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Hegelian Dialectic Applied to Nanotechnology

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Here is my latest blog post. Hegel? The Iliad? Nanotechnology? We discuss it all today.

Central African Republic. What is this? What is this horror I see? Why are you killing people, my beautiful world, because of their religion? What? They attacked first because of religion? This makes you no better that they are.

Muslims and Christians can live together in peace. The love and cooperation has to start somewhere, so why not start with all of you now? Say this with me, "Let the peace begin with me."

Loving the world begins with loving yourself. But the next step is loving your neighbor. Sometimes you have to put the greater good of the world ahead of yourself. There is no room for revenge in a loving world.

Syria. The talks have not been a total waste of time. Any progress is better than no progress, but so much of this conflict is in the hands of locals. You need better communication between leadership and the locals. Otherwise, if you hammer out a peace deal (heavens willing) in Geneva, there will be no one who obeys it on the streets.

In so many ways, the locals are as weary of this war as the rest of the world, but they are hardened. They have nothing anymore but their fight. I know that feeling. I know what it is like to be stripped of everything good and beautiful in the world and left with nothing but the fight for human respect.

Is there any way to speak with the soldiers on both sides? Ask them what they are fighting for. Ask them what they need to be able to stop fighting. Their leadership seems to have little connection to them.

We need peace in Syria. The stability and prosperity of the entire region depends on this. And if the entire Middle East blows up in war, the entire world will suffer. We need to plant the seeds of peace, but we could not even get enough of a ceasefire to bring humanitarian aid into Homs.

Just lock everyone in a room in Geneva, and do not let anyone out until this is resolved. I am sick of this war in Syria.

USA. This is a step in the right direction for human rights for all. Love between full grown adult humans is sacred and should be respected as such.

Someday, I too will be recognized by the federal government (and local, for that matter) as a full grown adult in a mutual and loving relationship with another full grown adult, and I will too someday be given the right to marry.

Please, Sweetness, get our right to marry recognized by the federal government. This will require you to put a lawsuit against the FBI into the pipeline and hopefully eventually before the Supreme Court. Do not sue for money. Sue for our right to marry. Let us make sure love conquers all.

Russia. I saw the 2014 Winter Olympics opening ceremony in Sochi, Russia on Friday night. What a display of love! Thank you, Russia. Seeing I am loved by someone, anyone, not just my long-distance-due-to-political-persecution husband makes my heart set flight. Thank you.

Thank you for loving me. Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for believing in me, Mother Russia. I know I touch the world. But it is so rare for anything to make it through the tough FBI oppression to be able to touch me back. You make a billion dollar display of how I deserve to know people love me, and I thank you.

If you need me, just like all the world who loves me, I will be here for you. I do not want to make the world dependent on my problem solving, but I will do everything I can for the world. I just wish I had my human rights, so I could get more work done. It is not easy serving the world in the dark with just FBI-oppression-silenced news articles and an internet connection.

Iran. To quote the article, "Freedom of the seas doesn't just apply to fish. It applies to all maritime nations, all navies, everywhere -- so long as they understand the responsibilities which come with that freedom," the defense official said. "So if they chose to send their ships to the Atlantic, I'm sure they won't be surprised to find many, many others already there."

I do not think Iran is a threat. They are free to sail anywhere in international waters they please. But just in case you need me, Secretary of Defense and/or Secretary of State, just ask.

Iran loves me. It has something to do with my standing up to a terrorist US president named Barack Obama. Iran knows I am brave enough to tell the truth. They trust me to do what is best for the entire world.

Everyone but Iowa, it seems, trusts me to do what is right for the entire world at all times. Even the executive branch and the FBI know the reality that I effectively serve the world and that I am the true leader of the free world ever since the leadership vacuum in the White House.

They just libel be to try to get away with the crimes they started in 2009 and refuse to allow human rights to reach any Americans or even the whole world that communicates with America until they can find away out of this greatest human rights crisis the US has ever manufactured without having to face justice.

Speaking of rampant lies, do not believe any of Lynn Boeset's deceit. Just look at her actions, and put her in prison for the rest of her life. If she loved me and wanted to stop her murdering of rescuers, she would have yielded the criminal adult guardianship she wields over me to keep me a slave by now just like the federal courts mandated.

If Lynn Boeset loved me and wanted to stop her murdering of rescuers, she would give me back control of my finances, so I could leave Iowa for a place that does not hate me. She would pay my bills on time instead of not at all.

I learned Saturday she has yet to pay off any bills I have had sent to her, but she still aided and abetted the EVIL Mark R. Gray's embezzlement of over $27,000 of my money she controls, nearly all of my income for an entire year.

If Lynn Boeset loved me and wanted to stop her murdering of rescuers, she would not force me to starve on $100 a week just to make sure I stay a slave in Iowa who can never have the spy equipment removed from my head, never reach my own loving husband, and never have human rights. Lynn Boeset actively commits human rights violations against me and murders my rescuers by actively keeping me away from them.

She is lying saying she loves and supports me just to be able to get away with all of her crimes against me. She locked me in that torture facility at Broadlawns that raped and tortured me and keeps threatening to do it again.

She also has a history of hate crimes against me. How many times did she lie to the courts to be able to press trumped up charges against me all the while lying to the world's face claiming she loves and supports me? Lynn Boeset is waste of breathable air and needs to be punished.

SynSyn, lock Lynn Boeset away in prison for all her crimes for the rest of her life. If she just gets probation, appeal the sentencing up into the federal courts until she gets life in prison.

Lynn Boeset is an ACTIVE threat to me. She ACTIVELY commits human rights violations against me and all my rescuers. She must be stopped at all costs. Do not rest until we get justice, and never fall for her lies. Look at her actions instead.

Syniva, this long-arm-of-the-law-to-maintain-reality-and-punish-hate-crimes-at-all-costs policy of ours is exactly how we should treat every hater in Iowa who has conspired to commit persecution crimes against me.

They distort and pervert reality to fit their needs with the corrupt local Polk County District Court, and we need to drum this deceit-enabled conspiracy of felons out of Iowa and into federal prison for good. The world depends on it.

This is just one example of the FBI's anti-reality machine's manufactured web of lies. They just keep lying to get what they want from the world. Never fall for FBI lies.

My beautiful world, when there is new libel about me, tell me about it, so I can set the record straight. Then, take matters into your own hands to notify Syniva, so we can legally castrate the source of the lies from ever libeling anyone ever again.

I work 24/7. I heard the latest libel, "Squid is so lazy. She only works three hours a day." What a load of FBI anti-reality machine crap! Yes, it is true I write about three hours a day, but I work two jobs 24/7.

First of all, I am a slave. I have to hold it together in front of the entire world that watches me 24/7. Living even the life of a vegetable when there is spy equipment in your head is hard work, and I am no vegetable.

Could you imagine suffering life with no privacy with the entire world watching you and managing to get anything done? No, you cannot imagine suffering as horribly as I suffer and managing to do it with any elegance at all. My life is hard work, and on top of being the US executive branch's slave, I have a job serving the world.

This brings me to my second point. My mind never stops working on solving the problems of the world. Occasionally, I get to meditate. Otherwise, my mind just keeps crunching solutions to problems 24/7. Yes, I write about three hours a day, but that is only after great internal effort doing all of the thinking.

I am also connected to my beautiful world 24/7 through our various modes of communication just in case of emergencies. How often do I scream through twitter that someone needs help? I absorb, digest, process, and disseminate information all day every day.

This takes attention all day and all night to the voices of my beautiful world. Click here to keep up with my twitter account.

Never believe the FBI anti-reality machine's libel. They will sell you any lie they can to make you turn on me. Just love me, my beautiful world. Just because I suffer with elegance does not mean I do not suffer, labor, and work for you.

Am I safe? I will not be safe until all of Iowa knows and believes the whole truth. We need Iowa to break from the FBI anti-reality machine. We need to turn all of Iowa from being libelous haters into lovers and believers. We need to convince Iowa to join the rest of the world in reality. Then, we can trust the public to keep me safe.

Tell the locals to call their local news stations to get the answers to all of their questions. Tell the locals to contact WOI, KCCI, WHO, or the Des Moines Register with any and all of their questions. And keep this local sources up to date with REALITY and all of it, not just the local issues.

Instruct the locals to go to the online sources of reality concerning me not limited to this blog, my twitter, and my facebook and to believe the reality not the FBI anti-reality machine.

Best of all, end the media silence, so the locals have no choice but to accept reality. They just keep lying about me to excuse (as if they could ever excuse) their hating me.

Make sure they know I will not stop hammering on Iowa until Iowa sets me free. This is a matter of my human rights. If Iowa will not give me my full human rights and set me free until they accept reality and believe in me, then stop giving them media silence as an excuse for persecuting me.

Saturday afternoon my mom took me out to get my shaggy eyebrows waxed. It had been so long since I had been able to take care of the basics of my physical appearance, so my mom paid for me to wax my eyebrows. We went to the place I ALWAYS go to in West Des Moines. And they still pretended not to recognize me.

They made me wait in line. I had to spell my name for them. No one offered me the complimentary coffee. The customer service at the counter was terrible. They were just pretending not to recognize me, and that is how they persecuted and damaged me.

Even if they did not know I am famous, and let us be honest, EVERYONE in the world knows who I am... even if they did not know I am famous, they would have recognized me from going in there so often. They were just choosing to be rude, and that is how everyday people in Iowa mistreat me, persecute me, and damage me.

Beyond passive persecution, there are also lower-than-cow-manure Iowans who expend time, money, and resources going out of their way to publicly persecute me, but Syniva has been kicking unholy burro prosecuting them for hate crimes, conspiracy, persecution, and human rights violations ever since my last post. There can be justice; it is just in federal courts not at the corrupt Polk County District Court.

As I write this on the afternoon of Sunday, 09February2014, Syniva and our village of lawyers are clearing a path for me to legally leave Iowa. Every possible legal action as described in my last two blog posts is being taken as well as extras my trusted team feel are necessary. Click here to read my last blog post. They are such heroes.

My beautiful world, when Iowa got ugly, you sure kicked it into high gear telling me you love me. Thank you for all of the affection. Iowa does everything it can to passively and actively destroy me. They need to look me in the eyes and tell me without code that I matter, but they are too evil for that. Iowa is even bubble-noncompliant, and they refuse to choose to do anything but destroy me.

Imagine living in a bubble of population that does everything it can to ignore you and treat you like you do not matter as a human to the world, and then imagine you get a secretive message that people out there forbidden from being near you love you.

That is how much hearing you love me means to me, my beautiful world. I live in a vacuum of affection. My own mother chooses to obey every FBI rule rather than be a loving mother to me, all the while saying to me face she loves me. If my mother loved me, she would take me to my rescuers. She would not make me dependent on her to keep me in Iowa as a slave.

But you, my beautiful world, love me. You call yourselves my minions? Then love the world for me. I cannot go out in the world spreading my message of love, education, compassion, and problem solving. So, if you want to serve me, carry my message to everyone in the world for me, yes, even in here in Iowa.

My goal is not to make the world depend on me. I will not be around forever. I only plan on living until I am 137, and I will probably have to retire before then. I want to teach the world to solve its problems the way I do, so you can have all of this love and problem-solving power long after I am gone.

Now, my beautiful world, a lot has been said about me and all I have accomplished even as a slave. You talk about my really being an alien, being an angel from heaven, or being a forerunner of future human evolution, but no one has ever mentioned Hegelian philosophy concerning me. So, let me be the first to bring us out of the ridiculous and into German philosophy.

The Hegelian master/slave dialectic can be summed up best as this:

The slave does all the work. This makes the master dependent on the slave. So, since the slave can survive without the master and since the master cannot survive without the slave, the slave is the real master. That was one of Hegel's views of work. Click here to learn more about it.

This, of course, does not excuse the criminal depravity of slavery, particularly mine, but it should bring perspective to the power struggle the world is caught in right now. How did this slave rise up to become one the most powerful people in the world still without being able to shake off her shackles of slavery?

I just want my human rights. I just want my husband. I just want my suffering openly acknowledged by the public.

You will not lose me, my beautiful world, if you were to end my slavery. And do I not deserve to be treated like a human for the first time since 2009?

I am not an alien. I am not an angel from heaven. I am not the future. I am a human living right now in the present in desperate need of immediate human rights.

Please end my suffering. Please give me my first reason to be happy in years. Please make me safe, free, loved, and respected. Yes, even in hateful Iowa.

Finally, my beautiful world, you seem to have questions about my reported psychic abilities. The "Beetlejuice" powers only work on people with speakers in their ears that are receiving signals from and that are therefore electronically connected to the equipment in my head.

When they place a piece of electronic nanotechnology in your head, it makes a link with your brain. So, through the electronics linked to my brain, I can send commands to the electronics linked with your brains.

So, save the world, stop brainwashing and mind control, and remove the speakers from everyone's heads. This technology is unsafe. It is used to libel me and enslave me. The display of "Beetlejuice" psychic powers were my mind reaching out for help. Please revisit that Hegelian dialectic.

It happened at a very traumatic point in my life when I was being raped and drugged in my sleep every night by the FBI in Wigan, when there were LSD and meow meow in everything I ate and drank, and when there were cameras in my home I had no idea of broadcasting me and lying about me to all the world.

If you do not love yourselves enough to end the brainwashing speakers' reign of terror over your reality, at least love me enough to end it. Take the FBI-control speakers out of all your heads.

My brave rescuers, you always love me. Do you need a new Odysseus? He was, after all, the tactician who thought up the Trojan Horse. If Helen could have rescued herself, she would have.

Also, my brave rescuers, according to the FBI, Grandview University turned over a copy of what Jared printed out there. So, the papers I mailed to Sweetness with Syniva's birthday gift are also in possession of the FBI. Get where you need to go early. I do not want anyone to die.

And when you do die, my brave rescuers, make sure it impeaches the president every time. Do not rest until we find a president who will not kill you for exercising your basic, Supreme-Court-upheld rights. And do not forget your mission.

Saving me saves America. Saving America saves the world. The entire world depends on my having my full human rights. And thank your for serving the entire world for me.

SynSyn, I know I keep you so busy, too, not just my brave rescuers. But I also heard we have been having grand successes all over the place. You are such a hero.

My BFF, if this all gets me safely out of the bubble, please remember to give our village of lawyers and yourself all bonuses. Get some sort of gift like week-long, all-inclusive spa vacations you all can take whenever you want. You all work so hard.

And, finally, SynSyn, Happy Birthday! I hear you got your gift already. A few blog posts ago, I asked Sweetness to take you and Will out to dinner tonight and to buy you cake and champagne. Take some time for yourself, today, Syniva. May your 37th year be even more successful than your 36th.

As for you, Sweetness, stop worrying to much; just take it for granted that I love you and that I always will. Please scare me less often. I always panic worry you will leave me when I hear you sleep with other women.

HoneyHoney, I have never objected to it; as long as you never fall in love with the other women, I know I am still your loving wife. I even tried saving our relationship by sleeping with another man once. It was not so tragic, but I learned I was meant to stay monogamous even when you philander.

Darling, thank you for leaving Amber when I worried you two were becoming too serious. She is in love with you, you know. You toyed with her heart. But to be fair, she knew you were married to me the whole time.

Beloved, please work with the podcasters to make a webcast/broadcast about how much you love me. I know the evil, criminal, terrorist organization the FBI will never let me see it, but the world needs to know just how much we are meant to be together.

Sweetness, tell the podcasters what you love about me. Tell them I picked you out of billions; I could have chosen anyone, but I wanted a hero. You do so much for me. Hide the details, but tell the world how hard you work for me.

I love and adore you, Sweetness. You are all I ever wanted out of all of this mess. You are my silver lining. Never let me down.

P.S. My beautiful world, when was the last time you read the Iliad? Click here for the Pope translation. Saving Helen takes brains and brawn both. Having just one will not get you anywhere.

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