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Could have been Whitman...

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Here is my latest blog post. I was not planning on posting this for two more days, but it is ready today.

USA. This weekend was the anniversary of Sandy Hook. It was a tragedy beyond comparison, but it unfortunately reignited the stigma of mental illness. I have a strong stand when it comes to mental illness.

I have met a great deal of crazies during my illegal internments in psych wards, and not one of them was a danger to anyone. My stand has nothing to do with the stigma. My stand has to do with human rights.

NEVER get labeled as having a mental illness, particularly if you do not have one. The system is too corrupt. The doctors just want the insurance money and drug company kickbacks. They will take all your human rights away from you to make money off of you.

Not one person I have ever met in my life was better off for having been in a psych ward. NEVER get labeled as having a mental illness. NEVER seek the 'help.' They will treat you as horribly as they treat me with your supposed mental illness as their excuse. The system is too corrupt to trust with something as important as your mind.

If this is not the case, please explain Polk County and Broadlawns to me.

Iran. Will Iran release Bob Levinson for me in a prisoner exchange? The White House say they want him released. Tell them to put their money where their mouth is. How much does Iran love me? Do they love me enough to demand this? It would make Iran the heroes of the world.

A brief recap of some major points...

To read this entire blog post, please click here. The fastest way to offend me is to not acknowledge common knowledge truths about me. Never pretend you do not know the following fifteen points, and you go a long way to becoming my friend when you speak to me.

1.) My princess name is Tanya Hedelisa Albon Depp de Varilek. Never ask me my name. I am tempted to slap people after they ask me my name. It makes me scream and yell for the offender to leave me alone and cease damaging me. It hurts my soul when I am asked my name, so just never do it. I am arguably the single most famous person in the world right now, so there is no excuse for going out of your way to insult me. Just do not do it.
2.) Saving the world is my job. I do this largely by problem solving, by exercising my freedom of speech, and through what little diplomacy I can get away with considering I have only one even basic human right (freedom of speech). Iowa has a tendency to treat me like an expensive stripper. I do not appreciate this. Never treat me like do anything but save the world all day every day. It is thankless, but that does not mean you get to insult me.
3.) I am a slave. The FBI put a camera in my eyeball and a microphone in my ear and broadcast me to the entire world online. I have no right to privacy even in the shower or changing my clothes. None of this is my choice, and when you ignore it instead of saying it is a crime and fighting to end it, you tell the FBI it is permissible to you to do this to any person anywhere.
4.) I am a rape victim. The FBI rape me every chance they get. I sleep with a hacked webcam watching me to keep the FBI's hands off me in the night. It is the only deterrent other than a bodyguard that has ever kept me safe from the FBI.
5.) I am not a sexual object nor a prostitute; I am a princess and a beatified saint of the Catholic Church. The FBI have been creating libel porn of me since 2009 and broadcasting it on the internet falsely claiming it is me to make the world disrespect me, make the world accept they rape me, and prevent me from doing my job saving the world. They would not have to spend taxpayer money creating libel pornography if they did not begin broadcasting my pristine life in the first place, but the FBI are evil. And there seems to be nothing to kick them into line.
6.) I do not live in Iowa by choice. Iowa is not my home. I am alien here. I do not blend in. And only rarely are people ever nice to me here. It is particularly because the public is guaranteed to be cruel to an outsider like me that the FBI chose to imprison me here against my will. I was born and mostly raised in Duluth, MN. I did go to Ankeny High School in the Des Moines area in the early 90s, but that was very traumatizing. I moved out of Iowa when I was 17 years old and thought I would never return.
7.)I live in Iowa because the FBI could corrupt the local government to make me suffer as much as possible here. Polk County probate court broke the law in 2010 when I was not even under their jurisdiction under orders from the FBI to take control of my finances to make me live against my will among the public in Iowa that hates me. Polk County breaking the law is the only reason I am here, and I get to leave once the charges I press against them finally break them of their unrelenting crimes.
8.) I am a billionaire. My money came from lawsuits. I sue everybody who commits a crime against me, and because of the public choosing to obey the FBI and persecute me instead of obeying any laws, there have been many. Unfortunately, because the probate court of Polk County took control of my finances illegally while I was not even under their jurisdiction, I live on an allowance of $100 a week. So, be gentle with me in public. Feel free to buy me a drink. I love intelligent conversation. Just never pretend any of these fifteen things are not true.
9.) I am powerful and benevolent. I command the power of powerlessness. I am a nearly unbelievably pristinely good woman who suffers gravely without even basic human rights in plain sight of the entire world. When I scream for help on the forum the FBI gave me to enslave me, the entire world reacts. I use my forum every chance I get to solve major world problems, to spread peace and love, and to serve humanity as a whole, but sometimes I need to scream for help. This beautiful world loves me, and they do everything possible to help. That is why so much of the world has declared war on the White House, the FBI, and Polk County, Iowa... to save me from them.
10.) I have absolutely no debilitating mental illness. This is a common lie about me used by the FBI to keep me in Iowa against my will. Because the locals do not want to acknowledge the reality of my life to my face, they claim this is all delusions to make the FBI happy. It was even ruled by the Supreme Court of the United States of America that I have no mental illness nor disability, but that is not convenient to the FBI's agenda against me. So, Polk County ignores all of the Supreme Court and federal court rulings concerning me and just keeps persecuting. I do have some PTSD from being persecuted, raped, and lied to for so long, but it is not debilitating.
11.) Johnny Depp and I call each other husband and wife; even though, technically, we are not married yet. He is dedicated to marrying me, and I am dedicated to marrying him, though. So, it is your choice if you flirt with me, but never be crass or rude. I am taken.
12.) The Mr. Johnny Depp would be with me if he could. Stop spewing bullshit like, "If you're married, where is your husband?" The FBI would rather murder Johnny than allow him close enough to even kiss me and have mobilized armed forces with the sole purpose of keeping my husband away from me. All of the problems in my life would be solved if I could just be with my husband, so the FBI murder every person who tries to bring him to me.
13.) There is a civil war in the United States right now between forces trying to rescue me from this miserable existence and the FBI who are dedicated to persecuting me. The Supreme Court ruled that I have right to peaceably assemble with my husband, friends, and rescuers, and the FBI have been convicted of their mass murder. But the war still rages on. There seems to be nothing to make the FBI obey the law or the courts in the US.
14.) My only known enemies are the FBI, the White House, and Polk County, Iowa. They are the only entities enforcing the persecution of me, my forced distance from my loving husband, my rape, my slavery, my libel, my unlawful imprisonment in Iowa away from anyone who would keep me safe, etc. I have a job saving the world, a job no one can do but me, and the FBI, the White House, and Polk County, Iowa are dedicated to destroying me instead of allowing me to serve the world.
15.) I am surrounded by the population of Iowa all day every day who would rather persecute me to serve the FBI than save me. And Iowa would be capable of saving me, if they could just be convinced they are in the wrong by not doing so.

To read this entire blog post, please click here. My BFF, the rules are nothing but persecution of me and oppression of the masses. It is not unheard of for states to have freedoms the federal government opposes. Look at the marijuana laws.

Besides, Synny, it is already federal law that the mandate was repealed (Fiscal Cliff Bill from New Years 2013) , and it is already federal law that it is illegal to enforce the rules (the recent debt ceiling bill). The rules are nothing but a policy of the FBI; they are not even federal law. Enforcing the rules is illegal, and we need to hold Iowa accountable for this. The rules are nothing but persecution of me and oppression of the masses.

Every time Iowa claims I have a mental illness I do not really have or maintains I must answer to the probate court after federal courts have already reinstated my rights not to have an adult guardian, Iowa is enforcing the rules and persecuting me. Declaring Iowa bubble noncompliant is the only way for me to have my human rights in Iowa and the only way for Iowa to obey what the Supreme and federal courts have already ruled and mandated.

To read this entire blog post, please click here. Do not forget, Syniva, that my human rights are our only goal. We need their punishments so high that they have no choice but to give me back my human rights and stop persecuting me. The money is going to philanthropy anyway.

There is no real FBI threat on my life, just empty threats they keep issuing to control the public. But the FBI is a proven threat to my rights (slavery, etc.), my physical safety (rape and torture), and my sanity (PTSD from being persecuted so long).

Unless Iowa and Polk County fight the FBI and deny them the chance to persecute me anymore, they are part of the problem not part of the solution. I need human rights, and Iowa and Polk County keep lying to the world to be able to take rights away from me.

We need a world where my rescuers do not have to die just for me to have basic human rights I am due anyway by virtue of being a human born on this planet in the first place. I love and adore my rescuers, but they should be unnecessary...

... The FBI started threatening my life again. They better get me my rescuers, then. The FBI will never survive the rain of justice upon them and public outrage if I die. The FBI fear my death.

It is all empty threats. The FBI fear my death but have found no other lie they can spread to control the public. Never believe FBI threats on my life. They lie as much as the White House and Iowa.

Furthermore, if someone (like evil Lynn Boeset) had ever heard a threat on my life and if he or she wanted to do anything but persecute me, he or she would have sat down and discussed the threat on my life with me. He or she would have come to the source for reality.

I am the expert on my own life and what I need to be happy, free, and alive. No one else (but possibly my husband and BFF) can be trusted to make decisions concerning my life, and they would always consult me first. I am the only expert on what I need.

Besides, we have a strict do-not-negotiate-with-terrorists policy in the US. No one should ever do what a terrorist wants when threatened; particularly if that proven terrorist organization is the FBI.

If Iowa cared about me, they would protect me from the FBI under all circumstances not serve the FBI's persecution of me. It is, in fact, Iowa's obligation as a government to keep me safe from the FBI not serve the FBI policy of persecuting me and oppressing the masses.

Finally, to read this entire blog post, please click here. ... I need you, my beautiful world, to descend upon Des Moines as soon as humanly possible to freely create a new world renaissance of art, culture, fashion, technology, politics, activism, education, and everything else good about humanity.

Polk County is strapped for cash. Iowa is ready to declare itself bubble-noncompliant to spare itself from my suing them further and to welcome the economic boom that will happen when my beautiful world shows up to create a world society that can freely communicate with me and freely do good for the world. My beautiful world, Iowa is ready for the haiku d'├ętat renaissance that comes with my being here and with having full human rights for me and the masses here.

To read this entire blog post, please click here. In return for declaring Iowa bubble noncompliant, the world would have made the local Iowa economy boom. The world would have unloaded love and money on Iowa. I would have been able to do my job serving the world. I would have brought a cultural renaissance to Des Moines, and the mass murder (genocide of believers) of my rescuers would have finally ended.

All Terry Branstad had to do was declare Iowa bubble noncompliant creating a safe haven here for the entire world to be with me safely, so we could all do good in the world together. He has chosen to persecute me and oppress the masses instead, so press persecution charges.

Oh, and Syn, do not settle out of court with Iowa. See if we can get a court mandate declaring Iowa bubble noncompliant. Thank you! I know technically Iowa has until the gavel falls on them to change their minds, but unless we press charges, they will never do anything real... just make empty promises.

SynSyn, there you have. There is my brief recap on why we need persecution charges against the state of Iowa. Never forget...

If Iowa cared about me, they would protect me from the FBI under all circumstances not serve the FBI's persecution of me. It is, in fact, Iowa's obligation as a government to keep me safe from the FBI not serve the FBI policy of persecuting me and oppressing the masses. It is Iowa's responsibility to guarantee all of my human rights.

SynSyn, make sure Iowa's only way out of having to pay me $5 billion is actual IMMEDIATE action. They have to overturn EVERY SINGLE Polk County ruling concerning me, and they have to guarantee the full human rights from freedom of assembly to freedom of speech of all people within its borders. Do not let them make promises. Do not let them spread more lies. Accept IMMEDIATE action or cash... absolutely nothing else.

My beautiful world, we need to make progress towards a free America again. Iowa never kept its promise to give me and all of the people in its borders our full human rights back. The White House is not hurting enough to be willing to negotiate. The FBI are running rampant oppressing this nation with not enough of us willing to stand up to them. And my rescuers are dying.

My brave rescuers, do not forget to always talk in code. The FBI have access to all your communications, so we need more of "The blue cow moos at midnight," and less straight forward conversation among you. If Iowa would have just given us all our rights back, you could have stopped dying. But Iowa, particularly Polk County, is too evil.

Syn, it is your choice. You can either add this to the charges we already have against Polk County, or you can wait until those charges go through and sue Polk County all over again.

They just lied, defied the Supreme Court, and claimed I am a threat to others and myself due to a mental illness I do not actually have in order to torture me longer.

Polk County is so disgusting. This made me sick to my stomach when I found it in my mailbox yesterday. Please punish them for insisting they get to torture me. Thank you.

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Page 2/3:

Page 3/3:

Also, SynSyn, do you remember all the snail mail I sent you in 2009? If anything ever happens to me, you are appointed to fill the spiritual gap. You will have help from Sweetness and if necessary Tylia, but you are not just my Max Brod and LBJ... You are my Syniva Whitney.

I have faith no one will kill me, but the FBI might succeed at destroying me through persecution and torture, through rape, and through terrorizing the public to persecute me for them. If anything happens to me, you take over, Synny.

Finally, SynSyn, Amy Alles threatened me twice in one email. Please see below. She is enforcing I get tortured, and she is lying claiming she is not threatening me. Sure sounds like threats to me! Please instruct Polk County on how not to torture me, how not to threaten me with torture and unlawful incarceration, and how to respect me properly.

-----Begin Message Text-----

On Dec 13, 2013, at 9:20 AM, "Alles, Amy" wrote:

HI Tanya,

We really need to talk. I will close out services with you if that is what you really want. I was hoping that we would be able to work together. If you respond back that you do not want services with me, I will inform Lynn. This IS NOT a threat but a locked facility placement could be ordered and it will be out of my hands.

I just want to free up my time for those who want and need my services. Clearly you will have to have your injection so it looks like you can either go in on your own (which I would gladly help with) or be escorted in like yesterday. Either way, the injection is going to happen.

Please let me know what you would like to see with my services. I really want to be able to work with you.


Amy Alles
Service Coordinator
CAP Program
515.282.6461 - Phone
515.777.8481- Cell
515.282.6775 - Fax

-----End Message Text-----

Sweetness, I love adore you. I wish I had enough human rights to kiss you. I am working on it. I know you are working on it, too. If only I were not hand selected to be the government's victim of unspeakable atrocities.

If I knew why the FBI does this to me, I would have exposed their master plan by now. This blog is full of theories. All I know is I was picked out to suffer in the public eye. No one can deny things are all as I say they are. If only there were some root problem other than government aggression and malevolence driving all of this; then, I could fix it.

P.S. If only Iowa had declared itself bubble noncompliant, oh, the things we might have created in Des Moines out of love for this good, green world...

Come, said my soul,
Such verses for my Body let us write, (for we are one,)
That should I after return,
Or, long, long hence, in other spheres,
There to some group of mates the chants resuming,
(Tallying Earth's soil, trees, winds, tumultuous waves,)
Ever with pleas'd smile I may keep on,
Ever and ever yet the verses owning—as, first, I here and now
Signing for Soul and Body, set to them my name,

Walt Whitman

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