Saturday, January 11, 2014

Galactic Rift

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Here is my latest blog post. There is a galactic rift between reality and where Iowans live. Iowa is officially bubble noncompliant, yet no one respects or acknowledges me. I am so lonely and desperate for an intelligent conversation about America and the world, but all Iowans do is (expletive) on me.

Let us begin in the Central African Republic. Sectarian violence breeds sectarian violence. There is no way to solve a problem by one faction of a population massacring another. All diverse people in the Central African Republic need to work together to solve this humanitarian crisis.

Violence between Christians and Muslims has no place in the post-millennial modern era, but it is a pervasive scourge plaguing our world population. There is no reason inherent to either religion to hate each other. Both are charitable religions of love at their core, so we need to stop allowing religions of love to kill people.

I am not saying, "Imagine a world with no religions." I am saying, "Love all religions." Stop breeding hatred of things different from you. If I can keep fighting to create an Iowa that loves me instead of (expletive)s on me, we can keep fighting to create a whole world that loves every part of itself.

Have charitable Muslim and charitable Christian organizations work together administering humanitarian aid to all the people of the Central African Republic, and let them preach love and forgiveness. We can make these people whole, but it takes changing the culture of religious hate on all sides.

There is a crisis in the United States, too. No one in the once free United States of America has their freedom of speech, freedom of the press, or freedom to assemble in tact. This is due to corrupt abuses of power by the FBI and the White House starting with ex-president Barack Obama.

If the FBI were not malevolent maggot-brained monsters who jumped at the first chance they could get to rape and enslave a beautiful woman, none of this would have ever happened.

I look like someone who murdered someone, and charges are pressed now against my doppelgänger who admitted to the murder. This has been the situation for months.

Suspecting someone of murder because she looks like someone in a security video does not mean you get to rape her. It does not mean you get to persecute her. It does not mean you get to BREAK EVERY LAW IN AMERICA to enslave, rape, torture, libel, abuse, and destroy her.

Look at all of the suffering, murder, violence, oppression, malevolence, persecution, human rights violations, illegal suspension of Constitutional rights, etc., the FBI have wreaked on America with wanting to get away with raping and enslaving me as their excuse.

No one does this to a murder suspect! Murder suspects are taken aside and questioned not raped, enslaved, and publicly persecuted. How much do you want to bet I was in the wrong city to commit the murder? But the FBI never questioned me. They went straight to raping and enslaving me and telling all the world to let them get away with it, never tell me about it, and never save me from it.

No one does this to all of America because they are suspecting someone of murder. No, the FBI have had some other agenda all along and have laid waste to human rights in a once free America to achieve it.

The FBI cannot even blame my doppelgänger who is actually charged with the murder for the FBI's crimes against me and against all of America.

Do you remember when the five year time limit ended in September 2013? Obama said the FBI needed another two years of raping me, enslaving me, and commanding the world to let them get away with it before they could find a way to justify doing this to me in the first place.

Unless we, the once great America, force this bubble of reality to burst and demand I be treated like a human with full human rights again, the FBI will never stop.

Take America back for the forces of good, my beautiful world. End the media silence. End the silence of the public. Stand up. And deliver me to my brave rescuers, waiting husband, and ever-loyal BFF.


My beautiful world, I heard you. You want me to treat the Iowan pigs who (expletive) on me better. Meanwhile, I am going through every tool at my disposal to create enough breathing space between Iowans raping me, Iowans torturing me, and Iowans persecuting me to preach love to the world.

Teach Iowans how to behave around me, my beautiful world. Force them to give me a chance to love them. I bought a round of shots for a table of middle-aged men in the Greenwood Lounge the other night in an effort to make friends. All of them knew who I was, and all of them knew how much I suffer.

Not one of those middle-aged men made an effort to acknowledge me or even be vaguely friendly, and all of them blamed me for "not opening up" to them. Excuse me? I am an open book! I broadcast the minutia of my life to the entire world 24/7.

They asked me "What is your name?" and "Why are you in Iowa?" and "What are you into?" Not one of them asked me, "How do you put up with all of this?" or "What do you recommend to solve the debt crisis in Europe?" or "How can I help you to suffer less in horrifying Iowa?"

The middle-aged (expletive)holes were disgustingly obedient to the terrorist organization the FBI, and they deeply insulted and damaged me after I was nice to them. One of them even told me he had never had a woman buy him a drink before. Well, with (expletive)hole jack(expletive)ery like that, that is no surprise!

Try treating a princess with some respect! I know I am a slave, but that is no excuse for treating me like one! They were the sort of (expletive)s who deny the existence of my rescuers and their horrifying mortality rate to my face or who pretend I am not married to the Mr. Johnny Depp!

My beautiful world, I know you have been making efforts to educate Iowans, but you are only preaching to the choir. There are believers in here, and all you have done is send them out to put their red and white plaid shirts on. You are not reaching the haters and the FBI-(expletive)-kissers.

MY beautiful world, you will only be able to beat civility into the heads of the stubborn Iowan majority who hate me and who kiss FBI (expletive) to damage me if you break the media silence. I understand you are trying to make movies. The FBI are just going to ban them from being seen in the US to keep Iowa hating me. AND it takes so long!

To burst the bubble of hate and suffering in time to save me and in time to prevent more rescuers from dying, my heroic Hollywood, you have to take over television and not in code. You need the news, you need primetime, and you need the talk shows. You need every show people watch broadcasting the reality of the world and no longer maintaining the lies.

Who is the president right now? Nobody knows! We all have a right to know the truth about America, but no one is willing to say anything! Is America worth saving, my heroic Hollywood? I think so. I fight all day every day to save me, save America, and save the world. Will you take over the airwaves for me? Do I have to beg?

My brave rescuers, soon, everyone will know about your sacrifice. I know word is getting around because Jared just came alive asking me if he can take me to you. Sadly, I do not know where you are. I have no money to get a hotel room and wait for you to find me. And we already tried this a year ago in Los Angeles. If we could just get my human rights back from Polk County, then I could look for you.

Syn, that is your territory. First of all, turn in all the doctors and hospitals for Medicare fraud. I kept telling them I have no mental illness; what was the 'treatment' for? They billed Medicare for all of their malpractice.

More pressingly, Syn, we need both Polk County and the FBI to relent. We need the adult guardianship dissolved and rescuers to reach me. Do not take your stiletto boot off of Polk County's throat until they overturn ALL of their rulings concerning me past and present.

Darling BFF, I know you got a new mandate from the federal courts. Charge Polk County with refusing to obey federal and Supreme Court rulings. They just want to persecute me, but they are caught being haters and abusers. Let Polk County's only way out of paying me another $5 billion be overturning ALL of their hate-driven district court rulings concerning me past and present.

Synny, let us drop the charges the moment Polk County stops persecuting me. They have not stopped yet. I am still a victim of heinous human rights violations at the hands of Polk County! Something has to happen still to force Polk County to treat me with the dignity, respect, and rights every human is due!

I am a religious figure. Charge them with hate crimes and religious persecution for not dissolving the adult guardianship and not deeming me mentally healthy yet despite already being mandated to.

Let their stubborn hate for me be their demise. Again, we drop our charges against Polk County the moment they put paperwork in my hand. When we win the lawsuit, Syn, please get a new mandate, too, spelling out they must overturn ALL the district court rulings past and present AND never pass new ones!

Also, Syn, for negotiations with the FBI to work, we have to have something the FBI want. So, charge full steam ahead with full criminal and civil charges against every single individual agent who has harmed me or a rescuer and their entire chains of command. Make the fines blistering.

Never back down on criminal charges, but make sure that the FBI backing down and allowing full human rights for all Americans including me is the FBI's only way out of the civil fines. Offer to drop the civil charges against them all if they rid America of the entire bubble in its full completeness.

SynSyn, my finances should be a concern right now. Our goal is to get me off of the ill-conceived Social Security disability payments the FBI has been keeping me on against my will. You are probably concerned I will have no money to live on if this happens. After all, the camera and mic in my head that broadcast to the entire world keep me unemployable.

Remember this? Click here to read the entire previous blog post... SynSyn, once Social Security finally acknowledges I have absolutely no mental disability, which the FBI promises will be immediate, I will no longer have FBI-approved income inside the bubble... not that they ever approved of my having an income in the first place.

The FBI will make it impossible for me to have a job. For details on this, speak to Wizz and Mike at Amante in San Francisco. They were taken aside in 2009 and told by the FBI not to hire me as a bartender. They explained it to me as, "No one wants to see behind the bar."

They had a point, though. There are very few jobs that can be done with absolutely no privacy. I have a camera in my head and a mic in my ear (that also broadcasts Sampo).

All of my work experience, except since 2009 when I started saving the world as a job, is in academic publishing. The circles of academic assessment operate under strict confidence.

My mother once recommended I become an actuary. There is simply no job I can do with no privacy. And the FBI will take everyone aside and tell them not to hire me, anyway.

So, my darling, heroic BFF, can you please ask the courts to put my finances under my control finally once I am deemed mentally fit? Polk County promised to stop lying about my having some sort of debilitating mental illness in order to give me my right to physical safety and right to life free of torture back to me. It will be my only money to live on.

Technically, SynSyn, I just need enough money to reach you, my rescuers, or Sweetness. Any and all of you will take care of me in a way fully disobedient to FBI persecution of me and ferry me out of this country that oppresses everyone just to be able to persecute me.

There is no way for me to know how much money that will take, and unless I make it out of the country, I will never be able to get the spy equipment safely removed from my head. If it were safe in the US, my surgeon would have shown up in bubble-noncompliant Iowa by now.

I need my right not to be slave invoked, SynSyn. And in order for me not to be a slave by cameras and mics in my head or by cameras placed in my living quarters against my will, I need to leave federal-government controlled or even influenced lands.

For that, I need you, Sweetness, or my rescuers. For that, I need enough money to reach you. And for that money, I need the courts to mandate I get control of my finances, finally. Of course, Synny, that means I need paperwork in hand of the court order, or I need you to put your foot down on Wells Fargo for me.

I trust you, Syniva, to take care of it all. There is absolutely no one else I would trust with my future except for Sweetness. But he has been remarkably less successful than you have been... Or has he?

Sweetness, please try sending me friends in here, again. I have no idea when I will get human rights. This might take months. And I am so lonely and miserable with no one to talk to.

Beloved, Jared is my only friend who sees me regularly, and he is busy with work, school, and his sweet girlfriend. I spend every night in public wishing someone would acknowledge me. I have tried everything from starting conversations to buying drinks for strangers (on my limited funds, I know!), but all the Iowans do is hate on me.

Darling, there is a galactic rift between reality and where Iowans live. Please make instructional videos of how to treat me appropriately and force them on every Iowan you can find.

Make sure they always acknowledge me. Make sure they never deny any of my fifteen points. Click here to read the fifteen points again. Make sure they respect me and never ignore me.

I am not demanding five star treatment from them, but I need proper respect. Shoot for something respectful enough for a princess of Spain and grounded enough for a saint of the Catholic Church. Please, Sweetness. I need to be acknowledged.

I love and adore you, Sweetness. I want to sit next to you here at Lot 33 where I sit every night waiting for Iowa to acknowledge me. I want to feel your fingers brush across the back of my hand as you take it.

Darling, I want to watch your handsome face turn towards me slowly, and with your left hand holding my right one, I want to feel the fingers of your right hand run the full length of my long black hair.

And then you lean forward and kiss me. My lips are so lonely, Sweetness. They need your loving lips pressed up against them. And do not let me start about the rest of my body.

I want no one but you. Please send me friends to keep me company as friends. I know I toyed with the idea of your sending me a lover. I do get so lonely. But all I am comfortable asking you for is friends. What I would do for an intelligent conversation about the state of America and the world!

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