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The World is Wading Through More Obama Bullshit. When will the White House Backdown and Save Itself?

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Here is my latest blog post. It could be so easy. The evil locals just need to stop pretending they can blame me, their victim, for the unrelenting crimes they choose to commit and just drive me to my rescuers.

Nigeria. It has never been more important to educate girls and young women all over the world. I could never have accomplished all the good I have done and still do in the world without my education. Please find these girls, make them safe, and ensure their educations continue. We need more brave, strong, intelligent women in the world. And that starts by educating us while we are young.

In the US, the Reality War keeps raging on. You all know what to do when you hear libel anywhere, my beautiful world. Call out the source as a liar, so they cannot libel anyone ever again. Set the record straight. Or, if you cannot, tell me the details, so I can. Report it to Syn, so she can put it on our list of charges to file. And never let anything fall into is-it-real-or-not debate, but put all focus on their ulterior motives behind libeling me instead.

First of all, Obama's terrorists are not going to kill me. That is the same old lie they have used for years to manipulate people into committing and excusing some of the worst crimes known to mankind against me. They sneak into my apartment almost every night undetected to rape me. If they wanted to kill me, they would have by now.

By why would they kill me? If they lost me, they would lose their excuse for totalitarian control over all of our once-free America. They would lose their power to manipulate the world with threats against me if they actually killed me. It would be their undeniable admission of guilt. The entire nation would lead the entire world in revolting and rising up against them. And the military keeps a special cell in Guantanamo for whoever kills me.

Obama's terrorists are not going to kill me. Hold everyone accountable who utters that lie and who uses it as a false explanation for anything they do, especially if they repeat that calumny in court. Instead of listening to Obama's unrelenting government-issued lies, protect me from everything Obama, his conspiracy, and every evil local want for me.

I have dealt with this lie so many times. Click here and read my 10April blog post and click here and read my 11February blog post.

There have been a lot of recycled lies. My beautiful world, are the government psychopaths and internet trolls still trying to call me crazy? You all know that is a government coverup for keeping me inside this bubble and for forbidding me from ending the raging and escalating conflict in America right now by using their calumny libeling me crazy to forbid me from leaving Des Moines.

If the government conspiracy ceased their thoroughly disproven calumny libeling me insane, I could leave Des Moines, save America, have human rights, be physically safe, and prevent any more of the Obama-ordered mass murder of my rescuers.

Obama is mortified of that happening, so he keeps ordering the evil locals, the internet trolls who obey his every dictatorial whim, and his entire government conspiracy to keep up their obvious facade that I have any mental illness at all whatsoever.

You know what to do, my beautiful world. Report to Syn and my genius lawyers all criminals spreading the calumny claiming I am crazy and everyone repeating it. My team has a prioritized list for the order our logjam of charges against EVERYONE committing crimes against me and America is working its way through the courts. This ensures those criminals make the list.

We need to root out this repeatedly and thoroughly disproven and enduring crime against all of America completely, and that starts by reporting it to actual authorities who are trying to prevent the real crimes in America right now. We know we cannot trust law enforcement to end these crimes against their own people. They are propagating the crimes.

And finally rooting out this repeatedly disproven calumny will help fight Obama's crimes against his own people. The lie itself claiming I have any mental illness at all whatsoever is a crime against America since it aids and abets Obama's and his conspiracy's bubble of terrorism, treason through subversion of the Constitution, seditious uprising keeping my rescuers from saving America by iron-fistedly preventing them from exercising their Supreme-Court-upheld Constitutional rights to assemble and associate with me, raging human rights violations, violence against his own people, crimes against humanity against me, crimes against women against me, war crimes, human trafficking of me, government coverup of all of this, etc.

Rooting out the calumny I have any mental illness at all whatsoever is a service to America and the world not just me. So, my beautiful world, particularly my once-free America, call out and take down everyone claiming or repeating I am crazy. The world, particularly my once-free America, depends on it.

And make sure no one believes any more lies Obama's terrorist FBI anti-reality machine spreads about anything. We all know how many lies there have been from every level of government. They should have no credibility nor legitimacy left.

Since my last blog post they have repeated thoroughly disproven calumny in the courts over and over again. Syn has had to shoot down, "We are pretending Squid is pregnant, so we can put her in a torture facility." And "We are libeling Squid a prostitute, so we can put her in a torture facility." And "We are perverting reality and lying that Squid is a cocaine addict, so we can put her in a torture facility." And "We are grasping at anything and claiming Squid has an anxiety disorder, so we can put her in a torture facility." And "We invented a 'dark side' to Squid, so we can lock her in a torture facility." And so on. It has been nothing but A LOT of already disproven libel hitting the courts all over again.

On the federal level, Obama tried covering up he orders his terrorists to mass murder my rescuers with intentionally fabricated false charges against me. Please reread my 10April2014 blog post.

We all know Obama and his conspiracy are the only ones in this entire crisis committing any crimes, and they are committing all the crimes. Please read my 14April2014 blog post.

If this were the Wild West like a lot of people belittling this greatest human rights crisis America has ever manufactured like to call it, clearly, Obama and his terrorists are the criminals who need the law and Constitution enforced over them.

Also, from my 14April2014 blog post, I believe violence should only be carried out by professionals and as a last resort, never by an unelected dictator using his iron fist of blood and violence to enforce extralegislative rules that totalitarianly oppress all of America.

As for other lies, the locals threw a fit because we only press civil charges and no criminal charges. We have been through this so many times. The corrupt federal and local justice departments refuse to investigate nor prosecute anyone who commits any crimes against me while simultaneously pressing unrelenting intentionally fabricated false charges against me. They have already been found guilty of conspiracy, corruption, etc. for this.

And a when we do manage to get injunctions from the courts to press criminal charges, they refuse to competently investigate and prosecute them. The sentencing, if we even get that far, is never appropriately tough on them considering how heinous their crimes are. So, we are left with nothing but civil charges to deter crimes and enforce the law. Please read my 12April blog post again.

There have been so many repeated charges since my last blog post, and as if any of those intentionally fabricated false allegations have ever made sense or were even close to reality the first time they used them, they violated my 5th Amendment Constitutional protection from "double jeopardy" and repeated them.

Anyone who has read my every blog post from 30March2014 to the present knows these are all just recycled intentionally fabricated false allegations they are recycling at an escalated rate to be able to commit more crimes against me.

This set of Obama's crimes against me did not work the first time nor any time they tried them again afterwards. They just ran out of new crimes; but Obama ordered his conspiracy to escalate, so they had to try something.

The alarms that I am in immediate danger of being permanently locked away from the world in a long-term insane asylum to be raped, tortured, and abused until I die due to more intentionally fabricated false charges go off 24/7 now.

Syn and my genius lawyers, I do not know how you deal with so much government-issued bullshit 24/7. I pray you are all getting rest. The entire world trusts you are creative and thorough demanding just compensation and criminal prosecution, if possible with our corrupt law enforcement, to make these crimes stop. Please completely raze Criminal Boeset and everyone who enables her.

What is another repeated lie of Obama's terrorist FBI anti-reality machine? They kept placating the public with an obvious calumny that I am the federal government's employee. However, I have never once chosen to be broadcast nor libeled by them.

I have always been forbidden from ever knowing I am broadcast, forbidden from seeing any broadcasts I am in, and forbidden from knowing there were cameras in every place I have resided since I was first enslaved completely against my will by Obama in 2009. I am not allowed to know I am a slave. That is why, to this day, no one is willing to acknowledge any broadcast of me to my face.

This has always been human trafficking. I have signed no image release nor any entertainment contract. They just wanted to avoid being arrested for human trafficking, so the government issued lies as a coverup.

Do you remember this from my 28March2014 blog post? My slavers in the federal government, I know you are trying to cover your ass and all, but letting me join a union is not a complete solution to your slavery crisis. You cannot take someone off the street at random, force them to do labor, tell them you will pay them at an undisclosed time in the future, and expect it to be legal in anyone's eyes.

To make broadcasts of me legal, I need a contract that fits my terms; I need a tax form to sign; and literally I need to be the person who receives my timely paycheck. I never chose to be broadcast. Until this is fixed, all broadcasts of me except for the hacked webcam in my netbook is slavery, forced labor, and a crime against humanity.

What would be acceptable terms for my employment contract for a legal broadcast of my life? To begin with: absolutely no nudity, no apartment broadcast just the broadcast out of my head, agreement there will be no complaints from any locals about the broadcast out of my head, never show me in the bathroom, just compensation befitting my work experience and genius, union job, get to write off travel and wardrobe expenses on my taxes, all fees for music or television or film or etc. shown in the broadcast paid by my employer, fitting residuals, no broadcast can include libel nor be used to libel me, and receipt of the paycheck by me not a payee weekly during the filming of the broadcast.

I will let my trusty entertainment lawyers of my husband's choosing fill in all the other blanks. If your only other option is being a slaver, I suggest you meet my terms. That is how you make me an employee instead of a slave.

Synny, did you get all of that? I love you! I am sorry if I am giving you more work to do. You labor so tirelessly and selflessly every day and every night fighting to make me safe for the first time since Obama started this bubble. Is the world being good to you?

Of course, those were my terms from 28March2014, and the government rejected them. They chose to stay my slavers instead. I made a record of this in my 01April2014 and 12April2014 blog posts.

Now, after having all of their bullshit called out, the government suddenly wants me to have a contract to sign. Well, all of those terms above still apply, but I am adding these, too.

These are my additional terms: I can remove and disable all of the equipment in my head any time I want. Upon signing the contract I, not a payee, will receive all back pay for all broadcasts and residuals for repeated broadcasts since my slavery began. Upon signing the contract, there will be a seamless transition of control of the broadcast out of my body to people of my husband's choosing. I get to see all broadcasts of me and of 'me.' And I get and retain exclusive rights to all broadcasts I have ever been in.

Again, I will let my husband's entertainment lawyers sort out all of the rest of the details. My terms are non-negotiable. And I recommend you take them. Human trafficking charges could get all of you tried at The Hague particularly since my slavery has included systemically raping me to maintain it.

What have the libel broadcasts been up to? I do not "talk dirty" to people. Just ask my loving and adoring husband to what level of not-even-close-to-saucy the romantic passages I write in his love letters reach. Ask him about kisses on the nape of my neck or touching my hand. I could seriously teach classes on how to woo movie stars.

I have also never "sexted" in my life. I find it cheap and nonpoetic. My words are meant for better things.

If you find me sexy, that is your fault for cheapening me. We have been through this so many times. I lead the life of an honorary nun. Sister Bridget Folkard in Liverpool even asked me to join her convent.

I have never once wanted to be sexuallized. I never get drunk. I rarely if ever have sex. When was the last time you saw the real me either have a drink or commit a sexual act? Stop watching and supporting the porn stars with your money!

All of that recycled libel are crimes against me that the federal government have already been convicted for. Stop making me repeat myself. QED is QED. Stop listening to the libel machine. You know better.

My beautiful world, please stop paying your good money which should be going to saving me and America instead for libel porn of me. We all know the apartment broadcast is just a delivery system for pornography and other calumny used to make people believe libel about me.

If they ever broadcast the real me, it would be a million times worse. That would make it human trafficking of me. Please stop giving money to those proven international criminals. They just use your money to afford raping me, torturing me, enslaving me, abusing me, harassing me, and libeling me to cover it all up.

Instead of encouraging government-issued lies and government-enforced rape slavery, send your money to my brave rescuers instead. Do something good. Have I taught you nothing?

I acknowledge my eye camera keeps me physically safe in this hostile alien planet. I can live with it. I can also control what it sees. I can disable it when I shower. Etc.

If you are truly addicted to media of me, read my real blog faithfully, watch my eye camera, beware Google glass pollution of my eye camera feed, and never ever enable rape slavery nor libel of me. The world deserves more truth and less human trafficking. I have addressed the crimes of the slave and libel broadcast a number of times click here to reread one of the many, my 05April blog post.

Also, I am curvy, not fat. I have C cups. They are the widest part of my body. What is wrong with you people? Fight the libel machine.

And while we are discussing obvious libel about me, what is this mythical "dark side" people claim I have? Has anybody ever seen their "evidence" for this accusation? It must all be libel videos.

We all know libeling me is calumny, a lie intentionally told in order to cause harm. All of the government-issued calumny from libeling me insane to libeling me a stripper and porn star are blatant untruths used to commit and make palatable Obama's crimes against his own people.

All lies propagated by Obama's terrorist FBI anti-reality machine aid and abet Obama's and his conspiracy's bubble of terrorism, treason through subversion of the Constitution, seditious uprising keeping my rescuers from saving America by iron-fistedly preventing them from exercising their Supreme-Court-upheld Constitutional rights to assemble and associate with me, raging human rights violations, violence against his own people, crimes against humanity against me, crimes against women against me, war crimes, human trafficking of me, government coverup of all of this, etc.

So, all of the people spreading and repeating any and all libel about me need to be prosecuted as such. Syn, the entire world, including me and once-free America, know we can trust you to be creative and thorough.

Also, Syn, when prosecuting these crimes, please keep in mind I am a bleeding-heart liberal who does not believe in the death penalty. But I do believe all of these most heinous crimes known to man committed against me and against America deserve minimum life in prison with absolutely no chance of parole. Please prosecute everyone to the fullest extent of the law. I trust the courts for justice.

In an ideal world, every domestic terrorist from Criminal Boeset to Psychopath Obama would be sentenced to Guantanamo. That is where we keep terrorists, after all. Of course, Gitmo is luxurious when compared to what my hell of torture, rape, poverty, slavery, abuse, libel, and harassment has been since 2009. But I would never sentence anyone to live my life, not even my worst enemy.

My beautiful world, United Nations, world leaders, and everyone who loves me, we need to contain Obama's conspiracy. They are the ones committing all the crimes, and with every time we have to protect me and prove in court THEY are the ones committing every crime they intentionally falsely accuse me of, they escalate instead of backing down.

Despite my being told I am still going to have to hold on in here for months, Obama's conspiracy is convinced a secret agent can reach me and carry me out at any moment now, so they keep escalating.

I have heard "America is on the verge of civil war!" since the wee hours of the morning on 16April2014. I am told tensions are high outside on the walls. I do not want my rescuers to die, but I have always acknowledged all of our legal action is just a bandaid to keep me someplace my rescuers can reach me until they can actually make it.

Our successful legal action is justice, a deterrent against worse crimes, a bandaid solution to keeping me in contact with the world, and the only thing keeping from being locked in a torture facility for the rest of my life.

If the evil locals would just give me my human rights, control of my finances, and let me leave, all of this would be avoided, but they are all dedicated to serving Psychopath Obama while he destroys America.

No, corrupt Polk County, Criminal Boeset, etc. have never been able to justify their kidnapping me and dragging me to Iowa just to be able to abuse me here and have been ten times more unsuccessful trying to explain why they refuse to let me leave.

Yet, all anyone in here has to do is pick me up and drive me out, but everyone in here refuses. They just complain about their taxes going up and continue destroying America, threatening the world, and committing some of the most heinous crimes known to mankind against me.

I am forbidden from knowing about the wall, so if someone picks me up and drives me toward it, it will not be there when we reach its location. The terrorists will have to take it down, so I never see it. Reality is not allowed to be acknowledged to my face.

Similarly, if a secret agent or even patriotic local reached my side to rescue me, he or she would have the same protection I have from ever seeing a terrorist or being threatened by one, as long as my eyes are open. That is how easy this could be. And that is why Obama's conspiracy is escalating trying to lock me away from the world forever in another torture facility.

My beautiful world, United Nations, world leaders, and everyone who loves me, we need to contain Obama's conspiracy. Is there anything you all can do to help?

As for you, Des Moines, Iowa, and Polk County, stop committing unrelenting crimes against me, so I can leave! You are not just committing repeatedly-proven-in-court-after-court crimes against me by keeping me here, you are committing crimes against yourselves and against America. Des Moines, you need to learn to love at least yourselves enough to just pick me up and drive me out if not learn to love America enough to do it.

My brave rescuers, what do you need out there? Tell my beautiful world. We will all provide. You need to sneak in and regroup inside the wall. There is no way for you to power your way in here guns-a-blazing. Please fight smarter and please die less. Do it for me.

SynSyn, always let me know what you need, my super power femme BFF. I understand how busy you are out there trying to make me safe, and the entire world, all of once-free America, and I thank you for everything. I pray the entire world is lavishing you with love and affection, and I hope you are finally getting some sleep.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I asked you to deliver the whole truth about every horror in here to the entire world, world leaders, world presses, and United Nations. And despite every crime Obama committed against you to stop us, you never let me down.

My beloved, please also talk to Syn and deliver all of our evidence and testimony about every single crime committed by Obama to create, maintain, and enforce his bubble from his federal and local witch hunts of intentionally fabricated false charges to his poisoned water supplies and tainted food to his government coverup for crimes against humanity that I have a mental illness to the list of all the people we have proven are in his conspiracy and everything in between to the United Nations, world leaders, and reputable international and national presses.

Darling, give them everything from Polk County's refusal to acknowledge I have never in my life needed an adult guardian and how keeping that crime over me is a crime against the entire world to Michele Obama telling the President Xi Jinping of China I am a porn star to protect her husband's crimes against his own people. Also include all of our evidence for the charges we have not had time to file yet. We are prosecution, it does not matter if all of our evidence gets out ahead of time.

My king, you know we cannot trust US Ambassador to the UN Stephanie Power, so give all of our growing evidence to Secretary General Ban Ki Moon or the UN ambassador from a country like Germany or China whom we know we can trust. There are too many to name. The UN Security Council would be stacked in our favor if we could trust Ambassador Power to abstain.

And Sweetness, thank you for doing absolutely everything for years to rescue me. I wish I could have gotten Syniva and the world to help you sooner. Sometimes it is timing, and sometimes it is prerequisites.

My darling husband, I have already seen a lot of your progress motivating a culture of revolution and liberation among every media from the internet and social media to books and newspapers. America and I thank you for this. It is just as important to get the whole truth to the entire public as it is important to get the whole truth to me. If we can inspire all Americans everywhere to set themselves free of Obama's totalitarian oppression, over half of our battle is already won.

My beloved, every time we get close to kissing, Obama escalates. He is mortified of my ever having human rights. Never listen to the government-issued lies. Please communicate better with Syn. Please stick to reputable sources for the truth about me. And never ever think I will not finally reach you. You are my hero, my king, and my reason for living. You are all that will ever heal me. And you are this princess's happily ever after.

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