Monday, December 30, 2013

My Right Not to be a Slave

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Here is my latest blog post. Polk County made a promise I will get my human rights back from them and never be tortured again. Hold them to their promise. They need to get paperwork into my hands concerning ALL of the overturned rulings. Now, Synny, it is time to invoke my right not to be a slave.

Russia. Who is bombing Volgograd? No one has taken responsibility yet, but we need to find ways for you to reach your goals without killing innocent people, whoever you are.

What are you trying to accomplish? Do you want attention? Do you want world sympathies for your cause? Bombing innocent people, not taking credit for it, and not making demands to make it stop will accomplish nothing. What do you want?

Whoever you are who is bombing the southern Russian city, there is even less to gain from attacking the Olympics. You seem to have problems with Russia and not with the entire world. There is more to gain from having the sympathies of the world on your side than by making enemies out of everyone. Trust me, I know.

Speaking of which, I heard a rumor that the current president of the United States is ready to negotiate a peace. Please look into this and see if the sentiment is real instead of just a rumor.

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, I hate to bother you again, but if the current president is finally willing to negotiate, please, for me and for the world, negotiate with him or her on my behalf. And thank you for everything you do for me.

Please remember to get immediate freedom of the press and freedom of speech for all of America as a gesture of good faith from the president. There have been entirely too many lies from entirely too many presidents for negotiations to go anywhere without an act of good faith from them to show they are serious about negotiating finally.

I have rescuers dying. I am still a slave trapped in Polk County with no human rights despite a great many municipalities' promises to the contrary. And all of America is still oppressed. We have a lot of work to do, Chancellor. Thank you, again.

My brave rescuers, you keep dying. You keep boldly going forth to rescue me, and you keep dying. I feel miserable every time I think about it. Yes, I love being loved this much, but I wish you did not have to die. Whatever you need, just ask my beautiful world. We will provide.

My beautiful world, we can do better than this. We can create a world a where rescuers do not have to die. Put pressure on the White House through every forum available. Provide everything my rescuers ask for. And NEVER obey the FBI or the president of the US on ANYTHING concerning me.

SynSyn, once Social Security finally acknowledges I have absolutely no mental disability, which the FBI promises will be immediate, I will no longer have FBI-approved income inside the bubble... not that they ever approved of my having an income in the first place.

The FBI will make it impossible for me to have a job. For details on this, speak to Wizz and Mike at Amante in San Francisco. They were taken aside in 2009 and told by the FBI not to hire me as a bartender. They explained it to me as, "No one wants to see behind the bar."

They had a point, though. There are very few jobs that can be done with absolutely no privacy. I have a camera in my head and a mic in my ear (that also broadcasts Sampo).

All of my work experience, except since 2009 when I started saving the world as a job, is in academic publishing. The circles of academic assessment operate under strict confidence.

My mother once recommended I become an actuary. There is simply no job I can do with no privacy. And the FBI will take everyone aside and tell them not to hire me, anyway.

So, my darling, heroic BFF, can you please ask the courts to put my finances under my control finally once I am deemed mentally fit? Polk County promised to stop lying about my having some sort of debilitating mental illness in order to give me my right to physical safety and right to life free of torture back to me. It will be my only money to live on.

Technically, SynSyn, I just need enough money to reach you, my rescuers, or Sweetness. Any and all of you will take care of me in a way fully disobedient to FBI persecution of me and ferry me out of this country that oppresses everyone just to be able to persecute me.

There is no way for me to know how much money that will take, and unless I make it out of the country, I will never be able to get the spy equipment safely removed from my head. If it were safe in the US, my surgeon would have shown up in bubble-noncompliant Iowa by now.

I need my right not to be slave invoked, SynSyn. And in order for me not to be a slave by cameras and mics in my head or by cameras placed in my living quarters against my will, I need to leave federal-government controlled or even influenced lands.

For that, I need you, Sweetness, or my rescuers. For that, I need enough money to reach you. And for that money, I need the courts to mandate I get control of my finances, finally. Of course, Synny, that means I need paperwork in hand of the court order, or I need you to put your foot down on Wells Fargo for me.

I trust you, Syniva, to take care of it all. There is absolutely no one else I would trust with my future except for Sweetness. But he has been remarkably less successful than you have been... Or has he?

As for you, Sweetness, I just mailed your Christmas card priority mail today. It should be in West Hollywood on Thursday. Sorry it is so late.

Beloved, I wish I could get a New Years kiss from you. I wish we could ring in the New Year together. Unfortunately, it is looking less and less likely. I love and adore you, and I miss you. Even if I tried, no one could ever replace you in my life.

P.S. Was this a catastrophe or did Polk County keep its word?

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