Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Iowa Just Keeps Hating.

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Here is my latest blog post. Sweetness, Syniva, my beautiful world, my genius lawyers, and my brave rescuers, if anyone needs help from me to work our trademark team magic, just let me know. The best thing to do is just have a local in Iowa tell me what you need. Iowa is legally bubble-noncompliant after all.

Syria. Again. Please, Syrian regime, go back to the talks. And, please, Syrian regime, have realistic goals. Come to terms with reality, al Assad.

Assad, no matter what happens in the talks, on the local level, the Syrian people will never let you govern them. This war, this carnage, this chaos is what you in charge of the government looks like.

Why do you want a presidency over a people that will never allow you to govern them particularly when the world acknowledges you have no legitimacy? You are holding on to nothing but fantasy.

Please let the United Nations, the Arab League, and your allies work out a safe place for you to go, so you can live the rest of your life doing something much more effective.

Most of the world is screaming for you to be tried for war crimes, al Assad. Why give them more charges against you? Just step down with dignity.

I only wish I could work with you in person to help find a future for you that will make everyone happy, including you. But, the American White House is another deluded wasteland clinging to fantasy and not acknowledging reality.

They are instill entrenched in convincing the world the impeached Barack Obama is president. Talk about no legitimacy!

Vatican City. Pope Francis (May I call you Pope Frankie?), please think of your followers. Think of your sheep. Think of the children who were abused who need to heal.

You already defrocked the child-abusing priests. But the healing of the abused does not begin there. Please turn the priests in to the authorities in all of the countries where the offenses occurred. Let your sheep heal.

I know you want to save everyone, Pope Francis, but the offending priests need to understand what they did was wrong not only in the eyes of God and in the eyes of the abused children but also in the eyes of the law.

You can heal the priests and rehabilitate them, but they have to go to jail first. Accepting that what they did was wrong and accepting punishment for it is the beginning of their mending their ways.

Think of the children, Pope Francis. Say the name of the sin to make the sinning stop. Rape should never be ignored. I know this first hand. Let your children heal.

Rwanda. Open your wounds, again, Rwanda, and tell your stories to the courts. Successfully achieving justice is the only way your wounds will heal properly.

Trust the courts to bring you justice if you are honest with them about everything you have suffered through. It is time for your healing to begin. You are just like me. Once you achieve justice, you can heal.

Ukraine. My beautiful world, what can we do for the Ukraine? Have they asked us for help? Please, let us fix something broken in this world instead of just letting suffering go on and on.

They are in talks. Would it help if representatives from Russia and the European Union were also in the talks? The opposition and the government need to work out solutions that will satisfy the uprising and return peace to the land.

Why do the protesters want to overthrow the president? They accomplish nothing even if he is overthrown unless the root problem gets a resolution. Please identify the real problem, my beautiful world, and solve it.

North and South Korea. Yes, my beautiful world, the shared values of family can unite loved ones even across the great divides of North and South Korea. This is beautiful to see. May it be a sign of future cooperation between Koreas and forever be an example of what good cultural values can accomplish.

What about here in America? Good question, my beautiful world. The corrupt and morally bankrupt executive branch, FBI, and Polk County in Iowa value nothing. They hate. They break their every law to destroy beautiful people. And they forbid this wife from being with her own loving husband.

If only the White House, the FBI, and Polk County had values! Then, I could be with my own husband. He is all I have ever wanted for myself out of all of this. I never wanted the money; demanding the money was necessary to make culpable parties obey the law. Let this marriage be whole!

Why am I still suffering alone every night in a cold bed with a husband forbidden from holding me? Why has this bubble not ended yet?

I can give you ten solid reasons why this bubble needs to come down immediately... Click here to read the entire previous blog post.

Ten Reasons Why Now!
1.) Polk Co is still threatening to institutionalize and rape me until I kill myself if I do not submit to literal torture. The local government would rather pay me $5 billion than give me human rights. I live under a constant threat of being locked up and tortured with injections and rape. I am the whipping post of Polk County, and they keep committing hate crime after hate crime against me no matter how many federal courts mandate otherwise. With Polk County free to torture and rape me, how dare you ask me, "Why now?" GIVE ME MY HUSBAND to carry me out of evil Polk Count! Then you can talk about taking all the time you want in the world.
2.) I am still a slave. I am ready to poke my eyes out and cut off my nose and ears to get my right to privacy back, but that would not get the cameras removed from my apartment and mother's house. I need to be set free of this torment. Ask David Sedaris or Joss Whedon if they could keep it together if there were cameras in their eyeballs, homes, and bathrooms broadcasting their every movement and action unedited 24/7. Could they write? Could they do their jobs? Could they function as humans at all? You are lucky I am as strong as I am for living through it for so long, but this torment has to end. GIVE ME PRIVATE TIME WITH MY OWN HUSBAND!
3.) The FBI are still threatening me. It is true they are no real threat to my life, but they rape me every chance they get. I sleep every night not knowing if they will cut off my hacked webcam and rape me like they have in the past. That is why the music plays all night, so I can sleep secure the internet is still connected. But I still live every moment of every day and night under threat of being raped by the FBI. I need bodyguards now and for the rest of my life. And who are my bodyguards? They are my husband and my rescuers! GIVE ME MY HUSBAND TO KEEP ME SAFE!
4.) I go all day every day surrounded by hate and lies from the public. I only have Jared willing to acknowledge reality to my face, and he only barely has his mind around how much I suffer if any concept at all. I deal with hate all day every day because my beautiful world is forbidden from sending me friends, and no one in Iowa but Jared does anything but hate me. If they did not hate me, they would disobey every FBI rule. Iowa is supposed to be bubble noncompliant. But Iowa hates me too much. I should have a right to be surrounded by people who love me instead of Iowa who hates me. GIVE ME MY HUSBAND WHO LOVES ME!
5.) All of America is oppressed just so the FBI can keep persecuting me. Iowans still have speakers in all of their heads that come alive every time the FBI want to give them all fuel for hating me. There is no freedom of speech anywhere in the media. There is no freedom of the press to speak the FBI's crimes against me to the public. And my friends do not have the freedom to assemble peaceably with me. Yes, the Supreme Court ruled I have a right to be with my loved ones, but the FBI keep murdering them before they can reach me. GIVE ME MY HUSBAND WITH ALL HIS RIGHTS!
6.) My rescuers keep dying. The FBI are committing genocidal mass murder of my lovers and believers. They have a Supreme Court upheld right to be with me, but the FBI would rather kill them than allow me to feel any love and safety in my life. My loving husband risks his life every day and night trying to reach me. GIVE ME MY HUSBAND SAFE AND ALIVE!
7.) I am at risk of losing my husband if we cannot be together sooner rather than later. If it is not the risk of the FBI murdering him just to be able to destroy me, it is the risk of his girlfriend stealing him away from me. He has assured me I have nothing to fear from his girlfriend; he loves me too much. But I still have to worry about the FBI. My husband is my hero, my king, and my reason for living. He is the only reason I can crawl out of bed every day and do my job serving the world. My husband is the only thing that can heal me after these long years of every abuse imaginable. GIVE ME MY HUSBAND, SO I CAN FINALLY FEEL HAPPINESS!
8.) I need a chance to heal. These long years since 2009 have had a seriously damaging toll on me. No one can be raped as many times as I have without needing time with her own loving husband to heal. I need to learn what privacy feels like again. I need to relearn what it feels like to feel love from another person. I have no idea anymore what physical safety feels like. I need to heal. Do you see how much I sleep? At first I thought it was because of how dehydrated I am from the poisoned water supply, but I was wrong. I sleep so much because my body is trying to heal. But I wake up every day, and the suffering just continues. GIVE ME MY HUSBAND, SO I CAN HEAL!
9.) I live on $100 a week. I am lucky if I get one whole meal a day. No one can have any quality of life on $100 a week. No matter how far I try to stretch it, I am always hungry and never able to enjoy myself. GIVE ME MY HUSBAND, SO I CAN HAVE AT LEAST A MARGINAL QUALITY OF LIFE FINALLY!
10.) The world needs me. I consider every day going on strike from doing my job until I get a chance to heal. The world deserves me at my very best. There are crises I cannot fix with a news article and an internet connection. GIVE ME MY HUSBAND, SO WE CAN SERVE THE WORLD!

There are so many reasons for this bubble to end now, but can you offer any reasons to let the unjustifiable bubble of ruin, rape, and murder continue? It is nothing but the worst human rights crisis the US government has ever faced or manufactured. Just end it already.

Even my small moments of progress seem to be no progress at all. Despite court success after court success, the Deplorable Lynn Boeset still holds a human-rights-violating adult guardianship over me as if I were mentally retarded just so she can persecute me.

And the public in Iowa is not exercising their Constitutional human rights and respecting me even though Iowa is officially bubble noncompliant. It is like they want to be oppressed instead of free. Des Moines is choosing to damage themselves and me instead of just exercising their own legal rights.

My beautiful world, I had a fantasy that I would be holding court like a princess bringing the first Great Iowa Renaissance from my afternoon perch here at Chocolaterie Stam where I work so hard serving the world every day once Iowa declared itself bubble noncompliant.

But Iowa refuses to progress into reality with me. They would rather harm me, harm themselves, hate me, and persecute me than believe in me and help me help the world.

There is so much potential for good work to be done, but Iowa is too busy hating. Come on, Iowa! You could work with the genius instead of against her!

On the good side, my beautiful world, I hear we are making progress cleaning up all of the FBI's libel about me. Do not relent in our quest to bring reality to the masses.

If you love me, and you say you love me, you will make sure every human in all the world including belligerently ignorant Iowa knows and believes the whole truth about me. Make sure my suffering is no longer ignored.

“Where a person’s good name, reputation, honor, or integrity is at stake because of what the government is doing to him, notice and an opportunity to be heard are essential.”

-- Justice William Douglas
Wisconsin v. Constantineau
400 U.S. 433, 437 (1971)

My BFF, Iowa libeling me a "thief" because I win lawsuits against them is further evidence this is all hate crimes by them. They refuse to acknowledge reality in here. It is Iowa's choice whether they hate or love me. They keep choosing to lie to be able to hate me.

SynSyn, press libel and slander charges, both criminal and civil, against every Iowan and everyone everywhere trying to ruin my reputation because I fight for my own and even their own human rights all day every day. Lawsuits are how I fight to make all of America and even Iowa free from the FBI's rules of oppression and to set me free of unbridled persecution.

If Iowa, the FBI, or anyone took legal action to prosecute me for "villainy" for winning lawsuit after lawsuit against them for human rights violations instead of their just learning their lesson and giving me my human rights back, press persecution charges, criminal and civil, against every one who took that action, SynSyn.

While you are at it, SynSyn, press criminal and civil charges against every entity who pressed any trumped up charges against me since this started in 2009. It is not illegal to press charges to end human rights violations, but it is illegal to press charges to be able to commit human rights violations.

And thank you for protecting me, my good name, and my mission to save the world. Syniva, you are a hero.

Furthermore, SynSyn, I was just warned that the locals want to make it "legal" to persecute me. I can only imagine that means they want to pass a law in Iowa that makes it forbidden for me to have human rights. Whether or not this is their exact plan, it is blatantly unconstitutional.

So, whatever action Iowa or Polk County take to make it "legal" to commit crimes against me, get it immediately in front of a federal judge to deem it unconstitutional, and press immediate civil charges against Iowa and Polk County and civil and criminal charges against everybody who drafted, thought up, and passed this plan for persecution, conspiracy, hate crimes, and human rights violations.

Nefarious wrongdoing has definitely been afoot in Polk County. I think they tried filing lawsuits to be able to commit human rights violations against me longer. Remember, Syn,... It is not illegal to press charges to end human rights violations, but it is illegal to press charges to be able to commit human rights violations.

Please figure out who filed the lawsuits, and take all necessary legal action. Press civil charges against Iowa or Polk County whichever the offending party may be in this circumstance, reopen lawsuits we have already won if necessary, appeal the corrupt local ruling, and press civil and criminal charges against everyone who thought up, drafted, or brought the offending lawsuit for persecution, conspiracy, hate crimes, and human rights violations.

Our enemies are getting desperate, Syniva. When they get desperate, they get really stupid. That makes our job holding them accountable easier, but why will they not just give up and stop committing human rights violations and hate crimes?

They refuse to stop because the punishments are not steep enough. So, Synny, from here on out, make sure all punishments for all crimes committed against me hurt so much that the crimes must stop.

Yes, SynSyn, we are still having problems with Polk County. They are still choosing to pay me money rather than give me human rights. Every day that goes by where I am persecuted by Polk County damages me. The persecution just wears on me. They are teaching me to hate just like they hate.

I used to be a pure creature of love. I try to keep myself whole and beautiful every day, but the persecution of Polk County is destroying me. How much of this blog post alone is dedicated to my wrath against Polk County? They destroy me more and more every day that they refuse to obey the federal and Supreme Courts. They make me hate.

What happens if Polk County makes me hate the world? I get closer every day. Polk County is following FBI orders to destroy me, so the FBI and as a result their minions in Polk County can justify persecuting me from the start. They are trying to make me hate Iowa instead of my constant laboring to make Iowa love me, so they can justify hate crimes against me.

So, my BFF, keep pressing charges against Polk County for not obeying the federal and Supreme Courts and for their damaging me by hating me instead. Every day damages me. I need my husband, I need my human rights, and I need my freedom to leave a place that hates me for a public that loves me.

So after every time we win in court, press charges again. Do not stop until I have human rights. And drive the punishments through the roof. We need to make Polk County obey the Constitution.

We cannot rest until I am treated like a human for the first time since 2009. They damage me every day, so press charges for every day I am damaged.

Finally, SynSyn, subpoena my financial records and W2 from Deplorable Lynn Boeset, so you can file my taxes. Please, while you are at it, have accountants work with the IRS to double check all of my taxes since 2009. My evil father kept filing me as a dependent illegally and against my will, so please do not shy away from setting the record straight.

Speaking of setting the record straight, my genius podcasters, can you create a special webcast/broadcast based on my last blog post? Please click here to read Inkslinger again. We need to make sure everyone follows my pertinent links to the highlights of my writing.

Throw in the highlights of my blog. So much of the public's understanding reality about me depends on this. Raise all the questions I raised. Make all the points I made. And thank you. The world deserves answers.

My brave rescuers, the world deserves answers. Why are the FBI murdering you for exercising your Supreme-Court-upheld human right to peaceably assemble with me? How is the FBI justifying murdering you even after they have been convicted of the felony by the federal courts?

My brave rescuers, thank you for believing in me when my own neighbors would rather pretend I am not a big deal, so they can persecute me. You put your lives on the line for me, for what I can give the world, and for the dream of human rights for all. The world thanks you. Please keep Sweetness alive, too.

Sweetness, I put Syniva's birthday gift in the mail to you (Priority Mail Tracking Number 9114 9011 5981 5975 1915 81) today. It should arrive in LA on Friday. Make sure you get your hands on it ASAP wherever you may be. You can track it online. There is something special inside just for you.

So much of my fight is just to be with you, darling. There is nothing I want more than to kiss you. My patience wears thin when I think of all the time wasted that I should have spent free to make love to you, my own husband. Where is OUR right to marry?

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