Tuesday, January 21, 2014

End it NOW!

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Here is my latest blog post.

Thailand and Ukraine. My message to both of these would-be very different nations is the same. You cannot solve social unrest by oppressing your people more, taking away more human rights, and killing more innocent people. You have to learn to serve your people.

You have to listen to them. Do good. Do not just do what you have to do to stay in power. That never works. You need the public to love you for you to stay in power. The only true path to power is the public's blessing. The better you are to your people, the more likely you are to keep your jobs.

Lebanon. The Syrian conflict has been left unchecked for so long, it has spread to Lebanon. This conflict has taken on sectarian overtones instead of just being resistance to a tyrant, so it carries the potential to take over the entire region. Please, my beautiful world, love Syria. They need help ending their conflict.

Switzerland. A lot of weight is being placed on these Syrian talks in Geneva, but no one has any faith they will end the conflict. Please let me go. Please, my beautiful world, demand I be allowed to go to Geneva for the talks. The world needs me.

Vatican City. This is a strange pairing. One of the single most disgusting people in the world, Barack Obama, wants to meet one of the holiest, the Pope. I pray the Pope kicks him into line.

Obama ordered I be raped. That is why he was impeached. The FBI love him so much for allowing them to rape me, that they protect him from the media ever telling the truth about him.

Now, Obama is screaming racism because he is being held accountable. What a lying (expletive)hole! That piece of (expletive) gets away with the worst human rights violations the US has ever committed in its entire history because he is the first African-American president. Besides, everyone knows, if he were Black instead of African America, he would not be a slave owner.

I went out Monday night and even had a drink or two to celebrate the end of the bubble, but the FBI did not hold to their end of the deal. Instead, they murdered rescuers. I cried myself to sleep last night.

Why now? Why now? Why end the bubble completely now? To make my inhumane and cruel suffering end! To save my rescuers from dying! This bubble cannot come down fast enough. When I still do not have my own husband in my life to hold me and make everything better, why are you asking me "Why now?" GIVE ME MY HUSBAND!

Ten Reasons "Why Now!"
1.) Polk Co is still threatening to institutionalize and rape me until I kill myself if I do not submit to literal torture. The local government would rather pay me $5 billion than give me human rights. I live under a constant threat of being locked up and tortured with injections and rape. I am the whipping post of Polk County, and they keep committing hate crime after hate crime against me no matter how many federal courts mandate otherwise. With Polk County free to torture and rape me, how dare you ask me, "Why now?" GIVE ME MY HUSBAND to carry me out of evil Polk Count! Then you can talk about taking all the time you want in the world.
2.) I am still a slave. I am ready to poke my eyes out and cut off my nose and ears to get my right to privacy back, but that would not get the cameras removed from my apartment and mother's house. I need to be set free of this torment. Ask David Sedaris or Joss Whedon if they could keep it together if there were cameras in their eyeballs, homes, and bathrooms broadcasting their every movement and action unedited 24/7. Could they write? Could they do their jobs? Could they function as humans at all? You are lucky I am as strong as I am for living through it for so long, but this torment has to end. GIVE ME PRIVATE TIME WITH MY OWN HUSBAND!
3.) The FBI are still threatening me. It is true they are no real threat to my life, but they rape me every chance they get. I sleep every night not knowing if they will cut off my hacked webcam and rape me like they have in the past. That is why the music plays all night, so I can sleep secure the internet is still connected. But I still live every moment of every day and night under threat of being raped by the FBI. I need bodyguards now and for the rest of my life. And who are my bodyguards? They are my husband and my rescuers! GIVE ME MY HUSBAND TO KEEP ME SAFE!
4.) I go all day every day surrounded by hate and lies from the public. I only have Jared willing to acknowledge reality to my face, and he only barely has his mind around how much I suffer if any concept at all. I deal with hate all day every day because my beautiful world is forbidden from sending me friends, and no one in Iowa but Jared does anything but hate me. If they did not hate me, they would disobey every FBI rule. Iowa is supposed to be bubble noncompliant. But Iowa hates me too much. I should have a right to be surrounded by people who love me instead of Iowa who hates me. GIVE ME MY HUSBAND WHO LOVES ME!
5.) All of America is oppressed just so the FBI can keep persecuting me. Iowans still have speakers in all of their heads that come alive every time the FBI want to give them all fuel for hating me. There is no freedom of speech anywhere in the media. There is no freedom of the press to speak the FBI's crimes against me to the public. And my friends do not have the freedom to assemble peaceably with me. Yes, the Supreme Court ruled I have a right to be with my loved ones, but the FBI keep murdering them before they can reach me. GIVE ME MY HUSBAND WITH ALL HIS RIGHTS!
6.) My rescuers keep dying. The FBI are committing genocidal mass murder of my lovers and believers. They have a Supreme Court upheld right to be with me, but the FBI would rather kill them than allow me to feel any love and safety in my life. My loving husband risks his life every day and night trying to reach me. GIVE ME MY HUSBAND SAFE AND ALIVE!
7.) I am at risk of losing my husband if we cannot be together sooner rather than later. If it is not the risk of the FBI murdering him just to be able to destroy me, it is the risk of his girlfriend stealing him away from me. He has assured me I have nothing to fear from his girlfriend; he loves me too much. But I still have to worry about the FBI. My husband is my hero, my king, and my reason for living. He is the only reason I can crawl out of bed every day and do my job serving the world. My husband is the only thing that can heal me after these long years of every abuse imaginable. GIVE ME MY HUSBAND, SO I CAN FINALLY FEEL HAPPINESS!
8.) I need a chance to heal. These long years since 2009 have had a seriously damaging toll on me. No one can be raped as many times as I have without needing time with her own loving husband to heal. I need to learn what privacy feels like again. I need to relearn what it feels like to feel love from another person. I have no idea anymore what physical safety feels like. I need to heal. Do you see how much I sleep? At first I thought it was because of how dehydrated I am from the poisoned water supply, but I was wrong. I sleep so much because my body is trying to heal. But I wake up every day, and the suffering just continues. GIVE ME MY HUSBAND, SO I CAN HEAL!
9.) I live on $100 a week. I am lucky if I get one whole meal a day. No one can have any quality of life on $100 a week. No matter how far I try to stretch it, I am always hungry and never able to enjoy myself. GIVE ME MY HUSBAND, SO I CAN HAVE AT LEAST A MARGINAL QUALITY OF LIFE FINALLY!
10.) The world needs me. I consider every day going on strike from doing my job until I get a chance to heal. The world deserves me at my very best. There are crises I cannot fix with a news article and an internet connection. GIVE ME MY HUSBAND, SO WE CAN SERVE THE WORLD!

I should not have to earn human rights. They should be mine by virtue of my being a human in America in the first place. But have I not earned a better life than this by now? Why are you continuing to make me suffer? These are unbearable, unspoken atrocities. I am so bitterly lonely, miserable, and scarred from all of this. Let me have my husband, so I can heal.

It would be one thing if there were a real (not fictional like the supposed threat of a nuclear warhead landing on America if anyone acknowledged I was a slave to my face-- Remember that FBI lie from 2009?) national security issue involved in any of this, but the bubble just creates more unrest the longer it goes on.

Once the bubble comes down (And it should come down right now to save America.), the civil war would end. The protests would end. The threat if invasion by a foreign nation trying to save me finally would dissipate. True, America will not be free until this bubble is gone in all its completeness, but it also will not be safe until all the people are free.

The FBI cannot solve this international crisis by oppressing America more and killing more innocent people. The public has to be listened to. The people have to be made happy, safe, and free for the first time since 2009.

Congress, put the smapdown on the executive branch and end my suffering. There is no purpose for it, but the FBI are still trying to destroy me. Why would you let the FBI destroy me? End this. And end it NOW!

My beautiful world, I am offering a reward. Whoever successfully and safely brings me to my rescuers will win the Squid Prize. How does that sound? The Squid Prize is $250 million dollars and my undying love and devotion for the rest of my life.

How would it feel having a powerful woman like me throwing favors your way the rest of my life? Think about it, gather together your friends, and find a way to carry me safely to my rescuers.

My brave rescuers, I thought the FBI would keep their word and fold by 20Jan2014. I apologize for misleading you. I heard they asked you for a truce. How pathetic is that? The FBI asked for your permission to keep me in the bubble to be raped at their convenience until they can destroy me without your trying to save me from them. I hope you spat in their faces.

Syn, rescuers died. Press full criminal and civil charges against each and every individual FBI agent involved and their full chains of command. Take down the FBI piece by piece. They cannot be negotiated with; they have proven they are too evil and too full of lies.

SynSyn, please also set aside the money for the Squid Prize. We need help in here in Iowa, and if the locals cannot be motivated with love for me, maybe money will talk. I love and adore you, Synny! Thank you for everything, my hero!

Sweetness, fix your PR problem. @EOnline recently reported that you were engaged to Amber which made my connections explode with naysaying. Is E! in a conspiracy with the FBI to break us up? I pray you have them investigated and properly punished. You could have lost me. And then what would I have to live for? I love and adore you! Please take care out there fighting for me!

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