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Violently Depraved Lynn Boeset

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Here is my latest blog post. People just cannot claim they love and support me if they are fighting to rape me and keep me a starving slave in Iowa that persecutes me. This is an emergency post, so I am going to skip the internationals. Remember, saving me saves the world.

My beautiful world, my productivity and effectiveness will go through the roof when I can finally have human rights again. I will not have to spend so much time and energy fighting and will be able to spend all my time loving and healing the world. Imagine a world of love.

Right now, though, Iowa is some sort of alien planet that refuses to acknowledge reality no matter how much that damages itself, no matter how much that damages me, and no matter how much that damages the world.

This is the only place in the world willing to abuse me by pretending I am not famous. I might as well not exist to these people. No one loves me. No one cares about me. It is the twilight zone in here.

Iowa damages me every day the people here do not acknowledge I am famous for being a benevolent super-genius to my face. Their hate crimes are damaging me.

I cannot save Des Moines's reputation as the most evil city in America. I go out every day to check the social barometer, and they stay hostile to me. Des Moines has to save itself by coming to me and loving me to my face.

The only way to accomplish this is by getting the truth about me to all Iowans and purging their false reality of all of the FBI anti-reality machine's libel of me. I am no stripper. I am no porn star. I am no prostitute. I am no thief. I am no murderer. I am no madwoman. The lies have made Des Moines hostile towards me.

The libel-porn alarm went off on Valentine's Day. I am not a sexual creature; I am a rape victim. It is common knowledge I do not even masturbate. You would not either, my beautiful world, of there were slave cameras broadcasting everything you do.

I do not put on a show for anyone. I am not a pervert nor a porn star. It is all FBI anti-reality machine libel porn paid for with taxpayer money.

It was obvious libel since in reality I was tweeting about Sweetness through the entire broadcast. SynSyn, full criminal and civil charges against everyone in the libel porn, producing the libel porn, and broadcasting the libel porn.

And never let anyone watch the apartment broadcast ever again. All it has ever been in sexually-deviant libel porn and perverted slavery of me in the bathroom. Shut down the FBI anti-reality machine.

My beautiful world, do you remember Octopus? The FBI had to create a children's show out of their slavery of me because I am naturally too wholesome. All it did was make the world love me, the slave, so they started creating libel porn of me to ruin my reputation.

The libel porn creates a hostile environment for me in Iowa; it convinces them to persecute me, rape me, torture me, abuse me, harass me, unlawfully imprison me, enslave me, hate me, commit hate crimes against me, and unrelentingly violate my human rights.

The libel porn is why Iowa hates me under the false pretenses of my being an expensive stripper instead of respecting me as the benevolent, super-genius world leader I really am.

We have been through this already. Making pornography of me damages more than just my reputation and ability to do my important work serving the world; it damages me emotionally and mentally because it makes Iowa where I am imprisoned hate me and deny reality to my face. Click here to read the entire previous blog post.

Yes, I and my loved ones are the only people who should have any control over media I am in. Look what the FBI do while they are in control. They pervertedly enslave me, make libel porn, sexualize me, and sell me to the world as some sort of prostitute. What a crime against me and against the entire world that believes the lies!

No one be me, Sweetness, and Syniva can be trusted with control over media I am in. It is just too powerful to be trusted to evil people who use me for their own cruel agenda. Love must be in control for the sake of the entire world. My work serving the world is just too important to be ruined by the FBI anti-reality machine perverting my reputation by pretending I am a porn star.

We need to fight to end hate crimes against me due to libel, distortions, and flat out untruths, and we need to fight to end my slavery. Shutting down the apartment broadcast is a good step in the right direction.

My brave rescuers, how are you doing? Are you making your own steps in the right direction? I keep hearing how many of you are dying out there. I hate when you die. Get your justice in the courts for it. Do you need anything else from my beautiful world?

Speaking of justice in the courts, SynSyn, I just checked my email on 13Feb2014, and I found this.

-----Begin Email Text-----

On Feb 13, 2014, at 3:50 PM, wrote:

I've included your mother and Amy on this email because they also need to know are in violation of your lease by having someone staying with you. I have spoken to the landlord about your guest and he needs to leave right now. If not, the landlord has the right to terminate your lease, which will leave you homeless. Please take care of this matter right away. Thanks.

Lynn Boeset
United Advocacy Services, Inc.
Box 571
Nevada, IA 50201

-----End Email Text-----

SynSyn, why is Violently Depraved Lynn Boeset not in prison for hate crimes, conspiracy, persecution, human rights violations, and murdering my rescuers right now? If she bonded out until her criminal trial, she violated that bond by trying to commit me when I was in the hotel room.

Furthermore, Syniva, Bryce is my bodyguard. He is effective at keeping the criminal terrorist organization the FBI out of my apartment. Clearly, Lynn Boeset wants me to be raped again if she does not want me to have a bodyguard. Do I not have a right to physical safety?

Violently Depraved Lynn Boeset cannot have it both ways. She cannot lie to the world claiming she loves and supports me while doing everything possible to get me raped. She already locked me in the torture facility at Broadlawns where I was raped twice.

Violently Depraved Lynn Boeset is an ACTIVE threat against me. Click here to read the previous blog post and tell the courts I was right all along about Violently Depraved Lynn Boeset. All action must be taken to remove her. Lock her up for life and throw away the key. If she succeeds in removing my bodyguard from my vulnerable apartment, she violates her bond AGAIN.

How did such a morally bankrupt criminal end up with an illegally-gotten adult guardianship over me? That is due to the proven corruption of Polk County District Court.

Sue Polk County again for not yet overturning their criminal, human-rights-violating adult guardianship just like the federal courts have mandated they do, and make it HURT this time. The adult guardianship just keeps damaging me, and now she is trying to get me raped.

Also, Synny, call my landlord and explain to him his allowing the FBI to put cameras in my home to enslave me with was his first violation of my lease and was a criminal act against my human rights. If he feels like evicting me for having a bodyguard to prevent me from being raped on his property, he is in for one hell of a lawsuit.

And finally on the topic, Syn, I have been wanting to move back into my mom's house ever since my evil father passed away. I worry about her being lonely, and she would give me a car to drive again if I moved in. I would not be homeless if evicted. Violently Depraved Lynn Boeset has a history of lying to get what she wants.

No, Bryce is not moving out.

And if you are wondering why she is "Violently Depraved Lynn Boeset" instead of just "Morally Bankrupt Lynn Boeset," it is because she is trying to get me raped and because rape is a violent crime.

And to make sure no good person ever gets punished for saving the world,... Syn, you are lucky there is nothing criminal about fighting for human rights. Otherwise, Iowa would have tried pressing false charges against you by now.

If Iowa or Polk County threatens or even thinks about pressing charges against you, SynSyn, for fighting for even their own human rights, sue them for persecuting me. My life has no room for bull(expletive).

Do not forget our priorities right now...

1.) Please maintain my safety as best we can manage it in Polk County by staying proactive to keep me out of hospitals and jail due to libel. I will not be safe until I can leave Iowa, but we can keep me as free from persecution as possible.

Synny, this includes making sure my bodyguard stays. The FBI are not a threat on my life, but they are a threat to rape me if we do not keep me safe from everything they want for me.

2.) Please get the criminal adult guardianship dissolved, so I can finally have enough human rights to go someplace that will keep me safe instead of commit hate crimes against me. The guardianship is just a tool to keep me away from my human rights; it serves no other purpose.

Arresting Violently Depraved Lynn Boeset and sentencing her to life in prison for all her hate crimes against me is a good step in the right direction. Also, remind Polk County they do not have to pay me if they just give me all my human rights back. It has always been their choice.

And 3.) please work with the brave Mr. Neil Gaiman to bring freedom of speech to all of America again. Please be good to him and convince him to be my superhero.

I heard he said yes. Thank him for me. This is a cut and dried violation of first amendment rights. FBI terrorism to enforce a media silence on topics like me that affect all Americans and all the world does not count as censorship.

The terrorism is just so the FBI can get away with human rights violations against me like rape, torture, slavery, libel, etc... Besides, according to the Supreme Court ruling concerning the Pentagon Papers, people cannot be censored until AFTER they speak.

No one can be censored for speaking the truth especially before they say it. Click here to read the entire previous blog post.

Speaking of my human rights, Sweetness, I heard the federal courts deemed persecuting us by not allowing us to marry is unconstitutional. The courts always rule on behalf of human rights. I hear we are waiting out the appeals process. Thank you. Stay vigilant.

Darling, I heard the FBI anti-reality machine's grounds for appealing our right to marry is because you used to sleep with Amber. In reality, you always apologized to me for it, and I did not object until you got emotionally attached to her. I never thought you would wait long, cold, lonely years for me in a monastery.

And when you started getting attached to Amber, I got upset. I told you to choose one of us. You chose me. It saved our relationship. This is all old history. We should have every right to marry. Tell the world how much you panicked when you worried you lost me. You were so miserable then.

We love each other, but we are a normal human couple with normal human problems. No one can demand we be a perfect fairy tale. No one can expect any humans to be to be a perfect fairy tale. What we can be, though, is one of the most romantic true-life love stories ever. Remember Krull?

Also, Sweetness, how was your Valentine's Day? For me, tell the world what you would have done to give me a bouquet of my favorite flowers, orchids, on the 14th. Do not let me begin on what you have done to be able to hold my hand and kiss my face. It is criminal to keep us apart.

And what is this crap I hear, darling, about the proven corrupt Polk County District Court claiming your picking me up and giving me full human rights by taking me out of Iowa that is proven to persecute me is kidnapping?

I am a fully competent full grown adult. It is libel to claim otherwise. According to the federal government, I am supposed to be free to go where I want and do what I want. We have a Supreme-Court-upheld right to peaceably assemble, and we have a federal-court-upheld right to marry.

Yet, Polk County considers us "warned" they will prosecute you in, of all places, federal court (if we cross state lines) for kidnapping me if you come here and save me from this cesspool of unrelenting persecution, human rights violations, and hate crimes.

This action by Polk County is proof they do not exist in reality like the rest of the world. They are completely deluded into thinking they have a right to persecute me and subject me to cruel and unusual punishment until it kills me. Bury them for threatening to break the law to harm you.

Any such crap charges would definitely be thrown out of federal court, but even the threat makes Polk County guilty of disobeying federal and Supreme Courts, persecution, conspiracy, human rights violations, hate crimes, and attempted murder of my rescuers by keeping me away from them.

This is a hate crime against both of us. Flatten Polk County, Sweetness, for threatening you with charges of kidnapping if you do the morally upstanding thing and rescue me and for claiming you were guilty of an "attempted abduction" on 11Feb2014. This is nothing but distortions and untruths.

They took action, so you should take action. Giving a locally persecuted slave human rights is not kidnapping. I am a fully competent full grown adult with a right to marry. Contact either or both local news stations for more concrete evidence.

P.S. This was my response to Violently Depraved Lynn Boeset conspiring with the FBI to rape me.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: Guest
From: "Squid B. Varilekova"
Date: Thu, February 13, 2014 7:57 pm
Cc: Amy Alles, Dina Varilek

Mom, don't panic. Syniva took care of it. Just check my current status.

Amy, be careful you don't break the law, too. I will hold nothing back prosecuting you if you take Lynn Boeset's side,

Lynn, eat it. Your malevolence is only surpassed by your stupidity.

-----End Original Message-----

This, of course, was her violently depraved response while she still labored to get me raped by the FBI. She just kept lying to my face trying to threaten me into hurting myself by getting rid of my bodyguard.

-----Begin Email Text----- On Feb 14, 2014, at 8:46 AM, wrote:

Don't care what you think of me. He needs to go right now or you'll be homeless.

Lynn Boeset
United Advocacy Services, Inc.
Box 571
Nevada, IA 50201
-----End Email Text-----

Violently Depraved Lynn Boeset is an ACTIVE threat to me. The landlord has not said a word about it to me, that is not how eviction works, and having a guest in a maximum 4 person occupancy apartment is not a lease violation.

Violently Depraved Lynn Boeset is part of the anti-reality machine. She is lying to my face to threaten me into harming myself by getting rid of my bodyguard. She is conspiring with the FBI to rape me.

Violently Depraved Lynn Boeset violated her parole by starting this and violated her bond by continuing it today. Syn, throw everything at her. Lock her up and throw away the key. I need to be kept safe from Lynn Boeset.

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