Friday, February 28, 2014

More Libel and More Human Rights Violations

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Here is my latest blog post. Every time the FBI and Polk County commit a human rights violation against me, they take away something beautiful about me. I am losing my faith in humanity to do the right thing. They are destroying me. Without faith in humanity, how can I do my job serving the world?

USA. Congress, you simply cannot send troops to war if you cannot take care of them when they come home. This is the basics of taking responsibility for your actions. When you take any action as a government, you have to plan for everything that will result from it.

I agree the flaw was not having bipartisan involvement to create a bipartisan bill. No one believes veterans should not have benefits. If you do not want to overtax an already overburdened system, create a better system. We simply must take better care of our veterans.

Ukraine. Where do I begin? Yanukovych needs to acknowledge reality. Democracy spoke and removed him from office. He should be glad Russia will take such good care of him, and he should stop inciting unrest in the Ukraine due to falsehoods. Who the hell wants to be the president of a country that ousted him or her?

For Ukraine to hold itself together, it needs to operate as a true democracy. If the Crimea feels it is properly represented in the government, it will not secede. I know the uprising brought a lot of anti-Russian sentiment with it, but that is not an accurate representation of the entire nation.

Everyone needs to be represented equally; otherwise, the new government will commit the same crimes of the old government.

Please, Ukraine, hold yourself together. You are having an economic crisis and a Crimean crisis right now while you simultaneously try to rebuild your power structure. I know things are not easy. But act to preserve a pure democracy while rebuilding your government, and the Crimean crisis should resolve itself. The world wants to see your nation whole and happy.

The US and the EU are working to help your economic crisis. I think the cooperation of Russia in saving your economy working along side the EU and the US would be the best to help unify your diverse country, but that might be Pollyanna-ish of me to ask for.

Russia, how do you feel about helping preserve a pure democracy of equal Western and Russia influences in the Ukraine? It is better than losing all influence by insisting on having all the influence. Please consider it.

The Continent of Africa. I love chocolate. Everybody knows this. But it is employing child labor at an unlivable wage. How do we fix this? The system is completely unsustainable right now.

I recommend creating "free trade" chocolate much like there is "free trade" coffee. Pay a livable wage, and more people will want to farm chocolate by choice instead of by duress. Get all Henry Ford about things. Create chocolate that the chocolate farmers can afford to eat.

Burma. The root problem here seems to be racism against the Rohingya Muslims. The Buddhists of Burma need to go back to their teachings. Absolutely nothing about Buddhism breeds hate, racism, or human rights violations.

If the Buddhist majority of Burma can learn to love their own fellow citizens, they will be able to have international medical care again provided for free by the world. The doctors serve more than just the Rohingya. They serve everyone, and everyone needs fair, competent medical care.

I know. I have dealt with medical fraud abusing me and torturing me since 2009. If I would have had fair, competent medical care instead, UN-recognized crimes against human would not have been committed against me for years by Polk County and the FBI.

Real, publicly accessible, quality medical care like that provided by Doctors Without Borders in Burma is necessary to maintain a healthy society. Think of the health crises you will have, Burma, if you do not have medical care for your people. Think of your people and all the possible suffering and let the competent doctors back in.

Planet Earth. Global Climate Change, industrialization, and unfair economic realities in poverty stricken areas are killing our world. I believe we can save our world and all eleven of these vanishing natural wonders, but it will take intelligence, compassion, and leadership. When will I have enough human rights to try?

We need fewer people libeling and hating me and more people taking real action to get me human rights. The repression and persecution I live under in Polk County just keeps getting worse, and it is causing the entire world to suffer.

I am accused of murder AGAIN, and I am still a pacifist who has never murdered anybody! The FBI anti-reality machine is just recycling old libel. It is so far from reality, I have no idea what the details are and did not learn about it until after I got convicted. Yes, being tried for a crime and never knowing about it is a heinous human rights violation.

Polk County and FBI, you cannot commit human rights abuses to justify human rights abuses.

I do not kill people, and I have a camera and mic in my head to prove it. What? What was that FBI? You claim I send orders for people to kill people through the spy equipment in my head? Other than talking to the the television and making YouTube videos, just try finding five examples of my sending orders through the spy equipment in my head for the world to do anything.

I have never once blogged orders to kill someone. I have never once tweeted orders to kill someone. I have never once made a YouTube video ordering people to kill someone. And I do not acknowledge the spy equipment in my head to send orders to anyone unless I am watching the news and some facts need explaining.

If I wanted someone dead, why is Barack Obama still alive? I have never once made a threat on his head, and he is my sworn nemesis. He created the bubble and sacrificed the first amendment rights of all of America to destroy me and throw me away. I am a pacifist. I do not kill people. Yes, I have enough power with the clandestine of the world to kill Barack Obama, but I do not kill people!

It is hard to be a better established pacifist in this good, green world than I am.

If there is a second person in this world I have a motive to kill, it would be Amber Heard. She sleeps with my husband. I am terrified every day of her taking him a way from me. And my husband is my only reason for living. But have I ever threatened Amber Heard? No! I do not kill people! I do not send orders to kill people! I do not even send orders to hate people!

Every time I am treated like a worthless subhuman by the locals, I do not send people to attack them. Instead, I make lists of the good people in Iowa. Click here and click here. I believe in creating cycles of love. For more on this, click here. I reward good people by sending good people to take care of them. I only punish bad people through the courts.

Polk County and FBI, you cannot commit human rights violations to justify human rights violations. But I understand your motive for committing your crimes. You have been libeling me since 2009 to justify the bubble. You believe that if you can make any of your lies about me stick to me, you can get the entire world to excuse rape, torture, slavery, unlawful imprisonment, etc. But nothing justifies human rights violations.

FBI and Polk County, you constructed false charges, manufactured libel and distorted reality to use as evidence, and got it into the only court in America proven to be completely biased against me. Judges at the Polk County District Court serve the FBI agenda to never let me have human rights.

There is no other explanation but corrupt judges for why there is a Polk County adult guardianship (that only serves to enforce slavery, torture, and other human rights violations against me) over me and no other explanation for why Polk County keeps ruling that I am "severely mentally impaired" when we have proven time and again I am completely healthy and have a better grasp of reality than the entire Polk County District Court.

Do we need a federal mandate to make sure I never have another hearing at the Polk County District Court due to rampant corruption? Syn, is there a way to make sure all hearings concerning me go to federal courts instead? The Polk County District Court is just a locally biased hate crime machine.

Syn, please press criminal and civil charges against everyone involved from the District Attorney who prosecuted me without my knowledge to the person who lied and pressed charges claiming I killed somebody and also against Polk County for libel, human rights violations for trying me without allowing me to know about it, persecution of a political prisoner, conspiracy with the criminal terrorist organization the FBI for trying to give them grounds to justify their heinous human rights violating policy I have suffered under since 2009, hate crimes against a pacifist spiritual and world leader, and everything else you can make stick.

Make it hurt. This has been heinous activity on their part.

Syn, investigate the judge who convicted me for everything from bribery by the FBI to local pride as a possible motive for corruption. If the judge was corrupt, throw every single charge you can make stick against him or her.

And, Syn, subpoena the transcripts of the trial. If any libel was used to convict me, get the attorneys who spread it for contempt of court, libel, conspiracy, persecution, hate crimes, etc., everything you can make stick.

Also, Syn, get me the details of what I am accused of including all of their distorted half-truths or complete libel used as evidence against me, so I can defend myself. We need to get this appealed in an unbiased non-Iowa court that lives in reality as soon as possible. Is it possible to just get a federal judge to overturn it since it was a human rights violation?

This is such a cut and dried violation of international norms for human rights and of the amendments to the US Constitution! Really make it all hurt. Thank you, Synny. You are such a hero. It is just so far from reality, I have no idea what I am dealing with. I know I keep you so busy. Thank you for always rescuing me.

Polk County and FBI, you cannot commit human rights abuse after human rights abuse and thing the world will not stand up and stop you. Polk County, you are causing World War III. If you all do not relent in your conspiracy to never give me human rights and policy of committing human rights violations to justify human rights violations, you will sacrifice the self-sovereignty of America. You are actively destroying the world. The world will stop you.

My beautiful world is disgusted. Syniva and my village of do-gooder lawyers dealt with the threat from Polk County to commit me to a torture facility again all Tuesday night. They handled the threat from Polk County to commit and torture me AGAIN Wednesday night and the false murder charges all Wednesday night and Thursday during the day. Thursday night, my heroes in suits dealt with the same false charges against me violating double jeopardy and ANOTHER threat to torture and commit me.

Syniva and my heroes in suits rescued me every time. Please be good to them, my beautiful world. Syn, finally pressed harassment charges against Criminal Boeset and Polk County for unrelentingly committing human rights violations all week, and I recommend they get an injunction from the federal courts to prevent any and all Polk County action against me.

Polk County actions are ALWAYS human rights violations. They are a CONSTANT threat to me. I live everyday terrorized by them. Their libel is diminishing my effectiveness serving the world. And I need to be kept safe from them.

My beautiful world, please return the entire world's faith in me. My effectiveness bringing peace and understanding to the world greatly diminished while the FBI and Polk County were libeling me; even though, I was working just as hard serving the world.

Remind the world I am not a murderer. Bring reality back to the masses. Not because he told me but because I know he keeps track, for more information about my inability to save the world no matter how hard I worked at it while libeled, please contact the Mr. Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News.

After a week of dealing with unrelenting threats from Polk County, the libel alarm went off Friday morning. The FBI anti-reality machine has been actively distorting facts to make people hate me. My lovers and believers said it was not very convincing, but true believers never get swayed by libel. They are out to turn the rest of the world outside my lovers and believers against me.

Please, my benevolent nerds, flood the internet with pure reality. Add commentary if necessary to make sure the anti-reality machine cannot distort anything. Tell the full truth about everything I have accomplished serving the world.

My benevolent nerds, tell every honest thing about me. And get an official stamp of approval from Sweetness or Syn for everything you broadcast, so the world can trust it is accurate. I keep Syn and Sweetness so busy. Flood the internet with reality and discredit and remove if possible all the lies. Thank you.

Also, my beautiful world, what are the widespread objections people have to treating me like a human? If anyone objects to ending human rights abuses, that person does not live in reality or that person is a psychopath at his or her core.

When you hear objections to my having full human rights again, remind the source of my unrelenting suffering when all I have ever done and will ever do is good in the world and tell me all the details of what the objections are. I need this help, so I can return reality to good people and call out psychopaths.

I serve the world, but I cannot do it without your help, my beautiful world. Always get me as much accurate information as possible. Always spread the pure undistorted truth and discredit all the lies. And always be good to good people. Thank you, my beautiful world.

Speaking of being good to good people, my brave rescuers, I heard you need supplies. What supplies do you need? Food? Medicine? Gasoline? Whatever you need, just ask my beautiful world. We take care of good people.

Every day, you say you will be here overnight, and ever morning I learn you died. I understand you are very worried about me. Things just keep getting worse for me in Polk County. It takes a whole international team to make me safe. Thank you for everything you do for me. Someday as soon as possible, you will be sitting in my kitchen eating homemade cookies.

SynSyn, the torture alarm went off Tuesday night, Wednesday night, and again Thursday night. Things just keep getting worse and worse in Polk County. Why is Criminally Diabolical Lynn Boeset still allowed to be a threat to me? We need to permanently make me safe from her and from corrupt Polk County.

We need to fix the problem at its core with a permanent solution. Sue Polk Countu for another literal $1 trillion and only let them not pay it if they overturn EVERY persecution ruling against me past and present including the new false conviction.

Permanent safety of my body and mind depends on this. For more on this, click here. Please make me safe!

Finally, Syn, I heard you had an epic win with the US Supreme Court. I have no idea what it was. There has been no progress inside the bubble. I still have no human rights, and no one is acknowledging reality to my face. It is all persecution, oppression, hatred of me, and threats against my well being when I look around.

But, Congratulations, Syniva! Make sure you take time to spoil yourself. Is it a matter of getting Polk County and the FBI to obey the US Supreme Court? Is there anything SCOTUS can do to enforce their rulings?

Do we have to get Congress involved to get law, order, and human rights returned to America? We know the White House will just keep committing crimes. The self-sovereignty of America is at stake because of Polk County and the FBI. Is that enough to get Congress to take action to save me? Do we need to ask the United Nations to address Congress?

Sweetness, have you spoken with the UN? Do they need anything more from us? Day in and day out you fight for me. Everything I ask for, you take care of. It is okay to have your own ideas on how to help me. You are not a stupid man, and I trust how much you love me.

Please, darling, turn my mother into an ally. My mother spent her entire adult life as a subservient Asian wife to my evil, overbearing, racist, sexist, homophobic father. She has a permanent condition from how much he used to verbally abuse her. When my father died last year from cancer, she became subservient to the FBI to fill the gap.

Beloved, no matter how many wonderful things I do in this world, she will never do anything good, moral, or right concerning me. She will never fight for me because the FBI are White men who keep her oppressed and tell her what to do.

Darling, we need to turn my mother into an ally. We need to convince my mother to fight the FBI. We need to convince my mother to save me.

I hate being racist, but that is the reality of my mother. She is racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. And you, Sweetness, are a powerful White man. She will listen to you. I need you to be good to my mother. Convince her to love me. Give her the courage to fight the terrorist FBI.

Sweetness, my mother does not live in reality right now about how much I suffer, how much of a threat the FBI and Polk County are, and how much I need a rescue. She is in denial because evil White men control what she believes. Please save her. Please save me.

My beloved, my mother always uses money as an excuse not to help me. So, please explain to her money is no issue when it comes to rescuing me. We have enough money.

Send her yellow roses, her favorite flower, every day. Call her unrelentingly and be kind. Write to her nonstop. Send faxes to her office. Contact her sister my Tita Levy in El Cerrito, CA, the Bay Area and have her put you in contact. My Tita Levy is a lover and believer. Contact more lovers and believers, my aunts and uncles on my dad's side in South Dakota, and ask them to relay your messages to my mother.

Save her, Sweetness. Please save her. Convince her to get me out of Iowa and into your arms. I have a sister in LA we can "visit." Her extended family lives in the Bay Area, and they are always telling us to go there.

My mother does not hate me. She just does not live in reality. Please, Sweetness. I could not save my father; he was too evil. But we might be able to save my mother.

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