Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Why the ENTIRE WORLD Hates Iowa.

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Here is my latest blog post. Iowa is at it again. Polk County was prevented from horrifying persecution of me by my suing them, and the locals honestly said, "We are already paying for committing the horrifying human rights violation of threatening to rape her, why not actually rape her?" just to be able to harm me. IT IS A CRIME TO PERSECUTE ME; that is why you were stopped and should be happy you were stopped.

Thailand, Ukraine, and Venezuela. All three of these nations are in protests right now. I feel it is my responsibility to give them my advice to all political protesters.

Stay as peaceful as possible. I know this makes no sense since the government fires guns at you, but it creates legitimacy for your cause. The international community always stands up for peaceful protesters.

If you turn violent, you run the risk of becoming another Syria. As much as Syria suffers, the world still refuses to take any real action to help them. But if you stay peaceful or at least as peaceful as possible, the regime commits all of the crimes, and the world stands on the side of the protesters.

Ukraine. You just agreed to a ceasefire. Both sides need to stand by this ceasefire. Do not be the person who fired the first shot.

Diplomacy can work in this crisis. But for that to be possible, everyone needs to stand behind the resolutions. Talks are beautiful. Take advantage of them. I cannot get the White House to even acknowledge me and how much they make me suffer, least of all negotiate with me.

Obama made a threat against the regime. It was about as worthwhile as his imaginary red line in Syria. Why is this (expletive)hole allowed to pretend he makes policy? Is the world not sick of his facade by now? HE WAS IMPEACHED FOR CREATING THE BUBBLE! No, Obama is NOT president!

Obama castrated himself from having any legitimacy in the world by committing the WORST human rights violations against me that United States government has ever created against anyone. So, he removes the legitimacy of any good causes by taking it up. Obama is not a world leader. He is an international criminal. Stop humoring his facade, my beautiful world.

Afghanistan. We have left thousands of translators behind in Afghanistan. They are sitting ducks for the Taliban. Can the local forces keep them safe? That is all they have.

Please, US military, put a system in place to keep your translators and other collaborating locals safe in Afghanistan before you leave. What ever happened to, "We never leave a soldier behind."?

USA. Why is the only thing people are worried about after this security? Why is no one trying to phase out clearly environmentally unfriendly nuclear power? That was the point of the protest, and it was a very good point.

This is of grave importance right now because the US government is currently taking action to build a new nuclear power plant for the first time in decades. Click here for more information about this. Nuclear waste is a death sentence for the planet. It is NOT clean energy.

This is a carry over of the dangerous policies Obama created for America while he was still president. He endeavored in a past State of the Union Address to take us off fossil fuels by putting us on nuclear energy, something far more harmful to the environment and far more dangerous to the world.

What was the most dangerous policy Obama ever created? The bubble of human rights violations I live in designed to destroy me. Stop letting him create policy, my beautiful world. He keeps (expletive)ing on all of us.

Nigeria. Boko Haram, can we talk? You know I am a dear, old friend of Nigeria, and you know I have been a level-headed, logic-rich friend of Islam for years. Why must you do this violently?

Why not just win elections to exert your influence over the Muslim-majority regions on Nigeria? It will lend international legitimacy to your cause if you do things nonviolently.

You know I have been trying to end the genocide of Muslims in the Central African Republic. They are being killed out of backlash against their own Muslim coup and religious injustices. Why not avoid similar backlash against your own people in Nigeria and preventing possible future suffering by being peaceful?

Please consider it. Boko Haram, the world needs more peace and love.

Russia. Whoever instigated this whipping treated Pussy Riot the same way Polk County and the FBI treat me. You are better than this, Russia.

I initially did not take the side of Pussy Riot because I believe they were trespassing in the church. I am an atheist, but I believe all places of worship are holy. But beating them for exercising free speech in a public place? Please get to the bottom of who attacked them and hold them accountable.

Planet Earth. Syniva, this one is for you. I, too, live every day malnourished. We already started a foundation to fight poverty. Can we also have some experts look into recipes and grocery suggestions that provide as many nutrients as possible for people living on pennies a day?

Hong Kong!. My sweet ex-boyfriend Vinesh Jha lives in Hong Kong now. Please treat him well! We were together for five years, and I once even asked him to marry me. He said no. That is all for the best; I have my dream husband now.

Vinesh Jha actively fights for me. How do I know? He is forbidden from speaking to me. Please, if you see him, Hong Kong, treat him well. Good people take care of good people.

Speaking of lovers and believers, my beautiful world, my cohort Jared M. Clark will be in Los Angeles from 17March2014 to 25March2014. You can follow him around by reading his twitter @jared982003 or by stalking him if you spot him. He is also on my Facebook friends list.

This might be your only chance to get him info like the whereabouts of my rescuers, my heroic Hollywood, or to acknowledge reality to his face. He really needs to get his brain around how much I suffer.

Give Jared money to buy me flowers or something. Definitely check on him. He has no spy equipment in his head; you will get away with wining and dining him.

Thank you, my beautiful world. Good people take care of good people.

Also, my beautiful world, I heard your questions. Is my dream of a better world that loves every good person in it worth fighting for? Is it worth standing up to oppression of the entire nation of the United States of America by the FBI and the White House?

I am worth it. I could solve world problems if Polk County, FBI, and White House would just stop committing international crimes against me. Who can you trust with Global Climate Change but me?

Where would we be right now if I did not wake up every day just to suffer under Polk County and the FBI to do my job serving the world? Do I not deserve to be treated like a human by the government again?

Do not let the FBI anti-reality machine terrorize you with their lies. Do not be afraid of taking down the bubble. What real thing are you afraid of? Having rights again?

We are meant to be free. We are America. What are you afraid of? Is not the false reality spun by the FBI that keeps you so terrorized you stay silent while I suffer international crimes far worse?

Syn and my beautiful world, Polk County is actively hostile towards me. They are trying to commit me to a psych ward where they have already tortured and raped me to be able to do it again. And if they cannot succeed at raping me in a psych ward, they intend to rape me in jail. The FBI have told me the corrupt Polk County District Court will stop at nothing even false charges to imprison and destroy me.

Syn, press criminal and civil charges against everyone who is putting this into action for intent to unlawfully imprison, intent to torture, intent to rape, hate crimes, conspiracy, persecution, intent to commit human rights violations, and attempted murder of my rescuers by keeping us apart.

Rescuers die every night I am kept away from them.

Also, Syn, sue Polk County for hate crimes, persecution, human rights violations, conspiracy, and murdering my rescuers for even trying it.

Hang Polk County and the local conspirators up by their toe nails. These are also the charges you file if they succeed but without the "intent to." They have had me terrorized for my physical safety. I do not want to be tortured, raped, and unlawfully imprisoned again. I live terrorized by these threats.

Also, get an injunction and mandate from the courts that Polk County must overturn ALL of its persecution rulings concerning me past and present. No more calling me mentally ill. No more adult guardianship. No more commitment. Etc. We need this for my physical safety and emotional and mental well being. My future as a benevolent, super-genius world leader is at stake.

If Polk County does not overturn ALL persecution rulings, sue them for literally $5 billion. My suffering and need for a safe future has earned it.

In fact, kick up all financial punishments of Polk County through the roof. We need to make me safe from rape, torture, and unlawful imprisonment, and this is all we have to fight them with. My future as a benevolent, super-genius world leader is at stake.

Thank you, Synny and my beautiful world.

Also explain to them that continuing to persecute me just makes the world work faster to rescue me. They are trying to terrorize me into slowing down taking down the bubble, but all they have done is make everyone in the world explode and accelerate your rescue efforts. You all would never let a threat on my head slow down getting me human rights. It would only make all of you bring justice faster.

The only reason Polk County is terrorizing me and the world by trying to rape, torture, and imprison me again is to slow us down. Never let a terrorist get what they want. Do not let Polk County terrorize us into slowing. Do not let Polk County commit, torture, and rape me.

The world needs to stop repeating FBI anti-reality lies for the sake of me, America, and the whole world. Why does anyone believe anything the FBI says at this point? They are established liars.

No, I am not at risk of dying. There is not real threat on my head. Click here for more about this.

Instead, the world should be worried the FBI will rape me again if anyone obeys them. NEVER OBEY THE FBI NO MATTER WHAT THEY THREATEN. Just fight them. The FBI only want to destroy me. Keep me safe from everything they want for me.

Never forget how much the FBI lies. I weigh 270 lbs because of all the chemicals they have put in my body. I have a fat man belly from the testosterone, body fat that never ends from the torture drugs, and muscle mass from the steroids they used to try and give me roid rage when they were trying to frame me for murder.

Yet, the FBI stood up in court and tried to claim I was sexy. I could not get a local to flirt with me for the life of me; in bars I am a pariah, and the FBI tried to claim I am sexy.

Why did the FBI try to claim I am sexy? To justify paying taxpayer money to create pornography with people who look like me in it to make the world disrespect and hate me. They created a hostile environment for me to live in in Iowa with their libel porn, and they fought tooth and nail with it to prevent me from being a benevolent, super-genius world leader who effectively serves the world.

Yes, I am 270 lbs, and yes, most of it is muscle mass. Please, world experts, calculate what my daily caloric intake SHOULD be. Then explain to the world that Polk County and Criminally Delusional Lynn Boeset enslaving me and forcing me to live on $100 a week is destroying me. I can only count on one meal a day.

Polk County actively makes me suffer EVERY DAY with their persecution rulings concerning me. We need them ALL overturned past and present. No more criminal adult guardianship. No more libeling me with mental illness. No more torture. No more commitment.

And if they do not obey the federal mandate to overturn them all, Syniva, sue them for literally $5 billion. My job as a benevolent, super-genius world leader is at stake here. The persecution by Polk County is at risk of destroying me.

Yet, instead of giving me my human rights in Iowa, the Iowa Statehouse is trying to 'legalize' persecuting me. We have been through this before. Click here to read the entire previous blog post.

This time they claim Polk County is paying out the nose for persecuting me by being an active threat against me that keeps me terrorized every day of being raped, tortured, and unlawfully imprisoned whether they do it or not, so why not just make it legal to rape, torture, and unlawfully imprison me? The money will be given to me either way.

Where is the logic in this? The logical thing to do is force Polk County to overturn EVERY persecution ruling concerning me to guarantee my human rights at the state level, so Polk County will finally stop having to pay me so much money.

They honestly said, "Well we are already paying for threatening to rape her, so why not actually rape her?" This is the sort of crap that makes the ENTIRE WORLD hate Iowa. Des Moines, you earned your reputation as the (expletive)hole of America.

Iowa would rather hate me than love me, so we will have to fight them. I would rather have my freedom to love Iowa, but they just keep persecuting me.

Syn, take all necessary action pressing criminal and civil charges against every Iowan, politician or otherwise, trying to keep my human rights away from me for human rights violations, persecution, hate crimes, conspiracy, and murdering my rescuers by keeping me away from them. And if it goes through the Iowa Statehouse, sue Iowa.

My brave rescuers, Iowa refuses to do anything but hate me. No one here will help me reach you. They are nothing but haters. They keep murdering you by keeping me away from you. This sort of crap is why the ENTIRE WORLD hates Iowa, I know, but what can the rest of the world do to help you?

My brave rescuers, are you okay? What do you need? Please, just tell my beautiful world what you need. You keep dying. Just tell the UN.

SynSyn, the United Nations has started action against the FBI, the White House, and Polk County proving their persecution of me has included crimes against humanity.

Please see if the UN could use any of your evidence. My hair goes a long way. And get a hold of all their actions, too. We can use it against all the locals who persecute me.

Lock up every offending local for human rights violations, persecution, hate crimes, conspiracy, murder of my rescuers by keeping me away from them, and now crimes against humanity.

Lock them all away not just Criminally Delusional Lynn Boeset but all of them for the rest of their lives. Get Polk County. Get Barack Obama. And get every culpable FBI agent.

As for you, Sweetness, I understand. You have so much time on your hands you do not know what to do. Down time is good, but when it gets boring, do what I do. Spend every free moment fighting for us to be together. Spending your time actively loving me will take your mind off how lonely you get.

Darling, write me love poems and love letters to give me when we can be together. Think up creative ways to talk to me. Plot a way to send me flowers. Check on my rescuers and Syniva regularly to see if they need anything. Testify for Neil Gaiman about how oppressed America is without freedom of speech or freedom of the press. There is so much to do.

Sweetness, I understand. Life is pointless and empty without the one you love. Do what I do; let the fight take over. I have found my element by letting the fight to be with you keep my days fulfilled. According to Bon Jovi, "You live for the fight when that's all that you've got."

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