Tuesday, December 3, 2013


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Here is my latest blog post.

Egypt. Personally, I find this to be very good news. The public's problem with Morsi was the fact he was an Islamist. Their problem with the military is that they were not elected. Their problem with the old constitution was that it included sharia law. This seems to fix all the problems. Now, let is get a government elected in Egypt.

North Korea. Two civilians are being held captive in North Korea right now. But what is North Korea's big goal for holding them? They gain nothing but possibly getting in trouble for human rights violations by keeping them. They must have a master plan. Please figure out North Korea's master plan, so we can get the captives out.

Syria. War is still raging in Syria. The US is tired of war and the public does not want to be the world's police force, so I have been praying there is a solution that does not involve moving troops. The world does not want to go in without the US in the lead.

We need everyone to sit down together and hammer this out. Hamas, al Qaeda, Syria, the opposition, Iran, Israel, Russia, the US, Lebanon, everybody. We need everybody at the table to talk.

I have no idea why al Assad still wants to stay in control of the war torn nation; he has no legitimacy left with the world or the people. But just getting him out of office will not solve all the problems. There is too much bloodshed. We need solutions.

Vatican City. It is safe to say the Pope does not care what Rush Limbaugh has to say about him. I would be surprised if he had ever even heard of the radio personality. So, let me be the one to say something.

Does Mr. Limbaugh know anything about Marxism? Among other things, it proposes atheism. Marxism is an economic proposal. It has nothing to do with how well Bishops can care for their flocks. Someone get this guy an encyclopedia!

Switzerland. I do not find it too surprising that Yasser Arafat May have been poisoned. The question is, who did it? Check my hair. I have been poisoned a few times, but we all know the only people who would do that to me is the FBI. It could have been anyone who poisoned Mr. Arafat. He was a powerful man with powerful enemies.

Speaking of the FBI... This bubble is not going to end on its own in 2015. We cannot trust the White House to keep its promise. The White House is just going to say, "Oh, we need more time!" in 2015 just like they did this year.

Obama said in 2013 that they could come up with no justification for the bubble after five years of rape, persecution, torture, and oppression and said they would need two more years of oppression of the entire nation to think up some excuse for it all. So, the White House promised the human rights violations would end in 2015.

But the bubble violates more laws and defies more court orders with every day that goes by. The White House is not going to find a justification for raping me and suspending freedom of speech for the entire nation just by extending the bubble two more years. They are just going to say they need more time in 2015.

They cannot even keep up the facade that this was ever about a murder investigation. I have no idea what murder I am accused of, but if someone could just finally tell me the details, I could explain my alibi. I am innocent on all charges; there is no motive; there is no physical evidence... Just a photo of a look-a-like. There has even been a full confession by another party.

Why am I in this bubble? Because of White House egotism and stupidity that the FBI can break any laws they want and never be held accountable.

SynSyn, you have been collecting the names of culpable FBI agents in return for reduced fines of Iowans. When you are done handing Iowa its ass for refusing to declare itself bubble noncompliant or after Iowa declares itself completely bubble noncompliant, whichever happens first (and neither has happened yet), start pressing criminal and civil charges against the FBI. Hold nothing back. Go after them with everything we have got. We need some force in the once great America to hold the FBI accountable, and I am sure the courts want to be finally obeyed.

My beautiful world, I need you to come to Des Moines to make me sing and dance and laugh again. If we eventually have a safe haven here, show up and make me smile.

Iowa claims they will declare themselves bubble noncompliant later today. If they are not all lies and liars, we will be able to meet soon. Please descend upon Iowa.

My brave rescuers, is everyone okay? I keep hearing about metaphorical fire and loss of life. If we pop Iowa open, you can finally stop dying out there on the front lines. All you will have to do is sneak in here and be my bodyguards. You are heroes. All of you. I pray we have a system to keep track of all of you in case you need me for anything for all the rest of your lives.

Iowa, what is your psychological hold up with declaring Iowa human rights violations free? Why are you tied to serve FBI rape and torture?

Sweetness, keep telling me you love me. It gets me through the day. It gets me through the night. It reminds me my horrible life will end soon and begin again in your arms. I love and adore you.

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