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Media Silence Causes Mental Illness in the Public.

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Here is my latest blog post. The media silence enforcing reality never be spoken in the US paired with all of the libel of me the FBI claims it is free to speak in its place has caused the public to have a break with reality. We can blame the proven mental illness of Criminally Delusional Lynn Boeset on this, and we should be wary of mental health genocide in the alien planet of Iowa because of this.

Russia. When children need happy, healthy homes, you should be providing more of them not taking them away. I know even in Russia, being gay is not a crime. All you have done is ban "gay propaganda."

But I must admit denying truth to the masses of how we queers are human just like everyone else is just like banning the truth about me to the masses in the United States. It is lying by omission. Have I taught you nothing, Russia?

We should be breeding love of all humans just for the sake of our all being humans. I do not agree with hating you, Russia, because you ban "gay propaganda" just like you should not agree with hating gays. We are all human. We live on this good, green Earth together. Do you not love me, an openly bisexual woman, as much as I love you?

USA. Why is it still news someone is gay? We should love all people regardless of sexual orientation; why is being gay still headline news? I am mixed race. Is that headline news too?

We will never break down the stigma of being gay until we stop treating being openly gay as if it were hugely significant. We are all humans together in this world. Dating websites are about the only place it should matter if someone is advertising they are gay or straight.

Venezuela. People do not just rise up en masse and protest unless there is something that needs to be fixed. For example, Des Moines takes mass action against me by passively and actively persecuting me because they have no sense of reality. To fix the unrest in Iowa, we need to educate the masses.

What is the root problem in Venezuela? Why are your students in the street screaming for change? Find out what they want fixed, and fix it. Love your people, Venezuela. I have faith you can build a safe, stable government that serves the needs of its people fairly. Do not be like the United States and oppress the masses.

Syria. They agree they want the bloodshed to end. But that is all they agree on. I live in logic land. If this is what al Assad running the government looks like, then it can only be concluded he cannot run the government with any effectiveness. They need to find a president who can unite the people.

Mr. Lakhdar Brahimi formally apologized to the world for not making greater progress in the negotiations in Switzerland. I do not think it is his fault. There are just too many people denying reality for the negotiations to work right now.

But since diplomacy failed, what heavier handed solutions is the world willing to instigate to end this? We cannot allow the suffering to continue. Unless we end the crisis, the entire Middle East might blow up in sectarian violence. Then the whole world will suffer.

South Korea. There are three steps to earning forgiveness. First, the government committing the offenses must cease it crimes against the innocent completely. Then, they must offer a sincere apology. And finally, the government must throw down to right the wrong.

For example, Polk County cannot be forgiven by me since they refuse to stop their crimes against me. They just keep committing human rights violation after human rights violation, choosing to pay me cash when they get caught, and then trying to call me a crook because they would rather give me money than human rights.

There is no reality in Polk County. And I just heard that the State of Iowa wants to ban the public in Des Moines from learning the truth about me. Talk about oppressing the masses and persecuting me!

They want the locals to keep treating me like an expensive stripper due to public delusions rather than telling them reality, so they can treat me like the benevolent, super-genius world leader I am for real.

Syniva, I keep you so busy. Please speak with the local news stations about this. Figure out which level of government it is that is so corrupt it wants the public to live in lies, so they will damage me as much as possible. And press persecution, conspiracy, hate crime, and human rights violations charges.

If it is Polk County, flatten them. If it is the State of Iowa, press individual criminal and civil charges against everyone trying to instigate this delusion of the masses, and if the action gets passed by the State, sue the State of Iowa. Thank you, Synny.

Every American has a right to the truth, especially on topics that concern their well being. If the public that hates me because they are lied to keep having to pay through the nose for the crimes of the corrupt local government leaders lying to them, they better be told the truth.

Breed love in Des Moines, my beautiful world. Get the truth to these unrelenting haters at all costs. It is the only thing that will save me from being destroyed by their hatred of me. We have been through this already. Click here to read the entire previous blog post.

Yes, this is yet another day of the Reality War. Polk County cannot get mad at me for their losing lawsuit after lawsuit. They can only blame themselves for not overturning the criminal adult guardianship yet.

That is all they have to do to not have to pay me money again and again and again. If they want to hate someone, they can hate Deplorable Lynn Boeset; she provided the grounds.

I also heard Violently Depraved Lynn Boeset got deemed mentally incompetent due to delusions about me because she believes only the lies. This means the local government is at risk of causing mental health genocide in Des Moines if it does not get the truth and the whole truth in here immediately.

Believing the lies causes mental illness and a break with reality. It is a crime against all of Des Moines not just me to libel me to the masses and claim I am a porn star instead of a world leader. Iowa has been warned. I am sure the United Nations has their eye on them due to possible mental health genocide.

The truth is slowly spreading around here. The list of places in the Greater Des Moines area where employees and owners are lovers and believers has expanded. After a Valentine's Day when a restaurant manager hated on me and my mom by threatening not to give us a table in an EMPTY restaurant, I thought it important to recognize lovers and believers.

Please note, the public still persecutes me in all of the places. The public does not live in reality. It is only the employees who treat me like a human. I have yet to find any place the public will treat me well. Des Moines is so evil.

1.) Chocolaterie Stam. The staff here is absolutely delightful. Dustin once ever referred to me as "Your Excellency." The coffee is only $1 before tax, and the chocolates are to die for. The owner is Dutch, and sometimes it just takes a foreigner to understand just how much I mean to the world. Stam is the winner for best customer service in all of Iowa.

2.) Family Chiropractic in Ankeny. They are a local family operation that recognizes all of their patients by face and by name. Dr. Deirenfeld can work magic.

When I was at the beginnings of fibromyalgia, I went to a normal doctor who just shrugged and tried to give me heavy painkillers. My chiropractor Dr. Deirenfeld successfully calmed the nerves in my back through a combination of chiropracty and acupressure. I am fibromyalgia free now, and I cannot imagine seeing any other chiropractor.

3.) China Moon in Ankeny. They are a local Chinese restaurant complete with a full tiki bar. Try the Kung Pao chicken; that is my favorite. They recognize me there. I used to go in at least once a week. They always say hi, and always care for every customer's every need.

4.) Des Moines Art Center. The Art Center counts as a lover and believer. I once wrote a poem while sitting on one of their couches and gazing out at their rose garden. I would venture out to see them more often if I just had a car.

5.) Des Moines Botanical Gardens. Environmentalists love me. Again, I would visit them much more often if I just had a car. I want a garden full of Passion flowers just like their showroom. I just wish the general public around there were warmer to me.

6.) Pioneer. These are lovers and believers. They once gave the Des Moines Botanical Gardens a grant to renovate because they believe so much in researching global climate change. Pioneer listens to me and believes in me. They love.

7.) Zimm's. If you get a chance, stop in and overtip Bryce, Lizzy, or Cossi. They always treat me well. They respect me as a human in their presence, and they stop at nothing to make me happy. Christian in the kitchen is a rock star, too.

8.) Unitypoint Health. Unlike Broadlawns and Mercy, Unitypoint has doctors not quacks. Their doctors are the only ones that did not break the law by trying to medicate me with heavy drugs. This is especially important since we have proven time and time again I have absolutely no mental illness. Reality exists for Unitypoint. It is not subject to FBI anti-reality machine crimes.

9.) WHO Channel 13. It is not that the local news stations give me any information. They do not. And that is something I have always held against them; they do not acknowledge reality to my face.

10.) KCCI Channel 8. But if you call a local news station, you can get an update on all the news about me. I even recommend out-of-towners to call them for local updates the national presses did not have a chance to pick up yet.

My beautiful world, now that we have proven believing the libel causes mental illness, breaking down the media silence in order to get the full truth to all the world about me should be a priority right now. Make sure everyone you know is firmly grounded in reality. Send everyone to reliable sources like the local news stations in Des Moines. And repeat to the world that I am love.

My genius lawyers, you are in charge of the fight to deem the media silence that causes a suspension of freedom of speech and freedom of the press in all of America unconstitutional.

Let Criminally Delusional Lynn Boeset be a lesson; refusing reality to be spoken in America causes mental illness in the public and feeds hate crimes against me.

Does Neil Gaiman, my freedom of speech superhero, want more witnesses? FBI took action silencing Brian Williams of NBC and David Letterman of CBS, too. I love my witnesses.

Ask anyone in the media if they want to testify to how oppressed America is with no freedom of speech or press. Hollywood, newscasters, writers, musicians, press reporters, everyone, just call Sweetness or Syn if you want to help.

My brave rescuers, do you want to testify? If America were told the truth about how you die every day and every night fighting to bring human rights to all of America, a resolution to this crisis would have been found already. Instead, the White House just denies reality to the entire nation, and you pay with your lives.

Public delusions due to the FBI anti-reality machine must be fought at every turn.

SynSyn, are people bullying you? This is also because the public does not know the truth. You are one of the greatest, bravest, most heroic people of our time, and people are bullying you! Please stay safe out there!

My beautiful world, please find my BFF. Her name is Ms. Syniva Whitney, and she lives in Seattle, WA. Please find her, and love her.

She is being bullied by the people around her for fighting to save me, save America, and save the world. Please rescue her, and be good to her. Seattle, you should know better. If you see this woman, treat her like you would treat me. Love her.

Dearest Yoko Ono, can I ask you to pack up Lady Gaga and go visit Syniva? She really needs some love right now. The people who hate me, hate America, and hate the world whom we fight all day every day are really taking a toll on her. Please send her my love. She is a huge Yoko Ono fan and always has been.

My beautiful world, it is no secret you wish you could visit me. Please vent your frustrations by visiting Syniva and loving her instead. She is the replacement for me everywhere I cannot go, so treat her like a goddess for me. Hurry and love her!

Sweetness, thank you for taking SynSyn out to dinner for her birthday. I know it kept you away from me in the end when you should have been at the hotel already, but the world should be good to Syniva. I love and adore you.

Darling, how close are we? Give me an update when you get a chance on how close we are to taking this entire bubble down. I love you and simply cannot wait to be in your loving arms at last.

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