Thursday, February 6, 2014

Emergency! Iowa is Evil! I Need Emergency Protection from Them!

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Here is my latest blog post. This is an emergency blog post because of developments with the locals. Iowa is going out of its way to destroy me, so we need to hurry to make me safe from them. They damage me more and more every day I am in Iowa. I am very much in danger of direct harm from the Iowan public and Polk County corruption right now. Please make me safe from Evil Iowa!

Here is the update, my beautiful world. A group of local Democrats in Iowa filed a lawsuit against the Republican governor for declaring Iowa officially bubble-noncompliant. This is Barack Obama's influence as an impeached president still creating dictator policies at its worse.

They claim they have a right as Iowans who matter more to the world than I do to persecute me, commit human rights violations against me, commit hate crimes against me, imprison me, libel me, call me insane when I am not, torture me, rape me, delude their public into believing I am not famous for suffering because of them, enslave me, starve me on $100 a week, murder my rescuers, and keep me in Iowa away from my loving husband against my will.

The only reason Governor Terry Branstad declared Iowa bubble noncompliant in the first place was because Iowa lost a persecution lawsuit against me for obeying the bubble at all. Once Iowa was bubble noncompliant, we dropped the charges.

So once the local Democrats' lawsuit went before the corrupt Polk County District Court, the same corrupt court that claims I need an adult guardian to imprison me in Iowa and that claims I am schizophrenic without any symptoms to be able to torture me, the judge ruled Iowa should be FBI persecution-obedient and took Constitutional human rights away from me and all Iowans everywhere in this state.

So, Syniva reopened the original lawsuit. I won somewhere around $5 billion dollars off of Iowa. And Iowa started calling me "evil;" even though, they are the evil ones who keep lying and going to great lengths to commit human rights violations against me and themselves.

I am not your enemy, Iowa. I have been fighting to give you your human rights back and to get you to believe the truth about the world. Your enemies are the corrupt Polk County courts and the local Democrats who spared no expense to oppress you and destroy me. They are the ones you should be calling evil.

My beautiful world, it has never been more imperative to get the truth of how criminally inhumane and cruel Iowa is to me into this state. Shame them and kick them into line. Make Iowa obey the law not the bubble! Take matters into your own hands, my beautiful world, to get the truth into Iowa. Make sure every Iowan knows they are evil and that they need to stop!

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press, it seems, is the only way to do this. My heroic people of the media, this is an emergency. Polk County will imprison me in a psych ward again, torture me again, and rape me at its whim again if we do not get the truth into Iowa. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!

I need you to exercise freedom of speech and freedom of the press to protect me and my physical safety from increasingly hateful Iowa IMMEDIATELY, my heroic Hollywood and vigilant newscasters. Please hurry! Iowa keeps getting more evil, the local courts keep getting more corrupt, and the public keeps delving into deeper denial about their crimes against increasingly innocent me.

The federal courts will protect you, my heroic members of the media, and if you go to court, you will have the media silence deemed completely unconstitutional and set all of America free. Why not be a hero? It is easy. Just speak your mind to protect me from evil Iowa. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!

Podcasters, please create a webcast/broadcast about Iowa's true enemies being the local Democrats not me, and make sure every Iowan sees it. You reach people I do not reach with my blog, and we need total saturation of the world concerning the evils of Iowa to make the evils stop. Take matters into your own hands, and let no Iowan escape accepting reality. My safety depends on this!

Syn, read my last blog post. This is fixable. We just need it fixed by the weekend to prevent my rescuers from dying. I need the human rights to leave this place that commits hate crimes against me for a place where the public loves me before Iowa destroys me. So, we need to hurry.

Federal courts take precedence. Include with the ruling you reopened and blistering punishment a mandate that Iowa must be bubble-noncompliant. And sue Iowa, again, for another $5 billion for not obeying the mandate if they do not comply.

Also, appeal the corrupt Polk County District Court ruling up into federal courts. Federal courts take precedence. The evil locals' fatal flaw was putting bubble-noncompliance in the court system at all.

Federal courts always rule on behalf of human rights for everyone. Please ask the courts to move quickly. We need this resolved before Iowa with its hate policy against me successfully destroys me.

And file criminal and civil charges against the local Democrats who filed the lawsuit for persecution, hate crimes, defying federal court rulings, oppression, human rights violations, murdering my rescuers, and everything else you can make stick.

It is not illegal to press charges to END human rights violations, but it is illegal to press charges to be able to COMMIT proven human rights violations. Especially when you know Polk County District Court is corrupt and always chooses to commit hate crimes against me.

Most importantly, force Iowa and the corrupt Polk County District Court to pay throughout the nose for this as well as getting the federal courts to mandate Iowa must be bubble-noncompliant. They are taking rights away from everyone in Iowa, not just me.

Subpoena the court transcripts. Do we have enough evidence to mandate that the Polk County District Court is too biased and guilty of hate crimes and should never be allowed to hear another court case concerning me again? Please work on that too. Please get a federal mandate that all court proceedings concerning me must be federal. Polk County District Court has gone way too far for the last time.

Polk County and Iowa will not give me human rights until they have an incentive to treat me like a human, so make all of the punishments hurt.

Syn, read my last blog post. This is fixable. We just need it fixed by the weekend to prevent my rescuers from dying. Preventing Polk County from torturing me again should be our greatest priority right now. These people are evil. Please hurry. Please click here to read my previous blog post again. Every day I am in Iowa destroys me more.

The fire alarms keep going off! Do my rescuers need emergency help? Or is Polk County planning on locking me up and raping me again? Protecting me from Polk County should be an emergency level priority right now because Iowa is FBI-persecution obedient again.

Syn, please ask the courts to move quickly on EVERYTHING in this blog post and in my last one. I know I keep you very busy, but this is an emergency right now. Please get our village of lawyers to move on EVERYTHING big and small in these two blog posts and leave nothing behind. I need protection from Polk County. Emergency!

Sweetness, I love you. This is just a temporary set back. Why are the fire alarms blaring in my ears? Please check on everyone. Make everyone safe. I love and adore you. Thank you for everything you do for me! Make me safe from Polk County!

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