Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Iowa is Sort of Bubble Noncompliant Now.

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Here is my latest blog post. Iowa declared itself OFFICIALLY bubble noncompliant two days ago. This is the beginning. The next step is getting my legal rights back here.

Central African Republic. There is no reason inherent to either religion why Christians and Muslims cannot get along. This takes world leadership. We need world examples of Muslims and Christians working together doing good in the world. If we start at the top, the whole world will follow.

Syria. This is the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time. SynSyn, please donate $1 million of my money to the UNHCR and another $1 million to the International Red Cross all to help with the Syrian refugees. Please ask my beautiful world for matching donations, too.

Helping the refugees hang on a little longer is just putting a bandaid on the crisis, though. The real problem still needs to be fixed. I would love to get my hands on the Syrian conflict.

My beautiful world, you need to come here, so I can work on these problems with you. I have no human rights yet despite many Iowa promises, and I have no passport. I cannot just pack up and fly to Geneva to work on these things with you there. You need to come to me.

Iowa OFFICIALLY declared itself bubble noncompliant this last Monday, but they have yet to give me back my human rights. Basically, everyone but me has full human rights in Iowa right now.

Freedom of speech has been returned to the masses, and so has freedom of assembly. There would be freedom of the press here, too, if the presses loved me enough to report about me.

SynSyn, the next step is getting all Polk County rulings concerning me overturned (probate court and mental health court). The US Supreme Court has ruled there is no reason to inject me and in fact injections are legally recognized as torture. The federal courts say my competency to make decisions for my own well being should never be questioned and mandated that the adult guardianship should have been dissolved by now.

I will NEVER be safe as long as Iowa obeys the FBI instead of the federal courts. This is one of MANY bruises I acquired by being beaten and tortured last Thursday at Broadlawns under orders from Evil Lynn Boeset.

The torture is illegal. The adult guardianship is illegal. There should have been no way for this to happen to me, but Iowa was not bubble noncompliant yet last Thursday. Now, SynSyn, the next step is getting my human rights back in Iowa, so this can never happen to me again.

The horrible Amy Alles was just in my apartment today telling me that the police will haul me away again on 02Jan2014 to beat and torture me again at Broadlawns and that I have no choice about it because Evil Lynn Boeset has decreed it so. SynSyn, please save me.

SynSyn, the first thing we do is flatten Polk County for human rights violations and for defying Supreme and federal court rulings. Raze the entire county, my BFF. Leave no brick standing.

Then, Synny, we put Evil Lynn Boeset, Mark R. Gray, and Samantha Gronewald all in prison for conspiracy, persecution, torture, endangerment, and defying Supreme and federal court rulings to surrender the adult guardianship.

Lynn Boeset makes all of the final decisions, but Mark R. Gray is the one pulling all the strings. And Samantha Gronewald refuses to make any decisions for my well being despite how many federal courts rule.

For further evidence against these three, please speak with Ms. Kelly Yeggy. I believe I sent you or Sweetness her business card. She has a treasure trove of evidence and experience from trying to help me overturn this adult guardianship herself.

Finally, SynSyn, you need to convince my new friend Governor Terry Branstad to put paperwork in my hand saying ALL Polk County rulings concerning me are overturned. He will have to overturn them himself. I will NEVER be safe as long as Iowa obeys the FBI instead of the federal courts, and this is Iowa's chance to protect me.

My beautiful world is having problems getting into bubble-noncompliant Iowa to be with me and to keep me safe, so we have to make Iowa keep me safe, SynSyn. And thank you.

My beautiful world, I heard you. You are having problems getting into bubble-noncompliant Iowa and have asked me to leave Iowa to join you. There are two problems with this.

First of all, nowhere else is bubble noncompliant so far as anyone has told me. I need to stick to Iowa because Syniva and the Governor will make sure I have full human rights here finally. I cannot leave the only place in America that will recognize I am a human in the eyes of the government.

If California or New York were bubble-noncompliant, this would be a completely different story. But we have seen what happens when I go to LA or San Diego; the local government obeys the FBI. I end up illegally in a psych ward, so the FBI can keep me away from my loved ones. Make more states bubble-noncompliant, and we will see.

Secondly, I do not have my rights back in Iowa, yet. I have no money, no ride, no passport, no idea where to go, etc. All I have is a federally illegal adult guardian hellbent on destroying me. Get me my rights, and then we can talk about finding me someplace safe to go.

My beautiful world, you have to come to me. Do not try coming in like my rescuers do. Do not take a helicopter to rescue me with tens of thousands of armed soldiers. Just sneak in. Rent a car (You will need one here, anyway.) and drive in from Chicago. How can they stop you?

How can they stop a house spouse with his or her kids driving down I-80 "on the way to Omaha for shopping," and how can they stop a car repairman from Minneapolis taking a bus to Des Moines "to visit his mother"? Just sneak in, my beautiful world. I want to meet you all.

My brave rescuers, if Syn can convince Iowa to give me back my full human rights, you will not have to rescue me anymore. All you will have to do is sneak in here. I would love to meet you all. You will not need to bring me a ride out. You will just need to show up and talk to me.

After all, is it not the whole point of declaring Iowa bubble-noncompliant to make me safe from the FBI torture, rape, slavery, etc.? The next step after getting me human rights from Iowa is getting the spy equipment out of my head, so I will not be a slave anymore. Dr. Ugwuji Maduekwe, that is your job.

Sweetness, there must be some way to sneak you into Des Moines. Try something small instead of big. Go under the FBI radar. How did all the mice get in? I want to kiss you, and you have the right to kiss me in Iowa now. Please hurry.

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