Monday, November 18, 2013

Deplorable Lynn Boeset

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Here is my latest blog post. Let's get some work done and put Lynn Boeset and Amy Alles is prison finally, shall we?

Qatar. Normally, Qatar is a very progressive nation, but this news is sickening. The nation is committing slavery and unlawful imprisonment. I have extensive experience with being a victim of these offenses, so I am asking Qatar to pay its workers and return their passports. Please, Qatar, why be a villain like Obama?

Chile. I love seeing democracy in action, and that is just what free and fair elections are. Good luck to whoever wins! And remember, the safe and stable transition of government from one regime to the next is the best part of democracy. Whether or not power changes hands, stay in support of your safe and free election process, Chile. These elections are so beautiful to watch.

Pakistan. Let the courts decide Musharraf's fate. Fair court decisions are the hallmark of a free society, just like safe and free elections are. Your Supreme Court, Pakistan, is capable of a fair trial, and if it is not, you can always ask the United Nation's ICC to try him.

Syria. The conflict in Syria is only getting worse. Now, an air strike by al Assad's forces has killed the leader of the Syrian rebels. Can anything end the chaos?

As for me, Iowa, and the haiku d'etat... I woke up early this morning and the agreement was not yet official. The FBI have been threatening Iowa.

I have offered my lawyers and to pay my lawyers myself to defend the Constitutional rights of freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and freedom to assemble in Iowa in federal court against the threats from the FBI if Iowa declares itself completely bubble noncompliant today.

Please, Supreme Court, please explain to Iowa and to the FBI that the bubble for the entire nation comes down if they go to federal court over Iowa's bubble noncompliance. The courts will always stand up for human rights, and this is the courts' first chance to declare the rules in their completeness unconstitutional for the entire United States.

Please, Supreme Court and United Nations, explain to Governor of Iowa Terry Branstad how important it is to create a safe haven for me and the world where we can have full human rights. My rescuers can stop dying. The world will be free to interact with me. I will have my right to physical safety and a life free from torture. And the economy will boom in Iowa.

My beautiful world, contact the governor's office and express gratitude to the governor for declaring Iowa completely bubble non-compliant, and make your promises to show up to be with me as soon as humanly possible. I cannot wait to see you, my beautiful world. Click here for the governor's office.

SynSyn, if Iowa does not announce complete bubble noncompliance by 6:30pm CST tonight, flatten Polk County. I cannot have health unless people acknowledge reality around me, unless I have my friends for support, and unless the spy equipment is removed from my head. They keep committing me to be able to torture me with injections. Just flatten them if they do not declare themselves completely bubble noncompliant.

My beautiful world, the master plan depends on you. You have to descend upon Des Moines in your masses to interact with me the moment the bubble is null and void in Iowa. Let us bring a cultural renaissance of love to Des Moines. Show me you love me. My beautiful world, I need you.

My brave rescuers, I am trying to make sure you no longer have to die trying to rescue me. I hear you are still having problems getting my husband to my side. If Iowa gives me my full human rights, all you will have to do is show up. You will not have to put your life on the line anymore. Iowa has the power to bring peace to the civil-war-torn American Midwest. Please make your voices heard on this matter, too.

SynSyn, I just checked my inbox and found this...

-----Begin Email-----

On Nov 12, 2013, at 8:26 AM, wrote:

How you feel about me is totally irrelevant right now. This email is to inform you that you either cooperate to the fullest and accept the services from Amy or I will put you back into Broadlawns. Your choice, Tanya. You are well aware of the court order from last week.

Lynn Boeset
United Advocacy Services, Inc.
Box 571
Nevada, IA 50201

-----End Email-----

My powerful BFF, put Lynn in prison finally. Press criminal charges against the deplorable Lynn Boeset for defying federal and Supreme Court rulings. Also, sue her until she is broken and begging for mercy.

Clearly, Evil Lynn has not learned her lesson, yet. She is still a threat to me, my body, and my mind. This is a clear violation of her probation, and the world needs her in prison.

Also, my BFF, Amy Alles just called me today and threatened to commit me if I do not show up for torture this week. I want Amy Alles in prison for defying federal and Supreme Court rulings. I also want her social worker licenses suspended. The courts just ruled AGAIN that I cannot be tortured!

Even Dr. Singh new better than to tell me I need to show up for torture. Please flatten deplorable Lynn Boeset and the morally bankrupt Amy Alles. I want them both in prison. I want Amy's social worker license suspended, and I want them both sued for so much money they finally leave me alone. Make them beg for mercy. Thank you.

Also, Syn, unless we get total bubble noncompliance by 6:30pm CST today, this is further reason to flatten Polk County. They are refusing to obey federal and Supreme Court rulings. They need to be taught a lesson.

Sweetness, how close did you get this morning? I heard the FBI opened fire on you. There must be someway to get you to me. We have established my going to you does not work, and if Iowa is the only place in all of the United States people can have full human rights, I simply cannot leave. Please try something new. I love and adore you.

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