Monday, February 3, 2014

Reality Check

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Here is my latest blog post. I was never a "zero," a drunk, nor a slut. But I did used to have a sense of humor. All the fun was raped and tortured out of me.

Thailand. Dear President of Thailand, just calling new elections is not enough. You need to take actions that prove you are not corruptly controlled by your absent brother.

Find out what the policy concerns are of the public leading them to believe your brother is in control and make your people happy. You need to go beyond placating the people of Thailand; you need real reforms.

Russia. I am one of the people who likes Russia but disagrees with their policies concerning the LGBTQ community. I just believe more can be done for Russian gays through positive action than negative. We need to go to Russia for the Olympics, and we need to show how morally upstanding it is to love our gays.

Personally, I am openly bisexual, and I would love to go to Sochi to celebrate the Winter Olympics. I find it more effective being an openly bisexual woman whom Vladimir Putin and all of Russia can love and trust than getting in their faces and being mean to them. Lead with love, my beautiful world. Lead with love.

Afghanistan. Yeesh. You have got to have safe, free, and fair elections at this point, Afghanistan. No one likes war. America wants to bring all of our troops home, and you want your self-sovereignty back. You have got to keep it together to make that possible.

Elections are democracy is action. They are displays of the power of the people, and there is no room for corruption or deceit in elections in stable democracies. And you have got to show off how stable you are right now, Afghanistan. We want all the US troops to be able to leave your lands.

And how are things in the United States of America, today? We are still in the throws of the greatest human rights crisis our government has ever manufactured. Why does it continue? Because the corrupt authorities are laboring to find a way to excuse it without admitting fault. How do they plan on doing that? By criminally libeling me.

My beautiful world, I am not fat from overeating. I am a very healthy eater, and I am lucky if I get one whole meal a day. I am fat from years of being abused by antipsychotics, testosterone, human growth hormone, and steroids. The FBI made me fat to make the world hate me, criticize me, and make fun of me.

That is how the FBI made me fat in the UK IN 2010: injection after injection. That is why I stayed fat until the antipsychotics stopped. Starvation mode from living on $100 a week is why I cannot lose weight now.

I am not a sex symbol. I have the body type of Tommy Lasorda. The FBI have abused me into unhealthiness, and they have to make up their mind if they are going to libel me as having an unhealthy lifestyle I do not really have or as a sex symbol I am not.

The only thing that surpasses the FBI's malevolence is the FBI's stupidity. They wanted to sell me to the world as a slutty prostitute, but they abused and battered my body until I became fat and undesirable. FBI idiots.

Other FBI libel that still creates a lot of misunderstanding about my life is that I used to be a "zero." What a load of excrement! When this all began, I was drop dead gorgeous. I was a writer. I was a poet. I was a voiceover artist. I was a beloved, close, personal friend to many all over America. And I was an accomplished dancer. I just happened to be recovering from proven-temporary schizophrenia at the time.

I had studied two summers at the Iowa Shakespeare Conservatory; I still scan text like a champion. I was a world traveler, a landscape photographer, and a lover of languages. I was grad school educated at Johns Hopkins and Stanford Universities. And I had sung Easter Sunday 1994 with my high school choir at Carnegie Hall. You cannot turn a woman into a genius by repeatedly raping her. I was never a "zero."

Yes, I sing, and I sing well. If you want to hear me, click here. These are duets between me and Viggo Mortensen. Sweetness also released some tracks to the public a few years ago featuring my singing, but I am forbidden by the FBI from ever hearing them.

Click here and click here and click here. When all of this is over with, and once I finally am recognized as a human being by the executive branch again, I plan on telling my stories through song. These links are a little out of date. I have so many more stories to tell now.

I asked Andrew Lloyd Webber through snail-mail to write the song about my relationship with Iowa. I want the freedom to love Iowa, but they just keep choosing to hate me. I do not like being hated. I like less being the victim of hate crimes, persecution, and human rights violations.

SynSyn, it is not about the money. I do not need more money, but it is comforting to know I can fund saving the world, now. We need Polk County and the FBI to give me my human rights, so keep squashing them under the weight of lawsuit after lawsuit until they stop breaking the law.

Do you remember this, Synny? Check your fairy tale encyclopedia. If a village chains a giant to its schoolhouse, the giant will keeping clubbing the village until she gets her freedom. If Iowa would just stop breaking all of their laws, find some vague sense of morality, and let me go, I could stop pressing charges against them for keeping me here just to be able to persecute and destroy me. Click here to read the entire rest of the previous blog post.

SynSyn, the entire world outside of Iowa loves me. Iowa are the only geographically defined haters. They are the only people so morally bankrupt that they would obey the FBI to damage and destroy me.

This leaves us with two options: educate Iowa until they love me and fight for me or get me out of this cesspool of hate crimes and human rights violations. My beautiful world, work on educating Iowa.

My brave rescuers, work on getting me out of here. A few blog posts ago I offered the Squid Prize to whomever safely and successfully gets me to your loving arms. One would think $250 million would motivate an Iowan, but Iowans would rather hate and persecute.

My brave rescuers, I hate that you die. If I could keep you all safe on your quest I would. I promise I will never stop looking for a peaceful solution to this crisis. You should not have to die to make America free. Freedom is a fight we should have won a long time ago.

Sweetness, I know you are with my brave rescuers right now. I will never forbid you from anything but dying before I do. How am I supposed to live without you?

Please, Darling, stop by the Viper Room Thursday or Friday this week. I will be priority mailing Syniva's birthday gift to you tomorrow or Wednesday, and there will be a surprise tucked inside just for you. It simply cannot wait. I wish I could get it to you sooner. Trust me. I will tweet when I mail it.

Beloved, you tell your stories through film like I plan to tell mine through music. Every love letter you send me sets my heart a flutter. I wish I could touch you. I wish you were here with me right now at Stam, sitting at this table I always sit at, sipping coffee, and holding my hand.

Sweetness, I want to feel your breath against my face. I want to hear your seductive words whispered in my ear as you convince me it is safe for me at last to make love to someone. I have lived life like a nun for so long I have cobwebs.

Darling, I need you to heal me. I need you to make my happy for the first time since 2009. I need to laugh again. I have lost my sense of humor through all of my suffering, and it was something in which I used to take much personal pride.

Do you remember the Mad Lib I wrote you before the FBI tortured me with injections and raped me in that horrible quack ward in Liverpool? Please share it with the world as evidence of how beautiful I used to be. Please instruct the world, particularly Iowa, to stop destroying me and make me safe, beloved, and beautiful again instead.

P.S. My beautiful world, I even tried my hand, with a lot of my help from my friends, at comedic film making in 2006 and 2007. Please tell me you have seen this.

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