Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Illiad and the Odyssey

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Here is my latest blog post. The United Nations is putting its house in order. Unless Polk County and the FBI relent and give me human rights, the Reality War explodes into a global conflict.

My beautiful world, please keep the US Military on our side of what is starting as a civil war, and only declare war against Polk County, the FBI, and the White House. Do not declare war against good Americans who fight for me.

We still have time for Congress and the Supreme Court to end the bubble completely to avoid this, and I personally hate war. But something has to give. Avoiding war will only work if Polk County, the White House, and FBI will obey Congress and the Supreme Court.

Polk County, the FBI, and the White House have not relented yet and have kept committing the same heinous human rights violations against me and against the entire nation no matter what Congress and the Supreme Court have done to stop them.

I narrowly escaped being committed, abused, and tortured today. I got the warning from an unnamable source late last night and asked Syniva to call the local news stations, the publicly accessible repositories of all local news concerning me, to get the details. The local news never leak to me, but they are a great resource for anyone else who wants to know what goes on.

Syniva saved me. She is such a hero. But I was awakened at 4:30am by my husband asking me to forgive him for cheating on me again. My world turned upside down. I do not understand how he can love me if he is in a relationship with Amber.

At least he is always honest, but I was convinced I lost him. I was convinced he did not love me anymore. I wept for hours. My world turned upside down. My capability to survive this completely unlivable bubble had always revolved around knowing he loves me. Suddenly, I had been render fat, ugly, alone, and with no one to love me.

By 6am I had pulled myself together. I am strong. I am a survivor. I was convinced I was intelligent enough to find something else to live for. I pondered giving all my money to Syniva and joining a convent. And I was up kicking corrupt local (expletive) from bed through twitter in no time.

I am convinced if Sweetness had not woken me up, I would not have had the chance to legally disable Criminally Diabolical Lynn Boeset. According to the FBI, she is finally arrested now. She has been an active threat terrorizing me for so long.

Do you know how they were trying to justify committing me? They claimed first that I was crazy, something Syniva has disproven scientifically in court at least a dozen times by now, but then they libeled me by calling me a "murderer" to justify hate crimes against me and putting me in a psych ward.

If I were ever a murderer, why is Criminally Diabolical Lynn Boeset still alive? Calling me a killer is libel. Using libel to justify human rights abuses is felonious. Nothing justifies human rights violations.

Syn, press criminal and civil charges against everyone creating a hostile environment for me by libeling me a "killer." Trace all lies about me to their sources and jail them all. The pattern of libeling me to justify abusing me needs to be broken.

Yes, Syn, I understand we have a log jam of charges to get into court. Make sure you investigate and arrest everyone immediately to stop the crimes as soon as possible. This world needs fewer people committing crimes against me and more people keeping me safe.

And did I just hear the FBI anti-reality machine say "thousands of people will die" if I ever get human rights? Why does anyone ever listen to their crap? Do you remember their claim in 2009 that there would be a nuclear attack against America of anyone saved me from the slavery?

This is just like that. It is a lie to terrorize the public to be able to commit human rights abuses from slavery to rape. Such tactics of terrorizing the public to control them is how we proved the FBI are a terrorist organization.

I need to be protected from everything the FBI wants. That is why we need to fight them instead of believe them or obey them. The world needs to be saved from the proven criminal terrorist organization the FBI, and that responsibility is everyone's.

For my permanent safety, we also need to end Polk County's constant, unrelenting, active threat to me. Syn, do not take your boot off of Polk County until EVERY persecution ruling past and present is overturned.

Enforce reality in Polk County. I have far too many problems to be terrorized by Polk County, Mark R. Gray, Criminally Diabolical Lynn Boeset, etc. actively working to lock me illegally in a torture facility all the time. My permanent safety demands this. End their unrelenting threat to my mind and body.

The best thing to do, Syn, is to sue Polk County for a literal $1 trillion for taking actual action to commit me, torture me, commit international crimes against me, persecute me, be a threat to rape me, commit hate crimes against me, commit human rights violations against me, and libel me to justify it all, as if it could ever be justified.

Get them for conspiracy with the proven criminal terrorist organization the FBI. Investigate all Polk County District Court judges who signed off on any crime against me for corruption. Sue them for everything that sticks, and only let Polk County off the hook for the $1 trillion if they overturn EVERY persecution ruling concerning me past and present.

I do not want the money. I want my human rights. But my suffering under the unrelenting persecution of Polk County and the happy future they deny me serving and bringing peace to the world have earned the $1 trillion.

We need to break Polk County's cycle of committing human rights violations, getting caught, writing a check to me, and not stopping committing the crimes against me. We need this $1 trillion dollars over their heads to stop the crimes from being committed in the first place. I suffer too much and have too much work to do in the world for this to continue.

Thank you, Synny. You are such a hero. I pray the world is treating like the goddess you are.

As for some loose ends I left in my last blog post that need to be tied up, Syn, Criminally Diabolical Lynn Boeset never protested having cameras in my apartment, and that was the landlord's first lease violation. For the first time I said this, click here. She just wants me to be raped. Bryce moved out, so I never violated the lease.

I am alone in my apartment, now, and I live every moment I am there terrified of being raped again. I might need to move back into my mom's house just so there will be someone else around to keep me safe from being raped, but my mother is so obedient of the FBI every time at the expense of my safety, that she would probably just let it happen.

Sweetness, please call my mother, use you charms on her, and explain reality to her about the damage obedience to the FBI causes me and the world. Right now she claims she would have to quit her job for me to live in that house again, and that assertion has no tie to reality. She is poisoned away from reason by the FBI, and I need you to force her to do something good and right for once.

My brave rescuers, you are always fighting for what is good and right. I just wish you did not have to die. I told you in my last blog post help is on its way.

I was hoping we all could resolve the bubble peacefully, but instead of making any progress towards my human rights, all Polk County, Iowa, and the FBI have done is commit more crimes against me and at a faster rate.

Whatever you need, my brave rescuers, just tell my beautiful world.

My beautiful world, go easy on Sweetness and be good to him. I used to tell him it was okay to sleep with other women as long as he did not get emotionally attached to them. So our problems are partly my fault, too. He is a good man; he is just human and has normal human flaws. It is not easy being forbidden from being with your own spouse for over four years. Even Odysseus cheated on Penelope.

You have superhuman expectations of me, my beautiful world. I live with that burden. But it is unfair to have superhuman expectations of my loved ones. It is normal to get lonely. I know. I am always lonely. There is no replacement for the love I do not have in my life. Amber could not replace me in his heart, and that is what matters.

As long as he stops cheating on me, we can save our marriage. Please be good to him, and please help him stay loyal to me. This is not easy on anyone.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. You are the love of my life. I will love you until I die. I cannot change that. Please stop hurting me. I have enough problems. Please help me by calling my mother and making her an ally for the first time ever. I love and adore you.

P.S. The UN is ready to metaphorically launch 1000 ships. Things are getting Homeric around here. I trust you to know what you are doing, my beautiful world. Something has to happen as soon as possible to get me human rights, and Polk County and the FBI just keep behaving worse.

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