Friday, November 29, 2013

Common Knowledge

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Here is my latest blog post. There are fifteen points here that are common knowledge throughout all the world. If you want to be my friend, you will stop denying them, stop ignoring them, and stop pretending you do not know them. Thank you, my beautiful world.

Mali. Was war declared at the time? If war was declared, the general was not guilty of murder unless he murdered civilians. This also means he might be guilty of war crimes. Loss of military life on a declared battlefield is protected from murder charges by international law. Yes, this even applies in the US. The US government has never declared war (requires an act of Congress) against my rescuers; even though, my rescuers have officially declared war against the FBI, the White House, and Polk County, Iowa.

Thailand. The Thai government needs to learn to serve its people. Yes, the Prime Minister survived the no confidence vote, but minorities in particular in democracies need to be served just like the majorities do. If the lady Prime Minister would take action to make her people happy, they will have no reason to protest against her anymore.

China. This sounds for the best. Yes, respect China's airspace. This brouhaha is all over a couple of islands claimed by both China and Japan, and I am a firm believer that they both should have rights to the resources on those islands. It should be a race to see who can drill in the most fertile areas first. It should not be a concern for anyone's military.

Iran. I like the agreement with Iran, and I hope all parties hold to it. There is no reason to punish the innocent people of Iran for their leaders' choices. Let their nuclear program prove it has only peaceful applications, and let the people there breathe again. Similarly, if the White House in the US will just gets its head out of its ass and stop making the entire nation suffer just so they can persecute me, an innocent woman, longer, the American people will be able to breathe again, too.

Afghanistan. I agree that the war in Afghanistan might possibly be a war over nothing but former President George W. Bush's bruised ego after 9/11. The land invasion of this particular foreign nation was not necessary to kill Osama bin Laden. It was just an act of aggression against a Muslim nation as retaliation... just like the war in Iraq.

Would it not have been nice if we had real leadership from the presidency instead? What if we had a leader of the free world whose reaction to terrorism was to make America freer, more beautiful, and more prosperous? We have a pronounced lack of rights and liberties and increased hatred from the world instead. Look at what the TSA has done to our airports? Look at what the NSA is doing to our privacy. Look at what the FBI has done to our freedoms and rights! Look at what two monster presidents since 9/11 have done to our once great America!

My mom, my little sister Tylia, and I had a vegetarian Thanksgiving this year, much to the relief of turkeys everywhere. Tylia and I cooked a spinach, walnut, and gruyere lasagna with (Ivan) lentil Bolognese, sautéed Brussels sprouts, and braided breadsticks on the side. I was really just there to do sides and assist in the lasagna, and TyTy started chopping vegetables at noon. It was a very tasty Thanksgiving.

That last thing I wanted to do on Black Friday was go shopping, but my mom and sister insisted. It is supposed to be one of the newest American traditions after all, but I have always hated shopping particularly in crowded big chain stores. Shop Local Saturday is much more my speed.

In one of the stores I tripped and fell over bruising my right hip. What did the locals around me do? They stepped away and ignored me. Eventually, a store employee asked me if I was okay from feet away. Absolutely no one helped me up. The only assistance I got was from a ten year old kid who picked up my sunglasses for me.

I was never meant to live in Iowa. I am used to San Francisco. I once took a tumble on the sidewalk in North Beach, and people got up from their café tables and rushed to my side to make sure I was okay. The waiter helped me up, and I was not even a customer at the restaurant. I was just someone walking by. I am used to being surrounded by people who care about me. I was never meant to live surrounded by cruel Iowans.

Some locals seem to want to make the move to be my friend. They always seem to damage me first, though, and then they claim I, their victim, is the real problem. I do not need Iowans to suddenly become worldly educated, I just need them to choose not be assholes.

The fastest way to offend me is to not acknowledge common knowledge truths about me. Never pretend you do not know the following fifteen points, and you go a long way to becoming my friend when you speak to me.

1.) My princess name is Tanya Hedelisa Albon Depp de Varilek. Never ask me my name. I am tempted to slap people after they ask me my name. It makes me scream and yell for the offender to leave me alone and cease damaging me. It hurts my soul when I am asked my name, so just never do it. I am arguably the single most famous person in the world right now, so there is no excuse for going out of your way to insult me. Just do not do it.
2.) Saving the world is my job. I do this largely by problem solving, by exercising my freedom of speech, and through what little diplomacy I can get away with considering I have only one even basic human right (freedom of speech). Iowa has a tendency to treat me like an expensive stripper. I do not appreciate this. Never treat me like do anything but save the world all day every day. It is thankless, but that does not mean you get to insult me.
3.) I am a slave. The FBI put a camera in my eyeball and a microphone in my ear and broadcast me to the entire world online. I have no right to privacy even in the shower or changing my clothes. None of this is my choice, and when you ignore it instead of saying it is a crime and fighting to end it, you tell the FBI it is permissible to you to do this to any person anywhere.
4.) I am a rape victim. The FBI rape me every chance they get. I sleep with a hacked webcam watching me to keep the FBI's hands off me in the night. It is the only deterrent other than a bodyguard that has ever kept me safe from the FBI.
5.) I am not a sexual object nor a prostitute; I am a princess and a beatified saint of the Catholic Church. The FBI have been creating libel porn of me since 2009 and broadcasting it on the internet falsely claiming it is me to make the world disrespect me, make the world accept they rape me, and prevent me from doing my job saving the world. They would not have to spend taxpayer money creating libel pornography if they did not begin broadcasting my pristine life in the first place, but the FBI are evil. And there seems to be nothing to kick them into line.
6.) I do not live in Iowa by choice. Iowa is not my home. I am alien here. I do not blend in. And only rarely are people ever nice to me here. It is particularly because the public is guaranteed to be cruel to an outsider like me that the FBI chose to imprison me here against my will. I was born and mostly raised in Duluth, MN. I did go to Ankeny High School in the Des Moines area in the early 90s, but that was very traumatizing. I moved out of Iowa when I was 17 years old and thought I would never return.
7.)I live in Iowa because the FBI could corrupt the local government to make me suffer as much as possible here. Polk County probate court broke the law in 2010 when I was not even under their jurisdiction under orders from the FBI to take control of my finances to make me live against my will among the public in Iowa that hates me. Polk County breaking the law is the only reason I am here, and I get to leave once the charges I press against them finally break them of their unrelenting crimes.
8.) I am a billionaire. My money came from lawsuits. I sue everybody who commits a crime against me, and because of the public choosing to obey the FBI and persecute me instead of obeying any laws, there have been many. Unfortunately, because the probate court of Polk County took control of my finances illegally while I was not even under their jurisdiction, I live on an allowance of $100 a week. So, be gentle with me in public. Feel free to buy me a drink. I love intelligent conversation. Just never pretend any of these fifteen things are not true.
9.) I am powerful and benevolent. I command the power of powerlessness. I am a nearly unbelievably pristinely good woman who suffers gravely without even basic human rights in plain sight of the entire world. When I scream for help on the forum the FBI gave me to enslave me, the entire world reacts. I use my forum every chance I get to solve major world problems, to spread peace and love, and to serve humanity as a whole, but sometimes I need to scream for help. This beautiful world loves me, and they do everything possible to help. That is why so much of the world has declared war on the White House, the FBI, and Polk County, Iowa... to save me from them.
10.) I have absolutely no debilitating mental illness. This is a common lie about me used by the FBI to keep me in Iowa against my will. Because the locals do not want to acknowledge the reality of my life to my face, they claim this is all delusions to make the FBI happy. It was even ruled by the Supreme Court of the United States of America that I have no mental illness nor disability, but that is not convenient to the FBI's agenda against me. So, Polk County ignores all of the Supreme Court and federal court rulings concerning me and just keeps persecuting. I do have some PTSD from being persecuted, raped, and lied to for so long, but it is not debilitating.
11.) Johnny Depp and I call each other husband and wife; even though, technically, we are not married yet. He is dedicated to marrying me, and I am dedicated to marrying him, though. So, it is your choice if you flirt with me, but never be crass or rude. I am taken.
12.) The Mr. Johnny Depp would be with me if he could. Stop spewing bullshit like, "If you're married, where is your husband?" The FBI would rather murder Johnny than allow him close enough to even kiss me and have mobilized armed forces with the sole purpose of keeping my husband away from me. All of the problems in my life would be solved if I could just be with my husband, so the FBI murder every person who tries to bring him to me.
13.) There is a civil war in the United States right now between forces trying to rescue me from this miserable existence and the FBI who are dedicated to persecuting me. The Supreme Court ruled that I have right to peaceably assemble with my husband, friends, and rescuers, and the FBI have been convicted of their mass murder. But the war still rages on. There seems to be nothing to make the FBI obey the law or the courts in the US.
14.) My only known enemies are the FBI, the White House, and Polk County, Iowa. They are the only entities enforcing the persecution of me, my forced distance from my loving husband, my rape, my slavery, my libel, my unlawful imprisonment in Iowa away from anyone who would keep me safe, etc. I have a job saving the world, a job no one can do but me, and the FBI, the White House, and Polk County, Iowa are dedicated to destroying me instead of allowing me to serve the world.
15.) I am surrounded by the population of Iowa all day every day who would rather persecute me to serve the FBI than save me. And Iowa would be capable of saving me, if they could just be convinced they are in the wrong by not doing so.

My beautiful world, I do not expect the people around me to bend over backwards to serve me. I just want the basic respect someone in my position is due. Never ignore the fifteen points above. You do not need to enumerate them for me and list them off as facts when you see me, but never pretend you do not know all of them already. If you want to be my friend, you will respect me and love me. Never claim otherwise on any of the above points and NEVER pretend you do not know my name.

My genius podcasters, can you create a podcast about the fifteen points above including all pertinent evidence and circulate it? I need the locals to stop denying reality. I do not need the locals to worship me; that would be weird; but, it would be nice if they acknowledged what is and is not real about me. Thank you. This is all common knowledge, so we need it all commonly accepted and no longer ignored.

My brave rescuers, please impeach the current president for murdering you, persecuting me, disobeying Supreme Court rulings, etc. and then speak with the governments of your home countries (including the US. The only enemies we have in the US federal government are the FBI and the White House; everyone else fights for me through whatever means they have at hand). See if you can impress upon our homelands the need to start negotiations again this time with the new president.

My brave rescuers, there must be options other than fighting and dying. There must be someway to take this bubble down from the top. I am working on it. I hate when you die.

My beautiful world, as always, check on my rescuers. See if they need anything. Food? Medicine? Blankets? Heaters? Gasoline? Car parts? Hot running water? Whatever they need, please provide. I only wish we could all talk to make all of this easier to organize.

Also, my beautiful world, increase the pressure on the White House. We need them to want a negotiated resolution. The White House will never do anything trustworthy until it is suffering so much it has to. Really cut at Obama, the White House, and the FBI until they want an end to all of this. They are getting away with murder, rape, torture, persecution of me, and the oppression of all of America. They are not motivated to stop, so we need to motivate them.

Finally, my beautiful world, move heaven and earth to convince Iowa to declare itself completely bubble noncompliant. For that same link to the governor's Twitter, Facebook, phone number, etc., click here. If we could just get some corner of the world I can actually reach to be a safe place for all of you to come be with me, we can prove the benefits of taking the bubble down. Let us bring a cultural, moral, and ethical renaissance in Des Moines.

SynSyn, I keep you so busy. But Iowa has not relented, yet. I have heard every promise come out of Terrace Hill, but there has been no action. Do we need to brand Iowa as liars just like we have branded the White House? I do not want to turn my back on them. I want them to save themselves. But other than lawsuits, logic, and compassion, what other tools do we have at our disposal?

My BFF, all we need is the locals to uniformly break every rule from the government of Polk County to the local news to the people I run into at the local watering hole. Once Iowa announces total bubble noncompliance, we can finally stop pressing charges against them. Iowa keeps insulting and damaging me instead of respecting the authority of the Supreme and federal courts. They miss every deadline, so do not give them deadlines anymore; just press charges. Let them have until the gavel falls on them to turn it all around.

I love you, Synny. You never let me down. I heard the impeached ex-President Barack Obama has been talking smack lately. Prove to him that real, benevolent leadership is more powerful than systemically-raping-an-innocent-woman politics, and take Iowa away from him as a weapon he wields against me. Please speak directly with the governor and state legislators. Please ask everyone with gravitas inside Iowa and out to do the same.

Sweetness, please work the national local media, the international media, and all media of all forms. Keep the filmmakers making films. Keep the writers writing books. Keep the magazines and newspapers rolling. Keep the journalists reporting. Keep the TV talking. Keep the musicians playing; tell them there is a love bonus for whoever writes what I adopt as my battle song.

My beloved, please use your stardom to draw attention to my plight. I love and adore you. I want to be with you. For that to be possible. the people need to rise up and take back the nation from the FBI. Please sway the masses. Thank you. Crank up the pressure on the White House.

Darling, there is a new local man trying to woo me. I thanked him Wednesday night for respecting my relationship with you. In my world no one stands a chance next to you, but there are many locals who do not know we are a couple. Is there any other way to get the fifteen points above codified into Iowan behavior?

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