Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Arrest Lynn Boeset

On Nov 19, 2013, at 7:07 PM, Lynn@unitedadvocacyservices.com wrote:

Tanya, I will gladly tell you in writing that if you don't go in for your injection this week, the court will put you back into Broadlawns. You have refused to communicate with me which is perfectly fine. Your choice though! The lawyers are just waiting for you to fail. Is this what you want?

Lynn Boeset
United Advocacy Services, Inc.
Box 571
Nevada, IA 50201

-----End Email-----

Syniva, prepare charges against Lynn Boeset, Mark R. Gray, Samantha Gronewald, Amy Alles, etc. If I go back into Broadlawns, you will need to FLATTEN Polk County to make them acknowledge the federal court and Supreme Court rulings that the probate court has no authority over me and that I have absolutely no schizophrenia. I will not show up to be tortured, so you will need to ask the federal courts to flatten Polk County. Make this stop, Syniva. I am tired of being persecuted, threatened, tortured, raped, etc. by Lynn Boeset and her conspiracy. Clearly, Polk County has not been punished enough if Lynn Boeset is still a threat to me, my mind, and my body.

Thanks, SynSyn. At least, Polk County knows their enemy is Lynn Boeset and not me.

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