Monday, December 9, 2013

Iowa has me Furious. Do I Have Human Rights or Not?

Great spirits have always encountered great opposition from mediocre minds.
-- Albert Einstein

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Here is my latest blog post. This is the last time I accept a promise from Iowa. They promise they will declare Iowa completely bubble noncompliant at last tomorrow Wednesday, 11December2013. If they do not, it is the last time I will allow Iowa to lie to the world. We will take the money despite all future Iowa promises if there is no public declaration tomorrow. Keep your promise, Iowa.

The FBI started threatening my life again. They better get me my rescuers, then. The FBI will never survive the rain of justice upon them and public outrage if I die. The FBI fear my death.

It is all empty threats. The FBI fear my death but have found no other lie they can spread to control the public. Never believe FBI threats on my life. They lie as much as the White House and Iowa.

Furthermore, if someone (like evil Lynn Boeset) had ever heard a threat on my life and if he or she wanted to do anything but persecute me, he or she would have sat down and discussed the threat on my life with me. He or she would have come to the source for reality.

I am the expert on my own life and what I need to be happy, free, and alive. No one else (but possibly my husband and BFF) can be trusted to make decisions concerning my life, and they would always consult me first. I am the only expert on what I need.

Besides, we have a strict do-not-negotiate-with-terrorists policy in the US. No one should ever do what a terrorist wants when threatened; particularly if that proven terrorist organization is the FBI.

I was very frustrated on Saturday. At the time, the government of the State of Iowa had chosen to literally rape me instead of give me my human rights. They were refusing to declare Iowa bubble noncompliant thereby refusing to save me from the FBI.

The White House, similarly, is still refusing to call off the FBI. The FBI are already convicted of murdering my rescuers and refuse to stop murdering. The FBI are oppressing the entire nation just to be able to persecute me.

I had run out of ideas to end this bubble peacefully. I tried everything, and I am not a stupid woman. Saturday, I left the resolution to the bubble in the hands of my beautiful world to try everything they can think of.

What did they do? They sent in more and better armed rescuers. But the FBI are monsters who have vowed to never allow any rescuer, husband or otherwise, to reach me. The FBI have vowed I will never be allowed human rights as long as I live. So the FBI murdered them all. Hundreds died Sunday night.

There must be more we can do, my beautiful world. There must be something we have not tried yet. My rescuers are sending in more troops. If that were enough, they would have reached me by now.

The State of Iowa promised on Monday that they will declare themselves completely bubble noncompliant tomorrow Wednesday, 11December2013. This is the third time Iowa promised to do this, and this is the last chance Iowa gets.

Iowa will either declare itself completely bubble noncompliant tomorrow, or they will pay me my just settlement. I am done with being lied to. I am done with my beautiful world being jerked around. And I am done with human rights violations going unpunished.

If Iowa can be trusted to keep its word, then my brave rescuers will finally be able to stop dying. My beautiful world will be safe to come to Iowa and create a safe place for me to live here. I will be able to have human rights for the first time since 2009, and we will be able to turn Iowa into a respectful land of love instead of the the godforsaken wasteland of human oppression it has been.

My beautiful world, our only enemies are the White House, the FBI, and Polk County, IA. (The government of the State of Iowa is located in Polk County.). Everyone else is on our side. Yet, they are effective enough to persecute me and oppress all of America without any force on this planet to stop them.

My dearest once great America, why are you letting them take your rights away? You have the power to rescue me. Why are you letting yourselves be oppressed? Fight them. Just take your rights back. Just exercise your freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

Something has to give if we want America to be free again, so you are going to have to rise up, my once great America, organize, and set us all free. You, the people, are the United States' only hope. You need to choose not to be oppressed anymore.

My rescuers are literally dying every day and every night fighting for our rights, so it is time you did your part, too, my once great America. Rise up and take America back. Take the airwaves back. Make America the land of the free.

They cannot rape me if you choose to keep me safe, my once great America. Similarly, they cannot oppress you if you choose to exercise your mouths. The trick to this is organization.

If all the networks, stations, channels, etc., collectively choose a date and time and choose to be forever free again after that date and time, we will all be free again. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Stop letting the FBI terrorize you.

The federal courts have proven they will always stand up for human rights in America. If the FBI give you trouble, just take them to court. Human rights will always win.

If you need them, I will even lend you my lawyers. And if you tell me you need my help, I will write your golden defense myself. You will get to work with geniuses Syniva and me!

You have nothing to lose, my once great America, by organizing and setting us all free. But you might lose me if you do not. Is it worth risking losing me?

The longer this oppression goes on, the closer the FBI get to destroying me. Will you save me, my once great America, by saving yourselves? Am I worth it to you? Are you worth it to yourselves?

No, returning freedom of speech to the masses will not put me safely in the grasp of my husband and rescuers at last, but it will do so much to make me safer while I wait. If we can get America to rise up, we might be able to get the public in Iowa to rise up.

If we can get Iowa to allow my beautiful world to build a safe haven for all of us and a land of love for me in Iowa and if we can convince the media to take back the airwaves, the battle is mostly won. Please, my beautiful world, save me.

My beautiful world, you have homework tonight. Do something small that defies the rules everyday until the bubble comes down. I am taking the gamble that you all will like having your freedoms and rights back. They can only take your rights away if you let them. Take our airwaves back.

SynSyn, if Iowa lied AGAIN, just take the money. Make sure the fines are through the roof because they have been jerking us around, disrespecting me, and disrespecting the courts, and stop letting them lie to us to stall for more time.

Iowa has not been concerned for my well-being. If they were, they would have declared Iowa bubble noncompliant by now to protect me from the torture injections, to protect me from evil Lynn Boeset and her conspiracy that persecutes me, and to allow my friends to freely interact with me.

If Iowa hates me and wants me to die tortured to death by Iowa doctors and the illegal probate court which is not supposed to have any authority over me, press full charges, Synny, against the state of Iowa. Stop giving them more time to lie to the world.

Also, my BFF, press personal criminal and civil charges against the lying weasel Governor Terry Branstad if he misses the deadline tomorrow Wednesday, 11December2013. If he lied again, he clearly does nothing but persecute me and lie to get away with it. If he does not declare Iowa completely bubble noncompliant tomorrow, his actions clearly do not support me, and he just keeps lying to make it look acceptable.

Finally, SynSyn, under all circumstances, press charges against Polk County. My adult guardianship 'came up for review' Monday morning, and Polk County is still persecuting my by pretending the probate court has authority over me.

I want the deplorable Lynn Boeset, Mark R. Gray, and Samantha J. Gronewald in prison for the rest of their lives for conspiracy, persecution, and defying federal and Supreme Court rulings, and I want Polk County so punished for this that they have to finally stop persecuting me.

My beloved BFF, I think $5 billion from Iowa and another $5 billion from Polk County ought to cover how much they have traumatized me, raped me, tortured me, persecuted me, lied to me, and damaged me. Throw in criminal charges against Terry Branstad, Lynn Boeset, Mark R. Gray, and Samantha J. Gronewald, and I will consider justice served.

Do not forget, Syniva, that my human rights are our only goal. We need their punishments so high that they have no choice but to give me back my human rights and stop persecuting me. The money is going to philanthropy anyway.

There is no real FBI threat on my life, just empty threats they keep issuing to control the public. But the FBI is a proven threat to my rights, my physical safety (rape and torture), and my sanity (PTSD from being persecuted so long).

Unless Iowa and Polk County fight the FBI and deny them the chance to persecute me anymore, they are part of the problem not part of the solution. I need human rights, and Iowa and Polk County keep lying to the world to be able to take rights away from me.

We need a world where my rescuers do not have to die just for me to have basic human rights I am due anyway by virtue of being a human born on this planet in the first place. I love and adore my rescuers, but they should be unecessary.

My brave rescuers, do you know the FBI can hear all of your communications? Every phone call, every email, every text, everything. The FBI know everything you say to each other. You need a code, so you can operate in secrecy.

As for you, Sweetness, get the complacent motivated to rise up, and we will be able to be together. I love and adore you. I want nothing more every night than to sit at a table holding your hand and staring into your eyes. I want to kiss your waiting face and hold you in my arms.

My beloved, I with my blog, broadcast, and podcasts can only reach people who are already motivated to make a difference. I need help. I need you and all your famous friends to reach the rest of the world. We need our once great America to rise up and rescue me.

Please, darling, ask your friends to spread the word through all channels available, all media, and all airwaves. We need America angry. Remember how you keep saying I move mountains when I get angry? I am like the Hulk that way? Well, imagine what we could accomplish if we could get the public angry. Please, darling, do it to save me.

On the short term, Sweetness, it will work. Get an RV. Sit in back baking cinnamon rolls while someone drives you sans mobile phone into Des Moines. They can hear you even when your phone is off. Write down your emergency numbers and call them from your drivers' phones only if you get stopped. I need you.

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