Friday, December 13, 2013

Iowa is Pure EVIL!

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Here is my latest blog post. It has been a week from hell.

Central African Republic. I wish I could share some ideas on how to fix up the sectarian conflict in CAR right now. Some are obvious. Let the Red Cross and Red Crescent in to do humanitarian work. Force the people to see the two symbols together doing good for all people regardless of religion.

I wish I could offer more help, and under normal circumstances I could. But I was injected yesterday, and injections both slow down my mind and make me hate all people everywhere. Injections make me want nothing more than to die to make my suffering finally end.

I was also literally beat up yesterday for standing up for my right not to be injected. Broadlawns really took it out on me. They hate me already. Why else would they inject me so often?

But my constantly winning in court against Broadlawns has made them petty and vengeful. I have bruises on my neck from where the security guards were choking me. I am so traumatized that I am surprised I can type.

Save me from EVIL Iowa, my beautiful world, and I will finally have enough physical safety to solve major world problems all day every day. It is my job, after all. I am here to serve the world. My suffering at the hands of the FBI and Polk County just keeps getting in the way.

Polk County's EVIL Monday ruling has been on my Facebook status since yesterday. Please remember, according to the federal courts, the probate court of Polk County no longer has authority over me, but the local government keeps defying the federal courts to be able to persecute and damage me as much as possible.

Page 1/8: Please remember, 1.) I am not under the jurisdiction of the Polk County probate court; they are just going out of their way to persecute and damage me. 2.) I have no debilitating mental illness so long as I am not injected, and the probate court is invested in injecting me as much as possible to cause me as much damage as possible. And 3.) these resolutions that get adopted by the probate court are invariably drafted by the EVIL Mark R. Gray.

Page 2/8: This includes how the vile Mark R. Gray gets paid for conspiracy, persecution of me, and defying federal court orders to damage me as much as possible.

Page 3/8: This is where the true depravity of the probate court or Polk County starts displaying itself.

Page 4/8: According to Polk County, I have no human rights to anything: no physical safety, no resources to get to a safe place, and no timely resolution of these human rights violations.

Page 5/8: We clearly need to hold every guilty party accountable to these egregious violations of my human rights.

Page 6/8: This ruling by the probate court of Polk County is persecution of a world figure plain and simple.

Page 7/8:I am counting on the federal courts adopting measures to enforce their rulings in EVIL Iowa.

Page 8/8: We clearly need to put DEPLORABLE Lynn Boeset in prison for the rest of her life for choosing to enforce I be tortured yesterday. She went out of her way to make sure I would be injected in order to damage me as much as possible.

Tuesday I saw the horrifying Amy Alles who told me the deplorable Lynn Boeset (who metaphorically needs to die a horrible, painful death as soon as possible) refuses to give me money to buy Christmas gifts this year. Nope. I do not get to have Christmas because of the world's lowest piece of scum, Lynn Boeset. I need justice against that whore of the devil.

Wednesday there was no announcement of bubble noncompliance. Iowa lied. They did not declare themselves bubble noncompliant. All they have done for months is lie. Iowa is nothing but an EVIL cesspool of persecution and human rights violations, but if you ask them about it, they will tell you they love me. Lying jack(expletive)es.

The porn alarm also went off on Wednesday night. The FBI is so dedicated to preventing me from doing my job of serving the world that they not only inject me to make me hate humanity, but they also keep spending taxpayer money to libel me with sexually deviant porn.

Wednesday night, I was also accosted by two particularly vile local men who treated me like an expensive stripper. Jack(expletive)es are everywhere in Iowa. They refused to acknowledge my 15 points, and said in the smarmiest voice possible, "Yeah, I would like to do her job with her." I am a slave not a stripper. (Expletive)ing Iowan jack(expletive)es.

Thursday was the worst day of the month. I answered the door. It was two local police officers who 1.) entered my home without a warrant, and 2.) refused to give me their badge numbers. They took me to Broadlawns.

Broadlawns beat me up. The security guards did everything but break out the brass knuckles when they laid into me. They are so bitter and vengeful at Broadlawns, and they really took it out on me. Then they injected me. Ever since, I have hated the world and wanted nothing but to die.

My beautiful world, you heard I got injected and proclaimed war to rescue me. If you are going to war, please remember who your only enemies are... the White House, the FBI, and Polk County, IA.

They are the ones you need to punish with your might. You are not at war with the United States of America. There are a lot of people in this country who would save me if they could.

Do I face any security risks? I need protection from the government not the public. So much could be gained from a humanitarian intervention to keep me safe from the FBI and Polk County.

It was Broadlawns authority figures who beat me up and tortured me. It was Polk County authority figures who told them to do it. The public would have never done this to me. I do not need a daily bodyguard as much as I need the government to obey the law.

My brave rescuers, I wish you did not have to die for me to have human rights, but Iowa has given us no other option. Iowa kept promising for days it would give me human rights here, but all they were doing was murdering you all by buying time.

If Iowa would declare itself bubble noncompliant by overturning ALL Polk County rulings concerning me to give me my human rights back and to make Iowa obey the federal courts instead of the criminal terrorist organization the FBI, by creating a safe haven in Iowa for my beautiful world to come here and create a safe land of love for me, and by keeping me safe from the FBI instead of subject to their persecution, you would not have to die anymore, my brave rescuers.

You could just come here and be with me. But Iowa cannot be trusted to do anything but lie. Stop believing Iowa lies, and just take the money, Synny.

SynSyn, break Broadlawns. They just beat me up as an act of vengeance and tortured me. Subpoena the video tape of the injection. There was a camera in the room. You will see all of the physical abuse. I want every single security guard arrested, I want the nurse Carolyn J. prosecuted for torture, and I want the doctor who took responsibility for the torture, Dr. David Cornell from the ER, to get the chair.

SynSyn, break Polk County. This document, this ruling from Monday is nothing but persecution of a world leader, and it was already used to torture me. They are just persecuting me and damaging me as much as possible. Show Polk County all the mercy it shows me: none.

My BFF, put the EVIL Lynn Boeset, Samantha J. Gronewald, and Mark R. Gray in prison for defying federal and Supreme Court rulings, conspiracy, persecution, and accessory to torture. Make them feel the gavel. Press criminal and civil charges against everybody. Make it hurt.

Finally, SynSyn, break Iowa. If Iowa would have given me and the world back our full human rights by Wednesday like it had promised, I never would have been beat up and tortured yesterday. Instead, they choose to enforce the Polk County rulings, so punish Iowa so much they have no choice but to give us all back our full human rights here.

My beloved BFF, demand $5 billion from Broadlawns for the never-ending years of trauma and torture, $5 billion from Polk County for codifying their persecution and destruction of me, and $5 billion from Iowa for allowing Polk County to carry out its evils on me when all it takes is an executive order to stop it. Investigate Terry Branstad to find out why he hates me. And, I am sorry I am too broke to get you a Christmas gift this year.

Sweetness, stay safe out there. I know you are moving heaven and earth to be able to rescue me, and thank you. But there is no point if you die in the process. Never forget the FBI will do everything to destroy me; that includes murdering you to break me. Stay safe out there. Without you, I have no reason to live.

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