Saturday, February 22, 2014

To Chirk Me Up

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Here is my latest blog post. The anti-reality machine just lies and lies and lies to get what it wants. Never believe Barack Obama. Never believe the FBI. And never believe the Iowans who commit crimes against me.

Uganda. President Yoweri Museveni, no one chooses to be gay. No one chooses to be hated. No one chooses to be persecuted. But people should be free to be their natural selves.

Loving another full-grown adult should not be a crime. Love should not be punishable by death. Love is not a disease. And love is not a learned behavior. We cannot choose whom we love; that is like choosing where lightning strikes.

Please, Museveni, love your neighbor as yourself.

As for things here in America, I heard impeached President Obama tried to distract the public away from reality by alleging falsely that I must be racist for impeaching him for instructing the FBI to rape me until I go crazy.

Whining "racism" to dismiss honest criticism for raging incompetence and heinous human rights violations is Obama lying to the public. What a load of anti-reality machine bull(expletive)! Why is Obama and his criminal supporters natural reaction to treat us all like we are imbeciles and lie their (expletive)es off to get what they want from us?

Remember this one? “The biggest problems that we're facing right now have to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power into the Executive Branch and not go through Congress at all, and that's what I intend to reverse when I'm president of the United States of America." -- Barack Obama

The anti-reality machine just lies and lies and lies to get what it wants. Never believe Barack Obama. Never believe the FBI. And never believe the Iowans who commit crimes against me.

My beautiful world, you keep asking me to cheer up. So, I tried to perk myself up by going to one of my favorite places in all of Iowa. Guess where I was!

But it did not work. I have no reason to be happy. What will it take to save my mental and emotional well being and cheer me up?

1.) Polk County needs to overturn every single one of its persecution rulings concerning me. I live every day I am political prisoner in Iowa terrorized by Polk County. I am under unrelenting threat of them raping me, torturing me, and unlawfully imprisoning me in a torture facility again. Overturning all the rulings past and present is the only way to end my anguish and keep me safe.

2.) Every single Iowan who encounters me needs to acknowledge how much they make me suffer, acknowledge all fifteen points (Click here for the entire previous blog post.), disobey every single FBI rule criminally oppressing them, and treat me with the respect I deserve as a world leader.

3.) My husband needs to kiss me. This is the best way to cheer me up. All I have ever needed is my husband. I fight for all of America's human rights not just mine and including all of Iowa's. I strategize with money. I demand justice. It is all to clear a path to my husband. Give me my husband, and I will stop razing every hate crime committer, human rights violator, and international criminal in my way.

4.) All of America needs to get its freedom of speech back. Let someone who actually cares about me tell me he or she loves me. Let me have coffee with my BFF. Let David Letterman make a joke about me. Let Brian Williams report the news about me. Suspending freedom of the press is a crime against all of America. We have a right to know about all news concerning us.

5.) The FBI needs to stop murdering my rescuers. We have a Supreme Court upheld right to assemble and associate. The FBI have already been found guilty of murder in federal court for killing my rescuers. We need justice and human rights for my rescuers. They should not have to die just because they are fighting to set all of America free of the FBI's terrorism and oppression.

None of these are the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is tearing down the bubble, so America can be the land of the free again. The ultimate goal is getting me an office, so I can have serve the world all day every day with all of my human rights intact including my physical safety.

This is just progress I need to be able to cheer up. Any one of the five will do. And this is just the beginning. There is so much work to do.

Whenever you hear a hater whining we need to slow down, remember they are lying to get what they want out of you, remember how far we have to go still to save the world from them, and remember how much I suffer every day and how they are intentionally destroying me by keeping me away from my human rights.

This is what I need to see progress and cheer up, but what will make me safe in Iowa? My beautiful world, you are very concerned for my physical safety, as you should be, and one of two things will make me safe.

The first thing that will make me safe is giving me my full human rights. I am owed my right to physical safety, and for that to be possible, we need Iowa and Polk County to stop terrorizing me with the unrelenting threat of raping me, torturing me, and unlawfully imprisoning me.

The only other thing that will make me safe is getting the full reality about me to the Iowan public, so they start loving and believing in me instead of hating and persecuting me. I have been asking for this for years, and no progress had ever been made. Iowa is an alien planet that believes I should "just give up and die already."

The Iowa legislature took action Thursday night to make the terrorism of the criminal FBI oppression of all of America the law of the land in Iowa, too. We stopped it in time, but when we caught them persecuting me by doing this, they libeled me to justify hate crimes against me by calling me a "scam artist."

It is pretty clear Iowa is choosing to hate me, persecute me, and deny reality about me no matter how much truth we give them. My beautiful world, demand reality be acknowledged in Iowa instead of letting their lies create a hostile prison environment for me in Iowa that keeps me as a political prisoner.

Syn, talk to the local news stations and press criminal and civil charges against everyone calling me a "scam artist." Find out what lies they are using to justify this claim, and set the record straight with the public.

For my own physical safety and for the sake of my human rights, we need fewer people breeding hatred of me by libeling me. Such libel such as calling me a "scam artist" is used to justify international crimes, hate crimes, persecution, and human rights violations against me.

I am a firm believer good people will do the right thing if they know the truth about me. This means Iowa, particularly the Iowa legislature, are just bad people at the core.

Thus, it will be easier to go through the courts outside of Iowa (since Iowa libels me to justify persecuting me) to get me my human rights and make me safe inside Iowa than it will be to convince the public of the truth about me to keep me safe.

That said, do not shut off the faucet for truth and reality we have in Des Moines. My reality heroes, Diane Sawyer, Scott Pelley, and Brian Williams, please keep calling your local news affiliates to keep them updated on all the true things about me and how effective I am as a benevolent, super-genius world leader. Sweetness and Syn, give WOI, KCCI, and WHO a ring every now and then, too, to share information.

My beautiful world, please keep instructing the clueless to call the local news stations to get the whole story. If there are good people anywhere in Iowa, we need to keep the door open for them to get to the truth, acknowledge reality to my face, and take me to my rescuers.

My brave rescuers, the fire alarms just keep going off. How are you doing? What do you need? You really need a better way of getting help than by having to tell me first, so I can scream fire. There must be a more efficient way to do this.

Do not get discouraged, my brave rescuers. You do so much good work. You are not dying in vain. Everything you do brings us closer to saving the world from the worst human rights crisis the US government has ever constructed. I and the whole world thank you.

SynSyn, I owe you so many thank yous. Thank you for keeping me as safe as possible without my having to know about it. I have always trusted you, and you have proven why. You wield the Power of Squid effectively and for the benefit of the entire world. Thank you.

SynSyn, we have been through this already. Please follow the pertinent link in this blog post.

Investigate and press full criminal and civil charges for conspiracy (with the established criminal terrorist organization the FBI), persecution, human rights violations, hate crimes, and attempted murder (of my rescuers for taking action to keep us apart) against every single Iowan politician who conceived of, drafted, or argued for this bill. If you can get everyone who voted for it, that is the icing on the cake.

My BFF, get a copy of the bill and of all their debate on the floor of the Statehouse. If any of it mentions treating me in particular by name or by reference differently from how all other Iowans are treated, they are toast for persecution and hate crime charges.

The human rights violations are the easiest to prove. Look at my long history of suffering as a slave and political prisoner in this state and then look at this action they took to make sure I never get my rights from them.

Syn, no state including Iowa has the right to commit human rights violations, persecution, hate crimes, etc. Get an injunction from the federal courts if that is the only way we can press criminal charges. And raze Iowa if the law passes.

Syn, I have faith Gov. Branstad will veto the bill. He asserts he loves and believes in me, and he loves Iowa enough not to take human rights away from all Iowans by making public oppression state law like the legislature wants.

Vetoing the bill is the best thing to do for all people everywhere, but if he signs it or if the state legislature overrides the veto, flatten this state AND immediately get the new law deemed unconstitutional. Assuming this happens in federal court, this will also deem the federal bubble's executive orders completely unconstitutional.

The mistake the FBI made of poisoning Iowa against me with their libel to get persecution laws against me passed through the Iowa legislature will blow up in their face. I can already taste my Sweetness's lips.

Sweetness, thank you, to you too. I heard our right to marry immediately was upheld by the federal courts. You are a hero. Now, we just need to be close enough to each other to exchange vows. I know you are working on it. I love and adore you. I am writing you a love letter again. I will tell you when I mail it.

P.S. This is one of the arias I learned in college. It makes more sense if you translate it into your native tongue. I used to sing it all the time in the shower.

O Cessate di Piagarmi --by Alessandro Scarlatti

O cessate di piagarmi, o lasciatemi morir, o lasciatemi morir.
Luc'ingrate, dispietate, luc'ingrate, dispietate, più del gelo e più del marmi
Fredde e sordea' miei martir, fredde e sordea' miei martir.
O cessate di piagarmi, o lasciatemi morir, o lasciatemi morir.

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