Monday, February 17, 2014

Acknowledge my Suffering, Iowa!

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Here is my latest blog post. This is really just a follow up to my last blog post. It is everything else I would have said if I would have waited three days to post it instead of two. Make sure you read the Sweetness section at the end.

Planet Earth. Global Climate Change is real. I volunteered in 2009 to carry humanity through the environmental crisis once I reached my human rights, and I plan on keeping that promise. It will take intelligence, human compassion, and strategy. Is there anyone but me willing to do this?

Until I have enough human rights to start taking charge of Global Climate Change, please do this for me, my beautiful world. All we have are plants right now to process the carbon out of the air and back into the planet. So, start planting trees.

I want a full rooftop garden on every building in urban areas before we are through, and I want more green spaces. Worldwide, everybody, I want more trees worldwide. Start greening up this world. Grow more forest for me.

Why do the Iowa Democrats hate me so much? I am a West Coast, union-friendly, bleeding-heart liberal, mixed race, openly bisexual, female environmentalist. They seem to be cannibalizing their party values.

I practice nonpartisan or occasionally bipartisan politics. California Democrats love and adore me. The sin in being an Iowa Democrat seems to be in being an Iowan.

Iowans spend so much time, energy, and resources hating me and persecuting me. If I and a choice, I would have freedom to love Iowa. But they keep committing crime after crime against me, so they are the courts' to punish instead.

Until the general public starts loving me, I will feel no remorse punishing them for committing hate crimes against me. I want the freedom to love Iowa, but I will not suffer at their hands without fighting them.

At the HessenHaus on Sunday afternoon, I was actively persecuted with an act of hate from the bartender Jess. She denied to my face that I am the most famous person in the world and carded me. It was a blatant denial of common knowledge reality.

Her insult driven by hating me damaged me. All denial of reality damages me. Not to mention, all acts of hate damage me.

Until the public starts disobeying every single FBI rule as is their right since Iowa is completely bubble noncompliant, I will feel no remorse punishing Polk County, Iowa, or Des Moines for hate crimes. They hate instead of love, and they act on that hate to destroy me.

Let us be honest. I only press charges when the local government commits a black and white violation of my human rights. The local government is so corrupt they make the general public pay for their crimes. None of this would happen if I had human rights.

I offered to bring the first great Iowan Renaissance while here. All Des Moines has to do is acknowledge me and bring me their artists, their musicians, their writers, their poets, their fashion designers, their leaders, their scientists, and their thinkers.

All they have to do is show up at Chocolaterie Stam any afternoon I am there, and we can create greatness for the world to see. They can ask me their questions. They can bring me their problems. We could show off everything Iowa has to offer. All they have to do is show up.

The list of lovers and believers in Des Moines has expanded. We can now count the employees and owners at these places of business as reliable. The public still hates on me in these various places, though. When I get hated on by an establishment, I always make a point of recognizing love.

1.) The Greenwood Lounge. I get really hated on by the public in the Greenwood. It is the most likely place for me to be asked my name by someone who thinks it is cool to deny reality to my face. But the owners and staff are sweethearts. They have live music every night but Sunday, and Bill Landis is a rock star.

2.) The Yacht Club. I am barely in this bar if ever, but Bob and Greg always treat me well. They used to have a sign on the wall that proudly proclaimed, "In here, we believe." The public just makes me feel so insignificant when they ignore me, so I have been avoiding bars.

3.) The Star Bar. Everyone at the Star Bar but Job loves me. Job is such a pain to me I avoid the place now, but the owner, Drew, Britney, Kira, everyone, they all love me. I had a clandestine moment in the Star Bar once.

4.) KISS 107.5 FM. No, they do not leak me any information, but they love me. I am not a mind reader, but I can read a heart. The world's contemporary musicians have made it known to me through KISS that they love me, and the conduit, the radio station, has caught the love bug.

5.) The Post Office. Talk about lovers and believers. As far as federal divisions go, only the US military, CIA, and NSA love me more than the post office does, and it is a very close race. I am a snail mailer. I write love letters. I put stamps on things. It is a postal love affair.

6.) Dahl's on Ingersoll. Yes, I get persecuted by the public in Iowa in so many places I must mention when even grocery stores treat me like a human. This list and my last list are a comprehensive enumeration of EVERYONE in Iowa that believes I deserve to be treated well. Thank you, my neighborhood Dahl's.

7.) HyVee on Fleur. The only time I go here is 5:00am on Mondays, but they are always so friendly. They are my closest 24 hour grocery store, and the Monday morning staff always remembers me and Jared buying breakfast food and chocolates once every week.

8.) The Salisbury House. The last time I was here was early 2011, but they already recognized me and loved on me. They gave me a private tour. I played the Star Wars theme on their custom piano. And they let me look at their quarto Shakespeare. I have been meaning to go back with my mom.

9.) Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. Of all the universities in Iowa which are supposed to be reservoirs of progressive thought and action, Wartburg is the only one to tell me they love me. I was only there once in high school for a Spanish language immersion weekend with Syniva, but they love. If I had a car, I would visit.

10.) Cup o' Kryptonite. Hug your closest nerd. When I still had access to a car, I was in this comic bookstore every day for my coffee. The owners have walked the line for me on more than one occasion, and their Beaverdale (Giggle all you want, but that is the name is a neighborhood in Des Moines.) address is the first place I ever saw Thorbald.

Click here for the previous blog post that listed lovers and believers. Again, when I get hated on by the public, I make it a point to recognize lovers. These two lists are the only places I endorse spending money in all of Iowa. So let us all share the love.

My beautiful world, can you imagine being able to list the only places near you that treat you with any dignity and respect? Iowa is a wasteland. It is an alien planet with no reality. Yet, they obey the FBI who has ruined them instead of me, the world leader who has fought to save them.

Please keep fighting to get the truth into Iowa. When they respect me enough to acknowledge to my face my suffering, we will know they are free. We have fought the official battle; Iowa is supposed to be bubble noncompliant. They just need to choose to love me instead of hate me, and they will have human rights.

My brave rescuers, I keep hearing fire alarms all day every day. Are you guys okay? Do you need anything? You sacrifice everything to save the world by saving me. You are mortified of losing me to the horrors of Polk County and the FBI. Thank you for your love. Is the world loving you enough in return?

SynSyn, is the world loving on you, yet? If you need me to kick someone in line, you just tell me who. It sounds like you have grounds for sexual harassment charges if they were calling you gay slurs and inappropriately touching you. That is a hostile environment if I ever heard of one. Give them hell. Show them what a skirt-and-heels can do.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I heard you tell me you "Ain't Misbehavin'." The feeling is mutual, darling. Stripped of everything, knowing you love me was all I had for so long. I long to touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain.

You, beloved, are my silver lining under all of this hurt and oppression. You are all I have ever asked the world for in return for all of my suffering. I have demanded justice. I have strategized with money. I have screamed for my human rights. But all anyone has had to give me is you to make me happy.

What I would do just to touch your hand, feel your breath on my face, and tell you I love you.

Sweetness, we are the most romantic true-life love story in the world. You mobilized a literal army to save me. I suffered a hundred lifetimes of miseries with nothing but your love to get me through.

I wrote you a hundred love letters, and you sang me to sleep every night. Sometimes, in the night, I feel your heart beat against my body. It is the only thing that has kept me from going mad when the alien planet around me denies all reality to my face.

Darling, you are my hero, my king, and my reason for living. You are the stars in my eyes, my soulful music to dance to, and my happily ever after. When I get deemed a human and am given rights again, you are the only thing that could heal me.

You will take me in your arms, and you will love me. You will remind me what it feels like to feel love. This barren wasteland of FBI persecution has laid waste to me.

All the world says they love me, but there is no one here to show me love. That is your job. That is how you will heal me. That is why I will move every mountain to reach you. That is why you mobilized an army to reach me.

And once we are together in love, all those haters and naysayers are just going to have to learn to wait for us for a change.

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