Friday, November 22, 2013


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Here is my latest blog post. I see the White House and FBI are still up to their typical nefarious wrongdoing.

UNHCR. Please, my beautiful world, please help the United Nations help refugees. The crises in Syria and the Philippines have them working over time. They need supplies, cash, volunteers, etc. Please help.

United Kingdom. Slavery is a horrifying crime. Not just because the human rights violations demean the very soul of the slave, but because it means we as a society have not yet evolved away from enslaving innocent people to thanklessly do our work for us.

I forgave the British for enslaving me in 2010 when they decided to throw down to rescue me from slavery by the FBI in America. The British have redeemed themselves in my eyes, and I know they will prosecute these enslavers to the full extent of the law.

Russia. What was the real crime, Russia, hooliganism or insulting your authority to drill for oil? Are you really locking people up over feeling insulted?

Consider a public insult a stroke of your ego. No one ever insults me to my face. I never get acknowledged be it good or bad. You are a bigger deal than I am, Russia. You can act bigger than me, too.

Collect your bail, and set them free, Mother Russia. And look forward to upsetting environmentalists all over the world every chance you get. You are Russia. You are bigger than squashing tiny protesters who have no authority over you to begin with.

Iran. Woo-hoo, Iran! Are you honestly willing to freeze your nuclear program, stop enriching uranium, avoid creating plutonium, etc. in return for lifted sanctions? I am so proud of you.

I am a firm believer that if you ever honestly wanted a nuclear weapon to threaten the world with, you would have just bought one. You are friends with Russia. You are friends with North Korea. You have your ways.

I believe you wanted a nuclear program to draw attention to yourselves and your needs. May it serve to lift the sanctions on you, and then let the nuclear program go.

Have you considered using your technological experts to create things the West needs? That is the source of real power. Having something people want. Consider green energy.

Ukraine. Darling Ukraine, is it worth it? I know it is an insult to your pride and independence, but consider releasing her. Think of all the ways your economy will benefit from the trade deal. I like seeing countries work together, and I love seeing the non-Western nations get ahead financially. Please consider your booming economy despite European debt crises your final hurrah.

Oh, yes, I just heard the FBI are threatening AGAIN to kill me if they do not get to lock me up in a long-term institution AGAIN to rape and torture me in private AGAIN! Just ask Broadlawns if they have heard the lie "We'll kill Squid if you don't heavily medicate her!" before.

The FBI are in fact the only terrorist organization issuing threats on my life. But we all know that in all reality the FBI fears my death. America would revolt if died. And it does not matter who kills me, the FBI will always take the fall.

Hell would rain on the FBI from the courts, Congress, the military, the CIA, the NSA, etc. if I die. (And trust me, the NSA know everything.) The FBI would have killed me by now if they had anything to gain from it and if they had the balls to do it, but they fear justice for my death.

Empty threats on my life are a common tool of the FBI when they want to make stupid Iowans take my rights, physical safety, mental safety, etc. away from me. But think about it, Iowa. If they actually wanted me dead, why am I not dead already? They kill my rescuers en masse all the time.

Iowa, tell the FBI to go ahead and try to kill me. You will see my hidden bodyguards and the American public rise up en masse to protect me. Call the FBI bluff. They fear my death more than they fear Obama's defamation by reality.

Speaking of FBI crimes, Look at all my doppelgängers that the FBI hired to make libel porn of me. They never investigated THEM for murder or put THEM in a bubble! This bubble was never about a murder investigation. It is just en exercise in the expanded powers of the US executive branch fed by the egotism and stupidity that the president is above the law.

Negotiators, you have to take power away from the White House for the negotiations to work. Right now the FBI are getting away with everything. They were found guilty of rape and torture by Congress and found guilty of mass murder by the courts, but there is no way to stop them. There is no accountability.

The White House is getting away already with mass murder, torture, rape, abuse, human rights violations, defying court rulings, etc., and that is why negotiations are not working. We need the White House to start answering to someone for all of these crimes for them to want to negotiate. They have to see punishment coming for them, or they will never want to change.

My wonderful negotiators, you have to find a way to punish the White House for its crimes, or they will never take negotiations seriously. Right now the White House is just going through the motions of negotiations to placate you. They never plan to change.

They never plan to let my rescuers through. They never plan to allow freedom of speech or press in the once free America. They cannot be trusted. They have to see a punishment coming for them if you want them to give up the crimes they are getting away with already.

My wonderful negotiators, crank up the pressure on the White House. Get the UN to take action. Have the United Nations ICC arrest Obama and his following presidents for war crimes. Level heavier sanctions. Stop being nice to the White House, and become an enforcer of human rights instead. The White House will never listen to you nor respect your authority until they have to.

Yes, I will accept my immediate rescue from the hellhole that is Iowa by rescuers who suddenly have enough human rights to safely arrive and rescue me as the act of good faith from the White House that allows us to trust them finally.

But never forget, we are not done negotiating until all of the United States has its full Constitutional rights back again. We need enough rights in this country we can call ourselves America again. This is not just about saving me. This is about saving the world.

My beautiful world, use the international presses and news agencies to put pressure on the White House. Tell your stories, Syniva, Sweetness, Jared, everybody! Bring searing exposé after exposé. The White House is not feeling enough pain yet to let the bubble go, so create the pain.

Create a complete world that knows the entire story of suffering, fighting, and being oppressed. Talk to China. Talk to Europe. Talk to Russia. Talk to Africa and Latin America. Gab it up with Australia. I know the BBC News would love to get their hands on you.

My brave rescuers, you keep getting jerked around by the White House. They keep promising you can come through, and then they keep murdering you. Please talk to my negotiators about that act of good faith. We need some sort of sign from the White House that they are willing to negotiate for real. I would love your arrival or freedom of speech wishing me well to be that gesture of good faith.

SynSyn, did we kick Iowa into line yet? Last I heard, the probate court of Polk County who the federal government decided has no real authority over me anyway was going to put me in a long term institution to be raped and tortured in private until it kills me. I would rather not have to sue Polk County again, but if they refuse to obey the standing Supreme Court and federal court rulings, we will have no choice. Thank you.

Sweetness, how close are the talks? I want to kiss you! If you cannot reach me by Monday morning, start touring the world talking to the presses. Send Brad or Harrison to rescue me like you did before, and start putting direct pressure on the White House through the foreign presses. If we cannot get the talks to work with this current president (whoever he or she may be), we will need to shake this up.

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