserve violence to be carried out by professionals and as our last resort to rescue me. I understand we have already reached our last resort, but that is no reason to riot in the streets.

Protests carry far more gravitas when they are peaceful. I understand the White House and its conspiracy just keep lying and refusing to backdown. But do not let your frustration and emotions hijack your effectiveness.

My brave rescuers, you have the hardest part in all of this. Your lives are on the line. Thank you for keeping up with everything I do in here. I recently sent a tweet with a number of links to possible insiders who travel out who might be able to help sneak someone in. Also, tell my beautiful world everything you need. I hate when you die.

As for you, my never-fail SynSyn, I am so sorry you got arrested Sunday morning. Are you okay? I was told the local police nabbed you for public intoxication. Were you actually drinking, was it White House orders, or both? If these were false charges, I trust you will be creative and thorough.

My BFF, remember how we offered to drop the charges against the Los Angeles police department last year if they turned in all their evidence it was White House orders? Please consider making that same offer to the Seattle police department.

Synny, years ago after the Seattle police department rescued you once, did we not make a donation to their pension fund? Or was that a lot of mixed signals I received? I wonder what made them join the evil. Please see if any investigative journalists in the area want to figure that out for us.

SynSyn, I have always believed in being friends with the police. We have always been, after all, innocent victims of government crimes. We rely on people like the police for moral integrity and love of our communities, so they will do their jobs and keep us all safe. What made them join the evil?

Finally, SynSyn, please make an official press release for all reputable journalists and our lovers and believers in all media including online, so everyone can get the word out about all of our epic wins in court. Just recently, you made sure reality prevailed against Eric Holder and Michele Obama for conspiracy and all of their criminal involvement. Please report on all of our courtroom successes. And try to make sure Sweetness keeps up better with the truth.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Stop being so surprised I never get mad at you. Do you remember when I told you I am not capable of it? I did not lie. I could use your completely ceasing your lying to the press, but I have faith you will always set the record straight.

My beloved, you have an obvious PR problem. I already wrote an official press release, and as adult it would be of her, we know we cannot expect Amber to fix it. You need to be a man and officially set the record straight including explaining to all the world who terrorized you into lying. Come clean. You will find it freeing.

HoneyHoney, I love you unconditionally. You were so shocked and delighted to see me blow you a kiss. Are there really so many lies about all of us out there that you are insecure about how much I love you?

Darling, stick to faithfully reading my blog for truth of what is in my heart. I will start you a new love letter, but I was told we only get mail delivery within Des Moines right now. I always do my best to talk to you. Please try harder to hear me. Stay better in touch with Syniva, too. Thank you.

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