Friday, December 27, 2013

How was your Christmas?

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Here is my latest blog post. How was your Christmas? Mine was spent with family.

Iran. The FBI and the current president, whoever he or she may be, refuse to give me up as a political hostage even in a prisoner exchange. They plan on holding me without any human rights indefinitely in Polk County, IA which beats and tortures me.

I heard Iowa proclaim I am safe and secure. I am not. It is impossible for me to be safe and secure as long as Polk County can beat and torture me.

Once EVERY ruling of Polk County concerning me past and present is overturned with a guarantee Polk County will never break the law to persecute me again, I will finally be safe and secure. For this I am forced to wait.

If I have to wait into next week for my basic human rights back again from Polk County, Broadlawns will beat and torture me on Thursday, 02January2014. Time is of the essence. Please, federal courts, please save me.

SynSyn, take the money. Get $5 billion from Polk County and a mandate from the federal courts that the county must IMMEDIATELY overturn ALL its rulings concerning me. If Polk County does not obey the mandate, sue them for another $5 billion and get another mandate.

My BFF, then if Polk County does not obey the new mandate, sue them for another $5 billion and get another mandate. And again if Polk County does not obey the new mandate, sue them for another $5 billion and get another mandate. Do you see where I am going with this? It is a cycle.

Synny, eventually, Polk County will break and have to give me back the human rights they have illegally denied me since 2010. This is about human rights, not about money. But suing for money is the only weapon we have against people so corrupt as Polk County. They give us no choice. Flatten them if they do not obey the courts.

My beautiful world, how was your Christmas? I wish I could have celebrated it out among you. Iowa is bubble noncompliant, so everyone here has human rights except for me. But no one is exercising them. What a stupid waste of human rights!

My brave rescuers, you spent your Christmas on the lines for me. Thank you. I only wish I could have been there with you. I am an atheist, but I still celebrate and know the holiday is a big deal to all of you. We could have sang and danced and sliced up a ham together. I wish I could be with you all.

My brave rescuers, I have an offer from a local in here in Iowa named Alex to take me to you safely once he can figure out where to take me. Please try contacting him. Give him a definite meeting date and time. Whoever communicated with Jared left things too up in the air for him to arrange a meeting for all of us.

My brave rescuers, I also heard your distress call. You are pinned. You are safe. You are fed. You are warm. But you are pinned. You cannot move closer to me. What will fix this?

My brave rescuers, can I get a lift to you; is that the only thing we can do? Other than that, what will fix this? Do you need drones and bigger helicopters? Bigger better weapons? New technology? Is there a defense contractor willing to lend you toys in return for real battlefield feedback?

Come up with the solution, my brave rescuers. My beautiful world will provide anything and everything you need. There must be some simple solution to this problem. I just have no idea what you are up against out there.

SynSyn, once Polk County finally acknowledges I have absolutely no mental illness, the federal government will spite me and end my measly, ill-conceived Social Security income. This will leave me penniless inside the bubble.

Will I get a job? There is no job I can take and support myself on with a camera in my eye and a mic (that also broadcasts Sampo) in my ear. No one will hire me if I cannot keep secrets. I am unemployable.

Synny, remember that our priority is getting EVERY Polk County ruling concerning me past and present overturned. Let the money work itself out. Since I will be unemployable, just ask the courts to give me access to my ample finances at last after they give Polk County their mandate.

Thank you for everything, Synny. Worry about my human rights first. Worry about my money last. And remember, the next thing we do is get the camera and mic removed, so I will no longer be a slave. I just need enough money to reach you or Sweetness.

As for you, Sweetness, I have began composing your Christmas gift on Christmas Eve. I think it needs more spaceships and aliens. I love and adore you. I am sorry your gift is late. You will have a card on its way to you soon. Merry Christmas!

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