Saturday, December 21, 2013

Do I Have ANY Physical Safety?

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Here is my latest blog post. Do I have ANY physical safety in Iowa? I will if Polk County stops persecuting me!

South Sudan. The world's newest nation, South Sudan, is on the verge of civil war. Some people believe it is ethnic conflict, but it very well might just be violence in the cycle of violence that has plagued the region for generations.

These are people who do not know what peace is. They do not know what peace means. They cannot value peace because war is all they have ever known for generations.

We need to get the flavor of what peace means to these people. Give them a taste of peace and prosperity and make them love it. Teach them peace is good.

How do we teach peace to a people who only know war? We break the cycle. We start with a cease fire followed by huge amounts of humanitarian aid. We teach the people to prosper and teach them that is a result of the peace.

We can fix the Sudan and South Sudan, my beautiful world. But to fix the problem, we need to change the culture. We need them to abandon their ways of war.

Russia. This is what happens when world leaders act out of love instead of fear and hate. Russia has just set a great number of its political prisoners free. If only the US president, whoever he or she is, could learn love from President Putin and set me free, too!

I understand we in the LGBTQ community still have a problem with Russia's ban on "gay propaganda." But with dear Vladimir Putin acting from love as he has been, I cannot imagine this problem lasting much longer. Remember, my beautiful world, teach your lessons from love not anger, and the crazy, straight people will run out of reasons to hate us.

Canada. If the bear had somewhere else to go for food, the lady would never have been attacked. The Arctic ice is shrinking due to Global Climate Change, and the polar bears are running out of food to eat. We need to fix this climate problem to save the world. If only polar bears were as sexy as gay rights, right?

Furthermore, I volunteered for carrying humanity through Global Climate Change back in 2009, but I have never had enough human rights to pursue it. According to Polk County, I still have no human rights despite Iowa declaring itself bubble noncompliant. I am just a sitting duck for abuse until EVERY SINGLE Polk County ruling concerning me is overturned.

Considering I am regularly beaten, raped, and tortured in Iowa, how safe am I? The public is not a threat to me. The FBI fear my death. Where is the threat coming from?

The abuse only happens when I am at Broadlawns. They are the only ones to torture me with injections. The psych ward is the place I was raped the last two times. The Broadlawns security guards are the only people who beat me.

I am only hurt when in the Broadlawns hospital. If the locals would just obey the Supreme Court of the United States of America and finally forbid the torture injections, no one would physically hurt me anymore. I would finally be physically safe if Broadlawns could finally be kept away from me.

There are also chemicals all over Des Moines right now. Never boil the city water, use it for coffee, etc. It will put you to sleep. Someone at the Des Moines Waterworks is taking a bribe from the FBI to put toxins in the water somewhere in their machines. Des Moines, shape up! These are your children you are poisoning!

My beautiful world, I need you in here in Iowa. I know none of you want to visit me. You just want to pick me up and carry me out of this place that is still denying me my human rights. But I have a job to do.

I simply cannot do my job serving the world until you show up in here to work with me. Leave the rescuing to the professionals, but what about the civilians? I need you all too. We can move the world from Iowa. I just need you all to show up.

Where are you, my beautiful world? We have work to do! You need to come here! Can I get representatives from the UN and foreign nations to work with please? You will all have your full human rights in Iowa; that is what the bubble-noncompliance means. I am the only person in Iowa suffering from any persecution or oppression anymore.

My brave rescuers, are things getting any easier for you all out there. The Supreme Court ruled that we have a right to assemble as long as we are in the jurisdiction of the United States of America. So, the FBI cannot arrest you for trying to be with me.

My brave rescuers, press civil and criminal charges against the FBI every time they try killing you. If we give enough FBI agents the chair for mass murder, they will eventually learn their lesson. Impeach the current president, whoever he or she is, for murdering you and defying court rulings. We can get this taken care of.

SynSyn, you know our steps from my last blog post. Click here to read my last blog post, just in case anyone forgot them.

My BFF, our next step is getting EVERY SINGLE Polk County ruling concerning me overturned, so I can finally have my human rights. After all, what is the point of Iowa declaring itself completely bubble noncompliant if not to end the bubble, treat me like a human, and finally make me safe?

After I get human rights back from Polk County, Synny, we get all the spy equipment removed from my head, so I will no longer be a slave. I need to be able to fly to Boston to see my surgeon of choice, Ugwuji, for that. So, please flatten Polk County if they do not IMMEDIATELY overturn all of their probate and mental health rulings concerning me.

As for you, Sweetness, you are my hero, my king, and my reason for living. I have no money to give you or Syniva any Christmas gifts this year, and I feel awful about that. Evil Lynn Boeset did everything possible to take the holidays away from me.

Darling, I promise to make it up to you. If you can get California, New York, Boston, etc. all to declare themselves bubble noncompliant, I might even be able to visit you soon. What I would do to be able to kiss you!

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