Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Cost of Libel

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Here is my latest blog post. Merry Christmas, my beautiful world. May your lives be filled with peace and light, and may we all soon have our full human rights worldwide.

Russia. Do not boycott Sochi. That would be stupid. Never give up a forum you can use to make the world a better and more understanding place. Go to Sochi. And teach the world to love there where all the nations meet.

Because this is Christmas Eve and because I have family tugging at the hem of my dress trying to get me to spend time with them, I am going to keep this Christmas post short. I am going to get into the moral an spiritual cost of libeling me, and then I will pretty much let be.

The FBI get into the locals' heads. This last Friday night the speakers went active again, and they brainwash the masses into hating me. Their most frequent lie spread through the mind-control ear-speakers is that I have a penis I do not really have, but they spread their lies that way to make the public hate me.

I understand that I am at the receiving end of Iowan haters' lawsuits right now, too. Bury them, SynSyn, and press civil and criminal counter charges against all of them for persecution. Instead of just sitting down and talking to me in bubble-noncompliant Iowa, they are taking advantage of a system designed to destroy me.

I am a benevolent do-gooder who fights day and night to spread love throughout America and around the world. I am also the public and the government's whipping post who suffers WITH NO HUMAN RIGHTS in the public eye with no Iowan to help me while all I want to do is fix the world's problems.

I have been so libeled by the FBI that the public hates me. I know for a fact the security guards at Broadlawns would not have vengefully attacked and beaten me if they were not trained to hate me by FBI libel. One guy stuck his arm in my mouth and another his fist in my neck, so I would be silenced from screaming in anguish when the needle went in my arm. I had marks on my neck from that almost strangulation for days.

This is the moral and spiritual cost of libeling me. On Saturday night, some twat dressed head to toe in pink and wearing a Hello Kitty hat and sunglasses (at night) looked me dead in the face and seriously called me a "Crazy bitch." She did not do it ironically. She did not do it in jest. She was a die-hard hater who wanted to get in my face and damage me.

Yeah, you twat, do you enjoy that new freedom of speech you have? Yeah. I fought and suffered, so you could have it. That is something I did for you. I could have easily just taken your money instead of setting you all free of the FBI oppression.

The FBI libel me to make me suffer at the hands of the public. They libel me, so I cannot do my job serving the world in all of the multitude of effective ways that I do. And, they libel me to destroy me.

My beautiful world, if you ever hear that I am some sort of monster or Godzilla destroying anything, find the source of that lie and call them out. I suffer and fight for the world. I still have absolutely no human rights. I even suffered to save Iowa. And, I would not be stomping on Polk County to get freedom and rights if I were not shackled to Polk County by Polk County itself.

Also, I know for a fact the people who live upstairs of my apartment work for the FBI. They are part of the evil legions that watch every single thing I do in that apartment, libel spin it, and broadcast me. They communicate disapproval by slamming doors and stomping every time I have an epic win against the FBI. They are why I need to sleep with a camera watching me and music playing every night.

If the music every stops playing, I will know the internet is down. If the internet is down, the hacked webcam will not work to keep me safe from being raped by the FBI. So, every time the music stops playing, I know to wake up and defend myself. If there were not haters in the building like the people who live upstairs working for the FBI, this would not be so important.

My beautiful world, fight the libel of me; it does nothing but harm the whole world just to be able to harm me. The FBI are invested in destroying me. But if we keep preventing them from physically destroying me, they will do everything they can to destroy my name and my effectiveness at doing good in the world. They are hell bent on removing me from the world but are too afraid to kill me.

My brave rescuers, I heard we are sending in the Marines. I have tried everything to get human rights in here, so that would be unnecessary. But thank you for loving me enough to stop at nothing to save me. We do not need to fear my death. We have to fear my destruction. And every day I go without human rights, another part of me dies.

SynSyn, I keep you so busy. Thank you for everything you do for me. My Christmas gift to you this year is going to have to wait until after we get my finances away from the Evil Lynn Boeset. She forbade me from having a Christmas this year. Luckily, my loved ones do not need gifts from me to love me. Thank you for everything, Synny. I love and adore you.

I love and adore you, too, Sweetness. It is all okay. You have been trying to tell me for a while now that you slept with Amber again, and I want you to know it is okay. I never expected you to be a saint out there.

Darling, we are indefinitely thousands of miles apart and have not seen each other since February 2010 outside the British Embassy in Mexico City. It has been almost four years. If we had known then what we know now about how malevolent now ex-president Barack Obama would be, we never would have parted ways.

Sweetness, you always promised you would wait for me. I never expected you to wait for me in a monastery. I understand you are human.

Beloved, it is not like you are floozy. You just have a solitary girlfriend to keep you warm at night until I can do it myself. Thank you for always telling me. Your honesty means so much to me, but you do not have to make headline news out of every time you sleep with her.

Darling, I understand. I will always understand. You have me whom you call wife, and you have a mistress until we can be together. This is nothing weird. You do not always need to ask me to stand by you and forgive you. I always will.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I want nothing but my human rights back, so I can spend the rest of my life happily in your arms. Your Christmas card is coming. I wish I could deliver it in person.

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