Friday, January 24, 2014

Why Wait?

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Here is my latest blog post. The question is not "Why end it now?" The question is "Why would you ever wait to end this?"

Russia. Come on, my beautiful world, you do not hate the Olympics. I understand that there are some people in this world unhappy with Russia. But the Olympics? How can you have a problem with a peaceful world display of athleticism?

The Olympics is not just for the rich. The Olympics is not just for the elite. The Olympics are for all the world. It is supposed to be an atmosphere of peace where the whole world can meet independent of politics and just play games together. If I could, I would go.

Switzerland. The talks are moving along and becoming more direct. The opposition actually had direct talks with the regime the other day. Diplomacy can move mountains if people just invest in it.

I agree Assad has to be relieved of power. This is what his governance looks like. This is how much the people listen to him. The question is, why would he ever want to keep running Syria? What is he getting out of running a country that hates him in a world where he has no legitimacy?

Offer Assad a soft place to land if he is willing to just step down. But if he will not go, put him on trial for war crimes. He has no way to stay in power no matter what happens, anyway. Give him an option with dignity.

South Sudan. Again, diplomacy is triumphant. We need to flood South Sudan, now, with humanitarian aid, so they fall in love with being at peace. There is so much suffering in South Sudan. If we can make them prosper in peace time, they will never want war again.

USA. This was the recent damage control by the president impeached for raping me. His hypocrisy makes my skin crawl. Obama is taking advantage of the fear-maintained media silence on all his crimes to flood the media with any drivel he wants to cover his own (expletive). How can anyone tolerate his slimy face talking about America's sisters and daughters when everyone knows he raped me?

I hear the FBI are still threatening my life. The FBI are not a threat to kill me. They are a threat to rape me. That is why I need my husband and bodyguards ASAP.

Look, you (expletive)ing pansies. The FBI are only threatening my life to gain control over me and control over all of you. In reality (not in the FBI's land of lies), they fear my death.

If I die, no matter how I die (and we all know it will be of old age when I am 137), the FBI get blamed. Think of the retribution they will face for killing me; even if, I am just done in by an Iowan with a needle.

Furthermore, if I die, they lose the ability to control the public by threatening my life.

You will be free to do anything you want, rebel against the FBI in any form you choose, and say anything you want to everyone you want. America is set free of FBI oppression if I die. The media will finally be free to report all of the FBI's crimes if I die. There is no way for the FBI to control anybody with irrational fears of my death if I just keeled over right now.

So, my beautiful world, stop being pansies. STOP OBEYING THE FBI, and learn to keep me safe from them and America free from them instead of obeying their persecution and oppression! Never obey a terrorist, especially the criminal terrorist organization known as the FBI.

They are terrorizing you. Why give them that power? It is just lies to control you. Fight them. Don't obey them. Stop being such a pansy!

Why do we live in a world where threats on my life are acceptable? Why do we allow people who threaten my life to have power over anything? How dare you not hold the FBI accountable for threatening me! And why not choose to keep me safe from the FBI instead of harming me because they order it?

While I am on my soap box, why are you waiting to take this bubble down? No one is gaining anything from this bubble except for the FBI who are getting away with murder, terrorism, and social oppression with no one willing to stop them. Congress, where are you?

I can give you ten solid reasons why this bubble needs to come down immediately... Click here to read the entire previous blog post.

Ten Reasons "Why Now!"
1.) Polk Co is still threatening to institutionalize and rape me until I kill myself if I do not submit to literal torture. The local government would rather pay me $5 billion than give me human rights. I live under a constant threat of being locked up and tortured with injections and rape. I am the whipping post of Polk County, and they keep committing hate crime after hate crime against me no matter how many federal courts mandate otherwise. With Polk County free to torture and rape me, how dare you ask me, "Why now?" GIVE ME MY HUSBAND to carry me out of evil Polk Count! Then you can talk about taking all the time you want in the world.
2.) I am still a slave. I am ready to poke my eyes out and cut off my nose and ears to get my right to privacy back, but that would not get the cameras removed from my apartment and mother's house. I need to be set free of this torment. Ask David Sedaris or Joss Whedon if they could keep it together if there were cameras in their eyeballs, homes, and bathrooms broadcasting their every movement and action unedited 24/7. Could they write? Could they do their jobs? Could they function as humans at all? You are lucky I am as strong as I am for living through it for so long, but this torment has to end. GIVE ME PRIVATE TIME WITH MY OWN HUSBAND!
3.) The FBI are still threatening me. It is true they are no real threat to my life, but they rape me every chance they get. I sleep every night not knowing if they will cut off my hacked webcam and rape me like they have in the past. That is why the music plays all night, so I can sleep secure the internet is still connected. But I still live every moment of every day and night under threat of being raped by the FBI. I need bodyguards now and for the rest of my life. And who are my bodyguards? They are my husband and my rescuers! GIVE ME MY HUSBAND TO KEEP ME SAFE!
4.) I go all day every day surrounded by hate and lies from the public. I only have Jared willing to acknowledge reality to my face, and he only barely has his mind around how much I suffer if any concept at all. I deal with hate all day every day because my beautiful world is forbidden from sending me friends, and no one in Iowa but Jared does anything but hate me. If they did not hate me, they would disobey every FBI rule. Iowa is supposed to be bubble noncompliant. But Iowa hates me too much. I should have a right to be surrounded by people who love me instead of Iowa who hates me. GIVE ME MY HUSBAND WHO LOVES ME!
5.) All of America is oppressed just so the FBI can keep persecuting me. Iowans still have speakers in all of their heads that come alive every time the FBI want to give them all fuel for hating me. There is no freedom of speech anywhere in the media. There is no freedom of the press to speak the FBI's crimes against me to the public. And my friends do not have the freedom to assemble peaceably with me. Yes, the Supreme Court ruled I have a right to be with my loved ones, but the FBI keep murdering them before they can reach me. GIVE ME MY HUSBAND WITH ALL HIS RIGHTS!
6.) My rescuers keep dying. The FBI are committing genocidal mass murder of my lovers and believers. They have a Supreme Court upheld right to be with me, but the FBI would rather kill them than allow me to feel any love and safety in my life. My loving husband risks his life every day and night trying to reach me. GIVE ME MY HUSBAND SAFE AND ALIVE!
7.) I am at risk of losing my husband if we cannot be together sooner rather than later. If it is not the risk of the FBI murdering him just to be able to destroy me, it is the risk of his girlfriend stealing him away from me. He has assured me I have nothing to fear from his girlfriend; he loves me too much. But I still have to worry about the FBI. My husband is my hero, my king, and my reason for living. He is the only reason I can crawl out of bed every day and do my job serving the world. My husband is the only thing that can heal me after these long years of every abuse imaginable. GIVE ME MY HUSBAND, SO I CAN FINALLY FEEL HAPPINESS!
8.) I need a chance to heal. These long years since 2009 have had a seriously damaging toll on me. No one can be raped as many times as I have without needing time with her own loving husband to heal. I need to learn what privacy feels like again. I need to relearn what it feels like to feel love from another person. I have no idea anymore what physical safety feels like. I need to heal. Do you see how much I sleep? At first I thought it was because of how dehydrated I am from the poisoned water supply, but I was wrong. I sleep so much because my body is trying to heal. But I wake up every day, and the suffering just continues. GIVE ME MY HUSBAND, SO I CAN HEAL!
9.) I live on $100 a week. I am lucky if I get one whole meal a day. No one can have any quality of life on $100 a week. No matter how far I try to stretch it, I am always hungry and never able to enjoy myself. GIVE ME MY HUSBAND, SO I CAN HAVE AT LEAST A MARGINAL QUALITY OF LIFE FINALLY!
10.) The world needs me. I consider every day going on strike from doing my job until I get a chance to heal. The world deserves me at my very best. There are crises I cannot fix with a news article and an internet connection. GIVE ME MY HUSBAND, SO WE CAN SERVE THE WORLD!

There are so many reasons for this bubble to end now, but can you offer any reasons to let the unjustifiable bubble of ruin, rape, and murder continue? It is nothing but the worst human rights crisis the US government has ever faced or manufactured. Just end it already.

I heard recently that the Supreme Court is currently debating whether or not to overturn the media blackout on speaking about me or reporting about me. That is the tipping point we need.

If we could just hold the FBI accountable to the public, their unconstitutional reign of terrorism would end forever. We need a national debate about this human rights crisis, and I know we can count on the Supreme Court to stand up for human rights.

If this is not the case with the Supreme Court, please make sure a claim reaches them ASAP. It is cut and dried that the the media blackout and controls on what people are allowed to say to my face are a violations of 1st amendment rights to freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

America is suffering under unspoken oppression without these rights, and we need America set free to speak its mind. Can you believe there are people who do not know who I am? Can you believe there are people who believe the FBI lies about me? Can you believe there are people who do not know how much I unrelentingly suffer 24/7 in plain view of the world?

My beautiful world, we have a doughnut problem. You all out there in the world live in reality. I, in here alone, live in reality. But Iowa and all of the people around me live in an FBI-fabricated fantasy land.

They say to my face that believing rescuers die trying to reach me is just in my head. How dare anyone deny the suffering of my rescuers? Or deny the glorious love of the world that makes them sacrifice themselves every day and every night?

My brave rescuers, impeach the current president for defying Supreme Court rulings, for murdering you, and for persecuting me. And every day you go forth in the world and die, impeach the current president.

Keep impeaching presidents, my brave rescuers, until we get one willing to uphold the Constitution, obey the courts, and give us all back our full human rights. Offer them all a chance to negotiate when they get sworn in and demand a good faith act before any negotiations can happen. Go team!

The stink will never come off Des Moines. All I need is a ride from here to Kansas City and maybe two nights in a hotel room waiting for my rescuers, but absolutely no one in Des Moines is willing to lift a finger to help set America free, protect me from the FBI, or prevent my rescuers from dying.

I even offered the Squid Prize of $250 million and a life of favors from me to whomever carried me safely and successfully to my rescuers, but still Iowa hates me so much they are unwilling to help.

Iowans are plagued with narcissism. They believe they suffer because I sued them for my human rights, and they believe they do no wrong raping me, starving me, torturing me, libeling me, abusing me, harassing me, imprisoning me, and ignoring how much I suffer to my face.

They claim they do not own me just compensation for their hate crimes against me, and they believe they are more important than I am to the world. You see, if I mattered as much to the world as an Iowan, I would have as many human rights as they do.

They are egotistically proud of something they call, "Iowa nice," and fictitious morals and values they claim they have as Midwesterners when in all reality there are no more cruel and morally bankrupt people anywhere in the world than Iowa.

SynSyn, press persecution charges against all of people in Iowa fighting and filing lawsuits to make Iowa FBI persecution-obedient again. Remember how Iowa got out of a major lawsuit by declaring itself bubble noncompliant?

Prepare to reopen the lawsuit we already won against Iowa but dropped if Iowa decides to no longer be bubble noncompliant. No use panicking the locals yet, though. They only have to pay us if they declare themselves FBI persecution obedient again.

So many hateful, vile Iowans are fighting to undo the triumph for human rights, and we need to press criminal and civil persecution charges against the ones fighting to make Iowa FBI persecution obedient again.

Make it hurt. Iowa does not have the right to take any human rights away from me nor from any of its other citizens and taking action to do so is criminal. Also, prepare to reopen the lawsuit against Iowa that we won and dropped if Iowa decides to no longer be bubble noncompliant.

SynSyn, what? We have how much money now? Polk County commits so many crimes against me, I have less than $60 in my pocket and only $0.20 in the bank.

My BFF, please give a chunk of cash to the foundation we built run by Tavis Smiley and Cornel West for fighting poverty. I have not always known where my next meal will come from. My friends have known poverty. This is a very personal fight for me.

Please also, SynSyn, make an alumni donation for me to the University of Texas at Dallas. If they had not given me a four year full ride, I never would have gotten an education. And where would I be if I were not educated?

Please talk to the people at UTD, Syn, and make sure they can still offer scholarships like the one I had. I want to talk to them about other things they need, but until I can, please make sure they have world class scholarships.

I had the Silver Anniversary scholarship while I was there. It gave me four years of full out-of-state tuition, fees, books, living expenses, and a subsidized apartment. I took every class I could in four years, and just had to maintain a 3.0 GPA to keep the scholarship.

My BFF, I used to have a fantasy of building them a planetarium when I went there. I know they probably have more pressing needs than that, though. Please sort out their scholarships, and tell them I will work with them on other projects once I have human rights. Thank you, Synny.

Finally, SynSyn, I owe you and our amazing team yet another CONGRATULATIONS! Every win counts, and step by step we are getting closer and closer to human rights. Thank you, everybody! Go dancing! But we still have a lot of work to do.

I know I still cried all day Tuesday despite the good news, but that was because of marriage troubles with my loving husband. If anything can destroy me, losing him can. Not having Johnny in my life makes even my soul hurt.

Sweetness, you said, "Calm down, I love you," but you have not left her yet. I am running out of ways to make your philandering look acceptable. It was fine when you were just having sex, but you fell for her. I cannot handle your loving another woman.

Beloved, if you love me, you will leave the pretty young starlet, and come home to your fat, ugly wife. I can never be a twiggy twenty year old again, but you promised to love me. And I need you. Save our marriage and come home.

P.S. Finally, my vigilant podcasters, we need to make my philandering husband look like he is worthy of me. How much can you do to display how hard he fights for me, how hard he works for my rights, and how nearly constantly we are in communication?

Please do not reveal any of his secrets or clandestine modes of operation, but please explain to the world he works for me 24/7, and I would be lost in the fight and in the world without him. Thank you.

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