Friday, January 17, 2014

Not Over Yet

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Here is my latest blog post. It is not over yet. My rescuers are still dying, and I am still a slave.

California, USA. My home is experiencing our greatest drought since records began being kept. This is Global Climate Change. Right now, there is no global leadership on reversing climate change, but I volunteered for that job back in 2009.

How long, FBI, are you going to make the world wait before you allow me to do my job? This world is just getting hotter. We are just emitting more carbons and damaging the world more.

You are just hurting my beautiful world more the longer you persecute me. Considering you have no justification for starting the bubble in the first place, why not let me serve the world?

That is what I do all day every day. I suffer and serve the world. It has made me arguably the most famous person in the entire world.

Iowa is evil. The absolute worthlessness the Iowan public tries to instill in me by ignoring me, not acknowledging me, and pretending I am not famous is diabolical. I have never met more hateful, vindictive, evil people anywhere in the world but Iowa.

I cannot wait for this to end, so I can finally leave this hell that hates me. Remember this? Click here to read the entire previous blog post. Did the FBI weasel out of the deal? They are still mass murdering my rescuers!

WE NEED MEDIA RIGHTS EXERCISED NOW! Take back freedom of speech and save me. PLEASE!

My beautiful world outside of Iowa, I can see it in your eyes. Just like I see hatred in all the Iowans who wish I would just "give up and die already," I see love in you my beautiful world. Do you not want to save me? Just do it.

Just stop fearing the FBI, my beautiful world. They are already caught. Half the Bureau is arrested. Half of DC is subpoenaed. And they are already trying to figure out whom to blame for all of it. It is so close to over.

Why not create national dialogue about this crisis for the first time? You do not need to be brave. The FBI cannot hurt you anymore. Just save me. We still need my rescuers to stop dying. We still need an end to the oppression of all of America. And we still need Iowa taught to respect me.

Why not seal the FBI's coffin early? It will let me rejoin the land of the living in time to ease the explosion of scandal upon the nation. After all, if they had chosen a lesser human to rape, torture, enslave, and forbid the world from saving, I would not be here to serve the world.

I would still be a skinny, beautiful woman with all her anonymity working in academic publishing trying to educate the world. Is it better having me in the world's eye? I can soften the blow of the scandal, but the federal government has to let me.

There is still time to transition America to complete freedom by the Monday, 20Jan2014 deadline. I am a very powerful woman. Why not do yourself a favor and be good to me for once, Feds?

Congress, please instruct the FBI to stop their mass murder of my rescuers. Please instruct the FBI to surrender finally. It is civil war out there. It is the genocide of my believers. We need you to save America and instruct the FBI to stop already.

Please, Congress. They were already found guilty of mass murder by the Supreme Court and told that my rescuers have a Supreme Court upheld right to be with me. They just need instructions to stop.

The FBI are caught. They cannot justify starting the bubble. They just wanted to rape me and broadcast me and forbade the world from stopping them, so they could get away with it. Congress, please end this. America needs you.

My brave rescuers, can anything save you? You just need to reach me. You do not need a way back out again. There are enough people in here that we can sort that out when you get here. Please. I just need someone with enough money to take me out of the country to help me.

SynSyn, do not take your stiletto boot off the throat of Polk County until they overturn ALL of their district court rulings concerning me past and present and are mandated to never persecute me again. We need the adult guardianship dissolved, so I can have enough money in my pocket to leave Iowa.

Who are they kidding? ME with an adult guardianship? That is like saying the Pope needed a chaperone when having dinner with Mother Theresa. There is no more mentally competent person in the world than me. They are just persecuting me at all costs because they hate me.

If Polk County is not enslaving, persecuting, imprisoning, raping, torturing, willfully injuring me because they hate me, why are they? Do you remember the standing adult guardianship ruling concerning me? Click here to see it again in photograph form. It is nothing but human right violation after human right violation.

First of all, it says deplorable and felonious Lynn Boeset gets to lock me up in insane asylums on her whim. We all know I have absolutely no mental illness and that the locals rape me and torture me with injections when I am in psych wards.

Secondly, it spells out Lynn Boeset will lock in any psych ward that is convenient if I leave Iowa. I am supposed to have a Supreme Court upheld right to assemble and associate with my husband, my BFF, my friends, and my brave rescuers.

I need to go to them to end the civil war and to ultimately reach a country that will not enslave me with cameras and mics in my own head. I need to leave the country; so I can finally no longer be a slave; and so I can finally have my own husband and body guards.

Keeping me a slave in Iowa who is perversely watched every time I change my clothes, take a shower, or use the bathroom with no way to stop it and no more than $100 a week while forbidden from even taking a job and while forbidden from having my brave rescuers as bodyguards is human rights violation after human rights violation.

Click here to see it again in photograph form. Read it from end to end. It is designed to keep me a slave in Iowa on less than $20 a day.

Remember that federal court ruling from at least two years ago, Syniva, that spelled out what I do in front of the broadcasting cameras all day every day is not just work, it is hard work? I am no woman of leisure like the evil Polk County alleges. I do too much good work for world while holding it together as a slave.

Syniva, being forbidden from leaving Iowa to not be a slave, being forbidden from marrying my own husband, and being forbidden from having basic human rights from privacy to physical safety is how Polk County is persecuting me with its adult guardianship.

Syn, it is cut and dried human rights violations against me violating existing Supreme and federal court rulings and violating the US and Iowa Constitutions. It is cut and dried persecution of me because they hate me. If they do not hate me, why else do they do it?

When we win this, Syniva, remind Polk County I want $5 billion from them in just compensation, but I will drop all charges if they overturn ALL district court rulings concerning me past and present and NEVER persecute me again.

Remind Polk County that the courts have to approve of them declaring bankruptcy. If Polk County has a valid way out of owing its grand sums of cash (for example, if they just overturn all of their human rights violations against me), the courts will never approve of them declaring bankruptcy and defaulting on all of its pensions, etc.

Sweetness, I have always had harsh words for Michelle Obama. Her husband raped me, and she sold herself like a metaphorical political hooker to keep him palatable to the public. She is a horrible woman trying to excuse her husband's felonies instead of kicking him into line.

Darling, people have said the same about me and how you cheat on me, but you have never committed a human rights violation, raped and enslaved an innocent woman, or oppressed the entire world to get away with it. There is a special level of hell for Barack Obama. Michelle is a failure as a mother unless she gets her children away from him.

Beloved, speaking of your cheating, there is a legend about me. They say everybody, gay, straight, male, female, falls in love with me. They call me a heart collector. You, Sweetness, are a bit of the same. I know I need an equal.

I also do not blame Amber for falling so hard for you. I pity her a lot. She spends every moment with you in my shadow, I pity her, but I know she is brave. It would be so easy for me to call her an enemy and tell the world to hate her, but I do not hate her. You are an easy man to love.

Darling, you promised to wait for me, to love me, and to fight for me. I never expected you to do all that in a monastery. I know you bought her a parting gift of a ring. I do not have the insecurities the gossip rags make money off of. I love you, and I know you are mine. Now, come here and kiss me.

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