Thursday, January 2, 2014

Reality vs. Promises

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Here is my latest blog post. Polk County is not obeying the courts. They are disrespecting me; they are disrespecting Syniva; and, they are disrespecting the courts. Unless Polk County relents in its unbridled persecution of me today, Polk County will beat and torture me again.

In order not to pay me $5 billion, Polk County made a promise to give me back my full human rights they stole from me in 2010 including but not limited to my right to physical safety and my right to lead a life free of torture. Do you remember this? It has never been so important. Click here to read the original blog post...

SynSyn, take the money. Get $5 billion from Polk County and a mandate from the federal courts that the county must IMMEDIATELY overturn ALL its rulings concerning me. If Polk County does not obey the mandate, sue them for another $5 billion and get another mandate.

My BFF, then if Polk County does not obey the new mandate, sue them for another $5 billion and get another mandate. And again if Polk County does not obey the new mandate, sue them for another $5 billion and get another mandate. Do you see where I am going with this? It is a cycle.

Synny, eventually, Polk County will break and have to give me back the human rights they have illegally denied me since 2010. This is about human rights, not about money. But suing for money is the only weapon we have against people so corrupt as Polk County. They give us no choice. Flatten them if they do not obey the courts.

And, Synny, raise the fee to $10 billion because of their blatant blood lust to harm me and vagrant disrespect of the courts. Polk County is my prison that literally rapes, regularly tortures, and horribly beats me. We need them flattened to get me out.

Since I am kept here away from my loved ones against my will, can I ask you for a favor, United Nations? UN, can I ask you to send me friends. As has been demonstrated with everyone from Jared in Des Moines to Mike down in Newton, it is safe for me to have friends now.

Swamp my prison of Polk County with friends. Iowa is bubble noncompliant now. Everyone will be safe. And I need people who can help me do my job of serving the world. Please, United Nations, consider sending in friends, so we can do good in the world together. And thank you for everything you do for me.

As for you, my beautiful world, find me a ride. I know you can get people in here. I know you can talk to people in here. Just find me a ride to my rescuers. Jared and I uneventfully got very close once in Kansas City. That is the bare minimum I need to solve this human rights crisis. I just need a ride to my rescuers. Please work on it.

My brave rescuers, the Supreme Court ruled that you be allowed to be with me, to pick me up, and to carry me to someplace I can have full human rights. That is the law now. And I am told the White House has been forced to modify its policy towards me to accommodate the Supreme Court's final say on the matter.

My brave rescuers, other than screaming fire when there is fire and asking my beautiful world to provide you with everything you need to reach me, this Supreme Court ruling kicking the FBI into line is not everything I can do for you.

The FBI are horrible terrorists who are not obeying the new laws or the Supreme Court, so we need you, my brave rescuers, to borrow my lawyers and follow through with legal action against the FBI and the White House.

My brave rescuers, press criminal and civil charges against them all for everything from mass murder and genocide of you, my believers, to persecution of a minority for your believing in me. Press charges for human rights violations; the courts keep saying you have a right to peaceably assemble with me.

Do to the White House and the FBI what Syniva has done to Iowa and Polk County. Make them obey the courts.

SynSyn, celebrate. You have had so many wins lately. Now is when we figure out what is reality after all of the promises. But do not take your stiletto boot off of Polk County's throat until I get my human rights back from them.

And reinforce the charges my brave rescuers are pressing with charges of our own. You were collecting for a few months there the names of FBI agents terrorizing the public into persecuting me in return for reduced civil fees.

Now, Synny, go after the FBI agents and their entire chain of command all of the way up to the president for persecution, rape, UN and federal government recognized torture, willful injury, human rights violations, defying federal and Supreme Court rulings, corruption of the local government, conspiracy, and everything else you and my genius lawyers can think of.

SynSyn, simply take apart the FBI oppression agent by agent all of the way up to the president. We need to take this bubble down. I know I keep you so busy.

Sweetness, the FBI told me I am not allowed to contact Grant from Minneapolis anymore because he sent me a harmless, cute, flirty message on your behalf. As sweet as it was of you to approve of him as a replacement for you in my life, I would rather have the real Johnny Depp. You can hardly blame me.

No one else loves me like you do, Sweetness. No one else can make me smile and light up my day like you can. I have been so miserable for so long, and you are the only thing keeping me hanging on.

Darling, I love you. I cannot wait to see Transcendence! Click here, my beautiful world, to learn more about Transcendence. My beloved, everything you do says you love me, and nothing will ever be able to replace you in my life.

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