Saturday, December 7, 2013

Iowa Failed to do Anything but Persecute.

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South Africa.We lost Nelson Mandela earlier this week. He was 95 years old with a failing respiratory system. His passing was predictable, but the trauma to our hearts that we must carry on and fight for human equality without him is shocking to the system.

He was a beautiful man who fought for love and equality despite unbearable oppression. The world is a better place now having had him in it. Obama claims he belongs to the ages, but he does not. Not yet. Nelson Mandela belongs in our hearts, in the hearts and minds of every soul he has touched. We will love him forever.

Meanwhile, here in the US, I met Phil, the undercover FBI agent twice this week at the Greenwood. He is frequenting my watering hole to better oppress the masses around me.

I invented a drink--Johnny Walker Red and orange juice. It is called The Incarcerated FBI. I was very tempted to but one for him, but the FBI keeps me so broke I could not actually afford it.

Also, my beautiful world, the libel porn alarm went off Wednesday night. I know the FBI produces the Obama porn channel; that is the only reason it has permission to broadcast. But I could use your help tracking them down and holding them accountable.

We need to catch more than just the porn stars. We also have to catch the producers and the broadcasters. Where does the porn show up? Someone must be putting it there.

What if someone actually believed it was me? The porn makes the world unsafe for me to live in. What if someone actually believed I were a sexual deviant, an exhibitionist, a stripper, or a porn star? Not only does it prevent me from doing my good work in the world, it also makes me a potential victim to sexual predators.

The local chocolate shop, the Chocolate Storybook, clearly is run by haters. They have started offering 'naked bunny' brand locally made chocolates and have 'nutty all-stars' on sale right now. Spreading libel about me and make fun of me is always in poor taste. I might be extra sensitive to persecution from Iowans, but they offered to wrap them all in gold for me.

Please, my beautiful world, call out the haters at the Chocolate Storybook. I am no stripper, and I have absolutely no mental illness. They are just going out of their way to be cruel. Turn them into lovers for me. They are in such bad taste right now.

My brave rescuers, I know you, on the other hand, love me. Iowa is choosing to persecute me instead of giving me my human rights. I was praying they would pop, so you could finally stop dying. But the governor of Iowa has decided he hates me, so I need a rescue more than ever now.

My brave rescuers, if you need anything, just ask my beautiful world to provide. I understand the FBI have been attacking you from the air. Do you need more fire power? More drones and helicopters? Please ask the US military or you respective governments to provide.

SynSyn, I regretfully must say, prepare to sue Polk County again. Call the probate court first. My adult guardianship "comes up for review" on Monday 09Dec2013. If they do not obey the federal courts and dissolve the illegal guardianship, sue Polk County until it breaks.

If it is not dissolved, I want Samantha J. Gronewald, Mark R. Gray, and Lynn Boeset (Please see the very end of this blog post after the video.) in prison for the rest of their lives for conspiracy, persecution, defying federal court rulings, etc. Make it end, SynSyn. Please just make it end.

Finally, my BFF, we gave Iowa until Friday 06December2013 to declare itself completely bubble noncompliant. All they did was lie to us all, disrespect me and the Federal and Supreme Courts, and buy time.

Just take the money, and take it now. Iowa is just going to be lying jackasses, so make them pay for it. Break them. And do not forget personal criminal and civil charges against the lying governor.

Sweetness, you have sure been busy lately. I love and adore you. What will make your life easier? Speak to the leaders of the world and to the UN. Something has to happen to get me out of this state that persecutes me. I have tried everything, but the FBI, the White House, and the State of Iowa just hate me too much. Work the foreign presses, my love. Tell them to take all action necessary. Thank you.

Dec 5


You missed your appointment with Amy today. Need to know why. Also, are you planning on going in for your injection today? We will be going to court on Monday and I know your noncompliance will be discussed. If you do not get your injection today, you will more than likely be placed back in Broadlawns. At that point I can't guarantee you'll be out for Christmas. Your decision.

Lynn Boeset
United Advocacy Services, Inc.
Box 571
Nevada, IA 50201

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