Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Empty FBI Threats Breed Human Rights Violations

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Here is my latest blog post. It has been lies and hate crimes all over the place, but the more Polk County and the FBI persecute me, the easier it is to prove they are evil.

Syria. Who is firing on Homs during the ceasefire? Please, United Nations, identify which side it is, and have their leadership give them the message this is supposed to be a ceasefire. It sounds like mortars. Does that mean it is the regime?

Personally, I do not like violence. I carry the burden of every one of my dead rescuers. But there are international laws to honorable warmaking as opposed to committing war crimes. Firing on civilians as they flee with peacekeeper escorts during what is supposed to be a ceasefire is not honorable warmaking.

Please figure out who is dropping mortars on the humanitarian aid, and tell their leadership to keep them in line. It sounds like the regime. The regime also already said they do not want to come back to the talks. Do not be shy of resolving this conflict in talks in Geneva without the regime (or the opposition if they are the offenders).

To do this, try the offending party violating the ceasefire for war crimes. I know you have evidence for both sides. And resolve the transition of power without them.

You have enough ability with the world powers present to bring any resolution to the crisis that is collectively agreed upon as long as the world powers commit to it. This threat alone should be enough to have both sides honor the ceasefire in Homs.

North Korea. Kenneth Bae needs human rights. North Korea, you treat him the way the FBI and Polk County treat me. He has suffered so much.

Please, North Korea, instead of persecuting him, treat Kenneth Bae how you would treat me. We need more love in this world. Please love him, and make him safe.

Pakistan. Drone strikes are human rights violations. Everyone, even terrorists, have a right to be out on trial before they are executed. The only acceptable places for a government to kill someone otherwise is on the battle field and only after war is declared by Congress.

I understand the current White House has the WORST human rights record of any administration, so I do not expect them to listen to me. But the public should not be fooled into thinking human rights violations are acceptable or make us safe. All violations of basic human rights degrade our society and should be ended immediately.

USA. Jay Byers embodies everything evil about Des Moines. I have been in Des Moines since December 2010 with a broadcast to the entire world from spy equipment in my head the entire time.

Des Moines has had all of this time to show off to the world how loving or good or kind they are. Instead, all Des Moines has done is persecute and hate me. They have proven they have no morals and values.

They have beaten me, tortured me, abused me, hated me, raped me, unlawfully imprisoned me, libeled me, persecuted me, etc., and they have chosen not to stop.

Des Moines, the broadcast out of my head has been your chance to show off to the world since December 2010, but instead you have proven you are a cesspool of persecution, human rights violations, and hate crimes.

Just learn to love me. Learn to believe in me. Acknowledge I am beautiful to my face in plain talk, and you will change your despicable, deplorable image in the eyes of the entire world. You say, "Carpe DM" to me because you want me to do the work making Des Moines look good to the world. Stop making me your slave.

The only exception to the general public hating and persecuting me is Chocolaterie Stam, and that is because they are a Dutch company. They are foreign.

Speaking of hate crimes, the porn alarm went off Monday afternoon. Report the sources of all the libel porn to Syn, so we can prosecute them. Why does anyone watch those sources? SynSyn, press all civil and criminal charges you can make stick against the people in the libel porn, broadcasting the libel porn, and producing the libel porn.

The commitment alarm also went off on Monday afternoon. Remember, it is illegal to libel me with a mental illness and criminal to lock me up in a psych ward just to be able to keep me away from my rescuers. That also murders rescuers.

Syn, press persecution, conspiracy, hate crime, human rights violations, and attempted murder charges against everyone threatening to commit me. I want them all locked away for life. They are going out of their way at the expense of rescuers lives and the benefit of the world to make sure I never get human rights. It is all illegal.

If they say it is "in Squid's best interest" they are lying. They just do not want me to have human rights at all costs. They are attempting to break the law to keep me away from my rescuers, the only truly safe place for me. Iowa hates me too much for me to be safe in Iowa. I need human rights, so I can leave.

If they say the FBI are threatening me, what a load of FBI anti-reality machine bullshit! In reality, it is safer for me outside Iowa than in it. Remember when they said I would die in LA last year? Such threats are just crap to keep me a slave and manipulate the public!

I am not safe in Iowa; the public hates me too much. I would be safest with my husband, BFF, or rescuers. Do not believe anyone who claims they are making decisions in my best interests unless they are fighting for me to leave Iowa. I need this criminal adult guardianship dissolved, so I can have human rights again.

Find the source of the lies, and hold them accountable for threatening me, libel, conspiracy, etc. And, stop letting empty FBI threats on my life control anyone into destroying me! Everything between me and my rescuers is guilty of persecution, conspiracy, hate crimes, human rights violations, and murder and need to be charged as such with criminal and civil charges.

Remember this? Finally, my beautiful world, the FBI wanted me dead, they would have killed me by now. But they only have reasons to keep me alive. They fear my death. It would make me even more powerful over them.

It would make me a beloved martyr, and the FBI would never recover from the generations of backlash. I am too pure, good, and beloved to murder. Please do not obey the FBI, so I can stay my natural, beautiful self.

The FBI want to destroy me and turn me evil. They are laboring to force me to hate the world, so they can justify their bubble. They plan on persecuting me until I hate the world, and the world turns on me. So they, the FBI, can look like heroes for committing human rights violations against me.

Why else all the libel? They would not fear my death if the world did not love and adore me. Love me more, my beautiful world. And educate more people everywhere to love me, so the FBI can never kill me.

Look at Iowa. The FBI have such absolute control over Iowa making them carry out FBI orders to destroy me because Iowa hates me. Iowa believes the libel. If Iowa loved me, I would be immune from harm from Iowa.

The FBI are also playing a control game. They want tyrannical control of the public. Stop letting the FBI control you, my beautiful world. Do not do anything the FBI wants because they threaten me. Instead, make me safe from them and all the harm they wish on me.

Otherwise, the FBI will control you all into destroying me for them. You will make me hate you and all the world because you follow FBI orders, and the FBI will have succeeded at destroying me, making me hate the world, turning the world against me, and justifying their bubble.

Do not play the FBI's game, my beautiful world. Cut through all of their anti-reality mind games by just keeping me safe from them and all the harm they want for me. Fight the FBI. Never obey them.
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It is so unsafe for me in hospitals. They rape me there. Let no one get away with lying and saying they are going to lock me up to make me "safe." With hospitals so horrible to me, can you imagine how unsafe jail would be for me? Syn, do not let them lock me up. It will literally destroy me.

The main reason I should never go to jail is because I never break the law. But Iowa commits so many hate crimes against me just to make sure I never reach my human rights, we cannot take complete and utter innocence for granted as enough to keep me out of jail. The Polk County District Court is just too corrupt. Please keep me safe, Synny.

The thirteen hours in the hotel room from 2:30pm Monday, 10Feb2014 to 3:30am Tuesday, 11Feb2014 were a triumph of teamwork. Thank you, my beautiful world, for loving me and fighting for me. We proved in the courts and in all reality that I am safer outside Iowa than in it, and no one can take that reality away from us now.

The downfall was my rescuers were massacred by the FBI to keep them away from me. That was murder. My rescuers are just trying to exercise their Supreme-Court-upheld rights. So, impeach the president with this reality. And show love for my rescuers. They suffered so much Monday night. The survivors are lucky to be alive.

We never leave a soldier behind, and that includes you, Neil Gaiman. Were you silenced by the FBI? You used to be a fountain of tweets about adventures with your beautiful wife and your ineffable love. Are you being oppressed?

Do not let them hold you down, Mr. Neil Gaiman. Do you have records and evidence of everything the FBI did to silence you? Please talk to my lawyers. Click here to see Neil Gaiman's twitter feed.

Yes, please talk to Ms. Syniva Whitney and my village of lawyers. We are going to take the FBI to court to get your freedom of speech back. I am paying for it. You just need to want your human rights back. You are a writer. Do you not want your freedom of speech?

This makes you my superhero, Neil Gaiman. We can take this all of the way to the US Supreme Court if necessary to get freedom of speech back for all the people in the United States. Do you want to be a superhero, Neil? Please talk to Syniva, and do not let me down.

Syn, you kicked burro from one end of Polk County to the other, and then you asked me, "What next?"
1.) Please maintain my safety as best we can manage it in Polk County by staying proactive to keep me out of hospitals and jail due to libel. I will not be safe until I can leave Iowa, but we can keep me as free from persecution as possible.
2.) Please get the criminal adult guardianship dissolved, so I can finally have enough human rights to go someplace that will keep me safe instead of commit hate crimes against me. The guardianship is just a tool to keep me away from my human rights; it serves no other purpose.
And 3.) please work with the brave Mr. Neil Gaiman to bring freedom of speech to all of America again. Please be good to him and convince him to be my superhero.

Syn, I keep you so busy. I know, I know. Your work is never done. Thank you, for loving me. Thank you for fighting for me. Thank you, for saving the world. Did you have a good birthday on Sunday?

My beautiful world, I heard you also ask, "What next?" We need to get Polk County cleaned up. As long as there is a criminal adult guardianship oppressing me, our fight against Polk County must rage on.

If my rescuers reach me first, I kiss my husband. I get the spy equipment removed from my head. I hug my BFF. Sweetness and I disappear to a tropical island together, so I can heal; there will be a way for the world to reach me if you need me.

Then I travel the world saying thank you and solving world problems. Hopefully, I will have taught America to rise up and save itself, so America can be free by the time I am done healing.

I look forward to having personal privacy and bodyguards. I look forward to having my full human rights and being free to serve the world to the best of my abilities. The future of the world... That is what is next.

If my rescuers do not reach me first, we fight corrupt Polk County and the malevolent FBI until we can get my human rights back from them. I need enough human rights to leave Iowa and go someplace that loves me and that will make me safe. We fight the good fight. That is what is next.

My brave rescuers, so much depends on you. I wish I could make your quest easier. You suffered huge losses Monday night. Please get your justice for it in the courts.

If Jared just knew where you are, my brave rescuers, he would take me directly to you. Please work on communicating with him and sending him a map. He is part of the team. He is largely clueless, but we can count on Jared.

My beautiful world, Jared needs reality acknowledged to his face. I feel his grip on reality needs a boost. He does not speak code. He does not know what colors mean. Please flat out tell him this is all real. There is no spy equipment in his head. You will get away with it.

Syn, so often you are my fresh breath of reality. I wish we could have enough human rights to have a conversation. There is a raging, gaping hole in me that you used to fill, and I just want to hug you.

SynSyn, do not forget that we have a legal precedent now after successfully prosecuting Lynn Boeset for charging EVERYONE who actively persecuted through any means me for conspiracy, hate crimes, persecution, murdering my rescuers, etc. Do not be shy of wielding this legal precedent to make me safe and free.

My BFF, my human rights are a grave concern for the entire world, and we need Polk County blasted wide open. Go after them all from Mark R. Gray to the local Democrats and every culpable FBI agent for going out of their way to keep me a slave in Iowa against my will at he cost of my rescuers' lives, at the cost of my human rights and physical safety, and at the cost of the entire world's needs from me.

Oh, and SynSyn, do not forget to have an expert testify in the Bankruptcy Court proceedings for Polk County. All anyone ever had to do was give me my human rights and stop breaking the laws to torture and rape me for Polk County not to have to pay us all so much money. All I wanted from them was my human rights, but they preferred to pay me. It was their choice.

Still speaking of legal action, Sweetness, we have a basic human right to marry not just be engaged. We have a right to settle down and start a family. Is that not what the fight for gay marriage is all about? Families for all responsible, full grown adults?

Darling, remember this? Read Article 12. No, Sweetness, we are not in Europe, but it is a list of basic human rights considered protected for all Americans by the Constitution as spelled out in the amendments or under the "penumbra of rights" the Constitution protects.

Please, my beloved, all I need is enough human rights to have you in my life. You are all I need to be happy. You are all I need to heal. I want to dance at our wedding.

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