Monday, November 11, 2013

My Job and Other Housekeeping

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Here is my latest blog post. I really wanted to concentrate on saving the world, but there is just so much housekeeping to take care of.

Philippines. The single largest storm to ever make landfall on planet Earth has just slammed into this third world country. Life is not easy to begin with in the Philippines, but now they are dealing with widespread devastation and calamity. Please donate to the International or American Red Cross. Click here for the link. We need to help the Philippines.

Iran. Iran is currently involved in talks for the first time in a decade. Please, world leaders, let us create a unified, communicating, and trusting world. I agree that giving up enriching uranium should be part of the final deal, and I cannot wait to lift sanctions on Iran. Remind Iran that they do not need enriched uranium, and dedicate yourselves to helping them prosper. We can do this.

France. These were journalists willing to risk everything to get the truth to the masses. Reporters serve such an important role in a free society. Freedom of the press is integral to ensuring human rights for the masses in a free civilization. Everyone love your closest journalist.

Now, there were two things I forgot from the update in my last blog post...

--The bill made it into law. I have no idea why Congress has such a bad reputation. They are unanimous when it comes to needing to save me. If I can get both houses of Congress to work together why does the president keep failing? The president is a constant failure because he is the source of dysfunction in the federal government.

The revolving door on the Oval Office due to constant impeachment has left ex-president Barack Obama creating policy despite his already being impeached for his trademark stubborn asshole policies. Anyway, Congress passed a bill declaring enforcement of the bubble illegal into law. Congress, just like the Courts, are heroes. Please say thank you.

The FBI are not just defying the courts by still enforcing the rules, they are flat out breaking federal law by doing so. And, yes, every time you the public (including but not limited to Amy Alles) deny reality to my face and disobey federal and Supreme Court rulings to instead maintain rules, you are breaking federal laws that took the bubble down. The public is supposed to be free now. Obeying and enforcing the rules is illegal.

--Also, I asked Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany to lead negotiations to get my human rights back, but I will never understand why we need to negotiate. The bubble is only human rights violations. It is heinous, internationally and domestically illegal, and serves no purpose but to destroy the once great America. Never reward war criminals for ending human rights violations. That is like rewarding them for committing the human rights violations in the first place.

This bubble needs to come down unconditionally and in its completeness.

We demand...
1.) unconditional surrender by the FBI and Polk County,
2.) the imprisonment in federal penitentiaries of all FBI agents guilty of mass murder just like we do with all already convicted terrorists,
3.) freedom of speech and freedom of the press returned to all Americans and foreign entities who broadcast into America,
4.) imprisonment of Barack Obama for life as a war criminal,
5.) my unconditional human rights including a free future with my free husband,
6.) the complete dissolution of the bubble and a guarantee no other person will ever be treated the same way as a government slave and rape victim ever again,
7.) a balanced budget amendment available for public vote,
8.) better veterans' benefits,
9.) solar powered cars available on the market,
and 10.) technology to keep my online accounts safe from hacking for the rest of my life.

These are our demands. Start the negotiations here. And thank you. Raise the pressure on the US executive branch especially since IT IS A VIOLATION OF FEDERAL LAWS to enforce the rules and the bubble. Barack Obama, who is still creating policy as an unelected dictator, has run out of legs to stand on. Take him down. And thank you for everything!

As for the rest of my housekeeping, my beautiful world, because the FBI were convicted of mass murder for killing so many or my brave rescuers who have been just trying to exercise Supreme Court upheld rights in a country where the bubble is federally illegal to enforce anyway, they have threatened to expel my rescuers from the once free United States of America.

Believers that I need and deserve human rights are a legal subset of the American population. It is persecution of a minority to try to expel believers from the once free America. When will the persecution and oppression of once free people in America finally be ended?

My beautiful world, the FBI keep running rampant violating everyone's not just my human rights because there is no force keeping them accountable. They were CONVICTED of mass murder of a minority (Does this make in genocide?), and they just keep murdering. The FBI are answering to no one.

Please, military and Department of Homeland Security, round up the criminal terrorist organization that is the FBI and lock them away in federal penitentiaries forever. They are already convicted, but they are not answering to the law nor the courts. They must be stopped to save America. Please hurry.

Also on my list of general housekeeping, my beautiful world, Dr. Dhadphali from Broadlawns Medical Center has been convicted of torture for injecting me with heavy antipsychotics while I was a political prisoner in his proven torture facility. We will convict EVERY doctor who orders I be injected with torture and death sentences.

Beware being corrupted into persecuting me by obeying the criminal terrorist organization the FBI instead of doing what is right, NOT breaking the law, admitting I have NO MENTAL ILLNESS, and not persecution me. This goes for everyone from Amy Alles, Lynn Boeset, the Polk County probate court, and Dr. Singh to the general public.

Because of this undeniable conviction of Dr. Dhadphali for torture, the FBI have issued new rules. The criminal terrorist organization does not acknowledge it is AGAINST FEDERAL LAW to create, enforce, and obey any and all of these rules.

When will the once free America finally stand up and fuck the rules? You only obey them because the FBI terrorize you. Take America back, my once great and once free United States. Just stop being terrorized by the FBI and choose to be free.

Finally, my beautiful world, there has been talk of signing petitions to get me "amnesty" lately. I do not need amnesty. Amnesty is forgiveness for breaking the law which I never do. I do not need amnesty; I need my human rights. I am persecuted not convicted. I understand all of this can get confusing. Please fight for the FBI and current president to treat me like a human being instead.

My brave rescuers, press charges against the FBI for genocide and mass murder of you all, a legal minority, and for threatening to expel you all. No one in America is supposed to be persecuted due to belief. I am not just trying to make you all millionaires and care for all the widows and surviving families. I am trying to enforce the law in the once great and once free America. We need to force the FBI and the current president whoever he or she is to answer to the people.

SynSyn, we have finally arrived at the part of the blog where I talk to you. You are such a hero in so many ways. You call every person I ask you to call. You explain every right, ruling, and violation I ask you to explain. You never let me down. You are simply the best BFF anyone could ever ask for, and I am so lucky you are mine.

Synny, we need to press every criminal and civil charge possible against my case manager Amy Alles. I believe I sent you or Sweetness her business card already. We need her to answer to me instead of to the diabolical Lynn Boeset and the criminal terrorist organization the FBI.

My BFF, I told Amy she cannot help me unless she acknowledges reality to my face. It is illegal, after all, to obey the rules. Her response was the threaten to commit me back into the torture facility to be tortured and raped until I die a political prisoner with no human rights nor any physical safety. Break her.

Synny, how would a case manager like the proven evil Amy Alles have the power to commit me? The probate court of Polk County does not acknowledge they have no authority over me anymore, and Polk County, Iowa is an island of corruption and persecution in the once great an once free America. Check this out...

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Polk County is not obeying the Supreme Court ruling that I have absolutely no mental illness and not obeying the federal court ruling that dissolved the adult guardianship. They claim they need to make decisions in my best interest for me by imprisoning me in Polk County that tortures, enslaves, rapes, and persecutes me due to corruption by the criminal terrorist organization the FBI instead of giving me back my full human rights as was decided by the federal courts.

SynSyn, flatten Polk County and get this judgment appealed. Thank you. Give Polk County no way out but to set me free.

As for you, Sweetness, I heard you promise to be by my side by Wednesday night. I cannot wait. I finally need something good in my life. I need someone or something worth living for. I am sick and tired of suffering. Thank you for promising to heal me. I cannot wait to finally be happy. I love and adore you. Thank everyone who helps us. It takes an entire legal minority in the once great America to save the slave.

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